twenty one pilots: Goner


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  • shinigame 457
    shinigame 457   2018-11-15T22:26:51.000Z

    The music is cool but my ears are hurting

  • Nastya Weible
    Nastya Weible   2018-11-15T20:05:30.000Z

    How many instruments Tyler can play?

  • Raiden-_-304
    Raiden-_-304   2018-11-14T20:14:21.000Z

    The sound of the accordion creaking represents somebody hanging from a noose

  • Maxie Elever
    Maxie Elever   2018-11-14T14:15:17.000Z

    Somebody catch my breath

  • Arwen Choate
    Arwen Choate   2018-11-12T04:41:49.000Z

    how am I so impressed that Tyler can play the accordion?

  • elsy zamora
    elsy zamora   2018-11-12T02:00:15.000Z

    I’m still here 🖤

  • ʙᴀɴᴅɪᴛᴏ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ
    ʙᴀɴᴅɪᴛᴏ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ   2018-11-11T20:32:28.000Z

    the noises are really soothing it calms me.

  • I'm The Øne
    I'm The Øne   2018-11-11T17:38:40.000Z

    No Phun intended?

  • William Östberg
    William Östberg   2018-11-11T08:21:28.000Z

    he’s so talented

  • Kaity Daniel
    Kaity Daniel   2018-11-11T01:30:30.000Z

    I’ve watched this so many times for the past 3 or 4 years. And every time someone starts cutting those onions

  • Sam Greenblatt
    Sam Greenblatt   2018-11-11T00:47:35.000Z


  • AlheaCharmy
    AlheaCharmy   2018-11-10T03:44:19.000Z

    Omg, I just discover that! He looks so sad. I can understand this feeling at the least of the video. 😂

  • gamesandtheory 666
    gamesandtheory 666   2018-11-09T21:22:44.000Z

    Hds at end

  • ¡Arabella L!
    ¡Arabella L!   2018-11-09T12:46:13.000Z

    something about listening to this while it’s snowing makes me feel sad and nostalgic in a way

  • Destiny Yacconi
    Destiny Yacconi   2018-11-09T12:31:24.000Z

    I remember listening to this 6 years ago and just bawling

  • Cupheadmania
    Cupheadmania   2018-11-09T06:17:33.000Z

    November 2018?

  • _Jabøx _
    _Jabøx _   2018-11-09T05:47:49.000Z

    would this be the technical beginning of the BF era

  • glowing anathema
    glowing anathema   2018-11-08T21:56:36.000Z


  • Alexa Robuck
    Alexa Robuck   2018-11-08T16:05:35.000Z

    this has always been difficult to listen to because the noose sounds but I finally did it without feeling anxious or yearning to hurt myself I hope that means somethin good

  • dead_banditø
    dead_banditø   2018-11-08T01:22:24.000Z

    winter early mornings/late nights are very special.

  • Rocío Colán
    Rocío Colán   2018-11-07T19:45:10.000Z

    November 2018?

  • luke
    luke   2018-11-07T01:52:56.000Z

    The sound is actually a noose, found a video that could possibly be used in this version.

  • Ella VDH
    Ella VDH   2018-11-07T00:21:17.000Z


  • Olivia Dempsey
    Olivia Dempsey   2018-11-06T13:52:22.000Z

    i thought it sounded creepy anyway so when i saw \"noose swinging\" in the comment section i instantly was mesmerized and horrified at the same time. i didn\'t know how much suicide terrified me until now.

  • M a i i t e O j e d a
    M a i i t e O j e d a   2018-11-06T03:08:58.000Z


  • Kookie Bookie
    Kookie Bookie   2018-11-05T00:50:14.000Z

    1:27 I wAs TrYing t0 GeT SoMeThInG DoNe, AnD YoU jUsT hAaAAAD tO rUiN iT, GaWd DamNit FrIcK yOu MaN

  • Molly Beth
    Molly Beth   2018-11-04T22:34:14.000Z

    seeing this now. 6 years after it was posted. knowing that this song closed blurryface 3 years after this video’s release. i’m really crying in the club. tyler’s mind gives me inspiration to keep moving forward.

  • LT Motions
    LT Motions   2018-11-04T19:38:50.000Z

    OMG u guys heard the part at the very end *dats from HeavyDirtySoul*

  • Speakeasy_11
    Speakeasy_11   2018-11-04T05:01:04.000Z

    I came back to this video because someone said that they noticed Tyler\'s thumb to be clubbed at this video. Now I\'ll look at his thumb more in every video.

  • DRK
    DRK   2018-11-03T02:33:11.000Z

    me siento especial

  • Person #5
    Person #5   2018-11-02T23:35:51.000Z

    yeah this is a deep, good song and all but i can’t help but laugh because tyler just looks like this random lonely dude sadly playing accordion to himself

  • RedEagle_
    RedEagle_   2018-11-01T18:17:46.000Z

    I\'m looking around the three main albums looking for the meaning of trench and I just realized that that is the neighborhood from stressed out

  • Kat311
    Kat311   2018-10-30T18:10:15.000Z

    You\'re deep in the clique when you\'ve watched at least 100s of interviews, all the web series, and now the music videos.. what to do after this?

  • Kat311
    Kat311   2018-10-30T18:09:28.000Z

    Damn 2012?

  • DUSK doesGaming
    DUSK doesGaming   2018-10-30T01:03:41.000Z

    And thus blurryface was born

  • Tessa FF
    Tessa FF   2018-10-30T00:21:29.000Z

    I\'m a goner too

  • tdc
    tdc   2018-10-29T22:52:49.000Z

    this video is mesmerizing

  • My name Is Olivia
    My name Is Olivia   2018-10-29T09:41:19.000Z

    This was filmed in the street Clancy Way google it (Clancy Way, Columbus, OH) I dare ya

  • Azu Sykes Lucker
    Azu Sykes Lucker   2018-10-29T06:01:09.000Z


  • Rykthetyk 1010
    Rykthetyk 1010   2018-10-28T15:35:43.000Z

    Wait wait wait did anyone hear HEAVYDIRTYSOUL IN THE BACKGROUND AT THE END !?!?!?

  • steph tjjd
    steph tjjd   2018-10-27T20:43:00.000Z

    and to think that later we would have it unpublished in 2016 with blurryface, I do not give more ..

  • Camille Johnson
    Camille Johnson   2018-10-26T15:31:06.000Z

    This video is like one of the first i remember. I remeber being mega spooked

  • thirty øne autømøbile drivers
    thirty øne autømøbile drivers   2018-10-24T22:41:16.000Z

    why am I finding this now it\'s been years I\'m a fake fan-

  • Kleey :-P
    Kleey :-P   2018-10-22T23:28:44.000Z

    \" sahlo folina \"

  • Eliott Pawsey
    Eliott Pawsey   2018-10-22T11:40:02.000Z

    The sound in the end. It reminds me of the sounds on Trench. Specifically Neon Gravestones. And also the beginning of Heavydirtysoul. Goner was on Blurryface and we know that Trench is connected. (Through Heavydirtysoul.) I know I am probably late. And wrong. But I think that this proves that Tyler is a genius.

  • TheHelixMan101
    TheHelixMan101   2018-10-21T16:11:55.000Z

    Dang took 3 years to release this blurry boi

  • Mr.Dark_Ness
    Mr.Dark_Ness   2018-10-20T00:38:24.000Z


  • Camilla Shabanbayli
    Camilla Shabanbayli   2018-10-18T16:34:29.000Z

    Мне одной показалась что видео закончились так, как начиналась песня Heavydirtysoul?

  • Elizabeth Gresham
    Elizabeth Gresham   2018-10-18T04:16:33.000Z

    I live in and grew up near Columbus Ohio,so seeing theses streets in a top video is so Serial to me.

  • Pray For The Wicked
    Pray For The Wicked   2018-10-18T03:57:36.000Z

    This is literally the version of Goner he wrote in 2008... I’m absolutely t e r r i f i e d

  • The Fun In Dysfunctional
    The Fun In Dysfunctional   2018-10-17T23:34:05.000Z

    “The beginning of heavydirtysoul” is actually a distorted scream. He wants us to know. He wants us to know that he won. Nicolas won.

  • Yuri DDLC
    Yuri DDLC   2018-10-17T15:04:20.000Z

    This was made in 2012??? THIS IS STILL GOOD CHANGE MY MIND

  • GerardAtTheUrie Carrying On
    GerardAtTheUrie Carrying On   2018-10-16T12:11:16.000Z

    The accordion makes the song sound more intense, but also when i dont wanna get too sad i think about pirates

  • Ash Hafer
    Ash Hafer   2018-10-15T22:44:19.000Z

    And then heavydirtysoul starts it’s tune!!!!

  • Evaristo Regalado
    Evaristo Regalado   2018-10-15T14:14:42.000Z

    Who else noticed the heavydirtysoul intro in the end

  • Diba Nazaliah
    Diba Nazaliah   2018-10-15T09:56:40.000Z

    This is so much more emotional than the blurryface version ahhhhh

  • Peyton Smith
    Peyton Smith   2018-10-14T15:39:02.000Z


  • anonymous me
    anonymous me   2018-10-13T16:26:19.000Z

    from where can i get this hoodie ?!?!

  • Gentleman Gespenst
    Gentleman Gespenst   2018-10-13T09:28:22.000Z

    i\'m the 10000st comment lmao

  • Damian
    Damian   2018-10-13T01:15:43.000Z

    Este es el paso de Vessel a Blurryface.

  • JassX autosave process
    JassX autosave process   2018-10-11T21:46:18.000Z


  • Martin Grenar
    Martin Grenar   2018-10-10T14:43:47.000Z

    That HeavyDirtySoul beginning at the end of this video always gives me chills

  • Sp00kyjim
    Sp00kyjim   2018-10-07T22:59:40.000Z

    This was made on my birthday 😃

  • Shayanne Coelho
    Shayanne Coelho   2018-10-07T18:53:46.000Z


  • Shayanne Coelho
    Shayanne Coelho   2018-10-07T18:53:38.000Z

    Hi love

  • Finn
    Finn   2018-10-07T10:19:49.000Z

    i saw this four years ago today

  • joe zhang
    joe zhang   2018-10-06T03:01:29.000Z

    This is actually my favorite 21 pilots song that really speaks to me...

  • 1000 subs no vids challenge
    1000 subs no vids challenge   2018-10-05T21:04:22.000Z

    The start is stressed out but 6 years earlier.

  • Anderson Orme
    Anderson Orme   2018-10-04T20:39:46.000Z

    guys is tyler the real skull trooper? does tyler love fortnite

  • Lemendz 505
    Lemendz 505   2018-10-04T15:27:20.000Z

    after one trip to Mexico Tyler decides to play accordian

  • Aurelie Charmy
    Aurelie Charmy   2018-10-04T06:15:18.000Z

    I adore the style of Joseph Tyler, he looks so adorable in this video.

  • serenity vega
    serenity vega   2018-10-02T00:32:43.000Z


  • Jake Emrys
    Jake Emrys   2018-10-01T23:22:21.000Z

    fun fact thats kinda creepy: for about 6 months straight this song was the only song that could calm me down enough to make me sleep as i related to it so much

  • Jake Emrys
    Jake Emrys   2018-10-01T14:51:07.000Z

    Winter 2017

  • Esmeralda Torres
    Esmeralda Torres   2018-09-30T00:32:06.000Z

    Los amo🎶❤💛son mi ñs amores TOP ||=//

  • Асисяй
    Асисяй   2018-09-28T18:01:04.000Z


  • ImExcitedForTrench
    ImExcitedForTrench   2018-09-28T11:29:05.000Z

    Who thinks the accordion stretching is satisfying?

  • Noah Harrison
    Noah Harrison   2018-09-27T08:11:09.000Z

    Trench symbol in the bottom right corner anyone?

  • jungkook is jungsh00k
    jungkook is jungsh00k   2018-09-26T22:46:14.000Z

    I used this song in a story for school, really hope the teacher doesn’t check it out, but I want them to all at once

  • Надія Купчененко
    Надія Купчененко   2018-09-26T18:16:00.000Z

    Моя улюблена

  • Jana Zainalabedin
    Jana Zainalabedin   2018-09-25T15:24:24.000Z

    my birth day feb 11 :D

  • meljveprek
    meljveprek   2018-09-25T07:55:27.000Z

    omg this video constantly kills me. it\'s like he becomes personified into the accordion,,,

  • Max Melcher
    Max Melcher   2018-09-23T19:26:38.000Z

    holy crap thats like really sad

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy   2018-09-22T18:35:00.000Z

    Man, I rarely go down this Twenty One Pilots hole (old Goner, Ruby, Forest etc.) because it\'s fucking depressing, but every time I do wind up here I think it\'s the most beautiful thing on Earth.

  • TwentyOneFunkoPops YT
    TwentyOneFunkoPops YT   2018-09-21T14:29:54.000Z


  • Tessa Tielen
    Tessa Tielen   2018-09-20T10:55:06.000Z


  • Matthew 479 Butterfly
    Matthew 479 Butterfly   2018-09-18T22:55:22.000Z


  • Matthew 479 Butterfly
    Matthew 479 Butterfly   2018-09-18T22:53:36.000Z


  • water kelp
    water kelp   2018-09-18T04:45:20.000Z

    2 0 1 2 my g 0 d

  • Bon Bob
    Bon Bob   2018-09-17T18:36:10.000Z

    this and the street version of forest make me so emotional

  • Elier Martinez
    Elier Martinez   2018-09-17T01:03:54.000Z

    O shit man

  • Kitchen Sink
    Kitchen Sink   2018-09-14T21:12:08.000Z

    Bigodin na reta

  • WolfEye
    WolfEye   2018-09-13T22:25:01.000Z

    you can hear the start to heavydirtysoul at the end

  • look at all those chickens
    look at all those chickens   2018-09-13T04:55:00.000Z

    I’m just here to cry.

  • Shit Content
    Shit Content   2018-09-13T02:59:27.000Z

    I feel like the accordion represents breathing like tight chested breathing

  • Vero CX
    Vero CX   2018-09-12T20:43:53.000Z


  • It’s Just Marina
    It’s Just Marina   2018-09-12T05:45:25.000Z

    What if the moment of him screaming is something that really affected him or blurryface trying to control him?to make him feel bad about himself,making him feel like a goner?

  • RelatedAbyss
    RelatedAbyss   2018-09-10T22:48:47.000Z

    2018 anyone

  • rainydreaming aj
    rainydreaming aj   2018-09-10T20:17:56.000Z

    i think i cried

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer   2018-09-10T18:05:06.000Z

    Some person: \"2018, right?\" Thousands of people: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY LIKE!