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  • Thrice Lives Don’t Matter
    Thrice Lives Don’t Matter   2018-11-19T16:20:34.000Z

    Nov 18, 2018 “TWICE” OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL 3,370,745 Total Subscribers *+37,963* gained 373,854,176 total views +4,249,954 views gained Check out ‘TWICE’ their own private YouTube channel new onces! They have released dance practices and upcoming yes or yes episodes for every member!

  • ngoc nguyen
    ngoc nguyen   2018-11-19T16:18:32.000Z


  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee   2018-11-19T16:18:20.000Z


  • ngoc nguyen
    ngoc nguyen   2018-11-19T16:17:58.000Z

    TWICE 😂😊

  • ngoc nguyen
    ngoc nguyen   2018-11-19T16:17:47.000Z

    Jihyo 😘

  • ngoc nguyen
    ngoc nguyen   2018-11-19T16:17:37.000Z


  • Please stream Yes Or Yes
    Please stream Yes Or Yes   2018-11-19T16:15:51.000Z

    And congrats for hitting 71M 😘👌

  • Thương Phạm
    Thương Phạm   2018-11-19T16:15:27.000Z

    Hey boy

  • Please stream Yes Or Yes
    Please stream Yes Or Yes   2018-11-19T16:15:07.000Z

    Guys, we need to understand that most ONCEs were busy working and studying because most ONCEs were between age 13 to 40. Most ONCEs prefer to buy their albums rather than meaningless streaming because they do not need to take out their phone to stream as their phones are for business or working purposes. They can just insert the CD into their computer and listen to the songs. That\'s why the views will be slower

  • Balam Lay
    Balam Lay   2018-11-19T16:14:33.000Z

    Mina hermosa como siempre 😍

  • Please stream Yes Or Yes
    Please stream Yes Or Yes   2018-11-19T16:12:28.000Z

    In order to break Likey\'s record, we need to maintain 2M per day. 😘😉 In order to break What Is Love\'s record, we need to gain 1.8M per day

  • Please stream Yes Or Yes
    Please stream Yes Or Yes   2018-11-19T16:11:37.000Z

    Malaysia ONCEs, where are you? Let\'s bring this back to top 10 in the trending list

  • Lost Boys
    Lost Boys   2018-11-19T16:11:35.000Z

    From 1.8M yesterday to 1.3M today? Where are you, fellow ONCEs? Let\'s bring back that 2M per day! I know everyone seems so busy, but I hope we could spare some time streaming this M/V. Let\'s get that 100M before November ends! And I hope we could give them 15 wins for this comeback! Stream, stream, stream! I hope every ONCE will cooperate! Fighting!

  • Kutao
    Kutao   2018-11-19T16:10:29.000Z

    I really like this song. I feel like they just debuted that time.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • andrea romero
    andrea romero   2018-11-19T16:09:12.000Z


  • SunLoveMoon 0423
    SunLoveMoon 0423   2018-11-19T16:09:09.000Z


  • Desiree Auguis
    Desiree Auguis   2018-11-19T16:08:16.000Z

    It suddenly came up into my mind, the \"Hey Boy\" of twice and the \"Hey Boy\" of blackpink with totally different concept😚 also the \'Televisions\' are both appearing on each video☺ No hate, I\'m just sayin\' Both are slaying😊

  • SamPoke. fan
    SamPoke. fan   2018-11-19T16:04:47.000Z

    Nooo it’s so bad... I calculated for the vi*ws and I found out if we gain vi*ws like this... we could get 80-84M vi*ws in a month😢😢😢... that’s so slow. ***PLEASE🙏🏼 Str*am harder***

  • lily ahn
    lily ahn   2018-11-19T16:04:46.000Z

    Even IU said twice sound so good singing live at her seoul concert..haters can shut your bitch fucking mouth..

  • A FG07
    A FG07   2018-11-19T16:03:58.000Z


  • Keep barkingg
    Keep barkingg   2018-11-19T16:03:24.000Z

    Once we had created a group in youtube for REAL ONCE onlyy. Comment here if you want to join it. I will share the links. We Once can chatting in Youtube group chat if you all join it.

  • Ianryx 1
    Ianryx 1   2018-11-19T16:02:20.000Z

    *👌🏻 TWICE \"YES or YES\" M/V VIEWS 👌🏻* < 14TH DAY : UPDATED (6PM KST) > -- 1st Day // 31.4M -- 2nd Day // 37.6M [⚡️6.2M] -- 3rd Day // 42.2M [⚡️4.6M] -- 4th Day // 45.6M [⚡️3.4M] -- 5th Day // 48.9M [⚡️3.5M] -- 6th Day // 55.7M [⚡️6.8M] -- 7th Day // 58.0M [⚡️2.3M] -- 8th Day // 60.1M [⚡️2.1M] -- 9th Day // 62.2M [⚡️2.1M] -- 10th Day // 64.1M [⚡️1.9M] -- 11th Day // 65.9M [⚡️1.8M] -- 12th Day // 67.8M [⚡️1.9M] -- 13th Day // 69.7M [⚡️1.9M] -- 14th Day // 71.1M [⚡️1.4M] *LET\'S STREAM HARDER ‼️❣️ 80M ASAP and 100M before 20 Days ‼️❣️ WE CAN DO THIS, RIGHT? YES or YES/?/*

  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:59:45.000Z

    yes or yes 👌👌💖💜💖💜

  • lily ahn
    lily ahn   2018-11-19T15:58:34.000Z

    After 2 weeks this song still trending here..

    ONCE UPON A TWICE   2018-11-19T15:57:59.000Z

    500k left to 72M💕FIGHTING💪

  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:56:55.000Z

    soon 75.000.000

  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:56:42.000Z

    up up up up up

  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:56:38.000Z

    fighting once streaming

  • carol carol
    carol carol   2018-11-19T15:54:51.000Z

    onces stream 200k every hour fighting🔥🔥

  • Nhat Hoang
    Nhat Hoang   2018-11-19T15:54:43.000Z


    ONCE UPON A TWICE   2018-11-19T15:54:34.000Z

    71.6M FIGHTING💪💕

  • Keep barkingg
    Keep barkingg   2018-11-19T15:53:41.000Z


  • Fuzzy Cube
    Fuzzy Cube   2018-11-19T15:53:00.000Z

    omg this is my first time listening to them and now I’m addicted but would someone be able to tell me all the names and some songs you recommend so I can get to know them better? Thanks!!

  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:51:30.000Z

    love you too twice

  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:51:19.000Z


  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:51:07.000Z

    fighting once streaming

  • Nayeon Tzuyumomo
    Nayeon Tzuyumomo   2018-11-19T15:51:02.000Z

    fighting once streaming

  • ぺリー
    ぺリー   2018-11-19T15:50:16.000Z

    ずっと聞いてる😍 この曲ほんま好きや~❤

  • Dương Trần
    Dương Trần   2018-11-19T15:47:57.000Z


  • Dũng Lại
    Dũng Lại   2018-11-19T15:46:14.000Z

    Fan twice ....🐴🐴🐴

  • Neli Tamakhu
    Neli Tamakhu   2018-11-19T15:45:59.000Z

    Who else is still streaming \'yes or yes\'?

  • Claire Napod
    Claire Napod   2018-11-19T15:42:26.000Z

    I seriously can not stop watching this over and over. Amazing job girls! 💕

  • Hi w
    Hi w   2018-11-19T15:42:16.000Z

    Stream more please to win triple crown in inkigayo

  • GodJihyo Is Mine
    GodJihyo Is Mine   2018-11-19T15:41:14.000Z

    Lets break likey\'s record oncesss

  • GodJihyo Is Mine
    GodJihyo Is Mine   2018-11-19T15:40:56.000Z


  • wish I
    wish I   2018-11-19T15:39:13.000Z

    Fast fast fast 😁😁new record here we go 😆

  • Soryucchi
    Soryucchi   2018-11-19T15:38:03.000Z

    For the sake of content I pick “Or”

  • Gorgeous Jane_19
    Gorgeous Jane_19   2018-11-19T15:37:39.000Z

    Co ONCE vote TWICE on MAMA

  • Mylen Gavina
    Mylen Gavina   2018-11-19T15:37:26.000Z

    MIMO 💗💗💗

  • Mai Wael
    Mai Wael   2018-11-19T15:37:15.000Z

    How many people streaming?

  • ena. m
    ena. m   2018-11-19T15:36:24.000Z

    青いスカートで肩出してる子ってなんて名前だろう ダンスうま!

  • wish I
    wish I   2018-11-19T15:36:12.000Z

    Left 2850w can make new Record

  • 나지우
    나지우   2018-11-19T15:34:00.000Z

    Hey boy Look, I’m gonna make this simple for you, you got two choices… YES or YES? Ah 둘 중에 하나만 골라 YES or YES? Ah ah 하나만 선택해 어서 YES or YES? 내가 이렇게도 이기적이었던가 뭔가 이렇게 갖고 싶던 적 있었나 다 놀라 내 뻔뻔함에 Come on and tell me yes 생각보다 과감해진 나의 시나리오 이 정도 Plan이면 완벽해 만족해 I don’t care 누가 뭐래도 You better tell me yes 내 맘은 정했어 YES! 그럼 이제 네 대답을 들을 차례 힘들면 보기를 줄게 넌 고르기만 해 고민할 필요도 없게 해줄게 뭘 고를지 몰라 준비해봤어 둘 중에 하나만 골라 YES or YES? 네 마음을 몰라 준비해봤어 하나만 선택해 어서 YES or YES? 싫어는 싫어 나 아니면 우리? 선택을 존중해 거절은 거절해 선택지는 하나 자 선택은 네 맘 It’s all up to you 둘 중에 하나만 골라 YES or YES? 진심일까? Do not guess 진심이니? Do not ask 애매한 좌우 말고 확실히 위아래로 There’s no letters N & O 지워버릴래 오늘부로 복잡하게 고민할 필요 없어 정답은 YES YES YO 없던 이기심도 자극하는 너의 눈과 널 향한 호기심이 만나서 타올라 타오른다 My heart burn burn burn 조금 쉽게 말하자면 넌 뭘 골라도 날 만나게 될 거야 뭐 좀 황당하긴 해도 억지라고 해도 절대 후회하지 않게 해줄게 뭘 고를지 몰라 준비해봤어 둘 중에 하나만 골라 YES or YES? 네 마음을 몰라 준비해봤어 하나만 선택해 어서 YES or YES? 싫어는 싫어 나 아니면 우리? 선택을 존중해 거절은 거절해 선택지는 하나 자 선택은 네 맘 Now, it’s all up to you Maybe not No! No! Maybe yes No! No! 좀 더 선명하게 네 맘을 내게 보여봐 귀 기울여봐 무슨 소리가 들리지 않니? It\'s! Simple! Y! E! S! Hey! 둘 중에 하나만 골라 YES or YES? 하나만 선택해 어서 YES or YES? 하나 더 보태서 YES or YES or YES 골라봐 자 선택은 네 맘

  • Nguyendinh Nhan
    Nguyendinh Nhan   2018-11-19T15:33:16.000Z


  • 패왕색이기철
    패왕색이기철   2018-11-19T15:31:11.000Z

    원스분들 마마 여자그룹부문,여자퍼포먼스부문 트와이스 투표 부탁드립니다!

  • carol carol
    carol carol   2018-11-19T15:30:12.000Z

    500k to 72M fighting onces 🔥

  • GodJihyo Is Mine
    GodJihyo Is Mine   2018-11-19T15:29:37.000Z

    No matter what....Ill keep stanning TWICE

  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華   2018-11-19T15:29:32.000Z

    TWICE\"YES or YES\" Win3🏆🏆🏆 VIEWS Number 71,508,468 🕵️🕵️🕵️23 : 29 YouTube I WATCHING YOU🤓 IN TAIWAN NOW👏👏👏🌸❤️🍭

  • Twice 사랑해 わたしは、あなたを愛しています 我爱你

    Where is Fan Jihyo?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Nayeon?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Jeongyeon?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Dahyun ?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Chaeyoung ?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Mina ?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Momo ?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Sana ?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Where is Fan Tzuyu ?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Like Or Comment ?🙆🏻‍♀️🙆‍♂️

  • tzuyu the real maknae
    tzuyu the real maknae   2018-11-19T15:28:40.000Z


  • anh thế
    anh thế   2018-11-19T15:28:15.000Z

    Speed up guys!!!!

  • Marta Skorupka
    Marta Skorupka   2018-11-19T15:27:52.000Z


    CHESTER CK   2018-11-19T15:27:44.000Z

    YES YES YES😍💕 Queens

  • 林Frank
    林Frank   2018-11-19T15:27:22.000Z

    D14, KST 11/19 18:00:71,074,854 →+1,392,543 D13, KST 11/18 18:00:69,682,311 →+1,835,704 D12, KST 11/17 18:00:67,846,607 →+1,887,091 D11, KST 11/16 18:00:65,959,516 →+1,811,361 D10, KST 11/15 18:00:64,148,155 →+1,950,544 D09, KST 11/14 18:00:62,197,611 →+2,034,872 D08, KST 11/13 18:00:60,162,739 →+2,115,760 D07, KST 11/12 18:00:58,046,979 →+2,272,907 D06, KST 11/11 18:00:55,774,072 →+6,863,406 D05, KST 11/10 18:00:48,910,666 →+3,297,323 D04, KST 11/09 18:00:45,613,343 →+3,414,056 D03, KST 11/08 18:00:42,199,287 →+4,570,740 D02, KST 11/07 18:00:37,628,547 →+8,980,583 D01, KST 11/06 18:00:28,647,964 (YouTube Shows Day -1 Views is 31.4M , not 28.6M !) YouTube Debut of All Time Top10 Most Views M/V in 1st-24Hrs: 1.) BTS\'s \"IDOL\" → 45.9M 2.) Taylor Swift\'s \"L.W.Y.M.M.D.\" → 43.2M 3.) Eminem\'s \"Killshot\" → 38.1M 4.) BLACKPINK\'s \"DDU-DU DDU-DU\" → 36.2M 5.) PSY\'s \"Gentleman\" → 36M 6.) BTS\'s \"Fake Love\" → 35.9M 7.) TWICE\'s \"Yes or Yes\" → 31.4M 8.) Nicky Jam & J. Balvin\'s \"X(EQUIS)\" →29.7M 9.) Adele\'s \"Hello\" →26.3M 10.) Daddy YanKee , RedOne , French Montana & Dinah Jane\'s \"Boom Boom\" →24.1M

  • laia leis
    laia leis   2018-11-19T15:26:08.000Z

    Streamm signal between yes or yes, we are almost at 200m!!!

  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華   2018-11-19T15:25:26.000Z

    大家音樂視頻要繼續用力的看 看一次->刪除觀看紀錄->搜尋TWICE\"YES or YES\" 不斷的這樣做 可以有效的得到觀看次數😂👌 我們要拼更多1位寶座🏆 觀看次數影響我們音樂節目的音源🕵️

  • k__ kkomano
    k__ kkomano   2018-11-19T15:24:56.000Z

    Vamos por esos 100M Once!!

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best   2018-11-19T15:23:50.000Z


  • wish I
    wish I   2018-11-19T15:23:06.000Z

    ONCEs Wake up

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best   2018-11-19T15:21:39.000Z


  • Chou Tzuyu
    Chou Tzuyu   2018-11-19T15:21:03.000Z

    Lets try get 100k every hour

  • Dung Bui
    Dung Bui   2018-11-19T15:19:47.000Z

    71.496m 22:20

  • Robin Asa
    Robin Asa   2018-11-19T15:18:09.000Z

    ONCEs! I made a YouTube group chat for all! Join now! Here\'s a link: Hey! I created a YouTube group chat so that we can share videos more easily. :) Join here: (You dont need to install other apps, just YouTube)

  • Rogue11
    Rogue11   2018-11-19T15:17:40.000Z

    *Spread this so that everyone will know the truth* BLINK is one of the worst fandom right now! MOST BLINK are TOXIC Aren\'t blink who: • BLINKs Attack TWICE For Covering Wonder Girls\' “So Hot” •They criticized TWICE \'So Hot\' performance and said BLACKPINK\'s performance is way better. •Weki Meki said they\'ll debut on Aug. 8, same day of BLACKPINK •Weki Meki just debuted under Fantigo Entertainment and they are already receiving a lot of bs from toxic blinks. •Blinks accused Chaeyoung for copying Lisa\'s hair style •International BLINKs flooded Chaeyoung Instagram post with hate comments saying she copied Lisa/Lisa wear it better. •Mamamoo \'Yes I am\' comeback and Blackpink \"As if its your last\' released on same day. •They got mad that blackpink didn\'t win and came to attack Mamamoo.They were disgusting to Mamamoo, commenting that Blackpink deserve to win and they flooped. •Always comment mean stuff on TWICE articles •Send threat to RED VELVET when they won the BEST GIRL GROUP. •Blame ARMYs for leaving them behind after the 24hrs of streaming \'Ddu-Du-Ddu-du\' •Momoland shouldn\'t have a comeback so close to BLACKPINK •Blink accused Minnie for copying Jennie\'s outfit. •Dislike Project for TWICE comeback •Blackpink stylist throw shade on TWICE •After BLACKPINK perform one of WONDER GIRLS songs, a lot of BLINKs commented on WONDER GIRLS music videos about how much better BLACKPINK is said that WONDER GIRLS is a TRASH. •Toxicity didn\'t exist in Kpop until that group was created

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best   2018-11-19T15:17:35.000Z

    Best Kpop GG

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best   2018-11-19T15:17:26.000Z

    Love twiceee

  • twice is life
    twice is life   2018-11-19T15:17:20.000Z


  • Once G
    Once G   2018-11-19T15:17:06.000Z

    Can we get 100m before then next comeback 😆😆😆

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best   2018-11-19T15:17:02.000Z

    Onces lets maintain at 1.5M per day!!

  • ASMRtime!
    ASMRtime!   2018-11-19T15:16:39.000Z

    WoW..they are very pretty...! I love ❤twice!❤

  • GodJihyo Is Mine
    GodJihyo Is Mine   2018-11-19T15:16:30.000Z


  • Twice 123
    Twice 123   2018-11-19T15:16:25.000Z


  • Chutikarn Bungearn
    Chutikarn Bungearn   2018-11-19T15:15:46.000Z

    I LOVE TWICE 💕💗💖💞😍😘

  • Stefan Spieker
    Stefan Spieker   2018-11-19T15:14:47.000Z

    Go ONCE!!! We reach the 100 Mio Mark

  • 사랑받는파라
    사랑받는파라   2018-11-19T15:14:19.000Z

  • Emine Nur Korumaz
    Emine Nur Korumaz   2018-11-19T15:13:44.000Z

    sıradaki ne zaman

  • 綸 綸
    綸 綸   2018-11-19T15:12:42.000Z

    Love Tzuyu forever❤

  • Twice Lover
    Twice Lover   2018-11-19T15:12:13.000Z

    Pls keep stream🍭

  • Twice Lover
    Twice Lover   2018-11-19T15:11:59.000Z

    Trending 18 in Malaysia now.....Malaysia Once Fighting!

  • Tae Tae Baby Tiger
    Tae Tae Baby Tiger   2018-11-19T15:10:46.000Z


  • Karol Quispe Pedroza
    Karol Quispe Pedroza   2018-11-19T15:10:13.000Z

    votemos por exo en aaa \"app starple\"

  • Kiki
    Kiki   2018-11-19T15:09:47.000Z

    Back at it again

  • Bang Twice
    Bang Twice   2018-11-19T15:08:54.000Z

    2m likes in 33 days go once

  • Bang Twice
    Bang Twice   2018-11-19T15:05:51.000Z


  • Bang Twice
    Bang Twice   2018-11-19T15:05:42.000Z

    *can we get the like 3m! pleas 💛🎊*

  • amy kim
    amy kim   2018-11-19T15:05:21.000Z

    First time ,jeongyeon and Mina has started the song..and its so damn good thing ..

  • andrea romero
    andrea romero   2018-11-19T15:05:12.000Z


  • andrea romero
    andrea romero   2018-11-19T15:05:12.000Z


  • びしょっぷいりす
    びしょっぷいりす   2018-11-19T15:04:20.000Z


  • andrea romero
    andrea romero   2018-11-19T15:04:02.000Z

    I think there\'s some sort of a spell in this mv😂 I cant stop watching. I love TWICE so much.