Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


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  • Carla Music
    Carla Music   2018-11-06T21:45:03.000Z

    Butchering that chicken was the hardest thing anyone ever had to do on this show, and Troye handled it like a f*cking champ.

  • hobi is my hope
    hobi is my hope   2018-11-19T07:23:33.000Z

    1:53 me during math

  • Shujana Aurin
    Shujana Aurin   2018-11-19T04:55:09.000Z

    That was Connor Franta\'s spatula design.... shook

  • Dani Moonen
    Dani Moonen   2018-11-19T01:21:11.000Z

    This should be called \"Troye Sivan says yEs for 14:30\"

  • 러키 미리야lucky melia
    러키 미리야lucky melia   2018-11-18T15:55:07.000Z

    he touched the chicken then touch his hair!🤢

  • Sofia Tison
    Sofia Tison   2018-11-18T07:25:45.000Z

    dang i really wanna watch this but i cannot watch that dead chicken being butchered around

  • Bea Troon
    Bea Troon   2018-11-18T02:48:27.000Z

    but i thot gays couldnt cook?

  • Insomniac Raz
    Insomniac Raz   2018-11-18T02:40:47.000Z

    Running his hand through his hair after touching the chicken 🤪

  • Ryan Unger
    Ryan Unger   2018-11-18T00:57:02.000Z

    Y E S

  • Bluepony
    Bluepony   2018-11-18T00:13:45.000Z

    They are so cute, I love this show so much

  • Beeboo Phan
    Beeboo Phan   2018-11-17T21:52:50.000Z

    Troye said \'yes\' approximately 1,000 times

  • paula98sony
    paula98sony   2018-11-17T21:50:22.000Z

    Troy\'s face was: \"I have no idea what tha\' hell am doing\" When buchering the chiken 😂😂😂

  • potatotress925
    potatotress925   2018-11-17T19:48:39.000Z

    His face when Carla said to open it like a book

  • Ana
    Ana   2018-11-17T19:37:14.000Z

    troye: this thing is so cool! this big smasher! me: well bby they are called molcajetes, they\'re mexican and i am willing to give you one only if the next stop on the bloom tour is mexico.

  • CountMattarz
    CountMattarz   2018-11-17T18:42:54.000Z

    *Touches raw chicken* *Touches hair* *Goes back to touching raw chicken* I wouldn\'t eat that chicken.. and I probably wouldn\'t eat your hair now either.

  • TheG90P
    TheG90P   2018-11-17T17:00:15.000Z

    12:54 \"We\'re gonna turn around and I get to, uhm...check out your chicken.\" Her face has me dying.

  • Tony
    Tony   2018-11-17T14:02:07.000Z

    I want her to teach me. Troy did it perfectly

  • Grace Pedder
    Grace Pedder   2018-11-17T11:05:02.000Z

    Where is Carla\'s apron from, it\'s a beauty!

  • John Vazquez
    John Vazquez   2018-11-17T07:01:54.000Z

    The cook in me was like he just grabbed the chicken then touched is hair

  • Kaitlyn Fix
    Kaitlyn Fix   2018-11-17T06:22:25.000Z

    I\'m very upset by him running his hand through his hair after touching the raw chicken...

  • Me-me-me-me Me
    Me-me-me-me Me   2018-11-17T04:47:51.000Z

    He handled the chicken and ran his hand through his hair 🤢😂

  • Miss Keisha
    Miss Keisha   2018-11-17T03:37:44.000Z

    I hate how he touched his hair after he touched the chicken 😬

  • pad pod
    pad pod   2018-11-17T02:56:58.000Z

    he touched the chicken then touched his hair. yummy.

  • gabi reolon
    gabi reolon   2018-11-17T01:44:13.000Z

    omg... YUM!

  • Beeboo Phan
    Beeboo Phan   2018-11-16T23:31:44.000Z

    I love Troye so much aw

  • N A
    N A   2018-11-16T18:33:19.000Z

    First things first I’m the realest

  • yung bleach
    yung bleach   2018-11-16T17:31:29.000Z

    Okay but I love how pure he is. He’s so gentle i love himmmm

  • Iris Magic
    Iris Magic   2018-11-16T15:04:15.000Z

    Man: whats your name? Troye: yes

  • Nana Yang
    Nana Yang   2018-11-16T13:45:57.000Z

    God oh god he can drown anyone in his blue eyes

  • Paundra Zulfikar
    Paundra Zulfikar   2018-11-16T13:31:55.000Z

    Troye in confuse mode is just everything 🤣🤣🤣

  • lily pearson
    lily pearson   2018-11-16T12:45:02.000Z

    *love that*

  • P Granger-Stylinson
    P Granger-Stylinson   2018-11-16T10:59:14.000Z

    Am I the only one who can\'t watch them making this chicken? I\'m almost throwing up. Omg I hate uncooked meat and especially chicken. Ok I hate all meat

  • ari selenator
    ari selenator   2018-11-16T10:34:34.000Z

    Troye is my fvrt😍

  • Estefany Romero
    Estefany Romero   2018-11-16T06:18:32.000Z

    12:34 carla: “so if there’s anything that didn’t come out as perfectly and you might want to cover up” troye: * covers half of the chicken *

  • Elias Stark
    Elias Stark   2018-11-16T05:06:48.000Z

    Stopped watching it after he ran his hand through his hair after picking up the chicken; bOY W H Y

  • Alessia Escorcio
    Alessia Escorcio   2018-11-16T05:04:45.000Z

    Is it just me or was she going really quick? Damn give the guy a break

  • Quinn Terry
    Quinn Terry   2018-11-16T04:47:58.000Z

    He’s so cute

  • CarloRules22
    CarloRules22   2018-11-16T03:06:36.000Z

    He’s so cute I’m dying 😵

  • mimisaurus inc.
    mimisaurus inc.   2018-11-16T02:44:22.000Z

    13:04 that’s what he said (Kill me now)

  • Shelby Kennedy
    Shelby Kennedy   2018-11-16T02:34:41.000Z

    this whole video is a blessing

  • mimisaurus inc.
    mimisaurus inc.   2018-11-16T02:29:15.000Z

    1:09 TROYE WHYYY still love ya

  • Snickers & Pickles
    Snickers & Pickles   2018-11-15T20:44:45.000Z

    Noooo, don\'t touch your hair!

  • Leonardo Mahalo
    Leonardo Mahalo   2018-11-15T19:55:19.000Z

    I now like him a little less.

  • NynkeNicolaas
    NynkeNicolaas   2018-11-15T18:58:55.000Z

    “What are you doing with your brick?” Is a beautiful sentence to take out of context.

  • Hurricane Girl
    Hurricane Girl   2018-11-15T17:32:19.000Z

    I loved Troyes expressions ...... they were just so funny. 😂

  • Aubri46
    Aubri46   2018-11-15T16:39:48.000Z

    Bro , he messed with his hair right after he touched the chicken !!!!! Ugh dude salmonella!

  • yashika noghal
    yashika noghal   2018-11-15T16:22:33.000Z

    3:58 😂😂

  • Anh Quỳnh
    Anh Quỳnh   2018-11-15T16:03:58.000Z

    So relax and fun watching Troye cook.

  • Andrew R.
    Andrew R.   2018-11-15T16:00:39.000Z

    4:11 🤤

  • roccomarshmallow
    roccomarshmallow   2018-11-15T15:05:51.000Z

    oh .. he is so adorable ..

  • Anantaa Borgohain
    Anantaa Borgohain   2018-11-15T14:41:45.000Z

    Troye is beautiful❤

  • Jemina 123
    Jemina 123   2018-11-15T12:43:43.000Z

    I mean--- it\'s soooo cute that he\'s actually trying his best 😭😭😍

  • Pheladi M
    Pheladi M   2018-11-15T11:46:08.000Z

    I haven\'t seen Troye since Spud, wow he\'s grown.🌞

  • Joshua 643
    Joshua 643   2018-11-15T11:11:00.000Z

    Did anybody else cringe when he touched his hair after touching the chicken I did

  • rainbowloveyh
    rainbowloveyh   2018-11-15T10:55:05.000Z

    hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

  • Melixpie F.M
    Melixpie F.M   2018-11-15T10:28:39.000Z

    He\'s such an angel

  • Bel H
    Bel H   2018-11-15T10:00:13.000Z

    Challenge: Take a shot every time Troye says “yesss’’

  • Ken Alexandre Meridi
    Ken Alexandre Meridi   2018-11-15T07:58:48.000Z

    Y\'all should get madonna to do this!

  • emir hidayat
    emir hidayat   2018-11-15T07:27:20.000Z

    did he touch his hair after....

  • Shani Black
    Shani Black   2018-11-15T06:54:34.000Z

    seriously had no idea that americans called shallots/spring onions `scallions`. That`s so weird!

  • natalie h.
    natalie h.   2018-11-15T06:34:31.000Z


  • Jarhead Holland
    Jarhead Holland   2018-11-15T05:38:16.000Z

    I would hate for him to cook my food, he touches his hair too much while cooking.

  • bald lisa simpson
    bald lisa simpson   2018-11-15T05:16:49.000Z

    my baby is such a good chef i love him sm sksjsjs

  • Kayla Blair
    Kayla Blair   2018-11-15T03:46:33.000Z

    I don’t mind having to butcher a chicken, but I hate having to worry about whether I’ve cross contaminated something lol.

  • roppoqi
    roppoqi   2018-11-15T03:13:18.000Z

    chicken got hair product lol

  • Linda
    Linda   2018-11-15T03:09:48.000Z

    Please tell me you switched out cutting boards after butchering the chicken.

  • ZU
    ZU   2018-11-15T02:53:38.000Z

    That \"stone thing\" is called a MOLCAJETE, fyi..

  • Kylie Myers
    Kylie Myers   2018-11-15T01:55:28.000Z

    I have just become obsessed with Troy Sivan recently. He’s so sweet and amazing at song writing. His voice is amazing!! ♥️

  • Preciouse Valentin
    Preciouse Valentin   2018-11-15T01:50:30.000Z

    That chicken butchering makes me never want to eat meat again

  • Preciouse Valentin
    Preciouse Valentin   2018-11-15T01:49:59.000Z

    He looks so mesmerized

  • Snatched
    Snatched   2018-11-15T00:06:47.000Z

    troye being a housewife for 14 minutes straight

  • Craig Corcino
    Craig Corcino   2018-11-14T23:56:23.000Z

    Hes so cute

  • zeinawali shaheera
    zeinawali shaheera   2018-11-14T23:31:24.000Z


  • Tora Gylling
    Tora Gylling   2018-11-14T23:04:46.000Z

    Is this the guy that sings my my my and acts cool???.

  • Armand Castro
    Armand Castro   2018-11-14T19:56:33.000Z

    I want Dan from Game Grumps to be in Back-to-Back Chef

  • Fatima .N
    Fatima .N   2018-11-14T19:45:30.000Z

    Anyone cringing that he ran his fingers through his hair then touched the food? Ew

  • Jordan Pringle
    Jordan Pringle   2018-11-14T18:11:49.000Z

    Carla : Hi, My name is Carla! Troye : YES!

  • Krapht
    Krapht   2018-11-14T18:03:48.000Z

    he just put his fingers through his hair after touching raw chicken...........................................

  • Valerie Green
    Valerie Green   2018-11-14T18:01:45.000Z

    who can you adore more in this world than troye? when he thought he cut through the leg skin oh dear 😂

  • Jo Laz
    Jo Laz   2018-11-14T16:23:15.000Z

    Who is this kid

  • Ricardo Lmass
    Ricardo Lmass   2018-11-14T15:24:24.000Z

    You don\'t have to be a Master Chef,or a genius to know that,you don\'t touch your hair while you\'re cooking,him grabbing his hair was disgusting!

  • Anthea Johnson
    Anthea Johnson   2018-11-14T13:52:23.000Z

    Troyes face when she said pounding at 8:05!!!😆😆👌

  • HoloVai
    HoloVai   2018-11-14T12:33:40.000Z

    Yeah make crispy chicken and then add garnish on top. What does that do? IT SOFTENS THE SKIN SO WHAT\'S THE POINT REEEEEEEEE

    H3AVYHAUL3R   2018-11-14T11:36:57.000Z

    so have to be gay/transgender/female/of color to be anything is screwed

  • Kelum
    Kelum   2018-11-14T11:03:56.000Z

    This lady eludes big Mom energy

  • No One
    No One   2018-11-14T10:47:37.000Z

    Ugh Troye. Why so precious?! 😲♥

  • xicanx g
    xicanx g   2018-11-14T09:32:29.000Z

    Please don’t use olive oil as a moisturizer

  • boi
    boi   2018-11-14T09:29:40.000Z

    *why would you run a chicken stained hand thru your hair*

  • もっち
    もっち   2018-11-14T09:05:50.000Z


  • Susana Diaz
    Susana Diaz   2018-11-14T07:46:30.000Z

    Omggg Troyeee, your hairrrr 😫😫😫😫

  • thadishetty tharun kumar
    thadishetty tharun kumar   2018-11-14T07:35:43.000Z

    I’m here for the vegans comments

  • Theresa Tran
    Theresa Tran   2018-11-14T06:23:36.000Z

    Troye Sivan’s outfit look like jack frost

  • Wanna One Choke Me With their faces
    Wanna One Choke Me With their faces   2018-11-14T06:16:51.000Z

    Am I the only who notice that Troye literally brush his like quiff after he touched the chicken raw...

  • Santi Farias
    Santi Farias   2018-11-14T05:46:29.000Z

    It is so innocent. I love him

  • Captain Max
    Captain Max   2018-11-14T04:53:02.000Z

    8:03 Haha ...Is he masturbating 😂

  • Queenie Leung
    Queenie Leung   2018-11-14T03:55:14.000Z

    Wow I just realized how much I miss Troy as a youtuber 🤔😭

  • Yuki Sha
    Yuki Sha   2018-11-14T03:42:49.000Z

    He did a great job and didn\'t throw up. He\'s amazing. <3 :))

  • selick
    selick   2018-11-14T03:10:34.000Z

    This was so gross. How do people not realise the animals you eat are the same as your pets

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith   2018-11-14T02:32:25.000Z

    see also: JENNY NICHOLSON!

  • Sya Biebs
    Sya Biebs   2018-11-14T02:03:19.000Z

    my jack frost🎈