SPICY Noodles & Chinese BURGERS in Los Angeles: Xi’an Street Food Tour


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  • Roninblitz
    Roninblitz   2018-11-15T20:29:36.000Z

    Looks like a stew

  • Raafee Khan
    Raafee Khan   2018-11-14T08:02:31.000Z

    90% of the time you are wearing a Vancouver shirt lol

  • donjz777
    donjz777   2018-11-11T05:13:09.000Z

    How u know?? They maybe just saying that, u know?

  • fresdead
    fresdead   2018-11-04T21:35:50.000Z

    I got chills when you said San Gabriel...

  • LetoZeth
    LetoZeth   2018-11-02T00:04:46.000Z

    Not a fan of any meat dish where they make the animal suffer purposely. (halal)

  • Kyaw Tube
    Kyaw Tube   2018-11-01T20:04:40.000Z

    My wife and I are going to Japan, HK, Singapore, and Taiwan next week and have a 10 hour lay over in LA... We can’t wait to try some X’ian food! Should we go to the first or the second place???

  • Munchie Mummy
    Munchie Mummy   2018-10-30T17:46:43.000Z

    What’s your opinion of Xi’an Famous Foods in nyc? (Have I not seen that video yet? Lol)

  • Laura Taylor
    Laura Taylor   2018-10-29T22:57:23.000Z

    If only my Crohn\'s ridden digestive system could come close to handling all the different foods, flavors, and spices that you\'re able to devour in a day!! I love your videos because I get to live vicariously through you!!!

  • Bethany Grimes
    Bethany Grimes   2018-10-28T18:52:31.000Z

    This touches my soul. Remembered flavors of childhood are the best. I’d give anything to have my grandmas fried chicken just one more time.

  • Emmanuelle Catane
    Emmanuelle Catane   2018-10-18T16:19:35.000Z

    What is the name of the soup that has the meatball ?

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea   2018-10-14T03:54:55.000Z

    I lowkey always found Northern mandarin accents hilarious lol

  • Dom Yaneza
    Dom Yaneza   2018-10-08T01:54:38.000Z

    For someone who loves spicy food this is freakin\' heaven 😍

  • Jay MF
    Jay MF   2018-10-02T17:25:25.000Z

    Last location was a bust

  • Karen Joyce
    Karen Joyce   2018-09-22T06:24:51.000Z

    pork bun noodle kiss 😂

  • Ma Yiwen
    Ma Yiwen   2018-09-20T13:19:57.000Z


  • Samsung samsung
    Samsung samsung   2018-09-18T20:29:12.000Z

    I\'m glad you were honest about not liking it. If its not good, it\'s not good. It happens. Love your videos

  • Khal Netherfields
    Khal Netherfields   2018-09-14T14:52:10.000Z

    Strangely this episode failed to capture my interest.

  • Nan Wang
    Nan Wang   2018-09-12T22:12:20.000Z

    Dude I\'m from Xi\'an too, I can see you miss your hometown food, why don\'t you just go back to Xi\'an?

  • sheetal udayan
    sheetal udayan   2018-09-10T18:41:33.000Z

    You deserve all the money and fame you have now❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Janstein VonSquidmeirsteen
    Janstein VonSquidmeirsteen   2018-08-31T16:07:48.000Z

    Great reviews.

  • Sunny Ansari
    Sunny Ansari   2018-08-26T19:45:33.000Z

    hahah the names of chinese dishes sound like a retarded child

  • avalos626
    avalos626   2018-08-26T19:00:11.000Z

    Thats right los angeles san gabriel valley 626 much love

  • Pitone Ah Kuoi
    Pitone Ah Kuoi   2018-08-11T12:12:32.000Z

    Oh yeah baby!! 😂😂😂 the man.

  • justsaynotodrugs
    justsaynotodrugs   2018-08-07T16:43:38.000Z

    im not gonna lie that Xian food looked disgusting

  • Tarasia
    Tarasia   2018-08-05T19:40:25.000Z

    God bless you!

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm   2018-08-04T22:07:18.000Z

    damn be my weight .... i want a pork burger

  • K Comm
    K Comm   2018-07-24T21:16:12.000Z

    Chiankiang Vinegar is PHENOMINAL!

  • Edgar Nunez
    Edgar Nunez   2018-07-24T08:05:24.000Z

    That Pork Bun is literally an Arepa from Venezuela 🇻🇪🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Nawin Bara
    Nawin Bara   2018-07-22T20:11:45.000Z

    Love noodles

  • John Kieu
    John Kieu   2018-07-22T07:40:57.000Z

    You think we need one more? You think we need one more? Alright we\'ll get one more

  • winslowKOC
    winslowKOC   2018-07-20T02:19:38.000Z


  • Grace Lieu
    Grace Lieu   2018-07-17T14:00:35.000Z

    OMG THE FIRST PLACE YOU WENT TO IS SOOOOOOOO CLOSE TO MY HOME!!! OMG!! Cant believe you went here!! also went to all the places you went (except the first place. ironic that it\'s very close to my house and i dont go there lol) and i have to agree, they were GOOD. I wish I was there when you were XD

  • Kris KK
    Kris KK   2018-07-16T07:27:14.000Z

    It looks like he’s alone but he was with a group of people. One girl from that group who writes a lot for yelp wrote a review...it was pretty cool to read how she describes his disappointment.its the review with the low score...and how he had two other xian meals of the day. Love mike!

  • Vicky Germain
    Vicky Germain   2018-07-15T18:00:14.000Z

    These places look great.

  • Kathleen Shu
    Kathleen Shu   2018-07-09T00:39:29.000Z

    Mike, where do you recommend eating in Santa Monica for Chinese or Korean food?

  • Surrealiant
    Surrealiant   2018-07-07T16:04:32.000Z

    Thanks Mikey for showing me these good places which happen to be right next to my house!

  • seven asses
    seven asses   2018-06-13T18:15:53.000Z

    That starchy soup looks kinda gross to me. Might very well be absolutely delicious, but that gloopy texture looks visually unappealing

  • Eric rivera
    Eric rivera   2018-06-09T20:57:01.000Z

    Mike how don’t you have your own show on the travel channel yet? You’re up there with Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony bordain as my all time favorites.

  • Mike Gadaway
    Mike Gadaway   2018-05-31T14:45:22.000Z

    Him: Make sure you add some pepper *puts \"salt\" * Me: What in the world is this man on this some god dam SALT Him: You should use white pepper because it\'s a lot more peppery than black pepper Me: wait.....NANI?!?!

  • mlopez6179
    mlopez6179   2018-05-26T04:17:09.000Z

    I ate burger king while I watched this. Lol. But I love the whopper 2 for 6$ deal if I don\'t wanna cook. 😁

  • Dillan Damodar
    Dillan Damodar   2018-05-24T20:39:17.000Z

    Can you cover more restaurants in LA please!!??

  • 田蘑菇
    田蘑菇   2018-05-18T07:06:18.000Z


  • Mandy The Runner Up
    Mandy The Runner Up   2018-05-02T01:16:10.000Z

    The soup it looks like snot and dog vomit

  • Meena Limbu
    Meena Limbu   2018-05-01T14:37:29.000Z

    The way you talk is really attracting ...

    YUNG T DA BOI HOOD REVIEWS   2018-04-26T07:04:07.000Z

    no ads? youtube not paying the people creating good content smh

  • Martinus Tjandra
    Martinus Tjandra   2018-04-03T13:03:41.000Z

    It is what makes you good for watching because you tell us its not good when it is, otherwise.

  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee   2018-03-24T11:47:49.000Z

    How often do you have to clean you\'re mic, mike

  • That _One_Asian_0
    That _One_Asian_0   2018-03-22T09:21:00.000Z

    Anyone watching this at night

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen   2018-03-22T01:33:54.000Z

    This is how I eat my food

  • cs8uk
    cs8uk   2018-03-21T20:15:16.000Z

    wheres the halal Chinese places in London?

  • FootSoulgerZ Krew
    FootSoulgerZ Krew   2018-03-16T20:30:38.000Z

    do you have a video in Xian?

  • Putri H
    Putri H   2018-03-16T13:43:54.000Z

    your mouth is sooooo huge mike, you can fit alot of noodle.

  • SecretAgentJay
    SecretAgentJay   2018-03-13T08:17:07.000Z

    Hey mike, the restaurant next to the last one you reviewed is awesome, you should try it.

  • Nazik Muhammad
    Nazik Muhammad   2018-03-01T11:24:32.000Z

    I\'m at work Starving Didbt have lunch yet And watching you is driving me crazy every time I watch you... Man you describe the flavours and I can almost taste them in my mouth 🤤❤❤❤

  • Rosie Slade
    Rosie Slade   2018-02-28T23:53:47.000Z

    theres a place called (I think) ramen noodle they have a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy spicy noodle it was on m v f

  • Veronica A
    Veronica A   2018-02-28T06:18:40.000Z

    San Gabriel Valley 626.. My home! Woot woot!

  • sonay felix
    sonay felix   2018-02-27T22:03:19.000Z

    When are you going to film in Mexico? And try aunthentic Mexican food!! We love beef and pork!!!

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison   2018-02-27T00:22:53.000Z

    This channel wouldn’t be what it is if you didn’t have the personality that you do

  • RaguMaster
    RaguMaster   2018-02-26T02:16:34.000Z

    Shot out for everyone who eats cereal for breakfast

  • April Morton
    April Morton   2018-02-21T16:33:21.000Z

    If you\'re ever in the south, Please talk about where to go!

  • Michael Breckshot the Soldierhog
    Michael Breckshot the Soldierhog   2018-02-20T06:37:22.000Z

    What\'s the soup he likes called? Because I can seem to spell it out myself

  • yang Yang
    yang Yang   2018-02-19T16:49:03.000Z

    陕西汉子 喜欢

  • Tejas Kulkarni
    Tejas Kulkarni   2018-02-16T09:07:43.000Z

    So you are Chinese...

  • Jacky Ngo
    Jacky Ngo   2018-02-14T06:14:44.000Z

    Happy bit happy life shirts? Anyone?

  • Judokast36
    Judokast36   2018-02-12T21:47:34.000Z

    I realise as a Chinese person you see that soup and think it looks yummy. As a North American that looks pretty disgustingly \"snotty\"..I think the texture would make anyone not used to it throw up.

  • Chen Yu
    Chen Yu   2018-02-10T18:49:56.000Z

    第二个应该是河南胡辣汤,没有西安的好喝  :D

  • Justin Saylor
    Justin Saylor   2018-02-08T22:32:36.000Z

    Can you please explain the Chinese name for the dishes you eat- they all look so good but I don’t know what to order when I go out...

  • Chaoyang Li
    Chaoyang Li   2018-01-31T17:09:29.000Z


  • Zoey Wong
    Zoey Wong   2018-01-29T00:02:35.000Z

    Why you keep eat the same foodsand so oily😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • Zoey Wong
    Zoey Wong   2018-01-28T23:59:21.000Z

    Omg Mike u were at 626 Area and you didn\'t try vietnamese foods u are miss out.

  • Luciiffeerr
    Luciiffeerr   2018-01-27T08:26:02.000Z

    Don’t ever return to LA

  • Angellz Gaming
    Angellz Gaming   2018-01-25T18:16:47.000Z

    Intro song?

  • Brant Truong
    Brant Truong   2018-01-22T09:48:19.000Z

    Ayy! Your in my neighborhood !

  • cancer white
    cancer white   2018-01-21T01:01:39.000Z

    that soup looks like vomit !!!!

  • Nan Wang
    Nan Wang   2018-01-20T20:03:23.000Z

    I\'m from Shaanxi too, but I hate hulatang and yangroupaomuo 😁

  • michael phelps
    michael phelps   2018-01-19T00:07:21.000Z

    I think your chewey noodles i like the most in this vid id put chorizo on this dish

  • Zulu Dawn
    Zulu Dawn   2018-01-18T23:10:49.000Z

    LOL Your all sweaty at the end from all the spices and chile oil you ate but most inportantly you had a good time and taught us there are other types of Chinese food than orange chicken etc.

  • jenny shao
    jenny shao   2018-01-18T04:55:38.000Z

    I like your video.

  • Tammy Short
    Tammy Short   2018-01-17T04:40:49.000Z

    Why dont u never travel to other countries and taste their street food and visit the little hole in the wall restaurants

  • Doodlez 4life
    Doodlez 4life   2017-12-30T00:53:28.000Z

    11:55 while he said “yeah baby” there was a baby crying! 😂😂

  • Flor Martinez
    Flor Martinez   2017-12-28T03:10:54.000Z

    Oops I messed up

  • Flor Martinez
    Flor Martinez   2017-12-28T03:10:27.000Z

    He sure loves his hot souse

  • Holtzmann 82
    Holtzmann 82   2017-12-27T16:09:33.000Z

    You lost me at Muslim

  • sheliah stepetin
    sheliah stepetin   2017-12-27T04:35:28.000Z

    Is it wrong that I think he looks more like Jackie chan than Jackie chan sometimes? Can anyone else see it when he makes his “this is delicious” face?

  • Ananda Adroit Al-Amin
    Ananda Adroit Al-Amin   2017-12-24T16:55:41.000Z

    Oh, halal food! I hope i can try that some time 😂 good video as always Mike, keep it up👏

  • Koly Vang
    Koly Vang   2017-12-14T21:44:58.000Z

    Great video

  • K Lu
    K Lu   2017-12-14T17:37:32.000Z

    Ok I think Xi’an food is not for me. I can’t eat spicy and everything shown is spicy. Sorry I pass.

  • عنتوره العبسي
    عنتوره العبسي   2017-12-11T19:20:30.000Z

    man I think I fall in love with watching you eating. can you be my friend please.........

  • Adli Sutan
    Adli Sutan   2017-12-07T07:24:57.000Z

    Opening music ?

  • Anne Sunil Stephen
    Anne Sunil Stephen   2017-12-06T17:44:20.000Z

    6.53 whats the black stuff in the lamb soup 🤔🤔

  • Melanie Che
    Melanie Che   2017-12-05T20:42:08.000Z

    Omg all that eating within a day!!!!

  • Scatman John
    Scatman John   2017-12-04T08:05:52.000Z

    this channel is cool. and by cool, i mean totally sweet.

  • ξ
    ξ   2017-12-01T08:13:42.000Z

    I want to try biang biang noodles.

  • Vinissa K-aree
    Vinissa K-aree   2017-11-28T05:56:58.000Z

    Both the lamb soups looks amazing! Xi\'an food, ON MY LIST!

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes   2017-11-19T19:54:33.000Z

    eso es arepa! no hamburguesa ! >:v

  • Rivayne
    Rivayne   2017-11-17T11:42:08.000Z

    Did you ever eat something that you didnt like? Or something that didnt give you an food orgasm? :D

  • A piece of Hair
    A piece of Hair   2017-11-11T05:45:10.000Z

    Can\'t believe the coincidence! I have been to those restaurants before!

  • fireheart
    fireheart   2017-11-08T17:48:53.000Z

    So happy some of these dishes are halal, would deffo tryy them!

  • alienjantan
    alienjantan   2017-11-08T14:19:21.000Z

    Yup, walking in the desert for ten days, i definitely need hot oil and Chinese vinegar XD.

  • Catherine Fong
    Catherine Fong   2017-11-04T06:33:05.000Z