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  • Mercedes Duarte
    Mercedes Duarte   2018-10-23T04:53:40.000Z

    He said \"I got 2 watches I still come in late\" 😂😂😂

  • ItsYaBoi Noah
    ItsYaBoi Noah   2018-10-23T01:27:34.000Z

    Trippie redd next

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones   2018-10-22T02:14:29.000Z

    Please get plies on here a.s.a.p!!!!!!

  • Christian Giannone
    Christian Giannone   2018-10-21T21:10:03.000Z

    It’s weird seeing him when he doesn’t have his ice on

  • Ivan Jimenez
    Ivan Jimenez   2018-10-21T02:13:06.000Z

    I want to see the jewelry of Lil Uzi

  • Tony Young
    Tony Young   2018-10-21T00:17:50.000Z

    His voice is so adorable so is his face

  • lil_ Q
    lil_ Q   2018-10-20T18:57:06.000Z

    Lil baby is so trash Worst rapper I\'ve EVER saw in my whole entire life

  • Bog Savo
    Bog Savo   2018-10-20T16:52:27.000Z

    do future

  • Kheadbussa 007
    Kheadbussa 007   2018-10-20T13:58:34.000Z


  • Hyper Clout
    Hyper Clout   2018-10-20T11:09:21.000Z

    Lil baby lit best ft is whit quavo lose it

  • Nitty Porter
    Nitty Porter   2018-10-20T03:03:35.000Z

    I just posted mines way better den his

  • tee da g
    tee da g   2018-10-19T16:13:56.000Z

    Aye tupac had a star ring too bro 💯

  • Marquise Chavis
    Marquise Chavis   2018-10-19T07:59:02.000Z

    I don’t see how people can dislike these videos. This was so chill and so down to earth. Lol people are weird.

  • jambajan77
    jambajan77   2018-10-19T01:58:29.000Z

    What’s up with these rappers losing jewelry everywhere they go? Let me find one lil baby’s earrings.

  • Quincy Harris
    Quincy Harris   2018-10-18T05:53:29.000Z

    4:40 the diamond missing off the QC Chain😂😮🤐

  • Tropikkkana
    Tropikkkana   2018-10-18T01:37:04.000Z

    Love how he tell you to spend your money wisely but is also spending $60K on jewelry when he only $1M. A mil ain’t even a mil after you spend $1

  • Tredell Mcgriff
    Tredell Mcgriff   2018-10-17T12:17:59.000Z

    yes indeed

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams   2018-10-17T07:53:35.000Z

    A lil eye candy!!!

  • Anasta Bharaun
    Anasta Bharaun   2018-10-16T21:12:40.000Z


  • Sneakerfreaker88
    Sneakerfreaker88   2018-10-16T13:51:57.000Z

    He missing a stone in that qc

  • Freddie Farming
    Freddie Farming   2018-10-16T10:43:59.000Z

    Show rappers with legit business

  • peter noynay
    peter noynay   2018-10-16T10:01:38.000Z

    Why he hard to talk she like eat all the words they say💯

  • Mario Spencer
    Mario Spencer   2018-10-16T05:26:46.000Z

    I pierced my 2nd ear the same way....when i was 12 lol

  • Afonso silva
    Afonso silva   2018-10-16T03:18:35.000Z

    Lil UZI 🔥

    JOE MADDOG   2018-10-15T23:35:49.000Z

    Anyone realize that’s not Mayweather. In the picture 😳

  • Антон Миков
    Антон Миков   2018-10-13T20:30:53.000Z


  • Hbk _alexa
    Hbk _alexa   2018-10-13T15:35:35.000Z

    LMFAO the watches don\'t have the same time 😭

  • Kevon Kilgore
    Kevon Kilgore   2018-10-13T01:26:24.000Z

    Do nba young boy

  • Qua'Maige Woods
    Qua'Maige Woods   2018-10-11T23:55:12.000Z

    Ugh he ugly

  • OssFamo
    OssFamo   2018-10-11T21:07:20.000Z

    chain was missing a diamond

    YXNDXR   2018-10-11T21:07:17.000Z

    Imagine chain snatching him and getting all the chains omllllll

  • Akeeo Williams
    Akeeo Williams   2018-10-11T16:53:13.000Z

    4:41 one of yo diamonds 💎 fell off my guy

  • Turn Me Up P
    Turn Me Up P   2018-10-11T15:26:29.000Z

    Keef and dolph next

  • Dylan Burton
    Dylan Burton   2018-10-11T02:36:39.000Z

    Don\'t like it when these rappers were all there chains at once looks stupid and you can\'t appreciate one piece with 5 others covering it. Plus knocking out all the stones too .

  • ChiefCargo33024 Wolf
    ChiefCargo33024 Wolf   2018-10-10T23:10:54.000Z

    Bruh go to 4:42, and look on the side of the QC chain anyone see the missing diamond????

  • blamminsuskaz pimp
    blamminsuskaz pimp   2018-10-10T05:20:05.000Z

    I can guarantee u 99 percent of his diamonds are ij and si3 quality. And I will put money on that.

  • Kionna Johnson
    Kionna Johnson   2018-10-10T01:43:18.000Z

    idc how much money i got im not spending 50,000 on earrings

  • sayi
    sayi   2018-10-09T14:53:27.000Z

    Spend it wisely na that\'s what you didn\'t do

  • Beezy Engineering
    Beezy Engineering   2018-10-09T03:11:38.000Z

    4:40 there is a diamond missing out of the QC pendant!

    DARIUS PRESTON   2018-10-09T02:31:21.000Z

    @4:41... Issa diamond missing

  • AlwaysZilla
    AlwaysZilla   2018-10-07T21:58:05.000Z

  • Mellisa S Dean
    Mellisa S Dean   2018-10-07T18:31:10.000Z

    Wah Wah Wah it’s ya boi Lil baby

  • Dustin Brent Rivera
    Dustin Brent Rivera   2018-10-07T13:05:25.000Z

    I’m out this hurts my pockets

  • Idiots Arehere
    Idiots Arehere   2018-10-06T19:48:35.000Z

    Bruh imagine finding one or 2 of those rings......

  • Trash A0S8
    Trash A0S8   2018-10-06T17:18:58.000Z

    didn’t hear a word he said

    ILL REEL   2018-10-06T08:52:08.000Z

    Is it me or do these MF\'s be having missing stones? lol look under the QC pendant Ha hahahhaaaaaaaa...

  • Carrigan Collins
    Carrigan Collins   2018-10-06T03:01:49.000Z

    Oh my gosh I love him so much. Yes Indeed is the best song in the world.

  • Rico PR
    Rico PR   2018-10-06T02:07:53.000Z

    His homeboys taking his Rings? 🤔

  • Adia Hasty
    Adia Hasty   2018-10-06T01:19:15.000Z

    Give credit to 2pac he wore rings a lot

  • Spike V
    Spike V   2018-10-06T00:05:17.000Z

    So nobody didn\'t notice that it wasn\'t Floyd Mayweather but Adonis Stevenson?

  • Azräel
    Azräel   2018-10-05T21:14:43.000Z

    Ur jewelry can\'t give u everlasting life , and ur jewelry at the end can\'t buy health remember that

  • Jonathan - Kennedy Wilson
    Jonathan - Kennedy Wilson   2018-10-05T19:12:01.000Z


  • and rei
    and rei   2018-10-04T20:27:55.000Z

    young thug next

  • Ronald Perez
    Ronald Perez   2018-10-04T17:21:00.000Z

    lol that wasn’t floyd on the picture 😹😹😹😹 it’s adonis stevenson another boxer !

  • Painter Town ent
    Painter Town ent   2018-10-04T00:33:39.000Z

    Tupac had the star ring first lol everyone else just copy cats lmao

  • Dan K
    Dan K   2018-10-03T22:59:03.000Z

    Lil boat got the best⛵️

  • chally chally Lopez
    chally chally Lopez   2018-10-03T04:44:40.000Z

    Suscribace y me suscribo

  • Creeper Crafter
    Creeper Crafter   2018-10-02T23:42:13.000Z

    You should try and hook up with Lil Uzi Vert.

  • Jahim  Hudson
    Jahim Hudson   2018-10-02T22:25:14.000Z

    do migos

  • Footballwife
    Footballwife   2018-10-02T00:58:09.000Z


  • LamarMorganMedia
    LamarMorganMedia   2018-10-01T19:33:27.000Z

    Do young thug 🙌🏾

  • Jordan 23 dunk
    Jordan 23 dunk   2018-10-01T05:35:00.000Z


  • katelynn smith
    katelynn smith   2018-10-01T03:52:52.000Z

    lil baby is the best rapper in the game

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats   2018-10-01T01:54:28.000Z

    lol those $5 earrings are about my speed right now. I like that he showed his though I think only him and J balvin have I wish more would

  • Nate Moses
    Nate Moses   2018-09-30T17:56:29.000Z


  • Vic C
    Vic C   2018-09-28T22:55:23.000Z

    That’s why these Stupid Rappers always Getting Robbed!!🤡

  • Christopher Burgess
    Christopher Burgess   2018-09-27T20:52:51.000Z

    When you take a Rolex and put diamonds in it you void the warranty even Rolex won’t certify it as a Rolex no more these rappers crazy and ain’t knowing what they doing but trying to floss because of the fad

  • Lil Bedsheet
    Lil Bedsheet   2018-09-27T09:50:00.000Z

    Should get Lil Uzi on this

  • James York
    James York   2018-09-26T22:53:48.000Z


  • Rawhxn Productions
    Rawhxn Productions   2018-09-24T04:48:34.000Z

    Bruh he ain’t cuss not once Gotta give him respect

    XIV GHOST KING   2018-09-24T04:08:30.000Z

    I wanna see a ice out Ben 10 watch

    FOOTIE   2018-09-24T04:01:02.000Z

    \"I got to watches and still show up late\" 🎯 That\'s a bar right there lmao

  • Animated Dreamz
    Animated Dreamz   2018-09-24T03:13:37.000Z

    2pac had the first star ring but that was before Lil Baby time.

  • T2 Marshall
    T2 Marshall   2018-09-24T03:05:18.000Z


  • Heaven's Life
    Heaven's Life   2018-09-24T01:50:35.000Z

    Baby bossed up

  • Barlos Solrab
    Barlos Solrab   2018-09-24T00:35:16.000Z

    gotta get gunna here

  • Suh Dude
    Suh Dude   2018-09-23T10:51:16.000Z


  • Black Andy
    Black Andy   2018-09-23T10:30:30.000Z

    My jewellery collection g shock

  • pat apo
    pat apo   2018-09-23T10:20:08.000Z

    Why do these rappers on this join always \"lose\" thei rings

  • Amar Amsyar
    Amar Amsyar   2018-09-23T04:27:52.000Z

    Im japanese and im speaking more fluent english than this dude. Its funny how people who born and raised in US but sound struggle to pronounce every single words.

  • Oziel Reyes
    Oziel Reyes   2018-09-22T10:21:58.000Z

    I wish Kodak black did this but Im know he won’t

  • levite
    levite   2018-09-21T23:17:34.000Z

    Yeah niggas around you eating off them lost rings

  • Jace Davis
    Jace Davis   2018-09-21T21:39:43.000Z

    MIGOS ‼️

  • Jay Alvarez
    Jay Alvarez   2018-09-21T21:28:16.000Z


  • Kamden Buckingham
    Kamden Buckingham   2018-09-21T13:59:13.000Z

    DO 6IX9INE

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora   2018-09-21T03:32:32.000Z

    Iced out ap for 50k?? Thats an insane deal...this kid is smart

  • Jeffy jeffy
    Jeffy jeffy   2018-09-21T02:44:37.000Z

    Lil baby?? Wtf is going on with lil gang here? Why’s next Lil Shampoo?

  • Michelle Licon
    Michelle Licon   2018-09-20T21:01:54.000Z

    Tupac had that ring 1$+

  • Randal Davis
    Randal Davis   2018-09-20T19:43:00.000Z

    Why all these rapper lose their rings

  • lps lover Squad
    lps lover Squad   2018-09-20T03:00:14.000Z

    Wawawa b i am a baby

  • ulises patino
    ulises patino   2018-09-20T02:24:13.000Z

    At 31 seconds I don’t think that’s Floyd 😂💀

  • Rene Romero
    Rene Romero   2018-09-19T19:04:24.000Z

    Actually 2pac was the first to wear the star ring fact! not slick rick wtf....or maybe he did do it first but pac did it batter

  • shay sisel
    shay sisel   2018-09-19T17:57:44.000Z

    4pockets gang and thats my dog. Lilbaby go hard

  • Foreign Kerri
    Foreign Kerri   2018-09-19T17:15:41.000Z

    My baby daddy...😍😍

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez   2018-09-19T16:18:19.000Z

    LMFAO... that ain’t even Floyd Mayweather(the image they had up)!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Langz Langz
    Langz Langz   2018-09-18T07:01:33.000Z


  • idillit
    idillit   2018-09-17T21:45:07.000Z

    what a waste of money! couldve used that money to make more money.

  • Phantom Plus
    Phantom Plus   2018-09-17T04:46:39.000Z

    GQ y\'all need a scale on hand cuz he aint even know what it weighed

  • Dylan Burton
    Dylan Burton   2018-09-17T04:08:24.000Z

    Looks stupid wearing all tgat jewlery at once you can\'t appreciate how one single piece looks with 4 other chain rain your neck banging against each other knocking diamonds out

  • Adedayo Oloba
    Adedayo Oloba   2018-09-16T21:38:44.000Z

    Is Lil baby taye taiwo`s brother? Google Taye taiwo please.