Incredible Service Dog Takes The Best Care Of His Mom | The Dodo


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  • angel pastrana
    angel pastrana   2018-11-19T14:49:20.000Z

    This dog can do more things than a normal teenager...

  • MoneyManyManie 04
    MoneyManyManie 04   2018-11-15T03:45:16.000Z

    Do service dogs get paid for their service?

  • Riley Fasteau
    Riley Fasteau   2018-11-14T22:18:34.000Z

    This dog is the definition of a good dog

  • Luann Combs
    Luann Combs   2018-11-14T00:07:53.000Z

    Amazing! My dog is slacking!

  • الجوري النجمه الظاهري
    الجوري النجمه الظاهري   2018-11-07T12:35:06.000Z

    This Dog Is Cute And Well Behavior❤️ And The Best Part Is That He Can Do Chores😉 I Wish These Kind Of Dogs Never Exciste🙏🙏

  • cheribakeswell
    cheribakeswell   2018-11-06T11:20:53.000Z

    Omg that poor dog he’s does such a good job poor things needs to be looked after too

  • peace and love
    peace and love   2018-11-05T14:12:25.000Z

    What is the breed or the mix?I loved this dog

  • Maria Naranjo
    Maria Naranjo   2018-11-05T14:05:28.000Z

    That is the sweetest Baby ever. So adorable.

  • queen Mensah
    queen Mensah   2018-11-04T16:22:04.000Z

    great dog

  • Mass Kent
    Mass Kent   2018-11-04T09:03:10.000Z

    This made my day 💜

  • Margaret Rosaline Whittal
    Margaret Rosaline Whittal   2018-11-04T04:50:43.000Z

    He is so cute I want him 😍😍😍

  • M NS
    M NS   2018-11-03T23:17:35.000Z

    human asf lol

  • tina kapoor
    tina kapoor   2018-11-03T21:21:26.000Z

    I would treat this dog and all animals like kings Not and Never like slaves . stop making animals do Ur work .work is for humans not animals

  • tina kapoor
    tina kapoor   2018-11-03T21:18:39.000Z

    Stop making the poor animals servents slaves .

  • Velson Simte
    Velson Simte   2018-11-03T20:38:54.000Z

    I love dogs more than human. They know how to love back. Human knows how to revenge or criticize back.

  • Brianna Corona
    Brianna Corona   2018-11-03T18:52:09.000Z

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ssssssss oooooooooooooooo CUTE I cried

  • BloxTuuber As Ant?
    BloxTuuber As Ant?   2018-11-03T04:15:58.000Z

    i wish i have a dog like dat =(

  • Izky Tama
    Izky Tama   2018-11-03T00:13:11.000Z

    595 dislikes maybe an idiot

  • Max Blockley
    Max Blockley   2018-11-02T20:12:58.000Z

    What a legend

  • Danielle Machado
    Danielle Machado   2018-11-02T14:54:01.000Z

    Just 1 word Awwwwwwwww

  • Snijkens91
    Snijkens91   2018-10-29T06:21:08.000Z

    That dog has a pittbull or stafford ancestors , clearly vissable in his face

  • P C
    P C   2018-10-27T03:15:30.000Z


  • Katelyn Graves
    Katelyn Graves   2018-10-21T21:55:31.000Z

    My GSD Ruger, He\'s going to be my service dog so he can help me go through my life since I am hearing impaired which is that he would do anything for me but he is also a dog which is that he can have time to play with his toys as well! ❤

  • Assistance Dog Loki
    Assistance Dog Loki   2018-10-19T19:39:38.000Z

    Its a shame his handler is so rude to people

  • Kyle Booface
    Kyle Booface   2018-10-18T21:53:35.000Z

    I think of this dog has WAY more intelligence than any other dog

  • C.S Karthik
    C.S Karthik   2018-10-18T08:43:01.000Z

    What a great companion.

  • Ebii Mengu
    Ebii Mengu   2018-10-18T03:21:07.000Z

    So nice may have 100 years of life for you service paw love it god bless you

  • Captain Jaws
    Captain Jaws   2018-10-18T00:14:50.000Z

    I’m happy she as an amazing dog like that.

  • Bucky G Barnes
    Bucky G Barnes   2018-10-17T23:45:55.000Z

    Deserves all the love in the world what a precious angel such a good boy 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • HatterCat !
    HatterCat !   2018-10-17T13:03:44.000Z

    Colt is so cool :)

  • Mit Morj
    Mit Morj   2018-10-17T04:09:12.000Z

    Aww best boyfriend

  • living for jichu
    living for jichu   2018-10-17T03:58:51.000Z

    we will never deserve dogs

  • vakum kumar
    vakum kumar   2018-10-16T04:19:45.000Z

    i think we shud start teaching them technology similar to humans.they will overcome us.

  • Sophie Wooten
    Sophie Wooten   2018-10-12T19:15:53.000Z

    This warmed my heart ❤️..!!! And... he does more things than I do like turn off the lights and clean up after himself because I don’t do that...I wish he were my dog he is so cute and does chores..!!! I love him 😍

  • Lar Chayada
    Lar Chayada   2018-10-11T08:20:08.000Z

    so smart dog <3

  • Jasiya Takhelmayum
    Jasiya Takhelmayum   2018-10-11T06:56:01.000Z

    Wht a lovely dog!i feel cry to see him!

  • Meggan Meme
    Meggan Meme   2018-10-10T18:45:31.000Z

    Amazing dog .. very lucky

  • Graham Hunter
    Graham Hunter   2018-10-10T04:31:23.000Z

    Amazing dogs they deserve a good life for there commitment

  • star dust
    star dust   2018-10-08T23:13:52.000Z

    Such a good boy

  • Chloe Wang
    Chloe Wang   2018-10-07T06:10:22.000Z

    what dog breed is this dog?

  • Mia Montemayor
    Mia Montemayor   2018-10-07T00:36:45.000Z

    Connor is an amazing dog! Another channel I recommend watching is Chronically Jaquie. Her dog does similar tasks & she does all kinds of service dog tutorials and goes on adventures. This video just reminded me of that. Good job The Dodo!

  • Sara J Huegel
    Sara J Huegel   2018-10-05T17:50:53.000Z

    He is very smart and adorable

  • 1519 Dukes
    1519 Dukes   2018-10-04T14:40:12.000Z

    He so amazing I\'m left speechless

  • Caridee Leung
    Caridee Leung   2018-10-03T12:08:16.000Z

    Does the mom cook?or him or she-.-

  • Oh Dustyy
    Oh Dustyy   2018-10-03T08:49:20.000Z

    Dogs are too good for this world

  • I see
    I see   2018-10-02T20:03:14.000Z


  • livî XD
    livî XD   2018-10-02T19:15:08.000Z

    OMG that dog is amazing❤️❤️

  • Kasha Taylor
    Kasha Taylor   2018-10-02T05:57:24.000Z


  • Slimey Rocket
    Slimey Rocket   2018-09-29T17:10:24.000Z

    And here I am sitting her binge watching rando m YouTube videos

  • britney jazmin 122
    britney jazmin 122   2018-09-28T13:29:28.000Z

    This dog is smart

  • sara decruz
    sara decruz   2018-09-28T11:18:18.000Z

    I want him now😭😭

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker   2018-09-28T07:32:37.000Z

    This dog is like a working mum

  • Astarria Rose
    Astarria Rose   2018-09-27T22:49:57.000Z

    Umm i need to have a talk with the 577 people who disliked

  • Prince19 Angelo
    Prince19 Angelo   2018-09-27T04:48:00.000Z


  • Tia Productions
    Tia Productions   2018-09-27T04:32:12.000Z

    4th is dog is so cute and smart! He is smarter than me! Haha jk

  • Susan O'Flynn
    Susan O'Flynn   2018-09-26T22:39:51.000Z

    Ah don\'t make him pose with cakes on his face..... :(

  • Mr Evil Chease
    Mr Evil Chease   2018-09-26T17:59:07.000Z

    What a dog

  • Backpack Girl
    Backpack Girl   2018-09-26T00:35:14.000Z

    I love my six week old golden retriever named Charlie ! I love you char char

  • Mark Powell
    Mark Powell   2018-09-24T17:38:53.000Z

    WOOD DOG VERY well DOG I wish to see him one day plz

  • Wolfie Time Is Gameing And Vlogs
    Wolfie Time Is Gameing And Vlogs   2018-09-24T05:10:01.000Z

    Mom i mean

  • Wolfie Time Is Gameing And Vlogs
    Wolfie Time Is Gameing And Vlogs   2018-09-24T05:09:34.000Z

    This dog is like me i help my mom like that when she is sick i give her kiss and tun off the light and ITS GAMEING TIME FOR ME also i stay near my mo untill she falls a sleep THAT WHEN ITS GAMEING TIME sometime i sleep with her i just fall a sleep

  • Dog lover 5
    Dog lover 5   2018-09-24T01:33:30.000Z

    That dog does more than me God bless that wonderful dog

  • Anna BrentRivera#1Fan
    Anna BrentRivera#1Fan   2018-09-23T17:36:49.000Z

    My dog just poops on the floor

    FARHANA SHAIK   2018-09-23T16:14:21.000Z

    So nice amazing dog he is

  • Eleanor Sinfield
    Eleanor Sinfield   2018-09-23T15:46:20.000Z

    I thought it was a vizla 😞

  • aarushika Chauhan
    aarushika Chauhan   2018-09-23T09:03:27.000Z

    Amazing ...god bless him❤

  • Riverdy Joseph
    Riverdy Joseph   2018-09-23T03:33:29.000Z

    This dog is like a comic book hero

  • danielle evelyn
    danielle evelyn   2018-09-23T03:03:32.000Z

    what a good boy!!!🖤🖤🖤

  • Hjalte Olsen
    Hjalte Olsen   2018-09-22T13:13:58.000Z

    This dog have done more in this video then i have ever done my my life...

  • ThereAreOnly TwoGenders
    ThereAreOnly TwoGenders   2018-09-22T08:18:49.000Z


  • Aidee Caba
    Aidee Caba   2018-09-22T05:51:03.000Z

    I just noticed that looked like a pitbull.

  • Joey Motovlog
    Joey Motovlog   2018-09-22T05:49:11.000Z

    How he became so smart

  • Veronika vlogs 123
    Veronika vlogs 123   2018-09-21T13:50:10.000Z


  • Ocean spirits
    Ocean spirits   2018-09-20T21:02:06.000Z

    why did this get dislikes?

  • Simster ShortFilms
    Simster ShortFilms   2018-09-20T18:17:37.000Z

    I love Colt <3 Colt, my boy and many other service dogs are amazing and I am so happy that they can help people. My service dog is a life saver and so is Colt <3

  • Zohmingi Kawlni
    Zohmingi Kawlni   2018-09-20T17:00:16.000Z

    What a dog 👍👍👍

  • Joel Oommen
    Joel Oommen   2018-09-20T11:56:47.000Z

    I can\'t understand those 574 people who disliked this video. Are you humans???

  • GetMineGetYours80
    GetMineGetYours80   2018-09-20T06:49:42.000Z

    Better than men

  • Jayviën Panka
    Jayviën Panka   2018-09-19T15:20:04.000Z

    he,s very kind💕

  • Alice LovesRoses
    Alice LovesRoses   2018-09-18T20:55:28.000Z

    This is so cute:)

  • sam7748
    sam7748   2018-09-18T12:03:37.000Z

    Dog isn\'t getting much of a life.

  • Yuisa Lopez
    Yuisa Lopez   2018-09-18T00:47:13.000Z

    That\'s a one of a kind dog. Love you colt. 💓🥀

  • The American Panda!!!
    The American Panda!!!   2018-09-16T22:54:02.000Z

    When it said “he can turn off lights” I was like why do you need him to do that just get a Alexa

  • Sabrina Jill
    Sabrina Jill   2018-09-16T13:59:21.000Z

    Oh my gosh this dog is amazing he’s so loving and cute I’m glad he has a good owner!

  • Ally Brown
    Ally Brown   2018-09-16T13:13:17.000Z

    This dog is amazing Can I have him

  • WalkieTalkieGuy00
    WalkieTalkieGuy00   2018-09-15T11:11:18.000Z

    good doggo.

  • Just Random Life
    Just Random Life   2018-09-15T02:42:11.000Z

    Omg someone give this amazing doggo an award?! Colt is such an angel!

  • BribriTV Connect
    BribriTV Connect   2018-09-14T13:57:32.000Z

    What a great doggy

  • Norah Kirkpatrick
    Norah Kirkpatrick   2018-09-14T11:28:15.000Z

    This is why we love dogs ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ådïlënë Mëdërø
    Ådïlënë Mëdërø   2018-09-13T11:56:35.000Z

    Wow prettt amazing!cute dog btw<3

  • Lps bunny Tv
    Lps bunny Tv   2018-09-13T01:07:07.000Z


  • Alison Micallef
    Alison Micallef   2018-09-10T23:01:26.000Z


  • Guadalupe Vega
    Guadalupe Vega   2018-09-10T05:21:08.000Z

    нє ∂єѕєяνєѕ α ∂σgѕ вєѕт ∂αу!

  • E X I T I
    E X I T I   2018-09-09T22:00:09.000Z

    very good

  • sheel siddharth
    sheel siddharth   2018-09-09T17:01:21.000Z

    Lov u jack dogeeeee.....😙

  • tan hock jun
    tan hock jun   2018-09-09T16:10:26.000Z

    Good job Colt :)

  • Sally Rose Tall
    Sally Rose Tall   2018-09-09T16:04:00.000Z

    Me: mom I want a dog !!!

  • Selena Plays Games
    Selena Plays Games   2018-09-09T11:54:05.000Z

    Never have to do chores huh....

  • Pizzaz Paz
    Pizzaz Paz   2018-09-09T11:48:07.000Z

    Aww! The dog is so smart and cute! I hope his/her owner is ok!

  • Ada's Vlogs
    Ada's Vlogs   2018-09-09T05:21:50.000Z