ER Nurses Share Their Wildest Stories


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  • Sydney Gehl
    Sydney Gehl   2018-11-16T03:01:53.000Z

    i have emetophobia so i couldn’t be a nurse 😂

  • Olivia Charlesworth
    Olivia Charlesworth   2018-11-16T02:10:07.000Z


  • buttercookie slimery
    buttercookie slimery   2018-11-16T01:33:22.000Z

    one time I was in the hospital for three weeks. I had an intestinal surgery after a bowel obstruction, and I used to go HORRIBLE and SCARY poops and I would vomit on the floor a lot 😓 and those nurses wouldn’t even complain to clean it up. They really deserve more respect 💜

  • #slimequeen
    #slimequeen   2018-11-15T05:09:47.000Z


  • Jackie Guajardo
    Jackie Guajardo   2018-11-15T00:06:18.000Z


  • Christye Lynn
    Christye Lynn   2018-11-14T18:03:44.000Z

    I had a guy’s necrotic toe fall off. He didn’t tell his wife and kids what was going on with his feet. It was a bit of a shock for everyone.

  • Jitana Martinez
    Jitana Martinez   2018-11-13T16:26:32.000Z

    I\'m speechless.... how... why would you wait for your foot to get eaten by maggots 😮😣

  • jem Last
    jem Last   2018-11-13T08:02:38.000Z

    Thank you nurses , I hope the baby is okay.

  • Em. Rub
    Em. Rub   2018-11-13T00:10:31.000Z

    Do this AGAIN!!!!!! Pls

  • Cassie Ariel
    Cassie Ariel   2018-11-11T18:40:36.000Z

    I’m surprised no one said c-diff or burnt flesh for smells. C-diff is the worst.

  • Layla Nora
    Layla Nora   2018-11-10T15:58:53.000Z

    Everyone says the smell of my vomit is the worst lol

  • Erica Gosier
    Erica Gosier   2018-11-10T04:24:52.000Z

    Thank you to all the nurses out there. I thank you for your love, compassion, your smile. The snacks you get my kids when they are hungry when it\'s past your brake. Thank you for taking the time to hold my hand and explain the big words without making me feel uneducated. Thank you for doing all the work and not being scared to stand up to the doctor when he/she is wrong. I thank the Lord for you. My all your family\'s be blessed and strong with the love and power of the Lord.

  • Kelsee Mortensen
    Kelsee Mortensen   2018-11-10T03:36:16.000Z

    mad respect for these ladies

  • Gabrielle Figueroa
    Gabrielle Figueroa   2018-11-09T22:20:56.000Z

    I’m eating while watching this.. 😂

  • Angela Margolin
    Angela Margolin   2018-11-09T02:27:15.000Z

    Who else cried when the nurse was talking about the baby

  • Kat Carmona
    Kat Carmona   2018-11-09T01:05:44.000Z

    I take my nclex next Tuesday (in 5 days) and I promised god I would be the best nurse I could be and give my all into my job. These nurses remind me exactly why I pulled through nursing school. I cried when she cried 😭❤️

  • me me
    me me   2018-11-08T19:33:59.000Z

    I don’t know why nurses don’t have anything close to what a doctor is paid. I mean I get it in a way but they do a lot!

  • Maddie
    Maddie   2018-11-08T02:42:01.000Z

    Nurses are hero’s

  • TheAestheticPanda
    TheAestheticPanda   2018-11-07T07:17:51.000Z

    Fkn nerds

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg   2018-11-06T21:53:32.000Z

    Love this video sooo much

  • NurseBae
    NurseBae   2018-11-06T21:50:03.000Z

    When she starts crying about the baby with the heart problem 😭😭😭

    OFFICIAL HMEGAN   2018-11-05T23:08:40.000Z

    The woman in red is mad beautiful

  • Dumbestthingsyoutuberssay
    Dumbestthingsyoutuberssay   2018-11-05T05:25:48.000Z

    I started crying when she started talking about the baby. Anything that involves children and babies get me way too emotional.

  • ShayPeee
    ShayPeee   2018-11-04T22:45:06.000Z

    Tha baby one made me cry. 🤧😥😥

  • Wavvy
    Wavvy   2018-11-04T18:01:49.000Z

    H҉I҉P҉P҉A҉ V҉I҉O҉L҉A҉T҉I҉O҉N҉S҉

  • abbigail Baum
    abbigail Baum   2018-11-04T12:48:02.000Z

    Every nurse I’ve came in contact with has been amazing. Like the doctors job is hard but the nurses take time and really get to know the person as a person not just another patient

  • Holly Shue
    Holly Shue   2018-11-04T07:35:19.000Z

    My cousin is an ER nurse. Last year, I fell and fractured two bones in my right leg and one in my left ankle. My right leg was a compound fracture. I had to go to the ER. My cousin happened to be working that night. Even though he wasn’t my nurse, he stopped by to see me. When he saw my leg, my parents said the look on his face told them that it was bad.

  • bhavana samhita
    bhavana samhita   2018-11-03T07:53:49.000Z

    Oh wow, thank you.

  • S.A. Huber
    S.A. Huber   2018-11-02T03:56:26.000Z

    My mom is a ER nurse that works overnight shift. She does this so she can spend the day with me and my siblings

  • Robert Alfano
    Robert Alfano   2018-11-01T23:54:56.000Z

    Please do one of these for EMTs and paramedics!!!

  • Nerdy Potato Productions
    Nerdy Potato Productions   2018-11-01T08:57:48.000Z

    Nurses should be paid WAY more!

  • Mae Flower
    Mae Flower   2018-10-31T16:18:42.000Z

    when she started crying I did too :(

  • Bethany Cook
    Bethany Cook   2018-10-31T02:41:14.000Z

    Thanks for being awesome nurses!

  • John Escalera
    John Escalera   2018-10-30T06:06:56.000Z

    Thank you both and to all the first responders/military. Be safe.

  • ShookLikeJungkook
    ShookLikeJungkook   2018-10-29T23:09:23.000Z

    Appreciate nurses so much.

  • Cristina Garcia
    Cristina Garcia   2018-10-29T21:54:33.000Z

    When she started to cry 😭

  • Ron Stallworth
    Ron Stallworth   2018-10-28T02:24:51.000Z


  • Zach LeMaster
    Zach LeMaster   2018-10-26T12:39:30.000Z

    Wow lots of HIPPA violations here

  • Hilly
    Hilly   2018-10-23T06:37:45.000Z

    Why is she crying? 2:30

  • Ash Linz
    Ash Linz   2018-10-22T21:04:49.000Z

    God bless the both of them

  • Riley the cool Guy
    Riley the cool Guy   2018-10-21T15:44:48.000Z

    My mom works at the ER she’s a phlebotomist if you do not know what that is it’s a person that draws blood On u she told me a lot of stories

  • Honey Mo
    Honey Mo   2018-10-21T01:47:49.000Z

    My mom is a nurse and we watched this together and we started laughing 😂😂😂

  • Em Siobhan
    Em Siobhan   2018-10-19T19:31:29.000Z

    Had a patient with cellulitis (bacterial skin infection) once... the smell of decaying flesh is DEFINITELY the worst smell I’ve ever experienced 😅

  • David Badiola
    David Badiola   2018-10-17T13:00:18.000Z

    HIPAA?????? Lol Jkjk

  • Royen Han
    Royen Han   2018-10-15T00:21:26.000Z

    My MedPrep teacher is also a RN so she worked in the ER for a bit, and she told us a story of a man. This man came in completely calm, and sat down the bed. When my teacher asked what was wrong, he literally said “I have a hamster up my butt”. He later explained that it was for a sexual act with his wife that they usually do but this time the hamster got stuck in his butt lmao.

  • Maddison Hargrove
    Maddison Hargrove   2018-10-10T18:32:10.000Z

    It tears me apart to see nurses cry

  • Marwan Nawabi
    Marwan Nawabi   2018-10-08T05:29:35.000Z

    Damn, nurses are so amazing.

  • Maya Yale
    Maya Yale   2018-10-06T06:22:07.000Z

    2:45 ohhh honey, I\'m so glad that you care so much for your patients and honestly you are SO strong in ALL that you do. You truly make the world a better place, thank you!!

  • Grace Gregg
    Grace Gregg   2018-10-05T21:42:16.000Z

    Thank you for doing a BIG thing! I appreciate you guys!

  • E MM
    E MM   2018-10-04T03:35:59.000Z

    love this

  • Grace Shade
    Grace Shade   2018-09-30T17:03:46.000Z

    Once my aunt had to clean up a guys foot but his toe fell off so she wrapped it back up and went home and saved it for the next nurse 😂😂😂

  • ki x
    ki x   2018-09-30T16:25:54.000Z

    Not all heros wear capes, but most of them wear scrubs :)

  • Black Dash
    Black Dash   2018-09-30T14:53:31.000Z

    Are the nurses or models?!❤️👌👌

  • Richard David
    Richard David   2018-09-30T00:33:09.000Z

    Every peds case always hits home 😔

  • Annie Watson
    Annie Watson   2018-09-29T22:58:45.000Z

    2:28 You can hear that she is about to cry while telling that story ;-; I was about to cry too ;^; I just can\'t handle it when a baby has a disease or gets severely injured ;_; Edit: She cried ;_; Don\'t worry, I cried too ;_;

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee   2018-09-28T20:05:20.000Z

    My mom used to have that fainting disease, it was because her heart skipped beats

  • Butterfly Eyes
    Butterfly Eyes   2018-09-27T01:08:45.000Z

    Medical practitioners are heroes. I have so much respect for nurses.

  • asile_mai
    asile_mai   2018-09-26T16:52:22.000Z

    Definitely do a video on nurse abuse from administration, patients and their family members!

  • hannah williams
    hannah williams   2018-09-26T01:33:30.000Z

    1:16 was it thor

  • clairesweezy
    clairesweezy   2018-09-25T18:48:42.000Z

    I remember one time I was at a hospital visiting my brother and a girl walked to the doorway in her room and she was like “my finger is bleeding” and it was literally spewing blood like a fountain

  • Melanie Jimenez22
    Melanie Jimenez22   2018-09-25T07:44:54.000Z

    I appreciate all nurses

  • Anika Potgieter
    Anika Potgieter   2018-09-24T11:41:45.000Z

    You are beautiful rockstar ladies with hearts of gold

  • Moon Mm
    Moon Mm   2018-09-24T00:56:39.000Z

    They are human how can they just say that

  • not your mum
    not your mum   2018-09-24T00:56:33.000Z

    nurses are the true heroes of the ER and deserve so much more recognition.

  • quang anh nguyen tien
    quang anh nguyen tien   2018-09-23T03:05:52.000Z

    anyone who\'s been hospitalized would know they are saved by the nurses just as much as the doctors, if not more.

  • Vinylzilla
    Vinylzilla   2018-09-22T14:05:59.000Z

    Proud RN here! Its a privilege to witness life and a greater privilege and honour to see someone til the end. Its our job to help people and i think when patients are rude they have to understand that we are human too! We are not punching bags or your water getter. If you are reading this hopefully the next time you have to see a nurse please remember your please and thank yous it definitely goes a long way.

  • Nate Escalante
    Nate Escalante   2018-09-22T03:02:26.000Z

    Sounds like an interesting job to experience everyday, but it sounds like u could be traumatized on the way too...

  • Hebba Snobar
    Hebba Snobar   2018-09-21T21:23:26.000Z

    I’m a 17 year old thanks taking a nursing assistant course meant for adults. By senior year I’ll have completed the training and will be certified, but I do plan on working in nutrition or as a registered nurse when I do go into college.

  • humming bird
    humming bird   2018-09-19T09:03:24.000Z

    After many years as the supervising RN on the night shift...we had an 18 months old baby come in with no vital signs. The child was cold and blue...had obviously been gone for a while. Still...I met the parents in the parking lot..grabbed the baby and began doing what I could as I ran to the trauma bay. We worked for over 2 hours before the Dr stopped the code. I couldn\'t stop! He physically had to pull me away from the baby. That\'s been years ago. I\'m retired now and I\'m crying while typing this. Did I ever get numb to what I saw? No, thank you Lord...I never got used to it.

  • ThunderBass
    ThunderBass   2018-09-19T02:43:34.000Z

    To y\'all who are nurses or doctors, or to y\'all who want to be one someday, God bless y\'all. It takes a very special person to do stuff like this.

  • Angelica Guerrero
    Angelica Guerrero   2018-09-19T00:27:50.000Z

    I\'ve thought about doing healthcare, either as a firefighter or a doctor/nurse, and I have deep respect for the people working in those fields. The stuff they see isn\'t easy, but someone has to do it.

  • TheFriendlyRussian
    TheFriendlyRussian   2018-09-18T12:01:28.000Z

    Thats one of the fakest cries ive ever seen...😁😁

  • Isak Odegard
    Isak Odegard   2018-09-15T22:25:53.000Z

    cream advanced throw childhood van switch ice advance few congressional.

  • Heather Baker
    Heather Baker   2018-09-14T16:31:27.000Z

    As a vet tech, none of this is that weird. 😂

  • Automne the Furry
    Automne the Furry   2018-09-13T22:07:14.000Z

    *casually eats a poptart while watching this*

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool   2018-09-13T19:27:12.000Z

    One day I want to become a doctor

  • Hallie Hurst
    Hallie Hurst   2018-09-13T18:03:37.000Z

    When I broke my leg my mum and I were in the A&E waiting to go for an X-ray and through the curtain next to me there was an old man telling a nurse in excruciating detail about how his “private parts” had just exploded. The poor nurse kept saying ‘sir maybe you’d feel better explaining to the doctor privately’. Meanwhile my mum and I were loosing it, I was ten and high on morphine and it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. It was also became clear that the man was sitting there without anything covering that area and there was blood involved which should have been funny but it was because the nurse was going ’if you’d just let me wipe some of the blood away-‘ ‘and that’s right, hen, there’s quite a bit of blood isn’t there? Well you see-‘ We were laughing so loudly and we just couldn’t stop and the nurse obviously could hear us laughing but the man couldn’t and he would just not stop talking about it. I don’t know how she managed not to puke/laugh hysterically because I feel like they were the only two reactions. It went on for ages and included me saying to my mum ‘oh my god he’s gonna explain the whole thing all over again to the doctor’ which set us off again and one of the nurses coming in being to see me an being like ‘sorry no ones been in to see you yet, no-one can get close without laughing at that bloody man so I’m just gonna wheel you out of here now’. One of the funniest moments of my life but that poor nurse! (And poor old man, like, ouch. And poor doctor who ended up treating him)

  • AJ Nation
    AJ Nation   2018-09-13T17:27:47.000Z

    I shouldn\'t have watched this while eating...

  • Lydia Barlow
    Lydia Barlow   2018-09-13T03:28:46.000Z

    Please mention the abuse of health care workers #NoMore

  • L.D Extra credit
    L.D Extra credit   2018-09-11T21:12:01.000Z

    Not all heroes wear capes

  • Madison Villarreal
    Madison Villarreal   2018-09-11T18:56:57.000Z

    The worst smell I have smelled was doing CPR on a code with an upper GI bleed

  • Beth Laird
    Beth Laird   2018-09-11T16:49:43.000Z

    I cringed so much during this

  • Howisee it YT
    Howisee it YT   2018-09-11T02:33:04.000Z

    I wanna be a docter

  • Arianna Cordoves
    Arianna Cordoves   2018-09-10T20:56:43.000Z

    Thank you for helping us lets all appreciate these people more for taking years out of their lives to learn things and diagnose us and help us get through illnesses or injuries or whatever. 😊

  • flower child
    flower child   2018-09-10T19:32:08.000Z

    they had seem some sh*t

  • Alpha Creeper
    Alpha Creeper   2018-09-10T12:13:47.000Z

    Worked at a clinic as an intern and i can say i relate to this video a whole lot

  • Jirachi TeamInstinct
    Jirachi TeamInstinct   2018-09-10T02:48:22.000Z

    Thanks for saving my life a few months ago ☺️

  • Creole Bastard
    Creole Bastard   2018-09-10T00:26:49.000Z

    Can we find the parents of the baby talked about at 2:45?? It breaks my heart that she doesn’t know what happened. Come on internet, I believe in you

  • Jess B
    Jess B   2018-09-09T22:24:49.000Z

    Thank you nurses 🤗

  • Julian Hsieh
    Julian Hsieh   2018-09-09T21:32:38.000Z

    They need a raise

  • Lilllama 234
    Lilllama 234   2018-09-09T16:00:06.000Z

    Aww that was so sad whenever she teared up over the little baby, that\'s so sad. Thx for all Er workers for having to go through things like that.

  • Miss Dazz
    Miss Dazz   2018-09-09T15:24:40.000Z

    2:49 aw I just wanna hug her and tell her it’s ok💞

  • Nayra Martinez
    Nayra Martinez   2018-09-09T01:46:17.000Z

    When I hear about babies/kids get hurt it just hits my heart bad even if I’m not their family friends or related with them it hurts to see someone else get hurt

  • Nerdly Meow
    Nerdly Meow   2018-09-09T00:09:37.000Z

    I thank my mom for being a nurse every damn day

  • Thomas C
    Thomas C   2018-09-08T19:39:07.000Z

    Why does every comment have like 1k likes?

  • Get off my lawn
    Get off my lawn   2018-09-08T18:11:45.000Z

    Not all heroes wear capes ❤ you can tell just how full her voice was of emotion while talking about the baby

  • Mason Klabunde
    Mason Klabunde   2018-09-08T17:47:29.000Z

    My sister\'s an rn and nearly got her finger broken by a patient.

  • 1-Minute Medical Terminology
    1-Minute Medical Terminology   2018-09-08T13:23:51.000Z

    I love the pausing to honor patients who pass. Definitely the high point of your video. #MedicalTerminologyWithoutThePain

  • Mytai
    Mytai   2018-09-08T12:18:50.000Z

    2:40 the music makes her sound fake. Turn off the music next time for a serious moment. Haha

  • May Wu
    May Wu   2018-09-08T06:48:23.000Z

    Id be worried for HIPAA violations if i were them...