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  • Markziando Maramis
    Markziando Maramis   2018-11-19T14:21:52.000Z

    Awhh i thought humanity was gone... But no there people out there have humanity :)

  • melek sert
    melek sert   2018-11-18T22:02:45.000Z

    😢 kıyamam be

  • Zaza Qaqa
    Zaza Qaqa   2018-11-18T12:22:48.000Z

    Всё, давай эту хуйню (Give me that bucket) =D

  • Chimini Chim
    Chimini Chim   2018-11-18T05:33:41.000Z

    The frozen dog brought taers to me eyes😭😭😭

  • Kara
    Kara   2018-11-18T05:04:37.000Z


  • Yufrida Safitri
    Yufrida Safitri   2018-11-18T04:52:49.000Z

    Angels 😢

  • Airhead Slimes776
    Airhead Slimes776   2018-11-18T01:01:38.000Z


  • Xixiw Lavastida
    Xixiw Lavastida   2018-11-17T23:34:14.000Z

    That kitty was FAT and THICC

  • Xixiw Lavastida
    Xixiw Lavastida   2018-11-17T23:32:41.000Z


  • Jigglypuff
    Jigglypuff   2018-11-17T18:13:17.000Z

    Awww the dog made me cry.

  • perfectdude06
    perfectdude06   2018-11-17T12:57:35.000Z

    This makes me so happyyyy that there are actually people like this

  • Alan Dutcher
    Alan Dutcher   2018-11-17T06:09:23.000Z

    Who are the 390 bitchlords of the year?

  • ANGELO Hemadeit
    ANGELO Hemadeit   2018-11-16T21:49:33.000Z

    Good to see kindness everyday..

  • Melody kailtyn
    Melody kailtyn   2018-11-16T20:25:38.000Z

    I\'m so glad we have people like u! ❤️

  • Honor Rooke
    Honor Rooke   2018-11-15T19:44:38.000Z

    There’s some amazing people in this world that just brings joy to us and all they do is be kind. Simple.

  • Nicole Diaz
    Nicole Diaz   2018-11-15T03:02:55.000Z

    I am so freaking happy that the dog got rescued

  • SHI Moonmoonbird
    SHI Moonmoonbird   2018-11-15T02:57:19.000Z

    That’s humanity’s hope: compassions 😊

  • AvadielTV
    AvadielTV   2018-11-15T01:03:24.000Z

    Damn Those Invisible Ninjas Cutting Onions

  • open mind
    open mind   2018-11-14T19:56:03.000Z

    You are real human being,to protect our ecosystem...

  • L a n g o
    L a n g o   2018-11-14T10:06:53.000Z

    Poor Doggy I cried 😭

  • Rayvian Murvin
    Rayvian Murvin   2018-11-13T22:04:01.000Z

    I\'m so glad the animals were saved

  • Sarah Gacha
    Sarah Gacha   2018-11-13T21:14:42.000Z

    Im crying soo hard abd uts 11:13 pm. My pillow is all wet. Just thinking about how my cat died I cant stop crying. I hope my mom wont hear.

  • Booce
    Booce   2018-11-13T16:20:31.000Z

    look at my fookin cat yo

  • Pheonix
    Pheonix   2018-11-13T11:30:46.000Z

    That\'s why about 75% of house fires in Russia are caused by cats

  • Selina Jade
    Selina Jade   2018-11-13T01:09:27.000Z

    \"... I\'m not gonna cry, I\'m not gonna cry\"

  • Michelle charles
    Michelle charles   2018-11-12T23:22:40.000Z

    We need the animals and they need us let us take care of all living things on the earth

  • Night Breeze Stables
    Night Breeze Stables   2018-11-12T17:24:32.000Z

    This winter, and every winter. Animals are suffering outside. Many pets that are abused will be trapped, chained outside, etc. all winter and some won’t have this kind of love and they won’t be as lucky. Please bring your animals indoors this winter and every winter.

  • Jessica Hernandez
    Jessica Hernandez   2018-11-12T16:31:52.000Z

    I cried the entire video

  • •Anastasija Silo•
    •Anastasija Silo•   2018-11-12T13:14:33.000Z

    Hahah translation for the russian is so different😄😄😄👍🏼

  • Denisa D
    Denisa D   2018-11-12T06:08:06.000Z

    We need more people like this. Not people that see the animal suffering and go “It’s not my problem.” but people that help.

  • Gozo GoZi
    Gozo GoZi   2018-11-12T02:06:32.000Z

    The cat and the dog just hit me at home. My cat and dog were left outside at a degrees of 10 Fahrenheit in Michigan a couple of years ago and both died from extreme temperatures. =(

  • Starlight Productions
    Starlight Productions   2018-11-11T21:31:36.000Z

    god bless these life savers

  • Potato Party
    Potato Party   2018-11-11T12:21:40.000Z

    Did you know the Dodo was a bird and it went extinct.... Are you a bird \'cause that would *not* be good....

  • GraffitiTurtle
    GraffitiTurtle   2018-11-10T23:17:32.000Z

    The last one made my eyes water just a little

  • Bela Stefanko
    Bela Stefanko   2018-11-10T18:19:57.000Z

    i love this channel so much. it shows the goodness in people and in animals.

  • Mia Gladwell
    Mia Gladwell   2018-11-10T16:41:47.000Z

    I’m not crying, you are

  • HaRu nell
    HaRu nell   2018-11-10T10:36:30.000Z

    Cat have 9 life.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith   2018-11-10T09:32:06.000Z

    Great work ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

  • Party Dude 17
    Party Dude 17   2018-11-10T03:14:44.000Z

    I hope everyone of the animals was alright

  • Noah Sebastian
    Noah Sebastian   2018-11-09T18:37:18.000Z

    They could\'ve froze to death. Thank god these people save them!

  • XxUnicornPLAYZxX Unicorn cutie
    XxUnicornPLAYZxX Unicorn cutie   2018-11-09T16:41:13.000Z

    This is so sweet if u put a thumb down ur mean

  • Pat Shantz
    Pat Shantz   2018-11-09T10:48:40.000Z

    My. Heart. Stopped.

  • celeryg66
    celeryg66   2018-11-09T06:58:27.000Z

    Poor puppy. We had a Golden years ago, such an angel. We found out a little bit after we got her that her sire and a few of her siblings had drowned after falling through the ice in a pond.

  • aussie country girl
    aussie country girl   2018-11-09T06:56:53.000Z

    All animals are so precious and cute!💖🐰🐐🐁👍🐀🐈🐱👡😅💁🐶☺🐣✌😀🐇💗🐴

  • Connor McLernon
    Connor McLernon   2018-11-09T01:49:36.000Z

    3:22 there are some people out there that insist dogs do not recognize us

  • Tracy S.
    Tracy S.   2018-11-08T23:00:48.000Z

    I have to say I cried watching this it broke my heart I do not like to see animals suffer but I\'m glad that they all survived bless their hearts💝💝

  • Skitt3n_ YT
    Skitt3n_ YT   2018-11-08T22:49:28.000Z

    People are so kind there needs to be more

  • david hamilton
    david hamilton   2018-11-08T22:07:08.000Z

    And they say russians are evil

  • Rüzgar Longshanks
    Rüzgar Longshanks   2018-11-08T20:35:20.000Z

    I\'m not crying! You\'re crying! ;(

  • Blooming Flowers
    Blooming Flowers   2018-11-08T16:02:43.000Z

    I really wanna thank these people for doing this. It breaks my heart seeing these animals in pain. I have a cat myself and I can\'t imagine her being hurt in anyway. And like these people are doing such an amazing job and just being wonderful humans so thank you

  • Dmitrius5
    Dmitrius5   2018-11-07T22:16:03.000Z

    Bless you good ppl

  • [IE] The Dark Knight [IE]
    [IE] The Dark Knight [IE]   2018-11-07T16:23:31.000Z

    Some real heroes didn\'t wear cap 🤗🤗

  • Alison Ransom
    Alison Ransom   2018-11-06T22:27:32.000Z

    Truly amazing people in this world... 😘🤗

  • \/ITOR
    \/ITOR   2018-11-06T21:20:01.000Z


  • Shiny Eclipse
    Shiny Eclipse   2018-11-06T16:46:26.000Z

    YES SAVE THE ANIMALS C\'MON DEARS LET\'S GO Humans are animals as well, and we have been taking away our fellow\'s homes. It\'s pretty much only rightful that we save them when they are in need.

  • tariq shah
    tariq shah   2018-11-06T10:18:15.000Z


  • Amber Morrison
    Amber Morrison   2018-11-06T07:52:31.000Z

    There should be more people willing to help in this world its not too hard to take about half an hour to help people and animals that the help

  • Pi Kumi WIZ*ONE
    Pi Kumi WIZ*ONE   2018-11-06T06:50:45.000Z

    I want this kind of job. //crais

  • Lisa Lilac
    Lisa Lilac   2018-11-05T02:16:57.000Z

    The dog.. oh my god 😭😭

  • Maggatrix
    Maggatrix   2018-11-04T17:56:04.000Z

    There is still good in the world

  • x.sanneg
    x.sanneg   2018-11-04T13:33:55.000Z

    im not crying, you are...

  • Gacha Galaxy
    Gacha Galaxy   2018-11-04T03:05:12.000Z

    Awww, the last made me cry. Im so glad hes still alive. We need more people like these people, helping animals

  • Rokett_ WISE
    Rokett_ WISE   2018-11-03T16:05:09.000Z

    Okay I do see how it’s cute that the animals were rescued but like, what if someone lost their cat or dog and you save it, and just sell it off to someone else? Wouldn’t that poor person miss their dog?

  • Matea The KittyBird
    Matea The KittyBird   2018-11-03T12:54:02.000Z

    I almost crieddd 😭😭😭🐤🐤💗💗🐶🐶🐱🐭🐹🐮🦋🐷🐵🐼🐤🦊🐌

  • Tippy Ledoux
    Tippy Ledoux   2018-11-03T01:43:33.000Z

    Thank you for saving these animals

  • Testing Studio
    Testing Studio   2018-11-02T01:19:37.000Z

    Who would win? Music with a dog who survived hypothermia or 3:30

  • Danielle Machado
    Danielle Machado   2018-11-01T21:56:53.000Z

    Who else cried

  • Natalia Ayala
    Natalia Ayala   2018-11-01T18:31:31.000Z

    i\'m not crying, you\'re crying T.T

  • jheck624
    jheck624   2018-10-29T14:08:53.000Z

    I want every single animal rescued for my birthday wish

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda   2018-10-28T21:29:01.000Z

    I found a frizen baby rabbit in my outdoor plant pot so we put her in a blanket next to the fireplace and when it warmed up and she was stronger and older, we let her back into the wild. She still comes back every now and then so we called her muffin

  • Brenda B Uribe
    Brenda B Uribe   2018-10-28T18:37:06.000Z

    The last one made me cry 😭😭💞💖 Bless thoes people and the dog 🙏🙏

  • Kimayakiran Thakur
    Kimayakiran Thakur   2018-10-28T08:39:43.000Z

    Our earth is in need of such great hearted people.

  • Sapphire Sea
    Sapphire Sea   2018-10-27T21:44:32.000Z

    thank goodness!!! this is the sweetest thing omg!!!!! <3

  • Sapphire Sea
    Sapphire Sea   2018-10-27T21:43:52.000Z

    i was almost crying!!! <3

  • i do weird lps vids for no reason
    i do weird lps vids for no reason   2018-10-26T23:08:21.000Z

    The dog so cute

  • i do weird lps vids for no reason
    i do weird lps vids for no reason   2018-10-26T23:07:15.000Z

    The moose said thank you

  • Bibi Dencheva
    Bibi Dencheva   2018-10-26T19:40:40.000Z

    i hate labradors but still at least the helped the poor little animals!

  • Universe The Artist
    Universe The Artist   2018-10-26T03:04:21.000Z


  • Tohfa Quraishi
    Tohfa Quraishi   2018-10-25T23:55:10.000Z

    I watched these a thousand times

  • Hyrule_Chick
    Hyrule_Chick   2018-10-25T09:45:33.000Z

    I’m so glad there are people who go out of their way to rescue helpless animals

  • Jennifer Srebro
    Jennifer Srebro   2018-10-25T00:02:36.000Z


  • Trash Mutt Reviews
    Trash Mutt Reviews   2018-10-24T23:43:43.000Z

    The cat, moose and the dog where really sad.

  • Jojo G
    Jojo G   2018-10-24T22:09:49.000Z

    This made me cry so hard. I\'m glad that there are good people in the world.

  • 1nsomnia
    1nsomnia   2018-10-24T21:03:18.000Z

    I really have to stop watching these things, running out of tears

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus   2018-10-24T05:51:38.000Z

    do you see how much easier it is to be cool, rather than CRUEL, towards animals????.. Don\'t be an idiotic Donald Trump supporter about it. all these nice individuals in the video have truck loads of Good Karma headed their way for their actions keep up the good work. 😉😉😉😀

  • Kiki Roman
    Kiki Roman   2018-10-24T00:22:32.000Z

    Mimicking moose noise Patrick instead 😂😂

  • Kiki Roman
    Kiki Roman   2018-10-24T00:20:31.000Z

    Cuteee 0:42

  • Eidi Putri
    Eidi Putri   2018-10-23T19:34:53.000Z

    Bless this amazing people👍

  • Manouna glory
    Manouna glory   2018-10-23T16:16:10.000Z

    I\'m not crying you are :\')

  • Marina McCollum
    Marina McCollum   2018-10-23T01:17:50.000Z

    So happy that they got those poor babies out of there 🙏🏽❤

  • David Legg
    David Legg   2018-10-22T10:57:01.000Z

    Too hard to watch.

  • Superangelo 64
    Superangelo 64   2018-10-21T21:54:26.000Z

    2:21 my heart

  • skyler selby
    skyler selby   2018-10-21T19:06:16.000Z

    im literally CRYING right now I\'m so glad they saved them!

  • Shane Hawkins
    Shane Hawkins   2018-10-21T18:52:19.000Z

    Special people.each one

  • Yeyay Cruz
    Yeyay Cruz   2018-10-21T14:34:57.000Z

    This made me cry

  • Jordan Knight
    Jordan Knight   2018-10-21T08:23:38.000Z

    The cat and dog really got me

  • Jack JAA
    Jack JAA   2018-10-21T03:25:09.000Z

    I was crying on the part where the dog was freezing in the lake and then once they adopted him and helped him out was so nice and happy

  • Ashlyn Hodge
    Ashlyn Hodge   2018-10-21T02:59:04.000Z

    I love how a lot of people have the patience to save these animals. Thank you all so much!

  • Beastlord 40
    Beastlord 40   2018-10-20T07:10:55.000Z

    The dog one was really heartwarming

  • ad sr
    ad sr   2018-10-20T06:26:58.000Z

    U ppl are heroes loads of love for the animals and for the heroes who rescued them