YouTubers React to Struggles Of Being A YouTuber (Gabbie Hanna - Roast Yourself Harder Challenge)


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  • Fr3nch Fr1es
    Fr3nch Fr1es   2018-08-28T14:01:14.000Z

    jack still looking fine af

  • Jessica McCormack
    Jessica McCormack   2018-08-28T12:41:20.000Z

    Reminds me of twenty one pilots car radio

  • Electra Easton
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  • Crystal E.
    Crystal E.   2018-08-28T07:04:17.000Z

    Dang Gabbie 👏😳

  • Lauren Hannig
    Lauren Hannig   2018-08-28T06:43:46.000Z

    I love how while watching the video Jack didn\'t say much so they had to just put in vids of him not saying anything

  • Alana Webster
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  • Lilly TheAwesomeNerd
    Lilly TheAwesomeNerd   2018-08-28T05:26:44.000Z

    Ro just looked so proud of Gabbie while actually watching the video

  • Aria Deshpande
    Aria Deshpande   2018-08-28T05:10:24.000Z

    Wait I got major TØP vibes at the end

  • Howtomakestuff
    Howtomakestuff   2018-08-28T05:09:56.000Z

    Sean is an amazing person! OMG I love him! I hope he gave Gabbie that hug. (I said sean not to get him mixed up with jacksfilms)

    NOTCOOKIETIME69   2018-08-28T01:46:38.000Z

    Damn jacks films is promoting everything even movement watches And his own merchandise

  • It’s just Aleena Aleena
    It’s just Aleena Aleena   2018-08-28T01:43:26.000Z

    I love that she went from Bruno mars to twenty one pilots

  • Katie Rideout
    Katie Rideout   2018-08-28T00:12:02.000Z

    Garrett looks so uncomfortable

    YOUR NAN'S A HOE   2018-08-27T23:53:28.000Z

    Omg i didnt realise garret was in this

  • Lily Wilkinson
    Lily Wilkinson   2018-08-27T23:53:05.000Z

    Everyone else: omg these lyrics are so real, shes so brave for saying these things Garrett: wow, that\'s a cool lyric! I really love this *smiles and giggles* XD I love Garrett so much

  • amelia ferris
    amelia ferris   2018-08-27T21:40:07.000Z

    awww babyyyyyy

  • Delihlah Gaming
    Delihlah Gaming   2018-08-27T21:37:41.000Z

    The end is like slam poetry though tbh. Super deep.

  • Livy and Daelynn
    Livy and Daelynn   2018-08-27T21:28:36.000Z

    No lie I was sobbing

  • mkstormi
    mkstormi   2018-08-27T21:13:43.000Z

    *rylandadams7* *morganadams1*

  • Paulo Rivera
    Paulo Rivera   2018-08-27T21:02:24.000Z

    Youtubers react to Honestly/Honestly(Encore)

  • Michael! In The Bathroom
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  • annabelle r
    annabelle r   2018-08-27T19:57:37.000Z

    snaps to gabbie

  • isabella rose
    isabella rose   2018-08-27T18:49:53.000Z

    10:40 Garret’s part oml 😂 I love him so much 😁😂

  • SerenaH2006
    SerenaH2006   2018-08-27T18:08:37.000Z

    right before Andrea Russett said this giving me goosebumps I got goosebumps I was like omg saaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • _Grace_Whitfield_
    _Grace_Whitfield_   2018-08-27T17:54:24.000Z

    Why is Ro so damn cute 😂 I just wanna pinch her cheek 😂😂😂

  • Ahmera spencer
    Ahmera spencer   2018-08-27T16:45:55.000Z

    They should do youtubers react to honesty/honestly (encore)

  • oona h
    oona h   2018-08-27T16:44:00.000Z

    i absolutely love gabbie and ive liked her for a along time, and im just so proud of her starting to express herself and finding her own way to do that i just i really admire her and the way she is growinh

  • lilyelisemusic
    lilyelisemusic   2018-08-27T16:17:03.000Z

    there are so many comments about garrett and that makes me so happy. he’s literally the reason i watched this video. if any video has garrett in it, i’m sold.

  • Rainbow Of Darkness
    Rainbow Of Darkness   2018-08-27T14:56:21.000Z

    I literally teared up listening to this.

  • Eric Champlin
    Eric Champlin   2018-08-27T14:05:11.000Z

    I\'ve been wishy-washy about Gabby, but after this video, I\'m a 100% Gabby fan. Love her!

  • JxshCrxft Plays
    JxshCrxft Plays   2018-08-27T13:54:05.000Z

    React to honestly by gabbi hannah

  • Alexa Farnandez
    Alexa Farnandez   2018-08-27T13:49:59.000Z

    SO INSPIRING❤❤❤❤❤❤.....

  • Mr. Wooferson
    Mr. Wooferson   2018-08-27T11:47:00.000Z

    Holy Jesus Garrett was in this

  • taepcy
    taepcy   2018-08-27T10:41:30.000Z

    I love garrett

  • Joojyohncel
    Joojyohncel   2018-08-27T06:49:52.000Z


  • Amanda Russ
    Amanda Russ   2018-08-27T06:34:27.000Z

    I love this.

  • Hotwheelz 777
    Hotwheelz 777   2018-08-27T06:18:18.000Z

    I was just waiting for Gabbie to walk in and talk to them. Especially soo Jacksepticeye can give her a hug

  • Kay Dizzle
    Kay Dizzle   2018-08-27T02:38:27.000Z

    This is lowkey overwhelming for me

  • Landon Glennon
    Landon Glennon   2018-08-27T02:31:54.000Z

    I like how hot she is but nobody dates her

  • Megan E.
    Megan E.   2018-08-27T02:13:21.000Z

    I can\'t stop watching this. I\'ve been watching Gabbie since her My Psycho Roomate days. She\'s always been so open about mental health and she isn\'t scared to be vulnerable. She deserves everything she has. She\'s worked hard for it. Her music isn\'t anything like other youtubers. I just love her so much. ❤

  • itz_dd
    itz_dd   2018-08-27T02:02:09.000Z

    When Jack said that\'s a powerful line I was like oh shiz that was deep

  • Shelley Dimick
    Shelley Dimick   2018-08-27T01:22:31.000Z

    i think that you should do youtuber react animation

  • Jesus Ramos
    Jesus Ramos   2018-08-27T01:10:03.000Z

    2:50 Rich Brian lyrics

  • smolbeanowen
    smolbeanowen   2018-08-27T00:56:38.000Z

    the second part of the song almost sounded like a twenty one pilots song like car radio

  • liv g
    liv g   2018-08-27T00:40:21.000Z

    Lmao gabi:shes cute

  • Ai-ma fox
    Ai-ma fox   2018-08-27T00:06:53.000Z

    I cryed to this again

  • Aubrey Grace
    Aubrey Grace   2018-08-26T22:53:09.000Z

    I love that Jack is wearing his own merch 👌

  • Maddie g
    Maddie g   2018-08-26T21:39:09.000Z

    2:32 garret was like wtf i got myself into

  • Blanca .Torres
    Blanca .Torres   2018-08-26T21:28:13.000Z

    Omggggg all my fav youtubers. Jack Gabbie Garret Rose Ryland and Morgan 😍😍😍😍

  • Matthew Piercy
    Matthew Piercy   2018-08-26T21:26:04.000Z

    I love how sweet Ro is throughout this

  • Brooke Bennett
    Brooke Bennett   2018-08-26T21:08:49.000Z

    I cry every time I hear

  • Weird Anime Girl
    Weird Anime Girl   2018-08-26T20:43:23.000Z

    God damnit ro why do I love you so much?

  • Cailyn Glynn
    Cailyn Glynn   2018-08-26T20:34:42.000Z

    MORGAn aND RYlanNd IM adGkrndhehdj

  • Elsie
    Elsie   2018-08-26T20:29:30.000Z

    garret morgan ryland gabbie and sean perfect

  • georgie
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  • emo trash
    emo trash   2018-08-26T19:56:51.000Z

    I love Gabbie.

  • Kalli Sosne
    Kalli Sosne   2018-08-26T19:55:42.000Z

    I love that Jack is shamelessly wearing his own merch

  • Olaf Sandria
    Olaf Sandria   2018-08-26T18:51:28.000Z

    I cried ☹️☹️☹️☹️😢😢😢

  • Iman Qureshi Imran
    Iman Qureshi Imran   2018-08-26T18:34:02.000Z

    ryland!!! garrett !!! morgan!!!

  • Kaelynn Williams
    Kaelynn Williams   2018-08-26T18:28:31.000Z

    All I could think of on the vary last part was 21 pilots

  • 송찬우
    송찬우   2018-08-26T17:09:03.000Z

    0:24 same person???

  • Sworn Ivory
    Sworn Ivory   2018-08-26T17:03:40.000Z

    Seems like youtube is more heavily towards mental health. There are so many youtubers who have said they needed a break.

  • It's Just Me
    It's Just Me   2018-08-26T16:28:31.000Z

    honestly (pun unintentional) the only thing I want is to meet gabbie

  • TheRealFuckingTea Sis
    TheRealFuckingTea Sis   2018-08-26T13:28:51.000Z

    Twenty one pilots are shook

  • TheRealFuckingTea Sis
    TheRealFuckingTea Sis   2018-08-26T13:28:10.000Z

    Garret is too pure

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird   2018-08-26T12:18:59.000Z

    I freakin love gabbie

  • Eleftheria Greek-dance/singing
    Eleftheria Greek-dance/singing   2018-08-26T12:03:29.000Z

    GOOSEBUMPS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️

  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLover   2018-08-26T10:46:08.000Z

    I don’t really like Gabbie after the Rice situation

  • Victoria Keir
    Victoria Keir   2018-08-26T10:03:44.000Z

    I cried

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee   2018-08-26T09:50:02.000Z

    Garrett is such a smol bean

  • b⃣r⃣a⃣m⃣b⃣l⃣e⃣
    b⃣r⃣a⃣m⃣b⃣l⃣e⃣   2018-08-26T09:47:58.000Z

    4:07 Garret is such a good ball when he says stuff

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer   2018-08-26T09:05:01.000Z

    1:57 when you try to be really overly supportive

  • Pastel Cookie
    Pastel Cookie   2018-08-26T08:40:10.000Z

    God I just wanna hug Gabbie 😢💔 in fact I wanna hug all these amazingly beautiful youtubers 😢 all these good people 😢

  • Etchy Sketchy
    Etchy Sketchy   2018-08-26T07:07:08.000Z

    *Sees Gabbie* MY MOM *Sees Jacksepticeye* MY QUEEN *Sees Morgan and Ryland* MY CHILDREN *Sees Garret* MY CINNAMON ROLL *Sees Adande* MY DAD tHe WhOlE fAmIlYs HeRe

  • jassy leonard
    jassy leonard   2018-08-26T05:22:06.000Z

    I love Garrett

  • david vasquez
    david vasquez   2018-08-26T05:11:53.000Z

    When Gabbie said that they don’t save lives I disagree I see so many people who the reason there’s still here is because they are videos u watch

  • Rellek Sky
    Rellek Sky   2018-08-26T04:30:09.000Z

    Wish MatPat was in this reaction

  • HaleyTheNinja4645
    HaleyTheNinja4645   2018-08-26T04:18:50.000Z

    GARRETT 💕💕💕

  • Unicorgi London
    Unicorgi London   2018-08-26T03:53:03.000Z


  • Leyla Cooke
    Leyla Cooke   2018-08-26T03:52:56.000Z

    i got so happy when i saw ryland morgan and garret ☺

  • Spontaneous Geek
    Spontaneous Geek   2018-08-26T03:23:16.000Z

    This made me so happy ♡♡♡ there\'s SO MANY people that I look up to in this video, and I am so glad that they have enough trust to open up to so many people ♡♡ I honestly am 100% in agreement with what all the people are saying; take time for yourself, and talk about it. I love this so much, it helped me a ton ♡♡ thank you

  • Kavi the gymnast
    Kavi the gymnast   2018-08-26T02:54:36.000Z

    I wanna give jackseptieye a hug ❤️

  • Derpo McRandom
    Derpo McRandom   2018-08-26T02:38:52.000Z

    1:45 there goes John, plugging his mercy and it’s not even his channel 😂

  • Katie Licheni
    Katie Licheni   2018-08-26T02:24:12.000Z

    I havent even seen the full video only this and I am bawling

  • Olivia Farrer
    Olivia Farrer   2018-08-26T01:58:24.000Z

    G A R R E T T

  • Levi Lemons
    Levi Lemons   2018-08-26T01:16:53.000Z

    3:20 Same

  • UwU izzy UwU
    UwU izzy UwU   2018-08-26T00:35:10.000Z


  • NerdFish YT
    NerdFish YT   2018-08-26T00:01:22.000Z

    6:30 well making people happy is the best thing you can do

  • Irrelevant Shrimp
    Irrelevant Shrimp   2018-08-25T23:57:33.000Z

    Rosanna seems like such a mom, she bakes yummy things and she has a very calm sweet and sweet voice.

  • Mishka Allen
    Mishka Allen   2018-08-25T23:06:54.000Z

    Love gabbie and her music x

  • Spicy Cup Of Tae
    Spicy Cup Of Tae   2018-08-25T23:00:55.000Z

    Youtubers react to IDOL by BTS

  • Lollylou33
    Lollylou33   2018-08-25T22:31:49.000Z


  • Shakara Quapaw
    Shakara Quapaw   2018-08-25T22:30:53.000Z


  • Isabelle Hudson
    Isabelle Hudson   2018-08-25T22:15:29.000Z

    “Some of us are getting more than doctors, but we’re not saving lives.” This is a really good point, but Gabbie, you are saving lives. Addressing depression and all of the things you have gone through/still go through, I know that you’ve at least saved me when I’m losing who I am.