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  • Kylen Wells
    Kylen Wells   2018-10-23T05:15:48.000Z

    powerful song

  • TheOriginal Good
    TheOriginal Good   2018-10-23T02:55:20.000Z

    Hey let me attempt to blow your mind. What if I know God’s story? In the beginning God decided to be Good and was the first ever to do so. There was and is no way he’s ever creating “bad”. So how does bad exist? The same way God is a being, there are also other beings that exist. Bad beings brought bad into existence. Ideally, God should have just deleted bad from existence at the origin, but he strangely couldn’t. Why? Because bad actually has some power. This power has allowed bad to exist up till the present. Thankfully though, Good is stronger than bad. In the battle between Good and bad, victory is assured for Good. It will just happen after some time. To illustrate, think of an experiment in a test tube. You apply heat, but only after some time do you get desired results. Why not immediately? Because that’s simply how things work. 🧠 God is somewhere in this existence, but who the heck can prove it? What we have as fact is humans on earth. Humans are beings. Are they all good? Are they all bad? Is it some good while others bad? Do all humans die? Is it right that a good being should ever experience death? I’m sure you’ll agree that it makes more sense if someone told you that bad beings die. In a battle between good and bad beings, who will die and who will live? If they both live, the battle has to continue until there is a victor and dead loser. Therefore, the good being gets to stay alive. Nothing can kill the good being. The good being is eternal. Now I know many doubt the Christian Bible, but in Mark 10:18 it says that only God is truly good. Can any prove this to be a lie? This practically means that all humanity is bad! Here there’s death, suffering, sadness, corruption etc. It may be that humanity is the bad aspect of existence that Good God needs to get rid of. Now possibly, only God is truly good. So what about all humans? They all die because they’re all bad? Hmmmmm. Maybe there needs to be a human that never dies (or more than one human). Earlier I said nothing can kill a good being. Maybe God is currently in human form on earth and is just waiting for the battle between Good and bad to end. Then all that’s left is good. Tell me which part of this doesn’t make sense.

  • Alexander Korol
    Alexander Korol   2018-10-23T00:42:17.000Z

    Does anybody else have this glitch that changes the aspect ratio?

  • summermonga
    summermonga   2018-10-23T00:42:04.000Z

    Y\'all are so extra in the comments

  • tociv nathan
    tociv nathan   2018-10-22T23:58:31.000Z

    2017 🔥

  • Kennedy Star
    Kennedy Star   2018-10-22T22:30:30.000Z

    Damn this vid was kinda weak as shit but baptizing them white folks was tight af.

  • under-the woods
    under-the woods   2018-10-22T21:20:21.000Z

    Travis got me trippin all the time

  • Abraham Rodriguez
    Abraham Rodriguez   2018-10-22T20:37:36.000Z

    3:12 when you walk home but don’t have a key so you have to wait hours

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne   2018-10-22T20:29:57.000Z

    Nah what he is saying is “in every group of friends there will always be a wolf hidden in the sheeps” meaning that God had a wolf in between his 12 disciples meaning that in every group of friends you’ll always have a black sheep. So no matter what you are stuck with that cycle forever!

  • Droppn Dollars
    Droppn Dollars   2018-10-22T19:44:36.000Z

    He talking bout Kanye

  • YaBoi
    YaBoi   2018-10-22T19:39:07.000Z

    Ariana Grande: God is a woman Kanye West: I am a god Drake: God\'s plan Eminem: Rap god Travis Scott: Stop trying to be god XXXTENTACION: Who the fuck is god?

  • Souheil Stifler
    Souheil Stifler   2018-10-22T19:29:00.000Z

    is that a 2018 version of the teletubbies ?

  • Doyin Eve
    Doyin Eve   2018-10-22T17:55:22.000Z

    this is obviously an indirect at Kanye west

  • Fernando Solis
    Fernando Solis   2018-10-22T17:03:48.000Z

    This is blasphemy, this video is satanic open your eyes people, jesuschrist will put all these devil worshipers in hell soon....glory to jesus the son of the true god...

  • TOR
    TOR   2018-10-22T15:35:33.000Z

    This shit evil

  • Blue Huseey
    Blue Huseey   2018-10-22T14:48:16.000Z

    Ariana Grande: God is a Woman Kendrick Lamar: God is Gangsta Kanye West: I am a God Drake: God\'s Plan Eminem: Rap God Drake Again: 6 God Lil Tracy: God knows Florence + The Machine: Big God Joan Osborne: What if God is one of us Zuse + Post Malone: On God Travis Scott: STOP TRYING TO BE GOD Me: Can you guys stop talking about God k thanks

  • Sesta Senta
    Sesta Senta   2018-10-22T14:19:12.000Z


  • L
    L   2018-10-22T14:17:16.000Z

    tf kinda satanic shit is this.

  • lucifer j Rv
    lucifer j Rv   2018-10-22T08:01:54.000Z

    Iam god satan is my name

  • mrmastabaca
    mrmastabaca   2018-10-22T07:03:54.000Z

    2:08 I thought it was the ocean It\'s just the pool.

  • #DjB2k_Zer0
    #DjB2k_Zer0   2018-10-22T06:42:24.000Z

    Ishilè labô muùla

  • gvldenv
    gvldenv   2018-10-22T05:26:59.000Z

    the part when Travis is coming with the dragon signifies the revelation, the world coming to an end.

  • Juan Arias
    Juan Arias   2018-10-22T05:07:30.000Z

    C.G.I be like.

  • gabriel
    gabriel   2018-10-22T04:38:57.000Z

    Is that a chicken 🤠

  • Damian Parker
    Damian Parker   2018-10-22T04:06:29.000Z

    Travis is the G.O.A.T.

  • Narmani orange
    Narmani orange   2018-10-22T02:50:36.000Z


  • BubbaBubba 22
    BubbaBubba 22   2018-10-22T02:32:26.000Z

    Is this satanic or nah?

  • weezus
    weezus   2018-10-22T02:28:25.000Z

    is Kylie holding a chicken

  • it's me SG savage
    it's me SG savage   2018-10-22T00:41:06.000Z

    Best one🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alexsandro Ferrandin
    Alexsandro Ferrandin   2018-10-22T00:05:19.000Z

    *Uma paixão por essa música*

  • Alexsandro Ferrandin
    Alexsandro Ferrandin   2018-10-21T23:49:43.000Z

    *Br aqui*

  • mini mawh
    mini mawh   2018-10-21T23:43:39.000Z

    I smell Kanye west shade

  • Nina Lira
    Nina Lira   2018-10-21T22:34:24.000Z

    Drake: God’s Plan Kanye: I am a God Eminem: Rap God Ariana Grande: God is a Woman Travis Scott: Stop Trying to Be God I\'m dead. Lmao. o_0

  • Lizzy K Ifill
    Lizzy K Ifill   2018-10-21T21:50:00.000Z

    Why does Kylie look so old an why does God look so high 1:35 like stoned high an dem women i didnt know God\'s angles were ex strippers but the video is deep

  • lovesme24
    lovesme24   2018-10-21T20:47:27.000Z

    this why his album was # 1 dude have raw beats and very creativity nicki Minaj just talk about same old sound things and shake her ass and boobs

  • MultiBillionHeir
    MultiBillionHeir   2018-10-21T19:46:19.000Z

    shits trash

  • Senpai_ PLS
    Senpai_ PLS   2018-10-21T17:22:45.000Z

    в чем прикол петь с авто тюном ?

  • Shai W
    Shai W   2018-10-21T16:57:52.000Z

    I love this dude I swear, he makes the best videos

  • Puspa Andhira Raudhya
    Puspa Andhira Raudhya   2018-10-21T16:09:58.000Z

    I wish I was the goat Kyle was choking

  • MIA Doll World
    MIA Doll World   2018-10-21T13:28:54.000Z

    Kylie is choking that goat

  • MzTee Lady
    MzTee Lady   2018-10-21T11:58:52.000Z

    Proud to say Travis & Beyoncé represent Houston well 🚀🤟🏽❤️

  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan   2018-10-21T08:28:00.000Z

    Artistic as always. I like as always

  • Bryan Gunzo
    Bryan Gunzo   2018-10-21T05:53:36.000Z

    Keep your circle tight

  • Kiara Taveras
    Kiara Taveras   2018-10-21T05:40:16.000Z

    Most of the time artist speak to themselves in their music

  • Isaiah Sanders
    Isaiah Sanders   2018-10-21T04:14:40.000Z

    This is so good to listen to in headphones🙏🏽

  • Harith Danial
    Harith Danial   2018-10-21T03:49:27.000Z

    Hmm-hmm Just know what this about Hmm-hmm-hmm Hmm-hmm Palm trees, oceans, fresh air that can break your heart Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That\'s not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That\'s just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Ride for it every night Visions and these ankles tight Truth be told I never try Diamonds are the wife of life All three Rollies look alike After two you get a hook-up price Stripper never worked a nine to five Delta and I ship it overnight Stop tryna be God almighty Fuck the money, never leave your people behind It\'s never love, no matter what you try Still can see it comin\' down your eyes \'Cause they did not create commandments (ooh, ooh) When you hustle, always make it fancy (ooh, ooh) The signal\'s far from what you can be (ooh, ooh) \'Cause air traffic controls the landing Yeah, yeah yeah yeah Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That\'s not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That\'s just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Stop tryna play God almighty Always keep your circle tight I been wantin\' shit my whole life I\'m warning you, you best not try to play God tonight If I love her I\'ma pass her on First rule of war, you find an act of one You can\'t win a trophy or a plaque off her But never turn your back on her \'Cause they did not create commandments When you hustle, always make it fancy The signal\'s far from what you can be \'Cause air traffic controls the landing Yeah, yeah yeah yeah You won\'t succeed tryna learn me Stick to the roads in my journey Stay out of court when you got the attorney She say she love \'em, want to really burn me Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That\'s not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That\'s just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Is it the complex of the saint that\'s keepin\' you so, so still? Is it a coat of old paint that\'s peelin\' every day against our will? Is it too long since the last open conversation you had? Oh no And did you see the void in the past? And can you ever see it comin\' back? Well can you always be a step ahead of it for me? Well can you always be a step ahead of it for me? Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh That it?

  • Devaughn Daggett
    Devaughn Daggett   2018-10-21T02:33:28.000Z

    this is now best music video of all time! travis scott is a genius with the visual effects👏

  • Emma Hernandez
    Emma Hernandez   2018-10-21T01:54:56.000Z

    Todo un crack

  • Emma Hernandez
    Emma Hernandez   2018-10-21T01:53:48.000Z


  • Emma Hernandez
    Emma Hernandez   2018-10-21T01:53:42.000Z


  • Slime Shit
    Slime Shit   2018-10-21T01:21:55.000Z


  • PooDeath
    PooDeath   2018-10-21T01:09:05.000Z

    I mostly like the song because of the hook, video, and Kid Cudi’s humming.

  • BenjaminSiegel MOORE
    BenjaminSiegel MOORE   2018-10-21T00:32:05.000Z


    SNOWY GALAXY   2018-10-21T00:25:24.000Z

    STOP TRYING TO BE GOD!!!!!!!!!😂

  • Pasta
    Pasta   2018-10-21T00:10:15.000Z

    que puto crack

  • Love Justice
    Love Justice   2018-10-20T23:42:16.000Z

    It makes me feel like im in california dancing under stars with waves crashing an ppl laughing

  • Carrygroup Currygriup
    Carrygroup Currygriup   2018-10-20T23:28:19.000Z

    Travis Scott\'s is so cool

  • Somali funny TV
    Somali funny TV   2018-10-20T23:28:05.000Z

    Allahu akbar ya Travis

  • esmiee
    esmiee   2018-10-20T22:09:17.000Z

    3:12 when you look at the sun the day of the solar eclipse

  • Lionel Ngobeni
    Lionel Ngobeni   2018-10-20T22:00:44.000Z

    Can we just talk about this harmonica

  • Lari Delonge
    Lari Delonge   2018-10-20T21:38:54.000Z

    After Sicko Mode

  • CrazyGabe79
    CrazyGabe79   2018-10-20T21:22:59.000Z

    he looks like that cinnamon stick from those apple jacks commercials

  • HTX Lemarc
    HTX Lemarc   2018-10-20T20:55:22.000Z

    the humming makes this song

  • Fallen Avabel
    Fallen Avabel   2018-10-20T20:12:40.000Z

    this video has a lot of blasphemy in it

  • iCamron
    iCamron   2018-10-20T19:42:24.000Z

    I lost 40000 brain cells watching this video trying to understand why the video is like all the way horizontal.. Is travis sc0tt special or something??

  • Lil Whore
    Lil Whore   2018-10-20T18:42:49.000Z

    This is a Kanye diss fashoo

    SUDIRMAN   2018-10-20T18:35:02.000Z


  • x Killcam
    x Killcam   2018-10-20T18:14:15.000Z

    that humming my lord

  • Brian Daniel
    Brian Daniel   2018-10-20T18:07:31.000Z

    This video is creepy and blasphemous if you know anything about the Bible

  • ASAP Lee
    ASAP Lee   2018-10-20T17:03:42.000Z


  • B H
    B H   2018-10-20T16:52:34.000Z

    Deceivers never win, Travis. See you at the end because your time is up....

  • Voltage Roamer
    Voltage Roamer   2018-10-20T16:50:17.000Z

    Who came after Sicko Mode?

  • Nunu P
    Nunu P   2018-10-20T15:54:14.000Z

    This need to win video of the year fr

  • ecoboost_tx
    ecoboost_tx   2018-10-20T15:48:22.000Z

    I can\'t put my finger on it, but this video is suspect. It\'s just gives me a feeling that something ain\'t right. He\'s definitely not on Gods side cause if he was then he would be praising Him. I don\'t know, this video is just way to sketchy...

  • achoo
    achoo   2018-10-20T15:22:39.000Z


  • La Flamee
    La Flamee   2018-10-20T15:00:15.000Z


  • Psychotic Maniac
    Psychotic Maniac   2018-10-20T14:12:13.000Z

    That lamb looks happy as fuck

  • Ronald Leeuw
    Ronald Leeuw   2018-10-20T12:54:52.000Z

    Order your SICKO MODE T-shirt here:

  • Ladeana Arte
    Ladeana Arte   2018-10-20T12:06:23.000Z

    i like how travis has implied that god/jesus is black🤙🏻 if u know u know

  • Akhan Utegali
    Akhan Utegali   2018-10-20T11:15:42.000Z

    Налайкайте чтобы они подумали что я написал что то крутое

  • Roger Sprague
    Roger Sprague   2018-10-20T09:44:00.000Z


  • J Davis
    J Davis   2018-10-20T09:18:33.000Z

    😃😃he baptis them in a swimming pool or park

  • ElMalikQLF
    ElMalikQLF   2018-10-20T08:47:44.000Z

    I’m muslim and I see all these biblical messages got me cringing Not hating on anyone tho

  • Danté
    Danté   2018-10-20T08:32:16.000Z

    I freaked out as soon as I saw the talking goat😹

  • Joey Sparks
    Joey Sparks   2018-10-20T03:50:41.000Z

    This nigguh really gave white people box braids LMAO

  • Lucas Willmer
    Lucas Willmer   2018-10-20T03:36:41.000Z

    I cry everytime

  • Saustin HunniBuckutts
    Saustin HunniBuckutts   2018-10-20T03:30:01.000Z

    Who is Kylie, the Queen of Diamonds?

  • Phoenix Swanson
    Phoenix Swanson   2018-10-20T03:28:22.000Z

    We are the gods of the planet earth

  • Ziad Mohsen
    Ziad Mohsen   2018-10-20T02:42:00.000Z

    This song is made for Kanye

  • Phungsun Mushahary
    Phungsun Mushahary   2018-10-20T02:32:54.000Z

    Hmmm hmmmm hmmm hmm hmmm

  • JC- Pranks
    JC- Pranks   2018-10-20T01:57:11.000Z

    Straight blasphemous disgusting

  • Juani Boltezar
    Juani Boltezar   2018-10-20T00:31:03.000Z


  • Rahim Miah
    Rahim Miah   2018-10-20T00:23:07.000Z


  • whus -
    whus -   2018-10-19T21:54:20.000Z

    Who else came here after watching the SICKO MODE new music video?

  • progress waves
    progress waves   2018-10-19T21:34:44.000Z


  • Teo Kurtaran
    Teo Kurtaran   2018-10-19T21:29:10.000Z

    Why does Travis appear so much at the start...🐐

  • UD GraDeSs
    UD GraDeSs   2018-10-19T21:08:30.000Z


  • peanutbutterrobot
    peanutbutterrobot   2018-10-19T21:05:29.000Z

    james blake in a travis scott song. yesss

  • nba
    nba   2018-10-19T20:15:39.000Z

    Kid cudi kilt this shit wit his humming On Broooo

  • Diar
    Diar   2018-10-19T19:33:56.000Z

    this give me chills