Top 10 Concert Tragedies and Mishaps

  • Published on 2012-12-03T15:22:16.000Z
  • Top 10 Infamous Concert Tragedies and Mishaps Subscribe Concerts are supposed to be about the music. They remain popular around the world because people want to enjoy what they love in a safe and peaceful environment. Unfortunately, history has seen its share of concert tragedies and mishaps, which have included death, danger and/or destruction. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 most infamous concert tragedies and mishaps. List Entries and Rank: #10. Guns N’ Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec, Canada August 8, 1992 #9. Woodstock 199 Rome, New York, U.S.A. July 2225, 1999 #8. Pukkelpop Kiewit, Beligum August 1820, 2011 #7. Altamont Speedway Free Festival Alameda, California, U.S.A. December 6, 1969 #6. Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark June 25July 2, 2000 #5. Damageplan Tour Alrosa Villa Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. December 8, 2004 #4. The Who Tour 197 Riverfront Coliseum Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. December 3, 1979

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  • Pablo Vargas
    Pablo Vargas   2018-10-22T22:00:58.000Z

    Ariana grande had a terrorist bombing, and the vegas shooting,

  • Indig Ameri, Seminal Indian
    Indig Ameri, Seminal Indian   2018-10-20T21:00:52.000Z

    These people are like wild animals.

  • Defense General
    Defense General   2018-10-20T12:26:53.000Z

    God’s wrath descends on these kind of bad gatherings

  • andre go
    andre go   2018-10-20T06:47:19.000Z

    RIP to Belgium that happened for a long times ago

  • Adriel Alastair
    Adriel Alastair   2018-10-18T18:20:25.000Z

    And don\'t forget Taylor swift concert

  • xLoxLoLex
    xLoxLoLex   2018-10-18T15:24:03.000Z

    what a shame

  • Justin Mayson
    Justin Mayson   2018-10-18T02:25:16.000Z

    R.I.P Dimebag 😢

  • Comment Master
    Comment Master   2018-10-18T00:43:43.000Z

    You know shit went down when there are mad Canadians.

  • Isacc Green
    Isacc Green   2018-10-17T09:07:14.000Z

    Hells angels don’t mess around lol he had a gun and they stabbed him to 💀

  • Boresh Tumbo
    Boresh Tumbo   2018-10-17T07:14:28.000Z

    I recall my mom actually talking to me about her being at that concert with Metallica and guns and roses. And being one of the biggest let downs in her life. I feel bad for her.

  • Nick Samon
    Nick Samon   2018-10-16T06:06:14.000Z

    Another one: Big Day Out 2001 that killed one person.

  • Gucci Gucci
    Gucci Gucci   2018-10-16T04:21:01.000Z

    I mean the Woodstock 99 one looked like it would be hella fun but only if there wasn’t any rapes and stuff

  • Kainny02
    Kainny02   2018-10-15T21:53:29.000Z

    Everybody here talking about Manchester or Las Vegas but don\'t forget about Paris attack during a death metal concert (89 person died)

  • Johnny Snipes
    Johnny Snipes   2018-10-14T01:29:59.000Z

    publishing people\'s deaths for views is disgusting

  • shannonmurphy75
    shannonmurphy75   2018-10-13T22:55:38.000Z

    No mention of the Who in Cincinnati? Eleven people trampled to death rushing the stage.

  • Cyberbob
    Cyberbob   2018-10-13T14:24:10.000Z

    You name something Pukkelpop and you get what you deserve.

  • mihailo stajic
    mihailo stajic   2018-10-12T21:45:27.000Z

    How high you must be to hire Hell\'s Angels to “secure“ the crowd?

  • Fred Jocelyn
    Fred Jocelyn   2018-10-12T04:18:47.000Z

    this is why i dont go to shitty concerts, id rather have no life than become a statistic

  • Andrew Kell
    Andrew Kell   2018-10-11T08:41:47.000Z

    \"Just be cool!\" I will once this biker stops wailing on me!

  • rockoutmichigan
    rockoutmichigan   2018-10-10T22:08:34.000Z

    The title to this video shows the level of class the people at WatchMojo have.

  • Game Tech
    Game Tech   2018-10-10T07:12:43.000Z

    Because of that barbarous sadist hateful song! Thats why.

  • Jackson Horan
    Jackson Horan   2018-10-10T06:08:34.000Z

    People the Manchester and Las Vagas weren’t accidents so it wouldn’t be able to get on this list, that’s for top ten concert terroism

  • Austin Hernandez
    Austin Hernandez   2018-10-07T22:23:11.000Z

    This doesn\'t happen in classical concerts

  • Austin Hernandez
    Austin Hernandez   2018-10-07T22:17:47.000Z

    Such stupid idiots in the crowds that deserved to die

  • Matthew Bomberger
    Matthew Bomberger   2018-10-07T21:42:53.000Z


  • Lil'RedCorvette022
    Lil'RedCorvette022   2018-10-07T18:34:16.000Z

    They should update this list

  • MrZappaman420
    MrZappaman420   2018-10-07T16:15:59.000Z

    Fuck Nathan Gale

  • If people understood Youd be Over in a Day

    There\'s been plenty of nice new concert deaths. That one stage collapsed on some amateur shit and there were spikes below... The killings in London, kids or whatever, and of course the wonderful Vegas massacre. Make a part two!

  • australian fines
    australian fines   2018-10-07T01:00:35.000Z

    so u can see the followers r same , drunk junkies most of them

  • australian fines
    australian fines   2018-10-07T01:00:04.000Z

    all rockstarts or musicians in these concerts r jukies

  • australian fines
    australian fines   2018-10-07T00:59:11.000Z

    dumb idiots getting together for music , how brainwashed

  • Lucius Malfoy
    Lucius Malfoy   2018-10-06T11:31:47.000Z

    I am Living at the Loveparadetunnel.

  • Lauren O Sullivan
    Lauren O Sullivan   2018-10-06T00:42:58.000Z

    Kayne West at Glastonbury. died that night

  • jkromes20
    jkromes20   2018-10-03T15:07:49.000Z

    Maybe title it just \"10 tragedies in concerts\" not \"top 10\"

  • Alan Agazarian
    Alan Agazarian   2018-10-02T15:08:04.000Z

    Altamomt is number 7???

  • ρѻٱรѻก Շعɦ ฝعɭɭ
    ρѻٱรѻก Շعɦ ฝعɭɭ   2018-10-02T13:59:46.000Z

    No-one died in Las Vegas

  • Michael Angelo H.
    Michael Angelo H.   2018-10-02T12:48:53.000Z

    Waarom wist ik nieta van Pukkelpop?... Er komt wel iets vaag opdagen, maar dat er zo\'n tragedie was...

  • Michael Angelo H.
    Michael Angelo H.   2018-10-02T12:43:33.000Z


  • Mr Tibbs
    Mr Tibbs   2018-10-01T21:26:00.000Z

    The reason for Dimebag being shot is because the shooter was an ex-marine that was pissed off about him leaving Pantera. In these videos they keep saying the reason was unknown, don\'t make a video unless you do your homework. This happened less than 5 miles from my uncle\'s house in Columbus. Marines are highly trained brainwashed death machine with surgical marksmanship. If he hadn\'t got killed he would have done way more damage. Even with bare fists he would have killed alot more.

  • Xavier Romero
    Xavier Romero   2018-09-30T18:10:19.000Z

    Where\'s Cliff?

  • Johnny Irenchi
    Johnny Irenchi   2018-09-30T05:50:31.000Z

    Big Day Out Australia when the girl died during the Limp Bisket set.

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young   2018-09-29T23:26:21.000Z

    Geez  some  of  these  things  can  be  death defying  and  poor  black  people  get  more  beatings  than an LAPD  COP go  figure!

  • Sethlapa Vids
    Sethlapa Vids   2018-09-29T03:50:46.000Z

    #1. Route 91 “October 1” Las Vegas

  • aqmlarhm
    aqmlarhm   2018-09-28T07:28:28.000Z

    also metallica 1993 in indonesia is a thing

  • King Mufasa
    King Mufasa   2018-09-27T19:09:05.000Z

    That is kindergartens! Check out South Africa blacks looting!

  • Angel Messtanoffski
    Angel Messtanoffski   2018-09-27T17:14:20.000Z

    Dimebag\'s was the worst because the poor guy was shot by some lunatic on stage!

  • Impeet for tee fy Impeet for tee fy
    Impeet for tee fy Impeet for tee fy   2018-09-27T09:42:44.000Z

    Expected. All drugged up skull decorated meatheads at metal shows. This doesn\'t happen at the Philharmonic!

  • Duke71
    Duke71   2018-09-27T06:43:23.000Z

    whitey and his lame music, a joke#

  • Flutter Bize
    Flutter Bize   2018-09-27T00:40:43.000Z

    What a sad tribute to the iconic peaceful wonderful Woodstock. Don\'t even try to do it again it\'s ridiculous. Damn, I almost went to that concert of the Who when I lived in Louisville, Kentucky. Glad I didn\'t.

  • Cathy Hunter
    Cathy Hunter   2018-09-26T22:45:14.000Z

    The Bataclan Concert, Vegas,Manchester Concert since then....very sad

  • Nelly L.
    Nelly L.   2018-09-26T22:30:25.000Z

    the loveparade, as the name says, always has been a parade. it started in the 80\'s as demo against the berlin wall and war. over the years the parade always got bigger and bigger and more international. there where over 1 mio people celebrating on the streets in berlin at the last official loveparade. just imagine ONE MILLION PEOPLE peacefully celebrating in one city. there never (!) where any crime, deaths, injuries and so on. it was so beautiful. then the city berlin did not longer recognized it as a demonstration and it was banned. after 15 years. some money-grubbing dude bought the right for the name \"loveparade\" and tried to cover it (cheaply) in a different place. his last try (duisburg) was the first time it was located in a closed area (how stupid can you be, a PARADE...). the only reason to do that was money. the city duisburg actually didnt want to give any permission for that area: it was too small, they ways to the area where to small...) but they also smelled the cash and gave the offical go and \"special permission\" about 1 week before the event. there was only one way in AND out to the area. so more and more people where going through the tunnel. they didnt know that the police blocked the entrence on the other side (on the festival) because the festival area was already to full. so more and more people where pushing throuh that tiny tunnel and nobody stopped them or told them anything. there was no security concept (as there should have been). as some point the police got run over and a huge mass of people came into the area. unfortunately the mass was kinda stopped by the \"floats\". huge moving trucks with djs performing on them. no one of the security people in the tower noticed that the floats where causing a huge blockage right in front of the entrance. so no person could get out or in the festival area. they were blocked in the tunnel. and couldnt get out. they didnt knew what was in front them, you cant blame them. no one knew. not even the organizer. hey were killed by the masses. there was NO security concept, there were NO security, no one helping by giving instruciton through a speaker/helicopter whatsoever. more and more people died while hundredthousands were partying inside, not knowing anything. the organizers and the city had to answer in court. because they knew about the lack of safety, about the risk and the missing space in the entrances, and the missing emergency exits. they just did it for the money and the fame. some of them even said there usually never would have been a permission for that on that area. sorry for my english, no native speaker here. i lost a friend there and still not over it yet....

  • ronja kotiluoto
    ronja kotiluoto   2018-09-26T16:47:16.000Z

    mul on pillu oikeesti haha

  • knussperpilz
    knussperpilz   2018-09-26T16:32:18.000Z

    Top 10

  • alexx
    alexx   2018-09-26T10:45:44.000Z

    Don\'t forget the Colectiv fire (Bucharest, Romania) on 30 October 2015, which killed 64 people (4 members of Goodbye to Gravity ) and injured 147

  • chaucer44
    chaucer44   2018-09-25T18:46:31.000Z

    It takes a HELLUVALOT to get me to a concert. Even crappy bands are +$100??! $18 tiny crappy beer. nah pass.

  • Kid Plays guitar
    Kid Plays guitar   2018-09-24T09:51:38.000Z


  • Mal big
    Mal big   2018-09-23T23:18:02.000Z

    06:00 The band were on fire...

  • Alice Black-Bordeaux
    Alice Black-Bordeaux   2018-09-23T12:37:00.000Z

    Bataclan in Paris.. And Ariana Grande\'s gig in Manchester :\'(

  • Honda Jack
    Honda Jack   2018-09-22T23:54:09.000Z

    Here is a tip. Don’t go to Festivals. Your life will thank you.

  • Le pyromane
    Le pyromane   2018-09-22T01:25:28.000Z

    Were is darel dimbag

  • 43Aquaman
    43Aquaman   2018-09-21T01:43:30.000Z

    4:18. I remember the tee-shirts..\"I\'d step on you, to see the Who!\" I wore it proudly.

  • Saeraneth
    Saeraneth   2018-09-20T15:16:49.000Z

    This video is from December 2012!! Learn how to read people, and stop pretending to be sensitive.

  • Alex Citron
    Alex Citron   2018-09-19T19:59:20.000Z

    Manchester, Manchester, Manchester! *BRO DO YOU EVEN PARIS 13 NOV 2015!?*

  • Bolea Matei
    Bolea Matei   2018-09-19T15:07:57.000Z


  • Noah Dailey
    Noah Dailey   2018-09-18T00:26:21.000Z

    Dimebag murder at #5? Youve got to be fucking shitting me

  • pervisdeaton
    pervisdeaton   2018-09-17T23:52:07.000Z

    As someone that was born in Belgium I couldn\'t believe I didn\'t know there was a Pukkelpop festival in 1820. I then remembered to stop being a retard and yeah, it\'s makes sense now hehe

  • Eric Joiner
    Eric Joiner   2018-09-17T22:23:41.000Z

    That\'s whats on the devils playground.

  • Dick Fitzwell
    Dick Fitzwell   2018-09-17T14:11:45.000Z


  • Illisil
    Illisil   2018-09-17T04:14:06.000Z

    kiss nightclub fire in brazil

  • DerHobbitbeutel
    DerHobbitbeutel   2018-09-16T21:01:21.000Z

    ich war an dem Tag auf der Loveparade und kenne auch jemanden der dort gestorben ist R.I.P dafür und für alle anderen. Mojo ist ein Deutscher und Heuchler bitte kein Abo

  • Tristan Gibson
    Tristan Gibson   2018-09-16T08:04:02.000Z

    Dimebags Tragedy is the most horrific event in music history in my opinion. RIP Dime

  • PierceDun
    PierceDun   2018-09-16T01:12:20.000Z

    My mom was at Woodstock 99 and i wish I could’ve been there so bad. Nothing will ever be like that ever again because crowds now days are lame

  • 51TGM71
    51TGM71   2018-09-15T21:41:39.000Z

    Add Paris 2015 and Vegas 2017 to this list ....

  • StingrayDude15
    StingrayDude15   2018-09-15T21:20:11.000Z

    Gsushdu that stage that literally collapsed :\'V

  • Angelique Sparks
    Angelique Sparks   2018-09-15T15:44:57.000Z

    I seen great White last month

  • Edward Brandenburg
    Edward Brandenburg   2018-09-15T14:35:31.000Z

    I’m going to see Great White TONIGHT. Probably not the thing I should be watching.

  • Aaron Ornelas
    Aaron Ornelas   2018-09-15T06:55:19.000Z

    No mention of AC/DC in 1991 in Salt Lake city, Utah at Salt Palace arena, where fans were crushed and one died as a result

  • alexisvader 667
    alexisvader 667   2018-09-14T00:20:00.000Z

    3:00 John lennon

  • julia
    julia   2018-09-13T11:40:32.000Z

    apparently my dad almost died at a slayer concert whilst trippin on acid in the 90’s so that’s a thing

  • Joseph Parkinson
    Joseph Parkinson   2018-09-13T02:40:59.000Z

    why would u fucking hire a killer biker gang

  • nahmanini sithole
    nahmanini sithole   2018-09-12T19:18:28.000Z

    This is why I only go to Country Music concerts. Oh wait a minute.........

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A   2018-09-12T01:00:53.000Z

    rest in peace Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul (cant forget vinnie)

  • Hylian Prince
    Hylian Prince   2018-09-11T23:54:45.000Z

    you guys obviously dont do your research. durst _did_ tell the crowed not to mellow out. but he also told everyone to stop hurting people and breaking shit

  • DJ Diva Dee
    DJ Diva Dee   2018-09-10T23:39:24.000Z

    2:04 what festival was this?

  • Dheer Bhatia
    Dheer Bhatia   2018-09-10T18:19:20.000Z

    What about Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial incident that caused him 2 degree burn

  • Mr. Mike
    Mr. Mike   2018-09-09T22:43:31.000Z

    Get it right. It wasn\'t in Alameda, dummies...

  • Joshua Payton
    Joshua Payton   2018-09-09T19:31:36.000Z

    1.) Manchester, Ariana Grande

  • Francesca Casar
    Francesca Casar   2018-09-09T05:32:41.000Z

    Hmmmm actually not only was the crowd drugged and drunk but the hells angels were too which is part of what led to the chaos. Do more research.

  • julia bowen
    julia bowen   2018-09-08T06:23:06.000Z

    They should have Abraham Lincoln on this

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson   2018-09-08T02:59:22.000Z

    Vegas from hotel room has to be 1

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson   2018-09-08T02:57:24.000Z

    I hate limp bizkit

  • Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick   2018-09-08T02:57:22.000Z

    Watching this mayhem is awesome!

  • Castiel .The Angel
    Castiel .The Angel   2018-09-07T23:05:25.000Z

    My mom went to the Who Tour 1979 in Cleveland, like right after the one in Cincinnati.

  • Craig Mc
    Craig Mc   2018-09-07T11:55:01.000Z

    Hells Angel\'s for security? That\'s like putting a German Shepperd in charge of a butcher shop.

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt   2018-09-07T11:11:49.000Z

    Pointless deaths

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt   2018-09-07T11:06:33.000Z

    Durst was a douche !!!!

  • Celeste Massarenti
    Celeste Massarenti   2018-09-07T10:43:08.000Z

    Holy cow, people are crazy...

  • TheGreatest HistoryMan
    TheGreatest HistoryMan   2018-09-07T07:26:53.000Z

    Just a Reminder for People who are Commenting Recent Attacks,Incidents on Concerts. And asking why they were not here on this List,this was Made on 2012

  • Nate Silva
    Nate Silva   2018-09-06T07:07:23.000Z

    i knew like 3 people, one being my uncle that almost went to the great white show at the station. when they were open it was a badass nightclub in a place with nothing to do. i remember the day it happened and will never forget it

  • Alex1993
    Alex1993   2018-09-06T00:07:22.000Z

    What is \"Beligum\" ?