Kalen Reacts to Breakfast Cereal Waffle Cake


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  • belle werewolf gachatuber
    belle werewolf gachatuber   2018-10-22T21:44:08.000Z

    \"That\'s a waste of milk, AND cereal\" 😂

  • -ItzPoki_ Playz-
    -ItzPoki_ Playz-   2018-10-21T20:44:11.000Z

    “What y’all trying do? Get diabetes?”

  • Fumi Rose
    Fumi Rose   2018-10-20T19:00:47.000Z

    That look like plastic 😂 but tbh I would actually eat that, that looks good 😅

  • john james
    john james   2018-10-11T19:38:41.000Z

    I want 0:37

  • imbreezydavis TV
    imbreezydavis TV   2018-10-09T02:33:06.000Z

    Just got a new fan right here!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Angimations Animations
    Angimations Animations   2018-10-09T02:12:42.000Z

    Marshmallow of diabetes

  • Iiii iiiI
    Iiii iiiI   2018-10-09T02:12:09.000Z

    people actually find this funny wtf

  • TF Skeleton
    TF Skeleton   2018-10-09T01:44:25.000Z

    Who says Captain Crunchy!? First of all it\'s Cap\'n Second, It\'s Crunch

  • Christina Mcilwaine
    Christina Mcilwaine   2018-10-08T20:13:23.000Z

    he\'s brilliant 👏👏👏👏

  • Catinka G
    Catinka G   2018-10-08T09:31:00.000Z


    SANDRA SCOTT   2018-10-08T04:47:49.000Z

    No not white chocolate...its white chocolate ganachè lol

  • Pearly
    Pearly   2018-10-08T03:59:37.000Z

    Ok but it actually sounds and looks good

  • zZzEllaWxXx XD
    zZzEllaWxXx XD   2018-10-07T23:57:58.000Z

    *\"Black Spectacles\"*

  • No Profile Pic
    No Profile Pic   2018-10-07T23:55:01.000Z

    Is it just me or his voice irritates me...

  • Natalie Ruiz
    Natalie Ruiz   2018-10-07T23:52:55.000Z

    I just... Wanna know why... This is on the Ellen show?

  • Chim sweet pea
    Chim sweet pea   2018-10-07T19:50:22.000Z

    Coming after her life! 😂😂😂

  • tom don
    tom don   2018-10-07T18:22:18.000Z

    I hate this guy so much

  • Imani Chatelain
    Imani Chatelain   2018-10-07T17:59:45.000Z

    I feel sorry for ur dentist lmaooooooooooo

  • Gabriella Tatianna
    Gabriella Tatianna   2018-10-07T15:44:15.000Z

    Am I the only one who likes soggy/soft cereal lol?

  • Seven Stewart
    Seven Stewart   2018-10-07T05:34:46.000Z

    Why is your reaction to sweet stuff always a reference to guaranteed cavities? Like, so you not believe in brushing your teeth two-to-three times a day or what? Other than that, I love these reaction videos! Always funny!

  • Dr. Anonymous
    Dr. Anonymous   2018-10-06T21:44:02.000Z

    how gay is this guy?

  • Jayla Harris
    Jayla Harris   2018-10-06T19:57:06.000Z


  • Lisa Love
    Lisa Love   2018-10-06T19:27:15.000Z

    Who’s doing the same pose while watching 😂😂😂

  • GlitterBombGaming
    GlitterBombGaming   2018-10-06T18:44:56.000Z

    he\'s a queen I stan

  • AwwwSadFace
    AwwwSadFace   2018-10-06T15:33:37.000Z


  • Uyi Taiwo
    Uyi Taiwo   2018-10-06T04:04:54.000Z

    What!!! I put my milk first 🤨🤨

  • V frmr
    V frmr   2018-10-06T01:12:57.000Z


  • fork knife
    fork knife   2018-10-05T23:13:16.000Z

    how do people find him funny

  • Tim mendoker
    Tim mendoker   2018-10-05T19:35:09.000Z


  • KappaPride
    KappaPride   2018-10-05T16:40:01.000Z

    diabetus deletus

  • Cynthia Martinez
    Cynthia Martinez   2018-10-05T16:28:36.000Z

    All I see whenever I see that cake is diabetes

  • Napho Did
    Napho Did   2018-10-05T01:18:10.000Z

    For every like I will steal a potato from my friend

  • lili rose
    lili rose   2018-10-04T23:34:38.000Z


  • It’s Shiya fam
    It’s Shiya fam   2018-10-04T19:48:19.000Z

    A whole knock off iamzoie💀

  • Dylan Chouinard
    Dylan Chouinard   2018-10-03T20:12:37.000Z

    Is it bad that I would try that?

  • BeulaBellafonte
    BeulaBellafonte   2018-10-03T00:27:09.000Z

    “Oooo y’all out here bamboozling people! That looks like plastic!” 😂😭

  • Mumtaas Mohamud
    Mumtaas Mohamud   2018-10-03T00:09:05.000Z

    “Lies you tell” best line I have heard today 😂😂

  • pastel cotton
    pastel cotton   2018-10-01T16:56:07.000Z

    Now that looks good for breakfast

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person   2018-10-01T03:45:03.000Z

    I don’t know how anyone found this even slightly appetizing. I was disgusted from the beginning.

  • Adder314
    Adder314   2018-09-29T22:16:24.000Z

    This dude is perfect.

  • mssunnylunarain7
    mssunnylunarain7   2018-09-29T22:12:19.000Z

    I can feel the cavities forming just watching this video. 😰

  • Legion Ivory
    Legion Ivory   2018-09-29T20:48:49.000Z

    That is a *mad* waste of cereal. That\'s some overprivileged shit right there.

  • Kathy Brundidge
    Kathy Brundidge   2018-09-29T20:16:12.000Z

    My son would probably try this.

  • Killstxrkitten
    Killstxrkitten   2018-09-29T02:50:45.000Z

    This made all 13 of my fillings hurt lol

  • LifeAllTheWay
    LifeAllTheWay   2018-09-27T22:16:23.000Z

    Y\'all out here bamboozlin people

  • Ella konrardy
    Ella konrardy   2018-09-27T20:18:49.000Z

    Cavity galor jesus

  • Stephanie Liew
    Stephanie Liew   2018-09-26T14:14:36.000Z


  • Generic UsernameHere
    Generic UsernameHere   2018-09-26T04:31:59.000Z

    My stomach hurt thinking about all that sugar

  • Mikii Sutton
    Mikii Sutton   2018-09-25T05:23:15.000Z

    Kalen!! What is your thought about the grave yard drink?? My thought.. it will knock you out!! Lol

  • HeyAdrienne Wright
    HeyAdrienne Wright   2018-09-25T00:08:39.000Z

    He is too funny, liesssss! 😂😂😂 Cavity Cereal!!! 😂😂😂

  • Beastboy 1
    Beastboy 1   2018-09-24T23:27:10.000Z

    Captain crunch is real my dude

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson   2018-09-23T21:14:46.000Z

    This is so absolutely painfully unfunny.

  • Lily Girl 13's Channel
    Lily Girl 13's Channel   2018-09-22T16:56:28.000Z

    I’d try it if it was a different cereal. I hate captain crunch!!

  • Trang Uyen Le
    Trang Uyen Le   2018-09-21T23:32:44.000Z

    Umm hmm i know what dat is Diabetes

  • YoyYoy
    YoyYoy   2018-09-21T23:29:47.000Z

    And now you don\'t even have a single piece of your teeth.

  • Crystal•Sugar Gamer
    Crystal•Sugar Gamer   2018-09-21T20:02:28.000Z

    At first I was like “Can I see this without this guy reaction?” And then I was like at the end “Okay maybe I am interested”

  • Betty-Alexandria Pride
    Betty-Alexandria Pride   2018-09-20T18:59:29.000Z

    You better represent our city with your silly self. 😂

  • T Jasmin
    T Jasmin   2018-09-20T16:12:15.000Z

    This the best one yet

  • L S
    L S   2018-09-20T06:10:10.000Z

    yo dentist gon be working overtime lol too true

  • Andrew Dornay
    Andrew Dornay   2018-09-19T21:47:55.000Z

    I got cavities just watching this! Now I owe my dentist more, $$. Thanks, Ellen :P

  • Denaya Newton
    Denaya Newton   2018-09-19T21:05:57.000Z

    I\'m eating cinnamon toast crunch rn while watching this omg😂😂😂😂😂(Well, omk I should say😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

  • Aydrian Burleson
    Aydrian Burleson   2018-09-19T12:56:15.000Z

    I think everyone agrees when I say.....Zoie is better

  • Lil panda Baby
    Lil panda Baby   2018-09-19T03:28:31.000Z

    I love his sas and I love it when he says honey

  • fresh squad
    fresh squad   2018-09-18T23:27:04.000Z

    He sound like the fire fly in princess and the frog I\'m not sure if its a fire fly correct me if I\'m wrong

  • Victoria Avila
    Victoria Avila   2018-09-18T22:43:16.000Z

    I like my cereal soggy.

  • Quishanty Coffy
    Quishanty Coffy   2018-09-18T22:22:47.000Z

    Not gonna lie that waffle cake look pretty good

  • Isabella W
    Isabella W   2018-09-18T15:23:02.000Z

    Without the white chocolate I would 10/10 eat

  • Hannahloves Todraw
    Hannahloves Todraw   2018-09-18T04:01:11.000Z

    I love soggy cereal though

  • damitajo10
    damitajo10   2018-09-17T11:48:01.000Z

    Cavities Galore 😂💀

  • m stenbury
    m stenbury   2018-09-17T01:53:35.000Z

    I think he says what many of us are actually thinking. he is certainly quick on his feet with comments.. he would be awesome with improv acting

  • Kpop Trash Or Sassy Ashy
    Kpop Trash Or Sassy Ashy   2018-09-16T23:38:15.000Z

    I saw that video before

  • PH Gamer ;;;;;;;;;;;;
    PH Gamer ;;;;;;;;;;;;   2018-09-16T15:49:23.000Z

    I would like tryin it!

  • XZombieXFighter X
    XZombieXFighter X   2018-09-16T06:07:51.000Z

    I would actually eat that. That looks delicious as FUCK!!

  • Kenyatta Gibson
    Kenyatta Gibson   2018-09-16T00:19:12.000Z

    I positively, absolutely, unequivocally LOVE Kalen! He\'s friggin\' hilarious!

  • My Wig Is In Orbit
    My Wig Is In Orbit   2018-09-15T22:16:32.000Z

    *W i t h t h e b l a c k s p e c t i c l e s*

  • Diana Phillips
    Diana Phillips   2018-09-14T19:29:20.000Z

    Not gonna lie that actually looks good lol

  • AxelQC
    AxelQC   2018-09-14T19:27:51.000Z

    Why wouldn\'t you just use cocoa powder to make chocolate waffles? The cereal just seems gimmicky.

  • OhWhoopsIt'sMak
    OhWhoopsIt'sMak   2018-09-14T00:59:00.000Z

    “Dis gon give me cavaties galore Jesus”

  • malindarayallen
    malindarayallen   2018-09-13T02:25:36.000Z

    I could get down with that cake. 🍰

  • Queenofwheels
    Queenofwheels   2018-09-12T00:03:28.000Z

    I would have a small slice. My tooth hurt just watching.

  • Niggerddd Faggot
    Niggerddd Faggot   2018-09-11T02:20:24.000Z

    This guy is so gay it’s funny

  • Amoni Lee
    Amoni Lee   2018-09-10T23:21:27.000Z

    I would make it

  • Brie Thompson
    Brie Thompson   2018-09-09T01:04:03.000Z

    this one actually looks good!

    CON FUSION   2018-09-08T07:52:04.000Z

    Watching these gave me diabetes

  • God of Bears
    God of Bears   2018-09-07T15:15:54.000Z


  • imane Cissé
    imane Cissé   2018-09-06T23:17:14.000Z

    Kalen’s reaction tho😂😂😂

  • Brittany Dispensa
    Brittany Dispensa   2018-09-06T21:23:06.000Z

    I would TEAR THAT UP...Truth. don\'t lie Kalen...u would sneak a nibble 😂

  • Víðarr Úlfheðnar
    Víðarr Úlfheðnar   2018-09-06T19:19:39.000Z

    That waffle cake look good af

  • robbin520
    robbin520   2018-09-06T14:27:36.000Z

    This gets old and boring quick!

  • drinabooboo
    drinabooboo   2018-09-06T04:15:12.000Z

    It\'s extra funny because everything he\'s saying is true😂😂😂

  • Adorable Girl 15
    Adorable Girl 15   2018-09-05T17:25:09.000Z

    But how did the colour change on the serial milk?

  • Daizy qnn
    Daizy qnn   2018-09-05T15:51:09.000Z

    My teeth just started hurting

  • Dre Ray
    Dre Ray   2018-09-05T04:02:25.000Z

    To be honest, that sounds and looks good as hell..

  • Just Tae Tae
    Just Tae Tae   2018-09-04T23:53:46.000Z

    Kalen making money nowwww

  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady   2018-09-04T20:25:03.000Z

    😂😂😂 i fuckin love this guy

  • Yagurlll._ Kaycie
    Yagurlll._ Kaycie   2018-09-04T18:27:58.000Z

    That look good the cavaties are worth it

  • Gacha Universe
    Gacha Universe   2018-09-04T13:00:15.000Z

    Ooo...look at it droppin down with that black specticals Me:lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Zbdb 1
    Zbdb 1   2018-09-04T08:11:16.000Z

    Good to know I\'m not the only one who puts the cereal first. Little bit of cereal little bit of milk, eat and repeat as needed.

  • YRN.ameli a
    YRN.ameli a   2018-09-04T03:30:03.000Z

    There’s no such thing as captain crunchies that must be the dollar store version 😂😂😂😂

  • Kitisha D
    Kitisha D   2018-09-04T01:11:10.000Z