The Try Guys' Surprise Office Makeover


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  • David Yang
    David Yang   2018-10-23T05:01:25.000Z

    keith carries

  • BlueFAN
    BlueFAN   2018-10-23T04:40:29.000Z


  • Bethany Dickert
    Bethany Dickert   2018-10-23T02:40:15.000Z

    New side channel: Ariel’s interior design

  • Juil
    Juil   2018-10-23T01:45:26.000Z

    The only thing Eugene is truly impressed by is his own work.

  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller   2018-10-23T00:38:52.000Z

    The only thing I learned today is I want pet squirrels now.

  • gurmehar singh
    gurmehar singh   2018-10-23T00:30:44.000Z

    I thought this was a buzzfeed channel till now 🤣

  • Jasmin Alberto
    Jasmin Alberto   2018-10-22T23:10:18.000Z

    Ned, can your wife please decorate my room? Better yet can she please decorate my entire house? My family and I need her help!!!!

  • Esther B. Redshaw
    Esther B. Redshaw   2018-10-22T21:43:57.000Z


  • TopZ
    TopZ   2018-10-22T17:32:58.000Z

    wait wait wait... where can i apply?

  • Mallory Airbender
    Mallory Airbender   2018-10-22T14:05:14.000Z

    \"I\'M THE COOOOUUUUUUUCH\" - Keith 2018 Tbh, same Keith.

  • Just Me
    Just Me   2018-10-22T08:55:01.000Z

    They look so happy with it, and that makes me happy. Plus all of it is done under 3,500 dollars which is pretty inexpensive if you think about it.

  • Jolene Tran
    Jolene Tran   2018-10-22T04:16:45.000Z

    5:17 reminds me of Jake from b99😂

  • Octavia Heston
    Octavia Heston   2018-10-22T00:52:33.000Z

    I want Ariel to be a YouTuber (idk if she already is I’m new)

  • Leech Boy
    Leech Boy   2018-10-21T22:48:09.000Z

    \"I wear jorts for youuuu\"

  • Yoon Min
    Yoon Min   2018-10-21T19:17:55.000Z

    the Jonas brothers shirt is everything

  • Verseal
    Verseal   2018-10-21T19:03:20.000Z

    3 sec of a squirrel <3 Actually felt like 5 for me Edit: So many Squirrels!

  • Worried Doggo
    Worried Doggo   2018-10-21T19:01:15.000Z

    “Sorry we only have 4 tools *points to try guys*” 😂 😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • iLove _Slime!!!
    iLove _Slime!!!   2018-10-21T18:29:41.000Z

    This is like there own version of Mr.Kate... but better

  • Lala Nilolo
    Lala Nilolo   2018-10-21T17:43:18.000Z

    Eugene is the most trusted member of The Try Guys when it comes to everything 😂❤

  • hey yall
    hey yall   2018-10-21T16:24:16.000Z

    Is no one gonna talk about when Ariel asked Ned if he was trying to compensate for something?? Hahaha

  • Rachel Gomez
    Rachel Gomez   2018-10-21T16:08:08.000Z

    Someone send them a neon triceratops sign

  • Olleka
    Olleka   2018-10-21T15:00:21.000Z

    9:20 Same ;))

  • Madison Lee
    Madison Lee   2018-10-21T11:33:11.000Z

    Can I have Ariel redo my bedroom? And everything else?

  • swani
    swani   2018-10-21T09:18:08.000Z

    Ariel is CRAZY gorgeous I can’t focus lol

  • sya
    sya   2018-10-21T09:09:25.000Z


  • juliana _
    juliana _   2018-10-21T04:41:26.000Z

    So I just binged a bunch of mr. kate vídeos before this and the transition was unnoticeable

  • xx_monarch_xx
    xx_monarch_xx   2018-10-21T04:08:15.000Z

    Ariel needs her own HGTV show where she designs offices.

  • aravinth senguttuvan
    aravinth senguttuvan   2018-10-21T01:48:03.000Z

    MAZEL TOV !!!

  • Setyawati Putri
    Setyawati Putri   2018-10-21T00:23:17.000Z


  • kneeen16
    kneeen16   2018-10-20T22:51:34.000Z

    Try Guys, you make me so happy. You truly bring joy to my life💖

  • Maya Kryzak
    Maya Kryzak   2018-10-20T22:48:35.000Z

    Why isn\'t anybody talking about Zach\'s awesome Jonas Brothers shirt?? LIKE GO ZACH GET IT BOI

  • Korina Cubric
    Korina Cubric   2018-10-20T22:29:04.000Z

    okay but how does Eugene look good in jorts???

  • Megan Drause
    Megan Drause   2018-10-20T22:18:20.000Z

    Ned: Your roller is a lot bigger than mine Ariel: I don’t have to compensate for something DEAD

  • Harveymorganic
    Harveymorganic   2018-10-20T21:59:05.000Z

    Ned-`I\'ve never focused on anything so hard in my life\' \'you have a child.....\'

  • Bella Kok
    Bella Kok   2018-10-20T20:37:31.000Z

    Ned is trying not to electrocute himself, Keith is drawing like a child, Zach is drawing portraits of Keith and Eugene is being an extraordinary interior designer. Ariel had her hands full 😂 it looks great guys! 💙

  • iJacqueline Nolasco
    iJacqueline Nolasco   2018-10-20T20:37:04.000Z

    La la la la la loveeee try guys

  • heyo ppl
    heyo ppl   2018-10-20T16:44:12.000Z

    why’d it keep getting cut to squirrels

  • Donna sahm
    Donna sahm   2018-10-20T15:24:20.000Z

    I’m so happy for you guys 😭

  • passerell
    passerell   2018-10-20T14:56:23.000Z

    Lol keith and zack did nothing. What the fuck is that thing. So embarassing.

  • Cata Roger
    Cata Roger   2018-10-20T14:19:36.000Z

    No one has a photo but they have the fossils and bones

  • Yola Sekarini
    Yola Sekarini   2018-10-20T13:59:15.000Z

    Ariel is just so lovely, I like her so mucccch

  • Nicole Colina
    Nicole Colina   2018-10-20T13:12:07.000Z

    ned and ariel are really a perfect couple..

  • Areeb Qureshi
    Areeb Qureshi   2018-10-20T12:43:58.000Z

    Can u guys start night in vs Night out on this channel....

  • Jemina 123
    Jemina 123   2018-10-20T12:34:10.000Z

    Wow. I gotta say, Ariel is a reaaally good at her job 👌

  • Taylor Barbara
    Taylor Barbara   2018-10-20T11:55:31.000Z

    Zach in a Jonas Brothers t-shirt 👌👌

  • Kimm 65
    Kimm 65   2018-10-20T11:38:00.000Z

    Love the beard on Ned. It\'s a keeper.

  • Terry Eem
    Terry Eem   2018-10-20T09:59:35.000Z

    Like, how do I support these guys and make sure that my pointless view and subscription ensures they get income cause I want them all to be unnecessarily rich

  • Dana
    Dana   2018-10-20T09:10:47.000Z

    Ariel is so good........ Ned loving her so much is the most valid goddamn thing in this world

  • Jerlin Sneha
    Jerlin Sneha   2018-10-20T06:25:46.000Z

    Ariel is just awesome!

  • Abigail Bielecki
    Abigail Bielecki   2018-10-20T04:15:11.000Z

    What is with the squirrels??

  • quacky ducky
    quacky ducky   2018-10-20T03:11:16.000Z

    I was looking for a baby bump then I remembered the baby\'s out already

  • Evangline Key
    Evangline Key   2018-10-20T01:48:04.000Z

    I love zacks Jonas brothers shirt

  • Ana Lucia
    Ana Lucia   2018-10-20T01:33:13.000Z

    \"Ok. Cool cool... Cool cool cool\" Ned are u a fan of B99?

  • Brittany Legg
    Brittany Legg   2018-10-20T01:18:47.000Z

    But imagine if people did start decorating their homes with just dozens of pictures of Keith framed on the walls.

  • ItsEmerald
    ItsEmerald   2018-10-20T01:08:03.000Z

    I\'m also Ned\'s wife NOOOoooooo Waaayyy

  • Noel Ruth Bland
    Noel Ruth Bland   2018-10-20T00:24:21.000Z


  • Tanaya Kumar
    Tanaya Kumar   2018-10-19T23:30:51.000Z

    wait they don\'t work at buzzfeed anymore? omggg i just realized!!!

  • This shade Is my bleach
    This shade Is my bleach   2018-10-19T23:12:15.000Z

    Eugene’s pink underwear That’s it

  • Mia Toralba
    Mia Toralba   2018-10-19T23:11:04.000Z

    peep zach\'s jonas brother shirt

  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer   2018-10-19T23:02:50.000Z


  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer   2018-10-19T22:57:47.000Z

    3:26 *Wow, me.*

  • mendez5525
    mendez5525   2018-10-19T17:38:07.000Z

    I might\'ve knocked down a wall, just to make the space more open for shooting but I don\'t really know what the space is like without ever have been there, but damn it looks a lot better

  • Isabel Miguelina
    Isabel Miguelina   2018-10-19T16:13:29.000Z

    Mazel Tov

  • Alonna Huff
    Alonna Huff   2018-10-19T15:46:55.000Z

    *With Eugene* \"It looks really good!\" *Switches to Ned* \"How does this look?!\" Lmao

  • Emaan Khalique
    Emaan Khalique   2018-10-19T10:57:51.000Z

    7:16 does anyone know who that is?

  • Edra Aldover
    Edra Aldover   2018-10-19T06:05:27.000Z

    Give 👏🏻 Ariel 👏🏻 Her 👏🏻 Own 👏🏻 Series 👏🏻

  • Sapphire With Cats
    Sapphire With Cats   2018-10-19T00:21:21.000Z


  • Folie à don’t
    Folie à don’t   2018-10-18T23:00:00.000Z

    “I wore jorts for you”

  • Pauline Saylor
    Pauline Saylor   2018-10-18T22:25:59.000Z


  • J. Aiello
    J. Aiello   2018-10-18T19:21:38.000Z

    I love how this came out, but why didn\'t they just use wall decals for the lettering & triceratops?

  • Kaleigh Madison
    Kaleigh Madison   2018-10-18T17:18:38.000Z

    Can we please just all take a minute to appreciate the old school Jonas Brothers tshirt Zach is wearing? That\'s a man after my own heart <3 lol

  • Ianna can Fly
    Ianna can Fly   2018-10-18T16:15:24.000Z

    Zach is wearing a Jonas brothers shirt 😂

  • melina cruz
    melina cruz   2018-10-18T14:35:09.000Z

    I loved this video Ariel is so talented my goodness

  • SmolBeanGamer
    SmolBeanGamer   2018-10-18T13:58:42.000Z

    Ariel needs her own hgtv show!!! This looks so good!!!

  • Levi Jaeger-Ackerman
    Levi Jaeger-Ackerman   2018-10-18T07:52:52.000Z

    6 months... oh honey

  • honeyhoneycomb
    honeyhoneycomb   2018-10-18T06:41:41.000Z

    Can Eugene and Ariel remodel my house plz

  • Sabrina Umstead
    Sabrina Umstead   2018-10-18T06:40:50.000Z

    3:16 Eugene being bashful about what he gets to do then Ariel imitating him FUCK that\'s cute

  • Coral Lafond
    Coral Lafond   2018-10-18T05:21:39.000Z

    Anyone else notice a punk playing in the background? Vampire Weekend is zach\'s fav band.

  • #DEgenerated-Tomie.L
    #DEgenerated-Tomie.L   2018-10-18T04:39:32.000Z

    Ariel is an angel

  • Crunch 4 Life
    Crunch 4 Life   2018-10-18T04:36:06.000Z

    Where is Wes?!😳but he so cute😍

  • How To Be A Birb
    How To Be A Birb   2018-10-18T03:59:31.000Z

    Mazel Tov?

  • Joshua Helberg
    Joshua Helberg   2018-10-18T03:56:25.000Z

    Ariels outfit during the reveal was on point.

  • Blaise Payne
    Blaise Payne   2018-10-18T03:50:39.000Z

    Lol absolutely love it and I love how Ariel knows them all so well and knows what they all are capable to do when it comes to making things and there artistic ability.

  • kawaiixjesss
    kawaiixjesss   2018-10-18T01:49:28.000Z

    Ariel needs to be in more videos! She has a nice talking voice lol and a great personality!

  • emily pitts
    emily pitts   2018-10-18T01:45:11.000Z

    i finally get it. a try-ceratops

  • Nell Babie
    Nell Babie   2018-10-18T01:42:15.000Z

    So did they quit buzzfeed?

  • Cynthia Rountree
    Cynthia Rountree   2018-10-18T00:48:10.000Z

    I absolutely adore Ariel

  • Beatriz Marques
    Beatriz Marques   2018-10-17T23:45:12.000Z

    This is a bit too Mr. Kate, and I kinda hoped it was actually Mr. Kate doing this renovation

  • enxvictoria
    enxvictoria   2018-10-17T23:28:12.000Z

    Keith is literally Gina from Brooklyn 99.

  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue   2018-10-17T23:11:34.000Z

    If Comedy Central fails we still have these guys.

  • Jade Belle
    Jade Belle   2018-10-17T20:18:02.000Z

    Ned is so family friendly, while Ariel swears and makes dirty jokes.

  • ArgentumHorse
    ArgentumHorse   2018-10-17T19:41:32.000Z

    Ariel, please come do my home! All that for less than $3,500 is AMAZING! You rule. :)

  • Ciel Michaelis
    Ciel Michaelis   2018-10-17T19:31:34.000Z

    \"OOOOOOOHHHH.... MISTAKE!\" HAHA, cracked me up.

  • butterinmyflies
    butterinmyflies   2018-10-17T17:29:42.000Z

    Is there any merch available?

  • Alexandria Tayla
    Alexandria Tayla   2018-10-17T17:11:15.000Z

    I didn’t even know they left buzzfeed, no wonder their stuff is way better hahahah

  • Alexandra Jayne Rush
    Alexandra Jayne Rush   2018-10-17T16:17:48.000Z

    I love the random squirrel breaks haha!! 😂

  • Mary Lim
    Mary Lim   2018-10-17T14:41:38.000Z

    the walls are really great!

  • Carla Rosendal
    Carla Rosendal   2018-10-17T14:13:49.000Z

    They should have waaay more subs than what they have now!!

  • MCRmyGeneral
    MCRmyGeneral   2018-10-17T10:42:43.000Z

    Ariel called Zack and Keith nerds and I\'m still laughing.

  • joshi roza
    joshi roza   2018-10-17T05:26:44.000Z

    I only now realised that Zach is wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt