The GIANT 40 oz "Bone in the Stone" Steak! (Featured on Man vs. Food)


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  • Foodie BoyZ
    Foodie BoyZ   2018-11-05T12:28:24.000Z

    did he accidentally say green cheese??? lmao

  • MrAraag
    MrAraag   2018-10-29T18:35:22.000Z


  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea   2018-10-21T22:32:46.000Z

    3:46 green cheese?

  • Timothy Rivera
    Timothy Rivera   2018-10-15T09:19:14.000Z


  • for truth and freedom
    for truth and freedom   2018-10-02T15:41:58.000Z

    I dont like my steak cooked medium, i like it less cooked

  • Lawless
    Lawless   2018-09-21T09:49:43.000Z

    Is this guy serious

  • kevin brilz
    kevin brilz   2018-09-19T02:49:05.000Z

    you may want to check ur self for tape worm :)

  • Elise Blair
    Elise Blair   2018-09-15T22:49:51.000Z

    How did you not have a heart attack eating this two days in a row 😂❤️

  • Fowler Farmhouse
    Fowler Farmhouse   2018-09-15T21:23:04.000Z

    I always add blue cheese to Sirloin steaks and make a mushroom Marsala sauce. Seriously the best steak ever!! My husbands favorite!!

  • Dexter Smith
    Dexter Smith   2018-09-03T20:59:30.000Z

    How do you keep your cholesterol level acceptable? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  • Richard Castro-Parker
    Richard Castro-Parker   2018-09-01T22:17:20.000Z

    6 days vacation, only 6? America doesn\'t give much leave time. In the U.K. you get way more each year. Living to work is not a good lifestyle. That steak was humongous. another great video.

  • emma beattie
    emma beattie   2018-08-30T20:26:19.000Z

    Omg laughing my head off at the mosquito story that would so happen to me lol

  • momafish55
    momafish55   2018-08-11T02:11:53.000Z

    Mike, do you ever get doggie bags to take home?

  • Susan Kimzey
    Susan Kimzey   2018-08-08T21:58:18.000Z

    Where is this place? Because blue cheese on steak is fairly common in the southern US. And good grief, I could eat lobster mac and cheese until I explode and die. Watching this is TORTURE.

  • Trent Timoy
    Trent Timoy   2018-08-05T23:10:14.000Z

    I\'m not much of a red meat eater but I would tackle that ANY day. Damn that looks good!!!

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz   2018-07-26T06:33:32.000Z

    Umm. I grew up in Western NY. I don\'t live there anymore, but I can tell you one thing... You really missed out bruh. Big league..

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz   2018-07-26T06:22:26.000Z

    You must do a video with LA Beast!!!

  • Arachnicution
    Arachnicution   2018-07-24T21:28:03.000Z

    He really loves his food. 😂

  • Forty4real2010
    Forty4real2010   2018-07-21T16:59:04.000Z

    Watching in 2018. Have seen this video many times and I am still tickled that he went back for a second steak. It is fun watching you eat.

  • Tadashi Umemura
    Tadashi Umemura   2018-07-19T21:08:19.000Z

    The steak was very big and it looked delicious. It is very nice to have you eat lively. Potato Too much? Thank you.

  • Addy Uprety
    Addy Uprety   2018-07-08T02:40:24.000Z

    white people see a random Asian guy with a camera having an orgasm eating a giant steak

  • Unkown destruction
    Unkown destruction   2018-06-29T06:35:31.000Z

    i can finish that in 10 mins

  • justice 4ever
    justice 4ever   2018-06-11T16:24:32.000Z

    This guy is living the life.

  • Suneet Aswar
    Suneet Aswar   2018-06-10T08:32:43.000Z

    \"to this day, now that I am thinking about it, it looks more like a plane\"....... 😂😂😂😂

  • 918spawn
    918spawn   2018-06-08T00:01:55.000Z

    He looks like Jacky Chan

  • Mrinalini Chavan
    Mrinalini Chavan   2018-06-06T08:40:38.000Z

    The words can not convey... The way I feel for u..!!! My love for u is like River.... Nver gona dry....!!! Man... U r \"passion\" for food is really amazing and inspiring...!!! That\'s the beauty of u r postings...!! Love u... God bless u......

  • Saltbottle
    Saltbottle   2018-06-02T21:15:34.000Z

    smash potato

  • valentin65
    valentin65   2018-06-01T15:08:46.000Z

    In Switzerland that plate would serve 4.

  • Arhan Sankhla
    Arhan Sankhla   2018-05-30T23:10:26.000Z

    I see u repping arizona

  • JB Jacobs
    JB Jacobs   2018-05-28T09:05:12.000Z

    You are an absolute doll. Truthfully, never been a fan of wet-aged beef; looks way too done outside. I can live without the pool of blue cheese and the fries looked so greasy. I am from NY but also have lived in Miami and Chicago. The problem I have had living in the midwest and when I lived in NC, everything seemed to have to be smothered or drowning in sauce or salt or potatoes or mountains/pools of something. A good steak, which I don\'t eat too often, should be fine without anything. You can cook it with a wee salt when on the grill or sauteed in a pan, but doesn\'t need all the stuff. But Mikey you are adorable and I love watching you eat. You enjoy everything, you are adventurous and will try pretty much anything, and are just a ray of sunshine and positivity. I really admire that about you! Your videos rock!

  • RinTluangi Ralte
    RinTluangi Ralte   2018-05-26T10:38:06.000Z

    Mikey doesn\'t need a girlfriend...if he had steak

    LIBERALGUNSMOKER   2018-05-18T07:18:38.000Z

    This guy is a horrible liar

  • Dionne Griffin
    Dionne Griffin   2018-05-17T03:17:47.000Z

    Looks 😍 😘 no blue cheese sauce please. Baked potato no fries..🤗😎

  • Heather
    Heather   2018-05-13T23:14:42.000Z

    I need a man like u !! 😍😍 I just hope you would speak to me the same way u speak about this food 😍😍

  • Anna williams
    Anna williams   2018-05-12T23:07:01.000Z

    Set video ever. I loved the way you described it all. Made me so hungry. Wow

  • seenie bear
    seenie bear   2018-05-08T01:17:03.000Z

    Yea I live on the American side it sucks lol

  • adz vs John Wick
    adz vs John Wick   2018-05-04T22:21:25.000Z

    No where near 10pounds

  • Maria Galloway
    Maria Galloway   2018-04-26T08:50:50.000Z

    oh wow so freeken funny your first vacation laughed my socks off

  • Edward Denoyer
    Edward Denoyer   2018-04-24T05:53:39.000Z

    He always does the same expression every new item he eats

  • Edward Dergosits
    Edward Dergosits   2018-04-18T04:02:40.000Z

    I agree that a visit to Niagara Falls can be done in one day. If you take two days and view the falls from Canada it is not that much better. The mosquitoes in the summer in New York anywhere near water are relentless. I lived 50 miles east of Niagara Falls for 6 years. The skies are mostly grey almost every day. The people that like living there have likely never been anywhere else. I must say the people are friendly and genuine. Looks like you found a great place to eat Rib-eye steak Mike. Both dinners looked fantastic. I think the second meal with the smashed potatoes and the lobster mac and cheese would be my choice.

  • BillPanda Gaming
    BillPanda Gaming   2018-04-14T09:38:44.000Z

    Did he really say smashed potato 🤣

  • Seattle Guy
    Seattle Guy   2018-04-09T05:26:01.000Z

    Why do you always shake your head, it distracts me

  • timon kipkorir
    timon kipkorir   2018-03-29T19:59:34.000Z

    *Chen* The heavens have spoke and I am going to finish this steak again😂

  • William Beck
    William Beck   2018-03-29T02:03:22.000Z

    Not specific for anything, you should see if you can find -- picapeppa sauce , I don\'t know if I\'m spelling it right, but it has a tan and green label with a parrot on it , i use it on fried rice

  • Terry Ivey
    Terry Ivey   2018-03-25T23:30:11.000Z

    Oh goodness...would feed the two of us for almost a week! Think of all the awesome leftover recipes you could use lol.

  • christleei
    christleei   2018-03-24T19:45:44.000Z

    hes still a yougun when i was in a foster home i ate 32 or more thich homemade plate sized pancakes and would have had more but there wasn\'t anymore batter..thats not counting baccon and eggs and wasant till 2003 that i started to eat alot less and i nevr went above 200 - 225 pounds but i was 6\'3\" in 6 th grade and topped out at 32 6\"5\"

  • Kevin Khan
    Kevin Khan   2018-03-22T23:54:51.000Z

    Hehehehe he said green cheese

  • Bacon Egger
    Bacon Egger   2018-03-21T02:51:11.000Z

    \"it looks more like a plane\" LOL!

    SEEMBAH TORE   2018-03-07T07:41:33.000Z

    Hey man speaking as someone from Buffalo ny, you\'re 100% right. There\'s not much to do in wny and the falls. Sadly my first thought when you said your worst vacation was in WNY was that you got robbed in the falls area. Hahah.

  • kotk05
    kotk05   2018-03-05T04:03:53.000Z

    thanks Mike Hwang

  • Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner   2018-03-04T20:16:27.000Z

    The Hotel Indigo has been refurbished and is now quite nice.

  • Amie Knudson
    Amie Knudson   2018-03-04T15:48:35.000Z

    I want to go there just for all the sides!! Drooling.

  • Cam G
    Cam G   2018-03-01T21:17:27.000Z

    ps Niagara Falls is wicked in the winter when the falls freeze I live in Canada\'s most southern town

  • Cam G
    Cam G   2018-03-01T21:15:04.000Z

    Canada eh Yes we eat like Monsters hahaha and we do not all work as lumberjacks

  • Doug Riehl
    Doug Riehl   2018-02-28T23:22:27.000Z

    Two words bro...FOOD PORN. You ROCK! \\m/ >_< \\m/

  • Ian Crawford
    Ian Crawford   2018-02-27T21:24:29.000Z

    Never watch Mike while hungry.

  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie Warlie   2018-02-25T01:57:19.000Z

    Is that even possible???? How can you have 10kgs of food like that!!!!

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18   2018-02-20T18:17:31.000Z

    This guy gets paid for eating Luckiest guy on planet earth

  • Ralph Ng
    Ralph Ng   2018-02-18T00:47:45.000Z

    Your health is more important than the temporary pleasure.

  • howard weitzell
    howard weitzell   2018-02-16T07:52:35.000Z

    Blue cheese on a steak!?! Must be a regional thing....yuk!

  • tubetop123
    tubetop123   2018-02-16T02:58:45.000Z

    Was that like 5000 calories?

  • Anson Leung
    Anson Leung   2018-02-15T06:20:14.000Z

    WHY is that beautiful steak so overcooked????

  • BENKYism
    BENKYism   2018-02-13T04:57:53.000Z

    So you\'ve eaten a steak the size of a head, but have you eaten a head the size of a steak?

  • Truthseeker1
    Truthseeker1   2018-02-13T01:21:25.000Z

    I\'ve never been to Niagara Falls but if and when I do, I will certainly try to take on one of these monster steaks.

  • GaLiiga Jr
    GaLiiga Jr   2018-02-11T14:42:00.000Z

    This video was very relatable lol. But instead of 6 days for me it was 3! 😂

  • Kim bw
    Kim bw   2018-02-10T17:17:52.000Z

    That vacation story is hella funny lol

  • Biggest bud ever
    Biggest bud ever   2018-02-07T21:46:24.000Z

    Why all the blue cheese

  • Shan L
    Shan L   2018-01-29T19:38:09.000Z

    I want!

  • Brent Venneman
    Brent Venneman   2018-01-28T03:36:27.000Z

    Holy sh$/.

  • rocketman ure
    rocketman ure   2018-01-26T07:28:53.000Z

    Nice Mike Chan 👍👌 I think it should be a must to naw on the bone 💯✌

  • Cynthia Hernandez
    Cynthia Hernandez   2018-01-17T07:28:32.000Z

    2:08 thought he got a migraine lol

  • Richard Bouska
    Richard Bouska   2018-01-14T14:06:34.000Z

    I just saw Mike romance a steak! And I gotta say I totally felt the same way about that steak!😛

  • Eric The Nole
    Eric The Nole   2018-01-08T07:36:57.000Z

    I wonder the calorie count of everything.

  • den lutz
    den lutz   2018-01-02T21:50:57.000Z

    How many stomach u have man? I watch most of ur vid. U ate like eating machine man. Wow.... I hope that i had life like u. Keep on eating n keep fit hehhe

  • Its yo boy Skinny penis
    Its yo boy Skinny penis   2017-12-29T22:21:02.000Z

    Prime rib roast>steak haha. That could feed a family with some more sides. Nice job!

  • pistol pete
    pistol pete   2017-12-28T13:29:02.000Z

    Steak = overrated white man food

  • Turkey Feat
    Turkey Feat   2017-12-22T21:37:43.000Z

    escaliber wasn\'t the sword in the stone, it was the sword given to king arthur by the lady of the lake after the one he pulled broke

  • 10,000 subs please
    10,000 subs please   2017-12-19T09:47:21.000Z

    Random stranger:what\'s your job Strictly Dumpling:eating in front of a camera then post it on social media😀

  • Marilyn Lebron
    Marilyn Lebron   2017-12-12T20:05:40.000Z

    I\'m always watching ur vids and get severely I go downstairs and cook a massive meal for my WOW

  • Anna Melenhorst
    Anna Melenhorst   2017-12-02T02:40:34.000Z

    Bonanza Motel in Niagra is a great place to stay at !

  • wapcity
    wapcity   2017-12-01T21:53:35.000Z

    you should tuck your mic into your shirt boss

  • Rod Cruz
    Rod Cruz   2017-12-01T21:08:19.000Z

    I only saw one meteor in a meteor shower and not even sure if it\'s a plane. Lol

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo   2017-12-01T15:56:23.000Z

    I think I am developing a Mikey Chen bromance, those steak assaulting skills are killer brah! A real delight to watch.

  • The Cichlid Room
    The Cichlid Room   2017-11-27T11:29:59.000Z

    Are you left handed?

  • Weenson Oo
    Weenson Oo   2017-11-26T16:52:32.000Z

    I feel a little unwell just thinking about it LOL And it\'s also overcooked!!! :O :O :O

  • Zdravko Kos
    Zdravko Kos   2017-11-23T15:03:13.000Z

    Mmm...BEST food vlog EVER! I’m going to Niagara Falls JUST for that meal! Here on Vancouver Island we put bleu cheese on steak all the time!

  • Diane Cavallero
    Diane Cavallero   2017-11-23T12:36:39.000Z

    Serious question - how do you maintain such an outwardly healthy physical state when you consume both biiiig portion and extremely caloric meals? You look incredibly fit, but i am scared to think of either what exercise routine you have to balance that out, or your cholesterol count lol.. whatever your secret is, could you share it?

    CHARM B   2017-11-21T00:12:04.000Z

    Your poor toilet 🚽

  • giv me the succ
    giv me the succ   2017-11-17T15:18:31.000Z

    3:46 green cheese bois

  • Margerie Uchiha
    Margerie Uchiha   2017-11-15T19:17:41.000Z

    Who tf puts blue cheese on steak?

  • TJWreckless
    TJWreckless   2017-11-14T17:05:47.000Z

    How? lol

  • Battlehub
    Battlehub   2017-11-06T19:32:18.000Z

    Ted said that about potato skins.

  • Justin Chua
    Justin Chua   2017-11-03T14:40:05.000Z

    I can’t do this it’s way too hard watching you while trying to lose weight but still

  • Jack Caserta
    Jack Caserta   2017-11-03T06:05:08.000Z

    this guys hilarious in such a weird way

  • One Journey
    One Journey   2017-10-28T19:34:28.000Z

    Outstanding next time have vegetables with stake better for digestion.

  • Ted Fundy
    Ted Fundy   2017-10-24T13:00:03.000Z

    It looks like cashel blue cheese.. yummo!!

  • Bodhissatva Texas
    Bodhissatva Texas   2017-10-23T04:27:57.000Z

    Its amazing your not 400lbs.

  • tony
    tony   2017-10-22T13:30:21.000Z

    I think i can actually eat most of that. How much did it cost tho

  • JESSROCKED Channel
    JESSROCKED Channel   2017-10-17T10:57:02.000Z

    the moment he said it was covered in blue cheese sauce and said it tasted good, he lost all his credibility and trustworthiness (FOR MY TASTE)

  • Killing Roses
    Killing Roses   2017-10-17T10:12:34.000Z

    Do you have to have the blue cheese on it?... Cause if not then i could tackle that easy