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  • Beanbot
    Beanbot   2018-11-19T02:51:10.000Z

    Sooo, like choo choo ya feel me?

  • Marquita Higgins
    Marquita Higgins   2018-11-19T02:23:40.000Z

    Billie 😍😍❤️

  • Tanya Goudreau
    Tanya Goudreau   2018-11-19T01:17:09.000Z

    yo Billie, are you canadien? i relly wanna know

  • Sandra Lopez
    Sandra Lopez   2018-11-18T18:33:11.000Z

    I love Billie but I think I’m bisexual now..SHES SEXY AND PRETTY🤣❤️

  • MaKayla 11
    MaKayla 11   2018-11-18T17:39:13.000Z

    My baby Billie. She is brave putting spiders all over herself

  • gorgeouspeople yttv
    gorgeouspeople yttv   2018-11-18T17:30:18.000Z

    Dinosaurs were real and when they were alive, in that time it was called BC, which means before christ

  • Tu 2
    Tu 2   2018-11-18T06:28:10.000Z

    Who else jumped up when she mentioned watching the video Runaway by Aurora? I stan a collab with Billie Eilish & Aurora 😍

  • Tu 2
    Tu 2   2018-11-18T06:22:25.000Z

    *Little ole perfect little Isaac Gtfoh* 😂🤣🤣

  • Lydia Deetz
    Lydia Deetz   2018-11-18T00:41:38.000Z

    Im already gay... But billie makes me just want to skip being attracted to girls and like billie only. Shes so hott. :/ but underage... Im 24. I feel horrible.

  • Sofie Blackburn
    Sofie Blackburn   2018-11-17T23:17:11.000Z

    I like the stupid questions more💕💖💝💙💚💛💜💘💞💗💓❤

  • Maryam Nather
    Maryam Nather   2018-11-17T21:59:07.000Z

    background music gave me a headache

  • Emily Edwards
    Emily Edwards   2018-11-17T21:10:55.000Z

    MY BABY BILLIE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hannah Lil
    Hannah Lil   2018-11-17T17:26:01.000Z

    14:02 had me dyinngnggg. His face and the heart Made me laugh so hard😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alreem Al ali
    Alreem Al ali   2018-11-17T15:30:34.000Z

    Dinosaurs are real 😂

  • Patricia Kate Azicate
    Patricia Kate Azicate   2018-11-17T15:29:58.000Z

    *sits lyk billie haha

  • Quinn Wagner
    Quinn Wagner   2018-11-17T15:01:09.000Z


  • Sam Love
    Sam Love   2018-11-17T01:00:43.000Z

    Dinosaurs are really and the bibles all fake don\'t @ me

  • Jujuba DaSilva
    Jujuba DaSilva   2018-11-16T21:21:17.000Z

    I know this is gross but I AM THE QUEEN OF GAS. People make fun of farting when EVERYONE DOES IT! I am part of the fart gang now.

  • llZyteCll
    llZyteCll   2018-11-16T13:33:18.000Z

    Holy fuck this beat is LITERALLY getting on my fucking nerves

  • jack inator
    jack inator   2018-11-16T07:29:08.000Z

    biiitch ok i sharted on the dumbo ride at disneyland when i was like 6

  • Young Fllame
    Young Fllame   2018-11-16T04:43:47.000Z

    8:29 lmfao Billie said ur crossing the line manigg..- then realized she fucked up first one to notice🤫

  • Cooking It Up A Notch
    Cooking It Up A Notch   2018-11-16T03:05:33.000Z

    Have you read the bible? Bc in the bible there is giant creatures described somewhere in there ion know my mom told me hahaha

  • Litty Central
    Litty Central   2018-11-16T00:27:20.000Z

    Did she say she was wearing a *thong* ?

  • Kaitlin Harries
    Kaitlin Harries   2018-11-15T21:24:26.000Z

    it took them 8 minutes to answer one question oml 😂😂😂

  • yousoundlikeyoustink
    yousoundlikeyoustink   2018-11-15T19:23:27.000Z

    damn daddy😩

  • Joseph Richichi
    Joseph Richichi   2018-11-15T18:34:44.000Z

    I died

  • Cartwright Zack
    Cartwright Zack   2018-11-15T16:24:05.000Z

    They never existed

  • ShAdOwS FrOm ThE lEaF ViLlAgE
    ShAdOwS FrOm ThE lEaF ViLlAgE   2018-11-15T13:39:44.000Z

    *Papi bil*

  • Hannah Fendley
    Hannah Fendley   2018-11-15T11:04:33.000Z

    i don’t believe dinosaurs existed, and i also don’t believe God exists either so lol

  • Azuray DeWolfe
    Azuray DeWolfe   2018-11-15T08:07:12.000Z

    this is so cuteeee beat friends everr

  • Azuray DeWolfe
    Azuray DeWolfe   2018-11-15T08:06:49.000Z

    favorite channel eva

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M   2018-11-15T07:16:37.000Z

    Why does their cap say ikon? What does it stand for?? I know there is a kpop band called ikon but I don’t think that they know this band ?

  • hannaolisemarie ngamchalad
    hannaolisemarie ngamchalad   2018-11-15T04:56:37.000Z

    Billies the only reason I watch this channel

  • ja hu
    ja hu   2018-11-15T00:24:43.000Z

    I wish I hadn\'t of EVER heard that about Billie 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬

  • Shelby D.
    Shelby D.   2018-11-14T22:31:18.000Z

    A video shoot.....with dodge a big black room..... ILL SIT AND WATCH UR CAR BURRRRNNNNN WITH THE FIRE THAT YOU STARTED IN MEE!!!

  • Impatient 13
    Impatient 13   2018-11-14T22:11:58.000Z

    my beautiful babygirl😍😭💙

  • Cara Sampson
    Cara Sampson   2018-11-14T22:07:52.000Z

    I live in singapore

  • Isobel Mackie
    Isobel Mackie   2018-11-14T21:57:12.000Z

    I agree with the twins 100% (im christian) 😂❤

  • Brynna Roberts
    Brynna Roberts   2018-11-14T18:23:07.000Z

    Background music so damn loud I can’t focus 😂

  • mizz barbiedoll
    mizz barbiedoll   2018-11-14T17:07:25.000Z

    yeoooo i stggggg these niggas on sum clout chasin shit

  • Kaylee Christiansen
    Kaylee Christiansen   2018-11-14T16:41:52.000Z

    I love Billie SOOO MUCH!! But shes crazyyy, she has a spider in her mouth... no,no, no hahaa.

  • Baby and Boo
    Baby and Boo   2018-11-14T14:36:50.000Z

    She\'s so fucking perfect bro 😭💍

  • alL .morafer
    alL .morafer   2018-11-14T13:32:43.000Z

    I love her 😩😍

  • OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
    OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)   2018-11-14T07:10:10.000Z

    is it weird that i think about the story billie told about her shitting on herself *kind of* often?

  • Nicole Shett
    Nicole Shett   2018-11-14T06:57:43.000Z


  • Holly Buttry
    Holly Buttry   2018-11-14T06:49:19.000Z

    The Bible has dinosaurs in it

  • Mariely Ferrera
    Mariely Ferrera   2018-11-14T05:29:31.000Z

    Dinosaurs are real, but who tf made dinosaur noises ? Like how tf do we know how they sounded ?

  • lps candyhart tv
    lps candyhart tv   2018-11-14T01:59:48.000Z

    Billie is iconic

  • alhena khan
    alhena khan   2018-11-13T22:44:20.000Z

    I don’t get why he kept saying zendaya is he with her or somthing

  • Cody Bool
    Cody Bool   2018-11-13T22:31:44.000Z

    I’ll never eat chili again

  • J M
    J M   2018-11-13T20:57:51.000Z

    If I ever met Billie I would kill myself the next day cause nothing would top that moment so there’s no point living 😂

  • Alec Lund
    Alec Lund   2018-11-13T19:43:31.000Z

    How much did you pay her to come? XD

  • KatruChan CandyBaf
    KatruChan CandyBaf   2018-11-13T16:11:15.000Z


  • Macayla Smith
    Macayla Smith   2018-11-13T07:44:06.000Z

    You already know we need a real ass video of the three of them handcuffed together for 42 hours bc that would be legendary for real for real

  • Bambie Yparraguirre
    Bambie Yparraguirre   2018-11-13T07:11:30.000Z


  • Gopika Yallapragada
    Gopika Yallapragada   2018-11-13T05:29:53.000Z

    issa lil goofy

  • Kaitlyn Betts
    Kaitlyn Betts   2018-11-13T04:36:32.000Z

    This video is so fuckin funny bro

  • Lindsay Jo
    Lindsay Jo   2018-11-13T03:41:53.000Z

    Lmaooo barf is kinda awkward

  • ItsHardToBeThisCool
    ItsHardToBeThisCool   2018-11-13T02:54:26.000Z

    I already knew i was gay, but Billie is so sexy, the way she speaks, acts, the emotion and femininity in her music.... wow 😫

  • Derpy Derperson
    Derpy Derperson   2018-11-13T01:18:38.000Z

    I love AROURA I love Billie more but still

  • CcP Tuts
    CcP Tuts   2018-11-13T00:50:34.000Z

    0:59 sksksk ilu Billie 😂💓

  • Shawna Bowers
    Shawna Bowers   2018-11-13T00:41:07.000Z

    Watching this again I love my billie baby❤️

  • Jenny Williams
    Jenny Williams   2018-11-12T18:22:58.000Z

    Imagine being carried on ur own channel

  • Brionna Sharratt
    Brionna Sharratt   2018-11-12T09:37:25.000Z

    She\'s very Mature and her personality and her humar is everything same here girl ! 💓 Ly 💙

  • Alexa Nicole
    Alexa Nicole   2018-11-12T02:51:31.000Z

    i love her so much

  • Coco
    Coco   2018-11-12T00:33:37.000Z

    billie is my girl crush

  • Babygirl Xoxo
    Babygirl Xoxo   2018-11-11T20:54:28.000Z

    The fucking background music/ beat gave me a headache Damn Please in another video take it off

  • Bunny Builds
    Bunny Builds   2018-11-11T19:45:16.000Z

    *the chilli kind*

  • Bunny Builds
    Bunny Builds   2018-11-11T19:44:59.000Z

    I have never smiled so much

  • Bradli P
    Bradli P   2018-11-11T17:47:12.000Z

    can anyone tell me how i can tell the difference between isaac and elijah? i’ve been trying to guess it before they say it for like months! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Bryana Reyes
    Bryana Reyes   2018-11-11T17:02:04.000Z

    She should of told that time she peed in the closet

  • Nandini Sood
    Nandini Sood   2018-11-11T07:22:18.000Z

    Omg this was the most amazing video ever 😂💕

  • Cloey Elizabeth
    Cloey Elizabeth   2018-11-11T05:25:25.000Z

    Billie: “Snakes are sexy bro” Me: *turns into a snake*

  • dont smile at me
    dont smile at me   2018-11-11T01:20:27.000Z


  • Mixer Forever
    Mixer Forever   2018-11-10T12:31:43.000Z

    The music is too loud..

  • Grace Sharpe
    Grace Sharpe   2018-11-09T20:02:54.000Z

    the background music is so abnoctious

    UNBOXHOLICS   2018-11-09T19:17:20.000Z

    My precious little angel 💜💜

  • Rusell Mae Maliwat
    Rusell Mae Maliwat   2018-11-09T16:23:19.000Z


  • joline sophie
    joline sophie   2018-11-09T13:40:20.000Z

    The spider Bil had in hear mouth: Spider: Hmmm shit...was I supposed to come out off this hole..or that one... I think it’s that one **crawls to the back of her mouth** Bil: **opening her mouth** **nothing comes out** Spider: AHHHHHHH Bil: uhm... something fell down my throat

  • Evie Sartorius
    Evie Sartorius   2018-11-09T13:21:02.000Z

    I ave a snake too☺️ why do I feel like I’ve just been blessed?!?!😂❤️

  • Wilma Stambeck
    Wilma Stambeck   2018-11-09T09:34:31.000Z

    Not like the musik in the background its annoying

  • Bruh 69
    Bruh 69   2018-11-09T01:35:34.000Z

    Billies voice thooo ughhh it’s just so perfectt

  • Bahareh M.E
    Bahareh M.E   2018-11-09T01:09:02.000Z


  • Cute vlogs by Alanah
    Cute vlogs by Alanah   2018-11-08T22:51:22.000Z

    im afraid of unhappiness

  • Talia Akyazi
    Talia Akyazi   2018-11-08T21:10:57.000Z

    I loveeee heerrr♥️♥️♥️

  • Aleena Vera
    Aleena Vera   2018-11-08T18:52:24.000Z

    Why is the background music so fucking loud bro

  • Wilber Quiroz
    Wilber Quiroz   2018-11-06T07:12:49.000Z

    Bilis said ma ni**a when they were talking about stop saying barf . Life I don’t care just wasn’t expecting that.

  • Jojo Siwa's Hairline
    Jojo Siwa's Hairline   2018-11-06T05:23:22.000Z


  • Addison Maceda
    Addison Maceda   2018-11-05T03:34:36.000Z

    Dinosaurs were real lmfao

  • Rida khan
    Rida khan   2018-11-05T03:08:02.000Z

    Billie had her first kiss already!? I thought she didn\'t have her first kiss already!? Billie... 😢❤

  • Rida khan
    Rida khan   2018-11-05T03:01:53.000Z

    I love Billie so much!!!!

  • Austin Post
    Austin Post   2018-11-04T21:53:37.000Z

    \"snakes are sexy\" *I got a long snake so hmu babygirl*

  • Phoenix Topic
    Phoenix Topic   2018-11-04T17:33:30.000Z

    Billie is right snakes are sexy

  • Lyric Gandy
    Lyric Gandy   2018-11-04T12:26:50.000Z

    My favorite song is when the party’s over by Billie eilish

  • Lyric Gandy
    Lyric Gandy   2018-11-04T12:11:37.000Z

    She is my queen

  • Sejiny TV
    Sejiny TV   2018-11-04T05:26:34.000Z

    First time watching your video and I love you guys soooooo much more than the Dolan Twins you guys are sooo funny and entertaining 💕💕💕

  • Emmavie Life
    Emmavie Life   2018-11-04T02:08:08.000Z

    Tell billie I love her and I have to meet her she\'s my idol 😍

  • Jeni Buya
    Jeni Buya   2018-11-03T11:35:13.000Z

    What will you do when you met Billie Eilish for real? Me: Can I have your number??

  • Just Moey
    Just Moey   2018-11-03T01:45:36.000Z

    I feel like people don’t know anywhere else in Australia other than Sydney

  • Nikky IDC
    Nikky IDC   2018-11-02T23:41:05.000Z

    I love her eye color , it’s so grey