GLASS Trailer (2019)


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  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer   2018-07-20T23:43:43.000Z

    Enjoy the first Trailer for Glass!

  • Cheyenne Takitimu
    Cheyenne Takitimu   2018-11-19T09:32:44.000Z

    Is Bruce Willis one of the aliens from Signs? They both get killed by water

  • Wenceslao Futanaki
    Wenceslao Futanaki   2018-11-18T14:02:56.000Z

    We need the kid from the 6th sense to make an appearance

  • jesse536801
    jesse536801   2018-11-18T03:17:40.000Z

    Looks great. I wish they did a werewolf movie with the type of abilities like The Beast exhibits and without a complete transformation

  • Christian Wanner Casimiro Arone
    Christian Wanner Casimiro Arone   2018-11-17T12:52:04.000Z

    Anti héroes,villanos, Excelente películas el protegido. fragmentado. Glass.

  • Jeff Camarda
    Jeff Camarda   2018-11-17T02:25:43.000Z

    Those chilling violins at 1:13 sound curiously like they were taken from the 6th Sense. If Cole Sear is also a patient in this asylum, I\'m gonna lose my shit. Gonna watch Split again to see if those creepy violins were used. Now that I think back, perhaps they were used in Signs also. I guess I\'m just wanting a universe within a universe. Can\'t wait.

  • Ladonna Caldwell
    Ladonna Caldwell   2018-11-16T21:42:47.000Z

    Ladonna mhp

  • Anirudh Moolya
    Anirudh Moolya   2018-11-16T15:31:40.000Z

    Wow, the next X-Men movie looks great!

  • Horatio Qammaniq
    Horatio Qammaniq   2018-11-14T18:57:35.000Z

    I\'m so excited

  • DAVIDE saturno
    DAVIDE saturno   2018-11-13T18:25:43.000Z


  • Mahir Celik
    Mahir Celik   2018-11-09T20:27:59.000Z

    is this marvel or dc

  • Roxy Smith
    Roxy Smith   2018-11-09T18:28:55.000Z

    Thought he was gonna say first name Mr last name mother f\'n glass. Ahhhh a shark ate me.

  • Mr Mic
    Mr Mic   2018-11-09T09:30:16.000Z

    Ruined his former movie. Starting to think this guy never even directed his earlier films

  • cornish chris
    cornish chris   2018-11-08T02:41:17.000Z

    Sucks no Touchstone Pictures credit, fuck Disney

  • Mine Ersoy
    Mine Ersoy   2018-11-07T00:18:43.000Z

    James McAvoy 😍

  • Mine Ersoy
    Mine Ersoy   2018-11-07T00:18:42.000Z

    James McAvoy 😍

  • Walking Dude
    Walking Dude   2018-11-05T13:37:08.000Z

    Anyone else finc mr glass’s smile at 1.37 epic

  • Exiled Entity
    Exiled Entity   2018-11-05T01:02:56.000Z

    Can\'t freakon wait!!

  • Pocket Pybro
    Pocket Pybro   2018-11-04T22:56:18.000Z

    This is going to be a good movie

  • gghice1
    gghice1   2018-11-04T20:19:09.000Z

    It\'s funny how one extremely laughable, fan-made sounding twist ending for Split (—What\'s the twist ending gonna be? —Bruce Willis) turned out to be the real one lol

  • CookiNary
    CookiNary   2018-11-03T20:29:09.000Z

    1:10 \"Visions... After I touch them\" Er, sorry bro but that\'s the Dimensional Scream right there

  • Hahhw Ajjaj
    Hahhw Ajjaj   2018-11-02T23:08:12.000Z

    Why the fuck does \"Glass\" think he\'s a superhero?motherfucker just ill fated....all the bad karma due to his terrorism..

  • frost family so icy gang
    frost family so icy gang   2018-10-31T13:28:01.000Z

    Don\'t she look like the young version of the old lady from Not Another Teen Movie the old lady that can\'t kiss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💦💦💦💦💦

  • frost family so icy gang
    frost family so icy gang   2018-10-31T13:20:50.000Z

    Now this is what I was waiting for I\'m Juiced when this shit drop I\'m on at the first day or night whenever that should come out on my mom

  • Techno Ellusion
    Techno Ellusion   2018-10-30T19:35:55.000Z

    Remake it with \"HATED IT FROM HELLO\"

  • DisneySuperheroTV
    DisneySuperheroTV   2018-10-30T07:29:52.000Z

    Lot of people will die? I dont think so, only monsters will die, okay maybe lot of monsters will die, all of them..... smothered in the crib <3

  • atvbass10
    atvbass10   2018-10-29T16:19:50.000Z

    I’m extremely excited for this movie. James Mccavoy is looking ripped!

  • Jackkk 187
    Jackkk 187   2018-10-29T14:32:25.000Z

    1:23 WE ALMOST GOT YOU BRO! 😂😂😂😂 love it!

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson   2018-10-27T19:07:01.000Z

    The new MCU

  • Vishal Kumar
    Vishal Kumar   2018-10-26T19:50:34.000Z

    Am i the only who didn\'t like unbreakable

  • Y N G D M N D
    Y N G D M N D   2018-10-26T13:02:43.000Z

    Bruce willis for the win though im ready for the movie

  • Estefano St.Croix
    Estefano St.Croix   2018-10-23T03:21:21.000Z

    This looks fun and long over due

  • Crna Glava
    Crna Glava   2018-10-21T20:34:41.000Z

    Bolje da ga ne izbacujete kolko je lose

  • Crna Glava
    Crna Glava   2018-10-21T20:32:18.000Z

    Ispisavam vam se po ustima?

  • xxgamerxx345 Awsome
    xxgamerxx345 Awsome   2018-10-20T13:37:35.000Z

    I don’t understand?

  • Theo Berry
    Theo Berry   2018-10-20T07:18:13.000Z

    AN UNBREAKABLE SEQUEL? THATS CONNECTED TO SPLIT? GENUIS. Oh damn i never saw this coming but im so hyped for it

  • hibana futuba
    hibana futuba   2018-10-19T20:42:38.000Z

    i watched unbreakable and split years ago and when i saw this trailer i said i cant believe they will made a movie for these all characters its so awesome i cant wait to see it it will be a good mix of these two movies

  • The Rock Disciple Simon Peters Church
    The Rock Disciple Simon Peters Church   2018-10-19T09:20:26.000Z

    Promoting transgender stuff in that guy

  • Ulysse Hwang Fam
    Ulysse Hwang Fam   2018-10-17T00:20:44.000Z

    where do I begin ! wake up Goat peoples this is not just a movie or a show its in plain sight what they are trying to tell you , this is the conditioning of the mind and y\'all just think its entertainment . If you have any sense or brains at all you will wake up from the matrix witch you live in and see things for what they are. Start asking questions start searching the truth. Why are things the way they are ?

    K3ASLEY   2018-10-16T23:13:38.000Z


    FAT BASTARD   2018-10-14T15:01:46.000Z

    they really ran out of ideas...

  • ivstova47
    ivstova47   2018-10-14T03:58:00.000Z

    Wow.... 18 years later..... It\'s about time

  • Danny Nunn
    Danny Nunn   2018-10-13T22:55:21.000Z

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend ..go villains!

  • ricardo morillo
    ricardo morillo   2018-10-13T14:46:11.000Z

    why is the hero chained and the two criminals who have kill many are free just sitting there talking to the dr myarse

  • Rainbow FL!CKS
    Rainbow FL!CKS   2018-10-13T06:55:53.000Z

    🌕️ *_GIass_** 2OI8 fiIm avaiIabIe here:* Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati !!

    JUN DE MIXBOY   2018-10-13T06:23:22.000Z

    i very very love this artist

    JUN DE MIXBOY   2018-10-13T06:23:18.000Z

    i very very love this artist

  • The Jabberwocky
    The Jabberwocky   2018-10-12T22:03:57.000Z

    This is going to end up as a masterpiece psychological thriller trilogy nearly 20 yrs in the making. I always thought Unbreakable was a superbly made production, if you are more intelligent than a Michael Bay film, at least.

  • 10TEN 10
    10TEN 10   2018-10-12T18:17:25.000Z

    The beast is real

  • A nobody Really
    A nobody Really   2018-10-12T15:19:29.000Z


  • Eli Plays
    Eli Plays   2018-10-12T15:18:32.000Z

    The only M.Night movie ill watch

  • age Ocean
    age Ocean   2018-10-12T12:29:30.000Z

    From this trailer all you get is excitement, 0% spoiled, dope

  • Supernova
    Supernova   2018-10-12T08:13:40.000Z

    This looks amazing!!

  • James Sailors
    James Sailors   2018-10-12T01:25:22.000Z

    This movie looks Sharp.

  • thrice bang
    thrice bang   2018-10-11T20:10:40.000Z

    Looks great

  • The Truth Is From God
    The Truth Is From God   2018-10-11T12:52:04.000Z

    I, the Prophet of God, tell you that this movie is not a movie, but is the real world, Satan announces to you his coming in the real world through this movie ... in one year, 2019 ... be prepared. God has sent me to expose the Imposter Satan, the Beast, the Destroyer, the Blackstar ... and he has many many names. God has sent me to reveal to you the truth about God, the truth about the law of God, not the false laws of the temples of Satan (islam, judaism,christianism) and to show you who are our enemies and how to be saved .... the time is going short

  • The Truth Is From God
    The Truth Is From God   2018-10-11T12:43:29.000Z

    THe beast is coming in 1 minute now for you guys .... Satan is coming soon .... in the real life. The people shall be prepared ... but most of them are aslept Fortunately, God has sent now his True Prophet to wake them up The prophet is now here and working for his mission

  • Mikal Black
    Mikal Black   2018-10-11T00:49:45.000Z

    OMG!!! ALL these STUPID comments

  • General Maximus Decimus Meridius
    General Maximus Decimus Meridius   2018-10-10T20:10:36.000Z

    1:19 is my favourite part

  • Himanshu Bisht
    Himanshu Bisht   2018-10-09T12:47:10.000Z

    I\'m rooting for that multiple personalities guy...

  • Saray M
    Saray M   2018-10-09T09:52:31.000Z

    mejor reparto ever!!!!

  • Saray M
    Saray M   2018-10-09T09:51:51.000Z

    me cago en la virgen santísima

  • Frastea .C
    Frastea .C   2018-10-08T17:46:12.000Z

    Best interconnected movie ever

  • Dan. Palm.
    Dan. Palm.   2018-10-08T01:09:17.000Z

    Register to Vote (if you haven\'t already) and Vote Republican. It is almost Game Over for the Deep State!

  • Quan Phung
    Quan Phung   2018-10-07T01:33:26.000Z

    My head\'s hurt

  • strong like titanium
    strong like titanium   2018-10-06T21:41:41.000Z

    I live for this

  • Kuziai
    Kuziai   2018-10-06T19:15:00.000Z


  • Life Jacked
    Life Jacked   2018-10-06T15:07:39.000Z

    They filmed part of this movie right down the street from me at Insane asylum in Allentown PA..stoked for this movie!!

  • walid nasser
    walid nasser   2018-10-06T12:24:31.000Z

    song in the ending of the video PLZZ!!!

    TYPICAL GAMİNG   2018-10-06T05:45:59.000Z


  • youknow whoiam
    youknow whoiam   2018-10-06T04:12:28.000Z


  • leelee burnz
    leelee burnz   2018-10-05T21:25:02.000Z

    When u watch split go n watch unbreakable after because this trailer.. cant wait 😉💪

  • James Sailors
    James Sailors   2018-10-05T00:49:53.000Z

    Can\'t wait.

  • Jazmynn A Velez
    Jazmynn A Velez   2018-10-04T21:44:04.000Z

    sarah fu

  • Pino Carrozza
    Pino Carrozza   2018-10-04T13:46:35.000Z

    More hyped than in a long time, if it\'s as good as the other 2... jackpot!

  • mouhib mhimdi
    mouhib mhimdi   2018-10-04T12:09:20.000Z

    I feel like Kanye should be in this Movie...That psychiatrist could help the man.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader   2018-10-03T22:48:32.000Z

    The twist will be you actually didn\'t waste your time and money.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader   2018-10-03T22:45:23.000Z

    One of only a handful of films worth seeing.

  • knoledge48
    knoledge48   2018-10-03T15:54:24.000Z

    \"We almost got you bro\" 😂😂

  • techware7
    techware7   2018-10-02T18:35:58.000Z

    woa this looks niiice!

  • just me
    just me   2018-10-02T11:44:50.000Z

    looks good

  • Bosy Hakem
    Bosy Hakem   2018-10-02T06:52:50.000Z

    Holy shit I can\'t believe this😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Sauce Visuals 醤油
    Sauce Visuals 醤油   2018-10-02T04:36:33.000Z

    I\'m so confused is this split 2 like someone explain he has all his personalitys and like he still weird?????

  • AresSG
    AresSG   2018-10-02T02:29:47.000Z

    Lol just noticed when she\'s talking to the three of them, David the only good guy is the only one who\'s chained up. Both The Horde and Mr. Glass aren\'t restrained at all.

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos   2018-10-01T22:18:36.000Z

    Formidable... magnífica.

  • soapie sins
    soapie sins   2018-10-01T21:36:25.000Z

    ive never been so looking forward to a movie

  • Georgia Smith
    Georgia Smith   2018-10-01T18:44:59.000Z

    I hope the people making Glass seriously consider the effect it will have on those with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and those with other mental illnesses because the negative stigma that was reaffirmed and the unaccurate portrayal of DID in split was and is extremely harmful.

  • Overanalyzingismyhobby
    Overanalyzingismyhobby   2018-10-01T16:18:18.000Z

    Wow...I can\'t believe that this stupid movie is coming out. Like Split wasn\'t bad enough...Not only does this spread incorrect information about DID, it reinforces the stereotype that people with DID are insane and murderers.

  • Irish Sean
    Irish Sean   2018-10-01T11:50:33.000Z

    For all the people that has slated M.Night Shyamalan = don\'t come near us, don\'t watch this film, we don\'t want your dirty money, stay away......bunch of hypocrites!

  • ch
    ch   2018-10-01T00:52:23.000Z

    The first one was so good ! I am affraid to be disapointed !

  • chris csnacks clarke
    chris csnacks clarke   2018-10-01T00:12:23.000Z

    He Plays the Beast in two movies. 🤔 kool

  • Anjelica Darby
    Anjelica Darby   2018-09-30T21:20:11.000Z

    I\'m excited for this movie.

  • beatrice but not really
    beatrice but not really   2018-09-30T19:28:54.000Z

    if this movie once again presents DID with all the stigmas that split did (which by the way only made things alot worse for people with DID considering many people dont believe it exists and because of that fucking movie believe that every system has a beast or a killer in) I\'ll fucking kick off

  • Nia Ivokkeh
    Nia Ivokkeh   2018-09-30T18:59:46.000Z

    This movie will give a really false image of Dissociative Identity Disorder just like Split did. Don\'t watch it!

  • Kristine R
    Kristine R   2018-09-30T18:16:28.000Z


    CSOCSO   2018-09-30T17:13:04.000Z

    wow. unbreakable and split crossover. cant wait!

  • Scryer Bo
    Scryer Bo   2018-09-30T16:51:46.000Z

    NIck Fury vs Professor X

  • David Lee
    David Lee   2018-09-30T15:06:29.000Z

    Damn....Professor X just turn himself into Wolverine!!!

  • 90ty82489
    90ty82489   2018-09-30T14:58:59.000Z

    professor x is jacked

  • M                                          S K
    M S K   2018-09-30T12:04:19.000Z

    Plot twist... it was a dream thanos had once...