The Best And Worst Netflix Originals Of 2018


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  • Looper
    Looper   2018-09-07T14:03:22.000Z

    What is your favorite Netflix original from 2018?

  • stektirade
    stektirade   2018-11-19T04:12:22.000Z

    Altered Carbon #1!

  • loza2101
    loza2101   2018-11-18T17:38:24.000Z

    Altered Carbon is a massive piece of crap. I don\'t understand the hype about it at all. The main character is one-face through and through. Mute was awesome on the other hand. You guys have no idea.

  • ryan25067
    ryan25067   2018-11-15T13:19:57.000Z

    Fkn loved altered carbon

  • Leandra Graves
    Leandra Graves   2018-11-15T08:05:07.000Z

    I LOVED mute!!!

  • KAN
    KAN   2018-11-14T16:34:31.000Z

    am i the only one who thought cloverfield paradox was good????

  • pedrofredo
    pedrofredo   2018-11-11T23:51:16.000Z

    The crown is the best, sad there\'s wasn\'t a new season this year

  • Monte White
    Monte White   2018-11-11T18:13:03.000Z

    What about maniac?

  • Crysiss
    Crysiss   2018-11-09T10:47:52.000Z

    this list ain\'t it

  • Unknown Warrior
    Unknown Warrior   2018-11-04T23:11:03.000Z

    Here are my top series : 1- Sense8 2- Game of Thrones 3- How to get away with murder 4- Narcos 5- Bodyguard 6- 13 reasons why 7- Alterned Carbon 8- Seven seconds 9- Salvation 10- Designated Survivor

  • Asml8ed
    Asml8ed   2018-11-04T15:39:57.000Z

    You got Cloverfield Paradox all wrong. That was a very good movie but it was not going to ever be a deep epic tentpole movie.

  • Nelson Blasini
    Nelson Blasini   2018-11-02T14:46:52.000Z

    Lost in space best?? And mute worst? I think it\'s the opposite.

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander   2018-11-02T13:25:13.000Z

    Altered carbon I\'ve watched 12 times and it gets better every single time I watch it, words can\'t express how great it is

  • Cristopher Garcia
    Cristopher Garcia   2018-11-01T23:07:35.000Z

    am i only one that thinks castlevania should be on this list?

  • richiesworld1
    richiesworld1   2018-11-01T00:42:23.000Z

    All the worst ones were the best! (except Sandler) Dafuq u talkin about 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • soekma maulana
    soekma maulana   2018-10-28T11:04:31.000Z

    anyone here after watch \"the night come for us\" ??

  • Ken Wells
    Ken Wells   2018-10-27T03:34:36.000Z

    Wow. I thought Lost in Space was terribly predictable and silly circumstances. I thought Cloverfield Paradox had a couple bad-acting patches, but the story was inventive, unpredictable and thought provoking.

  • Saurabh Bhalerao
    Saurabh Bhalerao   2018-10-24T13:57:05.000Z

    The cloverfield Paradox was a great movie... How did it got in the worst list

  • Mikkel Dybeck
    Mikkel Dybeck   2018-10-23T19:00:01.000Z

    Stranger Things!?

  • Jason Morley
    Jason Morley   2018-10-23T16:30:42.000Z

    Altered carbon daredevil stranger things and narcos are the best netflix shows in my opinion

  • Jason Morley
    Jason Morley   2018-10-23T16:29:17.000Z

    Anything with sandler on Netflix is trash lol

  • Jason Morley
    Jason Morley   2018-10-23T16:25:24.000Z

    Cloverfield paradox was good your opinion isnt even valid

  • Rasmus Timm Reinholdt
    Rasmus Timm Reinholdt   2018-10-23T15:35:44.000Z

    Lost in space is awful

  • Jesus Alberto Salazar Rodríguez
    Jesus Alberto Salazar Rodríguez   2018-10-23T12:53:48.000Z

    You lost me when saying that The Coverfield Paradox was the worst... It is a pretty original story that keeps building up an interesting movie universe

  • pedro dasilva
    pedro dasilva   2018-10-23T00:12:21.000Z

    Wasn’t a fan of altered carbon, maybe I should watch it again. But then again this is looper and they just said lost in space was good.

  • Good Sound
    Good Sound   2018-10-22T18:33:54.000Z

    Wasn‘t Titan bad as well..?

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson   2018-10-22T18:03:46.000Z

    Top 5000 Martha Higareda was the only thing good about Altered Carbon

  • Nathan Arbuckle
    Nathan Arbuckle   2018-10-22T16:46:50.000Z

    Queer eye is guilty of stereotyping not to mention all of the hosts are caricatures and have composite personality traits built off of false sociaital notions of what gay men act, look and sound like. Why is there no show about queer women sprucing up some female slobs life?

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens   2018-10-22T16:40:01.000Z

    Daredevil now

  • Almighty JLee
    Almighty JLee   2018-10-22T15:13:43.000Z

    Clover field pAradox was good

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G   2018-10-22T11:51:57.000Z

    Altered Carbon is one of the best? Really? Don\'t get me wrong, the concept is really badass but everything else was awful.

  • Ida Hägglund
    Ida Hägglund   2018-10-22T09:41:45.000Z

    Though I really tried to suffering through \'Lost in Space\', I gave up after 5-6 episodes. I, however, sat through both \'The Cloverfield Paradox\' and \'Mute\' while being entertained. Not saying they were great movies, but they weren\'t worse than any other crap that comes out of Hollywood. I\'d say \'Hold the Dark\' is the worst movie I\'ve ever seen (no exaggeration there) closely followed by \'How it ends\'.

  • Tarunendra Pratap Singh
    Tarunendra Pratap Singh   2018-10-22T06:39:08.000Z

    Did you get all the \"Best - Worst\" the other way round?

  • Steven Stritenberger
    Steven Stritenberger   2018-10-22T05:03:13.000Z

    Lost in space as a Best? Seriously? The Will Robinson character was ridiculous. The writing was atrocious as well as the acting. The show was also one long liberal montra, Dr. Smith had to be changed to a woman, Penny to an African American girl, because heaven forbid we don\'t have a person of color in a lead role and it was one long feminist and anti-gun diatribe after another. The only thing they didn\'t include was making Major West a transexual, the show sucked balls! Altered Carbon was the best, Cloverfield Paradox was entertaining, the Punisher was excellent and Daredevil/Jessica Jones are still my favorites. The Haunting of Hill House that I\'m presently watching is excellent, top marks so far!!

  • Alfredo  Mena
    Alfredo Mena   2018-10-21T20:19:19.000Z

    Altered Carbon was bad ass!!

  • Felipe Villarreal
    Felipe Villarreal   2018-10-21T17:34:25.000Z

    This video was release way too early considering Maniac and The Haunting of Hill House.

  • Tony Richengod
    Tony Richengod   2018-10-21T07:00:04.000Z

    ALTERED CARBON exceeded my expectations. It was actually really good

  • Nick Phillips
    Nick Phillips   2018-10-19T19:22:38.000Z

    I agree with most of your review, except I thought that, \"The Week Of\" was amusing.. if only on a basic level

  • Tina Hill
    Tina Hill   2018-10-19T13:12:11.000Z

    I liked \"The Week of\" with Adam Sandler.

  • Cathal Ó Diubháin
    Cathal Ó Diubháin   2018-10-19T08:13:49.000Z

    Lost in Space was complete and utter bollox

  • Derrick Brown
    Derrick Brown   2018-10-18T20:01:32.000Z

    game over man was good

  • chris Green
    chris Green   2018-10-16T04:28:45.000Z

    Its a mix of House of cards and The Bodyguard with Whitey Houston basically

  • optimuspino
    optimuspino   2018-10-15T20:48:10.000Z

    Seriously? You say Cloverfield Paradox? And what about \"The Titan\" ?... I could watch Paradox again but no way I\'m spending time watching Titan... For sure.

  • sean dowling
    sean dowling   2018-10-15T13:37:14.000Z

    i don\'t understand why queer is on here it\'s like nominating a show from hgtv or the history channel for best show against walking dead at the emmy\'s they\'re in different lanes

  • river olson
    river olson   2018-10-13T20:19:12.000Z

    lol I stopped listening when you called unbreakable kimmy schmit a \"high quality offering...\"

  • Vikas Nambirajan
    Vikas Nambirajan   2018-10-13T18:28:24.000Z

    Where the hell is Sacred games???

  • Ben Langenbach
    Ben Langenbach   2018-10-13T17:07:17.000Z

    U guys missed soo many great shows

  • Jonah Kiel
    Jonah Kiel   2018-10-13T10:31:28.000Z

    90% of NETFLIX\'s shows SUCK. Lost in Space is good but the yearly wait from season-to-season is ridiculous. Their best show, \"Into the Badlands,\" isn\'t even a NETFLIX production and ANOTHER yearly wait.

  • James Kristoff
    James Kristoff   2018-10-12T20:41:04.000Z

    Altered Carbon was the BEST ever !!! Mindhunter is a close many good shows Netflix is producing..\"Glow\" was so funny...So many to choose from...

  • Mathieu Tallard
    Mathieu Tallard   2018-10-12T03:28:51.000Z

    Stupid shit compare to Guyane and Yellowstone.......

  • Mirel Masic
    Mirel Masic   2018-10-10T17:49:56.000Z

    Altered Carbon should be in worst. It\'s a cliche ridden but empty generic sci-fi with only a big budget to set it apart.

  • Doyle Donehoo
    Doyle Donehoo   2018-10-10T02:08:40.000Z

    MUTE was not terrible. It just suffered in comparison to Altered Carbon. MUTE is just merely entertaining with a somewhat sorta clever ending.

  • Macey Rickard
    Macey Rickard   2018-10-09T11:00:31.000Z

    dr Smith was the worst actor in lost in space good series though i liked godless aswell

  • M T
    M T   2018-10-08T23:53:37.000Z

    I was going to block the Looper channel if Altered Carbon made the worst list. THANK YOu!!!

  • Šejla Lačević
    Šejla Lačević   2018-10-08T18:34:23.000Z

    What? worst- The Cloverfield Paradoks??? its great movie!! Much better then Lost in space.

  • Nathan Glass
    Nathan Glass   2018-10-07T19:10:03.000Z

    You chooose a documentary over actual futuristic movies gtfo I would hate to have such bland taste in movies

  • Lunalala
    Lunalala   2018-10-07T13:54:03.000Z

    I liked game over man

  • marine0oib
    marine0oib   2018-10-07T06:37:18.000Z

    Game over man was actually a decent movie

  • Gregory Miranda
    Gregory Miranda   2018-10-06T21:07:59.000Z

    Can\'t wait for Daredevil 🔥

  • Gregory Miranda
    Gregory Miranda   2018-10-06T21:06:57.000Z

    Altered Carbon 🔥

  • bigwhiteshogun
    bigwhiteshogun   2018-10-06T19:21:18.000Z

    altered carbon was godlike for the first 4 episode, and it went downhill from there ... the dumbest plot twist ever incoming, fair warning to those who hasn\'t seen it yet.

  • Ahmad Sammy
    Ahmad Sammy   2018-10-06T17:07:04.000Z

    Altered Carbon is shit

  • Phoebe Boateng
    Phoebe Boateng   2018-10-06T14:17:54.000Z

    Black mirror

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat   2018-10-06T02:14:04.000Z

    But I liked Mute.

  • The Demon Lord of the Round Table
    The Demon Lord of the Round Table   2018-10-05T23:19:00.000Z

    Cloverfield and Game over were awesome

  • Daniel Kraus
    Daniel Kraus   2018-10-05T20:14:15.000Z

    Worst is Lost in Space and best is Altered Carbon. Second best is the Cloverfield Paradox.

  • 87agomes
    87agomes   2018-10-05T20:03:59.000Z

    I didnt like Altered Carbon. Cliche characters and world building... boring to watch

  • Dumnezeul Thau
    Dumnezeul Thau   2018-10-05T17:37:17.000Z

    hai marsh

  • Travis Naumann
    Travis Naumann   2018-10-05T17:33:37.000Z

    I like game over man

    QUITUTINCI TV   2018-10-05T09:36:20.000Z

    I loved GAME OVER MAN

  • Furious Wasabi
    Furious Wasabi   2018-10-04T20:18:00.000Z

    Altered Carbon was a big surprise for me! One of my favorite Sci-Fi stories seen in a while.

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips   2018-10-04T18:40:40.000Z

    I hated Alterd Carbon and Lost is Space was not great so I\'m going to skip the rest of your \"BEST\" suggestions. Altered Carbon started out SO GOOD. By episode 5 there were so many plot holes it barely makes sense. It was a great concept and the philosophical angles are pretty deep at times, but the dialogue is pretty crappy through most of the show, the characters don\'t behave consistently or believably half the time (save for Det. Ortega), and jumps of logic are just WAY too much. I made myself finish watching it just to see how it concluded, but I was DONE with it by episode 8.

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez   2018-10-04T18:33:48.000Z

    We\'re just going to have to disagree about \"Lost in Space\" ... Loved most of the cast, the visuals ... but dear god no I wanted to destroy my home theater over \'Will Robinson\'s\' character. I\'d rather suffer the Matt LeBlanc version again before this one.

  • Inaccurate Flicks
    Inaccurate Flicks   2018-10-03T15:56:58.000Z

    Best: Sacred games. It\'s an Indian original and you should definitely check it out. Don\'t watch with the English dub tho.

  • elgambito2003
    elgambito2003   2018-10-03T06:42:26.000Z

    I fell asleep watching the Cloverfield Paradox and woke up watching Altered Carbon. Didn\'t realise it was a different thing I was watching for about 20 minutes and got so confused! Then I fell asleep again and had a dream that I was Rambo.

  • ckj1103
    ckj1103   2018-10-02T19:02:20.000Z

    Black mirror. I think about that show a lot.

  • Roni _82
    Roni _82   2018-10-01T13:25:08.000Z

    not soo bad like you said.. I like one of these so much, to watch using boxxy software - on my TV )

  • Yolanda Salinas
    Yolanda Salinas   2018-09-30T23:55:18.000Z

    Meteor garden?????

  • PhancyPants99
    PhancyPants99   2018-09-29T00:46:27.000Z

    Poor Carol Burnett. She deserves better than that crappy show. I couldn\'t make it all the way through the first episode.

  • PhancyPants99
    PhancyPants99   2018-09-29T00:43:42.000Z

    Adam Sandler made a crappy movie?? Who\'da thunk it??

  • Thud Thud
    Thud Thud   2018-09-27T22:52:05.000Z

    \"The Cloverfield Paradox\" was a complete mess and a complete waste of time to watch. The \"Cloverfield\" movies were fine as an anthology series, unrelated except by name...until this idiotic mess came along that tried to tie the other movies together. Think of \"The Twilight Zone\" and then think of some non-genius who decided to try and tie all the different episodes and storylines together. It was not necessary and poorly directed.

  • david wilson
    david wilson   2018-09-27T13:05:53.000Z

    Yea I definitely disagree about Mute and the week of. I thought was a good movie and was really drawn into the main character and Paul Rudd kinda psycho character

  • Upc Cool
    Upc Cool   2018-09-27T00:02:14.000Z

    Better call saul is great

  • No Burrito
    No Burrito   2018-09-26T20:56:27.000Z

    Am I the only person who really enjoyed Mute?

  • george hinojosa
    george hinojosa   2018-09-26T17:19:08.000Z

    Lost interest in Lost In Space. Loved Mute. People come into your live for a reason. At the end it looked like he had to take car of his girlfriend daughter Loved Dark. The young man should back into the past rescue and tell him \"your my grandfather\" Enjoyed Like Father

  • Kieran Murphy
    Kieran Murphy   2018-09-26T17:16:30.000Z

    Lost in Space was awful it was slow moving and predictable I wanted a darker lost in space not a children\'s show

  • Andrea Groothuis
    Andrea Groothuis   2018-09-26T16:45:34.000Z

    Netflix brings out alot of originals from other countries aswell. I\'m particularly impressed by the Spanish series like catedral del mar, en tiempo de guerra and las chicas del cable. Another must watch is ghoul originally from India. Broaden your horizon people 😁

  • Shelby Brown
    Shelby Brown   2018-09-26T12:11:30.000Z

    I would put this on the worst list of best and worst for Looper

  • Shelby Brown
    Shelby Brown   2018-09-26T12:06:39.000Z

    Mute was decent

  • Dan Boor
    Dan Boor   2018-09-25T07:22:54.000Z

    Agreeing with some shows but lost in space made me leave the room serval times when I tried to watch one episode, it is unbelievably bad. Easily the worst newflix original I have watched.

  • Grand Pu
    Grand Pu   2018-09-25T05:13:38.000Z

    i liked all the movies this video is trying to shit on.

  • Yubanicks Alvarenga
    Yubanicks Alvarenga   2018-09-25T03:19:08.000Z

    I think this video would have been better if the best and worst were placed in their own individual videos.

  • Paul Sommerhalder
    Paul Sommerhalder   2018-09-24T17:12:23.000Z

    Tastes in SciFi can be pretty diverse. I enjoyed Cloverfield Paradox, while I gave up on Altered Carbon after episode 2. You should give things a chance and not be afraid to bail-out on them if they disappoint. Last night, I was watching The Shape of Water on HBO. It\'s the Mr. Limpet falls in love movie. Academy Award winner? Really?

  • Mortimer wolffkelly
    Mortimer wolffkelly   2018-09-24T15:35:49.000Z

    lost in space was done very well. underated!

  • Niall Geoghegan
    Niall Geoghegan   2018-09-24T09:42:12.000Z

    Jesus Christ altered carbon was pure trash, what\'s wrong with all of you?

  • Martin Hyatt
    Martin Hyatt   2018-09-24T07:38:36.000Z

    Ozark. Needs to be in best category.

  • Billy bobby Rissy Rossy
    Billy bobby Rissy Rossy   2018-09-24T05:51:29.000Z

    I\'ve watched Altered Carbon twice now bloody brilliant series

  • Alif smartboyz
    Alif smartboyz   2018-09-24T04:06:31.000Z

    Where is Sacred Games?

  • GOAT: God Of All Trolls
    GOAT: God Of All Trolls   2018-09-23T18:58:10.000Z

    Sacred games

  • Zab Tak
    Zab Tak   2018-09-23T16:39:12.000Z

    Lost in space it\'s such a boring crap...