All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet & LUXURY Dim Sum in Taipei Taiwan: Taiwan Food Tour


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  • Drex 66
    Drex 66   2018-11-16T02:19:34.000Z

    I like to eat carbs but im to lazy to take off the shell sometimes.. am i that lazy or theres somene else like me? If there are EYYYYYY

  • TaylorMade Style
    TaylorMade Style   2018-11-15T21:27:27.000Z

    I wanna travel with you lol made me hungry

    COOLIOCA   2018-11-15T08:45:18.000Z

    10:53 I\'m Asian, too bad I\'m allergic to shellfish...

  • Peachieee
    Peachieee   2018-11-14T23:50:59.000Z

    bruh he could make 30 cent ramen packets sound good

    LEAD FARMER   2018-11-14T22:57:49.000Z

    I\'m starting to think the chinese double stomach concept he brought to our attention is why he isn\'t 500lbs! lol

  • jazmine galvan
    jazmine galvan   2018-11-14T22:11:32.000Z

    Never had seafood but you make me want to eat everything 🤤🤤🤤

  • Nanci Li
    Nanci Li   2018-11-14T17:44:48.000Z

    Can you put some makeup on lol

  • joy .s
    joy .s   2018-11-14T02:53:40.000Z

    點心看就點不到心 ...

  • b1790
    b1790   2018-11-13T20:45:21.000Z

    The appeal of Mike’s videos: International Mukbang 😍

  • shelby curtis
    shelby curtis   2018-11-13T18:53:46.000Z

    16:12 his eyes thooo😂

  • Ben Cuthbertson
    Ben Cuthbertson   2018-11-13T16:22:09.000Z

    I take it when he says erb he means herbs

  • B2 bb
    B2 bb   2018-11-12T22:15:29.000Z

    How do you eat that much and are not the size of a house?

  • nancyxx2014
    nancyxx2014   2018-11-12T20:56:39.000Z

    Do you exercise? How do you keep so fit with all that food?

  • vifaz
    vifaz   2018-11-12T13:20:32.000Z

    laughing and hungry, laungry

  • marcus vanta
    marcus vanta   2018-11-12T04:54:06.000Z

    Man. I love you your commentary and vibes. Keep these up please very entertaining.

  • Lelouch Ledouche
    Lelouch Ledouche   2018-11-11T08:05:51.000Z

    5:43 mike reaction is crazy fast

  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan   2018-11-10T06:39:40.000Z

    Damn this guy can eat

  • Hans Weissman
    Hans Weissman   2018-11-09T21:30:42.000Z

    A cow has seven stomachs......Mike comes very close......

  • La'Drek Battle
    La'Drek Battle   2018-11-07T23:10:57.000Z

    I smelled that through my phone 😍

  • punkfish495
    punkfish495   2018-11-07T22:02:53.000Z

    love how people behind you are just watching and standing in camera haha

  • Frozen Fire
    Frozen Fire   2018-11-06T05:02:38.000Z

    How much did the seafood buffet cost?

  • Joon Whan Choi
    Joon Whan Choi   2018-11-04T20:18:44.000Z

    I had a great experience at Yen as well but they ask you to give them a TripAdvisor comment (they watch you do it) in return they give you coupons worth $50 for the bar next door - it was a bit weird from a five-star hotel.

  • Yebizzle
    Yebizzle   2018-11-04T19:47:27.000Z

    God damn it Mike! Why are you torturing me! Now I’m all sad while slurping on my cup of noodles while watching you eating all these amazing food.... Hahaha, just kidding. Keep up the great contents you’ve been producing. Love them! And I want to thank you for dropping the location of the restaurant in the video descriptions below. I’m definitely going to visit this buffet when I go to Taiwan.

  • Wanphen Slemmer
    Wanphen Slemmer   2018-11-04T14:31:56.000Z

    when i see you eat… im hungry… the tast you explane so clearly love it

  • Maria Rib
    Maria Rib   2018-11-04T00:16:56.000Z

    OMG this place has your picture up in the back - Don\'t let this guy in!!

  • Daven Buth
    Daven Buth   2018-11-03T07:35:40.000Z

    Imo spiny lobster isnt as good as maine

  • Foxy s
    Foxy s   2018-11-02T22:25:28.000Z

    Bruh I love seafood so dang much

  • Benjamin Stearns
    Benjamin Stearns   2018-11-02T07:07:20.000Z

    Good Lord I am so jealous of you!!!

  • Long Tran
    Long Tran   2018-11-02T04:05:28.000Z

    Vietnam is food heaven The top of the planet

  • Bob Simon
    Bob Simon   2018-11-02T02:16:52.000Z

    Quick question that second stomach that consumes crab since all Asian people have one, does that mean that Caucasian people do too? Since Asian is in the name

  • dreamauroraj
    dreamauroraj   2018-11-01T22:50:11.000Z

    I think I was thinking about going vegan, but with MIke standing between me and veganism, how could I?

  • ChickHen
    ChickHen   2018-11-01T17:42:01.000Z

    I am watching a guy eat all these different kinds of seafood while I\'m here eating an apple

  • Noble Six Spartan
    Noble Six Spartan   2018-11-01T03:12:46.000Z

    Huh, I live in Fengyuan, Taiwan and I\'ve never heard of the two buffets that you visited. But I\'ll be looking forward to dining at them soon!

  • SaRaH Kruch
    SaRaH Kruch   2018-10-31T03:53:11.000Z

    Where do you put it all? I keep expecting you to burst!

  • Lance Milana
    Lance Milana   2018-10-30T18:29:42.000Z

    He eats like Goku! 😅

  • dhenriodful
    dhenriodful   2018-10-30T05:25:33.000Z

    You make me want to try all those dishes 😋😋😋

  • Shirley Ethier
    Shirley Ethier   2018-10-30T01:00:12.000Z

    This was such an awesome video. Someday when I hit the lottery I hope to travel to some of the places you visited. How exciting that would be because the food looked so wonderful. Thank you for such great video\'s

  • Joyce Allen
    Joyce Allen   2018-10-29T09:33:30.000Z

    Oh I wish I had a crab

  • Louise Sory
    Louise Sory   2018-10-28T23:06:23.000Z

    Omg I would be in heaven

  • GamingExploiter
    GamingExploiter   2018-10-28T12:32:45.000Z

    9million stomachs

  • Lansing Cruise
    Lansing Cruise   2018-10-27T18:10:00.000Z

    Lol everything\'s your favourite....

  • MultiBelz
    MultiBelz   2018-10-27T17:17:04.000Z

    Now I am hungry.

  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil   2018-10-27T14:33:59.000Z

    Mike, how do you stay slim?

  • Owen skywalker
    Owen skywalker   2018-10-26T13:40:05.000Z

    Sea food

  • Nhan N
    Nhan N   2018-10-26T08:07:49.000Z

    I didn\'t realise the food ranger is a buffet executive chef?

  • Saltanat Bekbolotova
    Saltanat Bekbolotova   2018-10-25T13:21:28.000Z

    Mickey Chen, love your channel.

  • Herbo Turbo
    Herbo Turbo   2018-10-25T00:42:17.000Z


  • Grace Day
    Grace Day   2018-10-24T04:36:36.000Z

    Food that makes your toes curl.

  • Cammie Garrison
    Cammie Garrison   2018-10-23T19:19:34.000Z

    Turnips, yuck!

  • Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson   2018-10-21T21:07:47.000Z

    that dish with the fig on top looked like sushi in ice cream form

  • JustDeleted
    JustDeleted   2018-10-21T10:30:13.000Z

    I only have the lobster stomach and the meat stomach and i am asian

  • vypres
    vypres   2018-10-20T22:18:02.000Z

    i love the whore in the back ground just waiting xd

  • rebekah love
    rebekah love   2018-10-20T03:57:33.000Z

    Mike Chen logic 👌

  • Johnlocked the impala
    Johnlocked the impala   2018-10-19T06:23:35.000Z

    Meanwhile I\'m over here drowning in my own saliva

  • Ursa Majordip
    Ursa Majordip   2018-10-18T22:35:36.000Z

    Loveeeeeee your buffet videos. :)

  • Sarah Louis
    Sarah Louis   2018-10-18T04:37:21.000Z

    If I was at that buffet, I would be demolishing the sushi section and just stay there all night🤣

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P   2018-10-16T09:24:10.000Z

    I just love your editing!

  • Kirra ClarkWilt
    Kirra ClarkWilt   2018-10-16T06:22:35.000Z

    Drooling! Seafood is life!

  • drmabeuse
    drmabeuse   2018-10-16T05:26:26.000Z

    Must be your single greatest review EVER! You were glowing from start to finish!

  • Ray Chu
    Ray Chu   2018-10-16T05:21:28.000Z

    da chef cook the crab was my ex co-worker back in hotel regent taipei asian banquet kitchen =)

  • Matthew Motas
    Matthew Motas   2018-10-15T21:35:25.000Z

    That buffet looks amazing. Awesome job Mike Chen!

  • Chandarabophavatey Ngan
    Chandarabophavatey Ngan   2018-10-15T06:41:29.000Z

    I wish I could got there it’s like a heaven of food

  • Green Plant
    Green Plant   2018-10-15T02:21:08.000Z

    This guy can really eat.....he is a buffet person...make every pennies worth!

  • cherry zhang
    cherry zhang   2018-10-13T23:28:24.000Z

    “Yes all of us Asians have that.” Me: Are you sureeee? I’m pretty sure I don’t have three stomachs.

  • Gina Lin
    Gina Lin   2018-10-12T06:35:26.000Z

    I need togo

  • Queen Benjamin
    Queen Benjamin   2018-10-12T00:00:55.000Z

    If I had three stomachs the buffet would be closed already

  • Diana Chapa
    Diana Chapa   2018-10-11T22:21:53.000Z

    Omg you are making me so hungry 😋 !!!!!!! What a great experience that must have been ! Coming from a seafood foodie!!! 💁🏻‍♀️

    REX CHEN   2018-10-11T04:37:03.000Z

    so much seafood, this guy is getting laid

  • Prototype 6.0
    Prototype 6.0   2018-10-09T23:03:37.000Z

    i can eag so many lobster so im good

  • isharamo M.
    isharamo M.   2018-10-08T14:49:30.000Z

    You should have like a series on Netflix 😩

  • Names Cam
    Names Cam   2018-10-07T09:56:17.000Z

    I watch all these videos and just get more tortured cause I\'m so broke i cant afford ramen...

  • Roi Cabuyao
    Roi Cabuyao   2018-10-07T09:14:52.000Z

    6:52 boogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Yeboi Ligman
    Yeboi Ligman   2018-10-07T02:26:28.000Z

    I wished i had 4 stomachs like mike 😂😂

  • Debbie Martinez
    Debbie Martinez   2018-10-06T10:02:48.000Z

    you can be a competitive eater mike👍😂

  • D J
    D J   2018-10-06T07:52:05.000Z

    Drinking cold water (or any water) over food (especially greasy food) leads to undigested food remaining in stomach and converting into toxins

  • Mason Hendrickson
    Mason Hendrickson   2018-10-05T11:12:49.000Z

    You deserve a review show on t.v,i would watch it

  • Tracie Dillard
    Tracie Dillard   2018-10-03T23:39:56.000Z

    I love when something is so good he looks like he’s in pain

  • Courtney Stock
    Courtney Stock   2018-10-03T22:00:41.000Z

    Man after my own heart with those mussels

  • Hui Yi Chung
    Hui Yi Chung   2018-10-03T05:27:17.000Z

    The custard buns are so cute.

  • Mauricio Paladines
    Mauricio Paladines   2018-10-02T07:53:23.000Z

    I feel sorry for your bathroom 😂💩

  • for truth and freedom
    for truth and freedom   2018-10-02T01:42:17.000Z

    I never go to a buffet to eat desserts

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee   2018-10-01T00:11:35.000Z

    Now That\'s What I Call Seafood heaven 😋☝️👍llolll🦐🦀🦈

  • Allana Gomez
    Allana Gomez   2018-09-29T01:36:30.000Z


  • Nolan PhanlyPhetasa
    Nolan PhanlyPhetasa   2018-09-28T20:41:22.000Z

    6:46 who believes he has the BEST logic

  • Nolan PhanlyPhetasa
    Nolan PhanlyPhetasa   2018-09-28T20:35:57.000Z

    *reads title* did he go to heaven ugh so lucky

    DAX JINN   2018-09-28T04:58:18.000Z


  • Steven Hutting
    Steven Hutting   2018-09-27T19:19:06.000Z

    Im sooooo hungry now haha;)

    RH SHAMIM   2018-09-25T11:46:42.000Z

    0.58 for a second I thought I\'ve seen Trevor James from THE FOOD RANGER

  • Tak Yan
    Tak Yan   2018-09-25T04:54:38.000Z

    You had me at soft shell crab.

  • BTS are Memes
    BTS are Memes   2018-09-25T04:26:08.000Z

    When I\'m literally taking like 2 hours to caption all of this in English >o<

  • Anime Is maw life
    Anime Is maw life   2018-09-25T02:44:49.000Z

    Oof I would give everything to come to the places where you go lol

  • Donza Grant
    Donza Grant   2018-09-25T01:33:23.000Z

    OMG I cant believe all he ate. That was awesome. Go to an all you can eat seafood buffet here in New York and the owner will be standing there watching you devour their mediocre seafood ready to stop you and throw you out. You eat to much no more for you get out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Booble
    Booble   2018-09-23T17:00:49.000Z

    Where’s the video of you in Sweden I wanna see it

  • Better With Rum
    Better With Rum   2018-09-23T00:36:13.000Z

    6:53, that woman is either thinking, \'savage\' or \'man, I wish I could have some lobster right now\'

  • Shawn Thao
    Shawn Thao   2018-09-21T21:14:04.000Z

    Food food and more food

  • Thefruitshowstheroot
    Thefruitshowstheroot   2018-09-20T00:53:30.000Z

    ...slow down Paula Deen...

  • livin life
    livin life   2018-09-19T05:36:50.000Z

    I wish I could eat as much as you. I love seafood but if I eat to much I feel nauseous. Very disappointing especially watching you eat this delicious meal.

  • Evelyn Torres
    Evelyn Torres   2018-09-18T03:47:07.000Z

    Mike I\'ve been enjoying you videos. Wow nice seafood buffet. Question: Do you ever do fasting to give your body a rest from so much calories?

  • KIBA4842
    KIBA4842   2018-09-16T20:34:05.000Z

    Drooling no, having to swallow every second yes

  • Reall
    Reall   2018-09-16T14:58:44.000Z

    Buffet: *come and eat here!* Me: *OH YES*