The Try Guys Feed Wild Animals In Alaska • The Try Vlog


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  • Emily Piastra
    Emily Piastra   2018-11-14T19:46:15.000Z

    6:40 Zach. When my friends drink and I had no idea....

  • Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis   2018-11-14T10:30:28.000Z

    Dude, Ned.. a moose will straight up kill your ass ! Run!

  • Pupsterpup 1
    Pupsterpup 1   2018-11-13T22:19:13.000Z

    The fact that the picture of Keith making out with himself is featured in a more recent try guys video is hilarious to me

  • Pupsterpup 1
    Pupsterpup 1   2018-11-13T22:17:59.000Z

    The fact that the picture of Keith making out with himself is featured in a more recent try guys video is hilarious to me

  • Abby Meyer
    Abby Meyer   2018-11-12T23:29:48.000Z

    Zach:\"The fact that he wants nothing to do with me makes me want him more\" How I feel about my crush😂😭

  • Alexia Zamora
    Alexia Zamora   2018-11-12T15:01:55.000Z

    Keith can kinda sing, Eugene can sing, and then there’s Zach

  • b ts
    b ts   2018-11-12T13:16:52.000Z


  • Stairs to the Sky
    Stairs to the Sky   2018-11-12T08:02:43.000Z

    Eugene’s messy hair 😍👌👌

  • xQueen Emilyx
    xQueen Emilyx   2018-11-11T23:16:13.000Z

    4:13 idk why but he looked like jugehead

  • Tyler ?
    Tyler ?   2018-11-11T18:55:49.000Z

    Wa? i was there

  • The Aly Channel
    The Aly Channel   2018-11-11T17:42:28.000Z

    8:38 i cant stop laughing help

  • Dana Hunley
    Dana Hunley   2018-11-11T14:02:12.000Z

    Florida man no

  • Annelia Baysa
    Annelia Baysa   2018-11-11T05:44:02.000Z

    Keith is so Dissapointed when the told him he\'s the Moose

  • Francine Hanlon
    Francine Hanlon   2018-11-11T03:33:02.000Z

    why are they more surprised by the bald eagle than the bear????

  • Stephanie as a cat
    Stephanie as a cat   2018-11-10T07:36:22.000Z

    \"I\'m the moose-? : ( \" *Me*

  • Devan Hawkes
    Devan Hawkes   2018-11-09T03:52:52.000Z

    Those were elk not big deer

  • Pinkelle Sims
    Pinkelle Sims   2018-11-09T01:08:53.000Z

    I love Zach’s face in the thumbnail

  • D E P R E S S E D
    D E P R E S S E D   2018-11-09T00:07:35.000Z

    Hung over Eugene is just me

  • Elliepop574 xoxo
    Elliepop574 xoxo   2018-11-08T23:51:49.000Z

    Keith: whoa what just happened? Eugene: I sneezed then coughed .... I snoffed 🤣🤣 This never gets old

  • Sasha MacLean
    Sasha MacLean   2018-11-08T03:25:44.000Z

    Alaska is basically Canada

  • Poppée nis
    Poppée nis   2018-11-07T16:43:25.000Z

    That bear do fit perfecly on you Keith

  • Alisha Escobar
    Alisha Escobar   2018-11-07T03:57:55.000Z

    1:36 how I sing home alone

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie   2018-11-07T02:23:07.000Z

    When they fed the wolves they should have said Wow they seriously *wolf* down those blood pops. Eugene: Dry laugh

  • Paigee 120
    Paigee 120   2018-11-07T00:35:38.000Z

    I love wolves

  • Molten Wendigo
    Molten Wendigo   2018-11-06T06:44:56.000Z

    Gta mom gai ie

  • Reading with Sophia
    Reading with Sophia   2018-11-05T23:59:09.000Z

    6:38.5 thank me later ;)

  • Audrena Saylor
    Audrena Saylor   2018-11-05T07:28:48.000Z

    I went to the there! It was amazing!

  • NikkiandAndy
    NikkiandAndy   2018-11-05T01:54:13.000Z

    6:52 aww snickers 💕

  • Megan Wack
    Megan Wack   2018-11-05T00:55:18.000Z

    Love these videos on animals, keep up the great work you guys are such role models.

  • gay agenda
    gay agenda   2018-11-03T23:54:15.000Z

    *IM THE MOOSE :(*

  • Faitharoonie!
    Faitharoonie!   2018-11-03T21:24:43.000Z


  • Sarah Salter
    Sarah Salter   2018-11-02T13:04:38.000Z

    I swear I’ve seen every single try guy video.... yet somehow I still find myself “binge watching” their videos as if I’ve never seen them before

  • Olivia Lam
    Olivia Lam   2018-11-02T11:14:41.000Z

    Lol i feel bad for keith

  • WiLD CHiLD
    WiLD CHiLD   2018-11-01T23:43:44.000Z

    You guys singing \"Elephant Love Medley\" at the end is EVERYTHING! Didn\'t think I could love you guys more, and here you are singing one of my favorite songs from my favorite movie! <3

  • Crystal Darku
    Crystal Darku   2018-10-30T15:16:53.000Z

    Is it just me, or does Keith look hot with facial hair?!

  • Malia Takatsuka
    Malia Takatsuka   2018-10-30T09:17:57.000Z

    I live in Alaska

  • John Morris
    John Morris   2018-10-30T01:12:06.000Z

    Eugene:hey that guys buff. ello!

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme   2018-10-29T01:40:06.000Z

    Find them 250 dollars

  • jay
    jay   2018-10-28T20:43:01.000Z

    the try guys literally assigned themselves furry personas within the first thirty seconds lmao

  • MoonlightKitty 469
    MoonlightKitty 469   2018-10-28T13:04:38.000Z

    Drunk karaoke! Keith: trying to do opera Eugene: sings normally Zach: SCREAMSSSSS (Lol no offence Zach)

  • Marissa Dawson
    Marissa Dawson   2018-10-28T01:49:42.000Z

    I loved eugene\'s drunk singing

  • Charlie 2003
    Charlie 2003   2018-10-27T23:33:36.000Z

    Keith’s wife is wearing a Slytherin scarf. Keith is a Hufflepuff and his wife is a Slytherin. The best kind of a Harry Potter relationship

  • Jack
    Jack   2018-10-27T18:19:07.000Z

    Such pretty animals I want to go to alaska once in my lifetime

  • Marigold Petal
    Marigold Petal   2018-10-27T15:57:26.000Z

    I want to take the wolves home so badly and feed them all my food :3 they are so cute!!!!!

  • rainlessclouds
    rainlessclouds   2018-10-27T03:48:25.000Z

    honestly i just wanna see ariel’s reaction to this video

  • Queen_ Zion 27
    Queen_ Zion 27   2018-10-27T03:36:58.000Z

    Bed hair Eugene is everything

  • Cy Park
    Cy Park   2018-10-26T14:17:36.000Z

    I love bears beary much.

  • Jose Alonso
    Jose Alonso   2018-10-26T03:52:05.000Z

    When the try guys where partners with buzzfeed lol the memories 😭😂

  • David Atnip
    David Atnip   2018-10-25T18:28:32.000Z

    this is in Yellowstone I live there

  • Bri T.V
    Bri T.V   2018-10-25T02:14:26.000Z

    Even if I still use a recipe I would still need it up anyways so...yeah🙂

  • Camri Ora
    Camri Ora   2018-10-25T01:39:21.000Z

    Zach: \"The fact he wants nothing to do with me makes me want him more.\" LMAO😂😂😂😂

  • Made to Watch 18 videos
    Made to Watch 18 videos   2018-10-23T21:03:31.000Z

    So it’s shity cards against humanity

  • Daye다에
    Daye다에   2018-10-23T06:52:26.000Z

    Zach can i just tell ya somethin\'..... I-I think we have d same soul man i luvvv you hahshahhaha

  • calm ur ass it's Kathi
    calm ur ass it's Kathi   2018-10-22T15:21:13.000Z

    you\'re exactly like my friends and me hahah

  • Rowynn Slivka
    Rowynn Slivka   2018-10-22T05:18:22.000Z

    I got to feed wolfs and then we let them and they lick your teeth... to show affection...and lurve

  • bangtan meow
    bangtan meow   2018-10-21T21:17:40.000Z

    When Eugene said he snoughed, I died. That\'s what I sayytt

  • Tabitha Wallace
    Tabitha Wallace   2018-10-21T05:40:22.000Z

    low key crying over how beautiful Eugene is when he wakes up

  • Derpqueen 101
    Derpqueen 101   2018-10-21T04:40:33.000Z

    Omg keith with the beard 😂

  • AdamisBest !!!
    AdamisBest !!!   2018-10-21T02:41:36.000Z

    Poor snickers

  • manognya bethapudi
    manognya bethapudi   2018-10-20T20:21:29.000Z

    Every frame of Zach in this vid can be a meme

  • Lauren Denton
    Lauren Denton   2018-10-20T13:43:29.000Z

    Keith was actually not that bad for the karaoke. 😂😂

  • Leah Moore
    Leah Moore   2018-10-20T04:50:25.000Z

    We need a video of Keith singing Part of Your World. And all of drunk karaoke.

  • Liz Cecilia
    Liz Cecilia   2018-10-20T04:38:09.000Z

    a reminder this is one of my top 5 try guys videos

  • bony_ gaming
    bony_ gaming   2018-10-20T03:27:46.000Z

    Litteraly cards againts humanity but mixed with truth or dare

  • Alfonse M.H.
    Alfonse M.H.   2018-10-19T22:07:07.000Z

    Me is born Alaska Boi and I’m sad I didn’t get to conveniently bump into them 😞

  • Edna Crow
    Edna Crow   2018-10-19T19:22:08.000Z

    Somewhere in the world a woman saw this and was forced to change her HBO go password

  • Y S
    Y S   2018-10-19T13:44:49.000Z

    Did eugene literally just sing a shawn mendes song I’m lovin it

  • Sien Vlogs
    Sien Vlogs   2018-10-19T04:26:01.000Z

    Eugene did really good at singing the one part from the song

    ELIZABETH STOCKTON   2018-10-19T00:49:15.000Z

    The Alaska zoo in anchorage has some funny brown bears you should go see them

    ELIZABETH STOCKTON   2018-10-19T00:47:26.000Z

    Next time your in Alaska go to Wasila or Palmer and go four wheeling on the trails

  • Valeria Regno
    Valeria Regno   2018-10-18T21:25:24.000Z

    I\'m the moose? :(

  • Seamus Ruso
    Seamus Ruso   2018-10-18T16:44:38.000Z

    Okay but Keith with a beard

  • Glitch DDLC_YT
    Glitch DDLC_YT   2018-10-17T10:56:14.000Z


  • Puppy Pranks
    Puppy Pranks   2018-10-17T01:22:55.000Z

    Keith is good at sining

  • stellar Lolita
    stellar Lolita   2018-10-16T03:50:12.000Z

    So... buzz feed created a worse version of cards against humanity.....

  • ́Burning Queen Acidity
    ́Burning Queen Acidity   2018-10-16T00:56:51.000Z


  • Lea la Loka
    Lea la Loka   2018-10-15T12:33:33.000Z

    8:39 oh no

  • Kiana Evans
    Kiana Evans   2018-10-15T03:23:00.000Z

    Eugene and his vocals thoooooooo fam he is my favorite try guy

  • Louisiana Chic
    Louisiana Chic   2018-10-14T18:42:55.000Z

    Where is chanta?? Chanta is ded... 😧 THIS HAD ME DED

  • Paramjot SINGH
    Paramjot SINGH   2018-10-14T13:46:30.000Z


  • Charlie Dickson
    Charlie Dickson   2018-10-14T07:03:55.000Z

    \'The fact that he want\'s nothing to do with me makes me want him more\' me with any guy I like

  • Dr. Stress
    Dr. Stress   2018-10-13T21:11:02.000Z

    Im the moose? :(

  • Britny Brit
    Britny Brit   2018-10-13T20:27:32.000Z

    Watching this again and Keith look so goodddddddddd with that facial hair if o if was those animals phewwwwwwww

  • E E
    E E   2018-10-13T17:58:10.000Z

    I’m just back here for Zach’s drunk karaoke shriek

  • questioning life
    questioning life   2018-10-13T00:17:30.000Z

    Whats on keiths face lol 😂

  • megan0127
    megan0127   2018-10-11T19:48:14.000Z

    The after pun faces killed me

  • Yungshawtiiu Boo
    Yungshawtiiu Boo   2018-10-11T18:49:15.000Z

    I’m zach 🤓 I’m weak 👍🏻

  • Smart Spud
    Smart Spud   2018-10-10T22:42:43.000Z

    Zachs karaoke made me laugh so much

  • Harsha Ghungurde
    Harsha Ghungurde   2018-10-10T11:24:19.000Z

    Hey now...we only know n love one moose.....Sam Winchester. Any SPN fans here???

  • Paul The Iguana
    Paul The Iguana   2018-10-09T02:42:03.000Z

    2:20 *can we talk about how zack and keith are in the same bed? ;)*

  • jasznia jackson
    jasznia jackson   2018-10-09T01:36:44.000Z

    How am I just now seeing this when u guys were in my state nearly a year ago :,-( WHERE ELSE DID U GUYS GO? DID U TRY THE COFFEE?

  • Rainbow Koala
    Rainbow Koala   2018-10-09T00:06:08.000Z

    “I’m the moose..? ;(“

  • Simply Dakota.J
    Simply Dakota.J   2018-10-08T06:00:06.000Z

    What part of Alaska where u in??

  • Sydney Doughten
    Sydney Doughten   2018-10-07T20:40:26.000Z

    Hahaha my dad bought me the same porcupine stuffed animal 8:19

  • Davis Miller
    Davis Miller   2018-10-07T20:05:05.000Z

    I need Keith’s beard back

  • Victor Torres
    Victor Torres   2018-10-07T18:30:59.000Z

    For some reason Zach annoys me so much for some reason😂

  • taylah hart
    taylah hart   2018-10-07T10:14:38.000Z

    can try guys learn to ride horses

  • from the dining table.
    from the dining table.   2018-10-07T07:54:51.000Z

    it\'s 2: 54am and im laughing hysterically at zach\'s drunk karaoke.

  • R for RAnDoM
    R for RAnDoM   2018-10-07T06:54:36.000Z

    \"woah...what happened? what just happened to you?\"

  • Sushix Girl
    Sushix Girl   2018-10-06T14:53:40.000Z