Ariana Grande - breathin

  • Published on 2018-11-07T17:00:07.000Z
  • sweetener out now i love you breathin’ (visual) Directed by Hannah Lux Davis Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe For London Alley Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Hanin Mahahir
    Hanin Mahahir   2018-11-19T16:01:10.000Z

    here before 1billion hahaha thank u next

  • Mr Positive Vibes
    Mr Positive Vibes   2018-11-19T15:59:09.000Z

  • Marcelina Kmieć
    Marcelina Kmieć   2018-11-19T15:58:42.000Z

    Love you

  • Sixolile Tshona
    Sixolile Tshona   2018-11-19T15:54:40.000Z


  • Michele Correa Gomes
    Michele Correa Gomes   2018-11-19T15:52:40.000Z

    Best music!

  • yun yayae
    yun yayae   2018-11-19T15:52:00.000Z

    I love you

  • System maker
    System maker   2018-11-19T15:51:59.000Z

    Beautiful voice

  • Avela Zakumani
    Avela Zakumani   2018-11-19T15:44:24.000Z

    I hate this bitch

  • anushka ray
    anushka ray   2018-11-19T15:44:16.000Z

    Love you

  • Romi kawaii Guerrero
    Romi kawaii Guerrero   2018-11-19T15:38:34.000Z

    Me encanta la canción 😍😘😎😘 le doy un 10,00

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    Bulimia Friend Group   2018-11-19T15:36:38.000Z

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  • kelsie ellington
    kelsie ellington   2018-11-19T15:36:02.000Z

    IN Ladders , Mac is telling her to come up to the Sky , She is dead wrong saying she was in Love with Pete ,that was a lie. Several of his songs in the Swimming & the album before he tells her to breathe.& let him cacth her. Slow her pace less traveling She realizes that because of her Needy issuies it added to the downfall of their relationship. When he went to Mancwore you kn

  • vaibhav wadhvani
    vaibhav wadhvani   2018-11-19T15:27:11.000Z

    This song is offensive to ppl who can\'t breathe.

  • Dennys Hipolito
    Dennys Hipolito   2018-11-19T15:25:24.000Z

    Is beautiful! 💖

  • Dj Fresh
    Dj Fresh   2018-11-19T15:23:03.000Z

    I still want to be that dog she touched in the song they don\'t know lol😃😃😃

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    T J   2018-11-19T15:22:05.000Z

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  • lil kurat
    lil kurat   2018-11-19T15:19:08.000Z

    just keep batting

  • MsLemski
    MsLemski   2018-11-19T15:17:55.000Z

    I LOVE you Ariana! and today is my birthday!🎁🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎀🎀🎀🎀🎉🎉🎉🎉 i\'m 9!

  • Hamza Jamal
    Hamza Jamal   2018-11-19T15:11:30.000Z

    Ariana Grande - breathin @ ●━━━━━━─────── @ ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ by the way its not copy paste

  • Gabriel Hornstrup
    Gabriel Hornstrup   2018-11-19T15:06:32.000Z

    this sounds like a song i have heard before

  • Wolfeye
    Wolfeye   2018-11-19T14:57:23.000Z

    so darn pretty = the song, the video & arianaaaaa

  • James Hurst
    James Hurst   2018-11-19T14:55:32.000Z

    😄😍 🇭🇴🇼 𝙏𝙤 🇹🇷🇦🇮🇳 𝙏𝙝𝙚 🅼🅸🅽 𝙏𝙤 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝘿𝙚𝙨𝙞𝙧𝙚! (𝙇𝙖𝙬 𝙊𝙛 Attraction) (𝙉𝙚𝙬 🇺🇵🇩🇦🇹🇪) 😄😍 >> >> 😄😍 7771

  • taylena and miley lovets
    taylena and miley lovets   2018-11-19T14:44:32.000Z

    Ariana:like Selena:comment

  • I'm being myself
    I'm being myself   2018-11-19T14:43:28.000Z

    thank you ariana <3

  • Mattia Branciforti
    Mattia Branciforti   2018-11-19T14:42:50.000Z

    The best video of her career

  • Laura Carolina
    Laura Carolina   2018-11-19T14:40:22.000Z


  • Nazreen Nazahar
    Nazreen Nazahar   2018-11-19T14:37:41.000Z

    ariana grande ft selena gomez please

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    Art's Crafts   2018-11-19T14:36:34.000Z

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  • Арин Анри
    Арин Анри   2018-11-19T14:25:18.000Z

    Охуенная телка

  • Alan Stokes
    Alan Stokes   2018-11-19T14:24:48.000Z

    Amazing vocals

  • Kosova Albania
    Kosova Albania   2018-11-19T14:19:42.000Z

    Love this song

  • Kafası Karışık
    Kafası Karışık   2018-11-19T14:17:21.000Z

    türkler kendinizi belirtin :) +1

  • Valen Vera
    Valen Vera   2018-11-19T14:16:26.000Z

    We can have a 200 million vuews???

  • Akmal Syam Syam
    Akmal Syam Syam   2018-11-19T14:15:47.000Z

    This mv needs much viewer, keep streaming guys

  • Jasmina Yodgorova
    Jasmina Yodgorova   2018-11-19T14:12:54.000Z

    Did Ariana Grande brake up with Pete Davidson if she did then why she steel have the tattoo of his name behind her ears

  • Luca
    Luca   2018-11-19T14:08:36.000Z

    Can you sing with Demi Lovato, please? That would be great!

  • Alison
    Alison   2018-11-19T14:05:59.000Z


  • Bambi c:
    Bambi c:   2018-11-19T14:03:43.000Z

    She went from God is a woman to Cloud is a woman.

  • Mathew Baven
    Mathew Baven   2018-11-19T14:03:31.000Z

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  • Mellisha Green
    Mellisha Green   2018-11-19T13:55:41.000Z

    Her hair is on point😍😍👌

  • Kamilla Mix
    Kamilla Mix   2018-11-19T13:55:36.000Z

    She is SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL. Her voice is sooooo gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Mrs Bryan
    Mrs Bryan   2018-11-19T13:52:35.000Z

    1:23. Next songs to be released. You\'re welcome 🤗

  • PKING Channel
    PKING Channel   2018-11-19T13:50:42.000Z

    This is fucken fire!!!

  • Benjamin Sergeant
    Benjamin Sergeant   2018-11-19T13:49:53.000Z

    This gone be the best day ever

  • TheDeceiver L.B.
    TheDeceiver L.B.   2018-11-19T13:47:35.000Z

    This might be one of her best songs!

  • 100 subscribers without a video
    100 subscribers without a video   2018-11-19T13:47:05.000Z

    My age is 109 and can’t breath Every like remove 1 year and 1% for breathin’ Help me became younger and healthy

  • DJ_James_YT // James_Vadelz
    DJ_James_YT // James_Vadelz   2018-11-19T13:45:49.000Z

    Just Keep Breathing Breathing Breathing Breathing Breathing Breathing Breathing

  • Ahmed Talaat
    Ahmed Talaat   2018-11-19T13:44:43.000Z

    Just Keep Listening and Listening and Listening

  • Shadia Balqish
    Shadia Balqish   2018-11-19T13:40:54.000Z

    Guys I\'ve spotted something!!! Spot word \'needy\' between 1.24 - 1.25 And also u guys can spot other name like remember, imagine n anything else.... Like if u saw it too!!!😮😮😮

  • Amoose Jaw
    Amoose Jaw   2018-11-19T13:36:16.000Z


  • aul ia
    aul ia   2018-11-19T13:33:58.000Z

    She looks amazing in this video

  • queen helen
    queen helen   2018-11-19T13:33:52.000Z

    I can\'t stop listening to it😍😭 Just keep breathin and breathin and breathin ❤

  • berfin xpw
    berfin xpw   2018-11-19T13:28:59.000Z

    Quennnnnn love you 1 trendine TURKEY

  • berfin xpw
    berfin xpw   2018-11-19T13:28:33.000Z

    Quennnnnnnn ariana i love yoyyy so muchhhhhhhh

  • berfin xpw
    berfin xpw   2018-11-19T13:28:05.000Z


  • jenny vivid
    jenny vivid   2018-11-19T13:25:34.000Z


  • Eunice Fernando
    Eunice Fernando   2018-11-19T13:25:00.000Z

    hey ariana grande fuck you your mother fucker

  • jenny vivid
    jenny vivid   2018-11-19T13:24:42.000Z


  • София Волынец
    София Волынец   2018-11-19T13:22:08.000Z

    Мне одной кажется что на 2:21 у Арианы за ухом что-то написано

  • Clash of clans Coc
    Clash of clans Coc   2018-11-19T12:57:19.000Z

    Love you ariana grande😍

  • Ñég Em
    Ñég Em   2018-11-19T12:53:19.000Z

    This song saves lives

  • fish
    fish   2018-11-19T12:50:00.000Z

    Who will subscribe me I will subscribe him ☺️

  • Hi it’s fucking Mickey
    Hi it’s fucking Mickey   2018-11-19T12:43:45.000Z

    Ariana: I keep on breathing victoria justicea: I think we all breath

  • بـــيـღـسـو الــزهــيــღـري

    انا ايضا اشتقت لك ولكنك بعيد جدا .♥

  • Hi it’s fucking Mickey
    Hi it’s fucking Mickey   2018-11-19T12:42:34.000Z

    director: So how much smoke do you want? ariana: Yes

  • جني قديم
    جني قديم   2018-11-19T12:41:20.000Z

    تنفس وتنفس وتنفس وتنففسسس

  • عبدالقادر محمود
    عبدالقادر محمود   2018-11-19T12:38:04.000Z

    عربي لايك

  • kazadi mongaya
    kazadi mongaya   2018-11-19T12:34:27.000Z


  • anya kriushova
    anya kriushova   2018-11-19T12:34:14.000Z


  • Ray Scott
    Ray Scott   2018-11-19T12:34:10.000Z

    wawuuuuuh, its the best song ever

  • Sajid Islam
    Sajid Islam   2018-11-19T12:15:46.000Z

    I\'m late for *Breathing*

  • Min Yoongi is a dangerous man He drank water sexily

    She has such pretty hair

  • Nialler took a chonce
    Nialler took a chonce   2018-11-19T12:11:02.000Z

    Just keep choking and choking and choking and choking....

  • Mmukul Khedekar
    Mmukul Khedekar   2018-11-19T12:07:23.000Z

    Hariyana Gandu

  • InfamousAir
    InfamousAir   2018-11-19T12:06:56.000Z

    To someone reading this HAVE A GOOD DAY!🙂

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    Meth 7   2018-11-19T12:05:50.000Z

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  • Emily Quayle
    Emily Quayle   2018-11-19T11:47:13.000Z

    She’s so beautiful 😍😍so is her voice omg

  • Sister Arianator
    Sister Arianator   2018-11-19T11:45:49.000Z

    Pause at 1:24. You can see some of her secret tracklist! -Remember -Imagine -Needy

  • call me papi
    call me papi   2018-11-19T11:39:47.000Z

    People with severe anxiety like me can relate in another level. Just had a panic attack one of too many😕Now, I\'m still shock and can\'t sleep...

  • ben arbia henni
    ben arbia henni   2018-11-19T11:33:44.000Z

    من اقشعرت خصيته مثلي

  • Mythix Channel
    Mythix Channel   2018-11-19T11:30:04.000Z

    You are now breathing manually

  • Alon Manor
    Alon Manor   2018-11-19T11:25:43.000Z

    SuCh A BOP

  • Tasmiya Sayyed
    Tasmiya Sayyed   2018-11-19T11:24:58.000Z

    Those expressions damnn😍❤

  • Parizat Beauty Corner
    Parizat Beauty Corner   2018-11-19T11:17:09.000Z

    Who is here before 50 million squad??🙌🏼

  • denis donca
    denis donca   2018-11-19T11:16:01.000Z


  • Berkan 67
    Berkan 67   2018-11-19T11:09:40.000Z

    I think you are super beautiful and you sing very well like this and I adore you ariana

  • Lakshay Tanwar
    Lakshay Tanwar   2018-11-19T11:09:37.000Z

    This song is best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • la. lopes
    la. lopes   2018-11-19T11:09:23.000Z


  • Daniel Sorati
    Daniel Sorati   2018-11-19T11:05:43.000Z

    Olá pessoal se escrevao nesse canal deixe seu joinha e comentários

  • Jeopardy Professional
    Jeopardy Professional   2018-11-19T11:03:45.000Z

    R.i.p Mac

  • shanum hussain
    shanum hussain   2018-11-19T10:59:07.000Z

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love a I love ar I love ari I love aria I love arian I love ariana

  • Kinloss
    Kinloss   2018-11-19T10:58:17.000Z

    spellin lessins

  • all about you
    all about you   2018-11-19T10:57:12.000Z

    Really amazing

  • Nasia Georgakopoulou
    Nasia Georgakopoulou   2018-11-19T10:49:59.000Z

    We need a makeup tutorial for her looks they are amazing!!!

  • Vousouler Jdonnepas
    Vousouler Jdonnepas   2018-11-19T10:48:26.000Z

    This song is so deep

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar   2018-11-19T10:36:20.000Z

    Effects are really dumb in some places

  • georgi lm
    georgi lm   2018-11-19T10:31:20.000Z

    Horrible song i die

  • יאיר אמיתי הערוץ הרשמי

    מי שישראלי שיעשה לייק אחד השיריםםםם🇮🇱💛

  • Serkan Serk
    Serkan Serk   2018-11-19T10:06:31.000Z

    You kan got sing

  • Kevin Almeida
    Kevin Almeida   2018-11-19T10:04:37.000Z

    head in the clouds got no weight on my shoulders