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  • Larissa Cury
    Larissa Cury   2018-11-18T15:53:40.000Z

    This reminds me \"But I Am A Cheerleader\"

  • Jade Ackloo
    Jade Ackloo   2018-11-18T05:54:01.000Z

    this is giving me major but i’m a cheerleader! vibes

  • RedHandedKojak
    RedHandedKojak   2018-11-17T09:06:40.000Z

    Watched it last night. Was quite good.. Interesting.

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez   2018-11-15T01:58:47.000Z

    great film, loved her acting in the movie ☺ digging the 90s retro thing we got going on this year lol

  • Ian  Gill
    Ian Gill   2018-11-14T19:56:47.000Z

    We finally got that Life is Strange movie

  • MsBeauty Queen
    MsBeauty Queen   2018-11-14T08:22:01.000Z

    This is just like \"but im a cheerleader\" im triggered

  • Why Is My Face So Ashy
    Why Is My Face So Ashy   2018-11-14T04:50:00.000Z

    Hey! That’s my name!

  • Божественная Свет
    Божественная Свет   2018-11-13T16:59:43.000Z

    Brilliant movie that highlights the injustices against lgbtqi people. You cannot force people to be something they aren\'t. Some sections of christianity still perpetuates these grotesque ideologies that you can re-educate people to become heterosexual. But i must stipulate that this isn\'t the whole of christianity that pushes this agenda. Attempting to force someone to be heterosexual often ends with that person attempting suicide or becoming drug addicted.

  • Stuart Blake
    Stuart Blake   2018-11-13T16:48:39.000Z

    Don\'t mind lesbians, but butches? Just no. Kill yourselves.

  • adrian ortiz obando
    adrian ortiz obando   2018-11-13T16:34:28.000Z

    Another lesbian tale, how original 🤬

  • khalid Dian
    khalid Dian   2018-11-13T12:16:23.000Z

    This movie is beautiful especially with chloe grace as main character

  • Young Money Entertainment
    Young Money Entertainment   2018-11-13T12:13:11.000Z

    Where can I download this movie guys?

  • kita P
    kita P   2018-11-12T23:22:13.000Z

    I know where to watch it free online !!!

  • 2002 baby
    2002 baby   2018-11-12T22:59:32.000Z

    Reminds me of the movie, \"But I thought I was a cheerleader\".

  • Luchy T
    Luchy T   2018-11-12T22:58:29.000Z

    It reminds me of But i´m a cheerleader

  • SweetDick Cuba
    SweetDick Cuba   2018-11-12T22:31:42.000Z

    I only watched this movie because of Chloe Grace Moretez she is fucking hot 🤤😋

  • Lolly Frollo
    Lolly Frollo   2018-11-12T21:18:06.000Z

    Where can I find this movie in streaming online???

  • Ninja Hathodi
    Ninja Hathodi   2018-11-12T18:24:05.000Z

    Hey.. Can anyone tell me which movie they were watching just before Cameron jumped into her girlfriend.. Thank you..

  • Amar Fawwas
    Amar Fawwas   2018-11-12T16:36:06.000Z

    I watch this right now, and i really enjoy my first 12 minutes. You must watch this movie!

  • Rohit Agarwal
    Rohit Agarwal   2018-11-12T12:32:23.000Z

    Loved it

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng   2018-11-12T09:42:08.000Z

    Finally a cute lesbian movie !!!! and oh my god she’s a perfect g a y

  • Lyka Ampuan
    Lyka Ampuan   2018-11-12T06:13:52.000Z

    Oh my gosh

  • s w
    s w   2018-11-12T03:40:07.000Z

    How does her neck hold that head up?

  • Lauren Gould
    Lauren Gould   2018-11-12T03:20:48.000Z

    This is not original. Just saying.

  • sophia paynor
    sophia paynor   2018-11-12T00:44:04.000Z


  • girlinthegalaxy
    girlinthegalaxy   2018-11-11T23:28:17.000Z

    Aaj duniya mein yuvaon ki sankhya bahut hai. Yuva peedhi mein nivesh karo, neeti nirmaan mein hamen shaamil karo.

  • Kar
    Kar   2018-11-11T23:17:40.000Z

    I need this like. Now

  • Cellar Door
    Cellar Door   2018-11-11T23:05:37.000Z

    How does she constantly snag these leading roles when the majority of her films are box office bombs? 🤔

  • Martin Čičo
    Martin Čičo   2018-11-11T16:41:50.000Z

    dokonalé :)

  • Anakin Thorné
    Anakin Thorné   2018-11-11T15:10:45.000Z

    No no no no no and no

  • Anakin Thorné
    Anakin Thorné   2018-11-11T15:10:29.000Z

    This little boy can\'t act!!!!! Stop casting him!!!(chloe)

  • Portgas D. Ace
    Portgas D. Ace   2018-11-11T13:58:24.000Z

    This comment section is so gay.. I\'m feeling sick

  • john jackson
    john jackson   2018-11-11T13:02:51.000Z

    Is this the one where she sucks a nipple?

  • john jackson
    john jackson   2018-11-11T13:02:28.000Z

    All her bros r gay

  • Ketki Bhishikar
    Ketki Bhishikar   2018-11-11T10:02:35.000Z

    This is like the parallel to boy erased

  • Sidney Quinn
    Sidney Quinn   2018-11-11T07:33:09.000Z

    This is a really good movie, not just for lgbtq but for everyone even homophobic individuals.

    SEXY BOY'S AND GIRL'S   2018-11-11T06:37:06.000Z

    that\'s hot

  • Reza Ali
    Reza Ali   2018-11-11T05:56:37.000Z

    I wished homosexuality were crime in usa

  • SoniaK Mk
    SoniaK Mk   2018-11-11T02:03:03.000Z

    I expected a better movie, the story line is too weak. Maybe extreme conservative religious people should watch it to realize that being not cisgender and heterosexual isn\'t bad.. But it so obvious for me, that it annoys me that there are people who are so simple minded and think that way. It wasn\'t a \"bad movie\" but it has left me feeling indifferent.

  • The Mcderp Jack
    The Mcderp Jack   2018-11-11T00:21:47.000Z

    Ha gayyyy!

    BETTERWORLD SGT0589   2018-11-11T00:08:57.000Z

    It was a Good Movie! Good Story. Highlights the Ignorant Middle Ages Mentality of The Concept of Gay Conversion Therapy, they aren\'t bad People really, just quite \"Miseducated\" And to think Pence and them condone it! In 2018!!! I myself am a Heterrosexual , as well as a strong advocate for those that are not! We\'ve made progress but let\'s get out of People\'s Bedrooms and worrying about what they do in them. It\'s not my business, as long as My CoWorkers, Neighbors, Friends, Military or whatever/Whoever Do their Jobs and are decent Law Abiding Citizens, what they do in their Bedrooms and with Whoever is their Business. It is another step in achieving what We call Freedom also! I loved The ending of the Movie!

  • well wisher
    well wisher   2018-11-10T20:49:01.000Z

    there is something gay radar thing? I mean I\'m a hidden lesbian I don\'t show signs I don\'t even hit or touch girls but lesbians gets attracted to me.... it\'s getting hard day by day... a girl is into me now.... 😢

  • Outerheaven97
    Outerheaven97   2018-11-10T19:48:56.000Z

    Her face got phatter.

  • Ibrahim R
    Ibrahim R   2018-11-10T18:40:33.000Z

    I want the miseducation of lauryn hill 😂

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina   2018-11-10T16:48:47.000Z

    Onde acho ele pra assistir gente por favooor

  • PenDragon 24601
    PenDragon 24601   2018-11-10T16:15:59.000Z

    So? But I’m a Cheerleader for the 2010’s? Cool

  • Olivia Battles
    Olivia Battles   2018-11-10T16:03:21.000Z


  • Entoxicated Thoughts
    Entoxicated Thoughts   2018-11-10T15:50:01.000Z

    Damn this hits my life

  • heyitsdzji
    heyitsdzji   2018-11-10T06:01:58.000Z

    Imma watch imma watch this😫😅😅😅

  • Laurenz
    Laurenz   2018-11-10T06:00:14.000Z

    But I\'m A Cheerleader

  • joann smith
    joann smith   2018-11-10T04:09:16.000Z

    Chloe is so daddy

  • Maximillian Dos Santos
    Maximillian Dos Santos   2018-11-10T03:08:28.000Z


  • Logan Barry
    Logan Barry   2018-11-09T19:21:37.000Z

    the film is quite mediocre, sadly

    ROHAN AKMAL   2018-11-09T19:04:18.000Z

    this is all about population controlling trick... brain washed people no doubt..... Even animals don\'t do this type of things... discusting ...

  • Mila Cabello
    Mila Cabello   2018-11-09T17:54:59.000Z

    i never knew i needed this in my life until now

  • excalibur
    excalibur   2018-11-09T14:57:26.000Z

    What\'s that song...

  • maryann jacobs
    maryann jacobs   2018-11-09T11:54:44.000Z

    That was beautiful.

  • Dan Ort
    Dan Ort   2018-11-09T08:58:46.000Z

    Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody last night. That girl was great to play Roger Taylor. Keep it up!

  • Koley Turner
    Koley Turner   2018-11-09T06:41:41.000Z

    Lol OMG she\'s not a real lesbian thank goodness, so chill the hell out

  • TheGuyWhoSomedayHaveACommentOnEveryYTvideo

    I\'m not gay, but in my opinion, movies about REALITY and heart-touching topics, and not fucking high intense action sh*t (Avengers, Jumanji, Skyscraper, Mission Impossible, Venom Etc) are way better movies.....................

  • xikathvi S.
    xikathvi S.   2018-11-09T04:46:16.000Z

    Why I did not know about this movie until now??? Ok I\'m gonna watch it right away....

  • Lior Lawford
    Lior Lawford   2018-11-09T03:20:58.000Z

    Change isn\'t occurs naturally. If you want to seek God then seek him with all your heart.

  • Shep4rdOfHaze
    Shep4rdOfHaze   2018-11-09T01:02:10.000Z

    Terrible movie

  • Bubba Hotep
    Bubba Hotep   2018-11-09T00:12:11.000Z

    Chloe Grace Maritz is hot in a weird way. She got a beautiful body and she’s very very pretty despite having a head as big as a fucking pumpkin.

  • Naaah Fam
    Naaah Fam   2018-11-08T17:35:41.000Z

    Go to your closet and pray for forgiveness

  • D W
    D W   2018-11-08T17:29:34.000Z

    So it\'s... Girl Erased.

  • el che
    el che   2018-11-08T14:53:45.000Z


  • Vin Espresso
    Vin Espresso   2018-11-08T11:26:49.000Z

    The perfect actress for the role

  • Яна Абрамова
    Яна Абрамова   2018-11-08T10:20:53.000Z


  • Elliott
    Elliott   2018-11-08T09:13:07.000Z

    So this is like the movie But I\'m a cheerleader . Just is a more serious tone

  • Stephany Chan
    Stephany Chan   2018-11-08T06:42:25.000Z

    Wowwww ❤

  • Gabriel Albert
    Gabriel Albert   2018-11-08T06:35:23.000Z


  • ste mak87
    ste mak87   2018-11-08T04:23:23.000Z

    Chloe graze Mortez ....what a natural beaut she is 😍

  • lucero castro
    lucero castro   2018-11-08T04:07:24.000Z

    daim alk the movies are gay movies

  • putra galuh
    putra galuh   2018-11-08T03:59:02.000Z

    what song plis?

  • Margie Garcia
    Margie Garcia   2018-11-07T19:23:27.000Z

    Watched the movie yesterday.Loved it

  • The Chronicle Rey
    The Chronicle Rey   2018-11-07T06:02:44.000Z

    Guys!! This could be “Girl Erased” 😅😅😅

  • Dee Cole
    Dee Cole   2018-11-06T23:44:34.000Z

    Nope. Why all the gay stuff lately. I much prefer her in a superhero movie, or a vampire movie. Enough with the gay movies Hollyweird!

  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog   2018-11-06T15:43:22.000Z

    So, anti-gay propaganda is bad, but pro-gay propaganda is good. Uh, huh... okay, asswipes...

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh   2018-11-06T15:33:52.000Z

    Saw the film last night, its brilliant. I\'m so glad that there are still gay conversion centres around today. Homosexuality is still a sin and very abnormal. It is so heartwarming to know that most homosexuals can still be saved if they devote their lives to Christ.

  • Amos Albino
    Amos Albino   2018-11-06T10:14:05.000Z

    Life is Strange, Chloe and Max. . . .

  • 14JCD05
    14JCD05   2018-11-06T00:52:00.000Z


  • Soph Francis
    Soph Francis   2018-11-05T14:37:17.000Z

    Where can I watch/buy this movie?

  • LizzyNova
    LizzyNova   2018-11-05T02:00:02.000Z

    **gay senses tingle**

  • CallMe AJ
    CallMe AJ   2018-11-04T16:54:41.000Z


  • allthebright places
    allthebright places   2018-11-04T11:16:39.000Z

    Where can I watch this

  • allthebright places
    allthebright places   2018-11-04T11:04:26.000Z

    Loved this book

  • IgorUsePro ENG
    IgorUsePro ENG   2018-11-04T03:04:23.000Z

    Ur mom gay Что здесь делают все эти зомби? Какую безумную авантюру затеяли Блэквуд на этот раз? Вам придется во всем этом разобраться. Только посмотрите на эти грибы, если их так можно назвать, в жизни ничего подобного не видел.

  • queer stains
    queer stains   2018-11-03T14:56:16.000Z

    oh my god i love everything about this

  • TactualSLAYER
    TactualSLAYER   2018-11-03T08:42:55.000Z

    Cancer grace mortez

  • Gay Panda
    Gay Panda   2018-11-02T21:36:23.000Z

    I hope Gay \"conversion\" therapy will burn, all it causes is pain, 🏳️‍🌈

  • Gay Panda
    Gay Panda   2018-11-02T21:35:15.000Z


  • Unidentified floating item
    Unidentified floating item   2018-11-02T16:29:32.000Z

    This was an amazing movie

  • Les courts métrages de Nathan Cassin
    Les courts métrages de Nathan Cassin   2018-11-01T00:22:19.000Z

    I hate this \"coming soon\" I want to see it now !!!

  • xStarlightDancersx
    xStarlightDancersx   2018-10-31T03:46:42.000Z

    Anyone know where to watch this online?

  • Bochanable
    Bochanable   2018-10-29T22:59:06.000Z

    I cannot believe in 2018 this madness still harms and hurts people. I was born gay, a male homosexual and I had parents who nurtured my being.

  • The Soulsisters
    The Soulsisters   2018-10-28T13:11:52.000Z

    It’s coming out on itunes in November !!!

  • Arian Mogh
    Arian Mogh   2018-10-27T11:24:18.000Z

    واقعا عالیه ... امیدوارم فرهنگ سازی شه و بعضی ها سرانجام بتونن فرق بین همجنس باز و همجنس گرا رو درک کنن. Nick Robinson and now Chloe Grace Moretz.

  • obiyaa
    obiyaa   2018-10-25T19:44:43.000Z


  • Thecatnipproject
    Thecatnipproject   2018-10-24T02:21:30.000Z

    I dodged that shit look at me now man im about to become a game warden with the state of new hampshire