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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy   2018-08-07T00:06:20.000Z

    ooh, well you can tell it\'s been a while since she\'s made a video... haha i was so nervous! but thanks for googling me ya creepy kids, and thanks for all the pleasing sounds WIRED! this makes me wanna make a video brb

  • Abby Lovelady
    Abby Lovelady   2018-10-23T02:35:45.000Z

    Omg I\'m taller than Liza lol

  • Summer Love
    Summer Love   2018-10-23T01:53:23.000Z


  • Elena Millard-zavala
    Elena Millard-zavala   2018-10-23T01:42:52.000Z

    I thought your best friend was kwisten

  • Wolfie Evelyn
    Wolfie Evelyn   2018-10-23T01:34:50.000Z

    I can\'t stop watching this

  • Callum Heathcote
    Callum Heathcote   2018-10-22T23:52:22.000Z

    Wait she’s 5ft exActly ? I’m the same height

  • Bianca Landa
    Bianca Landa   2018-10-22T22:39:33.000Z

    When the thing asked her who\'s her best friend she never said Kristen

  • Oumou Lahn
    Oumou Lahn   2018-10-22T21:52:23.000Z

    Lmao yeoooo the ya how she twearked

  • bananananaO9
    bananananaO9   2018-10-22T12:32:08.000Z

    So gorgeous 😭

  • iMIN13SJ
    iMIN13SJ   2018-10-22T10:58:59.000Z

    She really is so funny. 💗

  • Babygirl Lexy
    Babygirl Lexy   2018-10-22T09:30:41.000Z

    I love watching asmr too❤ Aye

  • Zed Xahu
    Zed Xahu   2018-10-22T08:21:55.000Z


  • Rosie Vaughan
    Rosie Vaughan   2018-10-22T08:06:57.000Z

    were was Kristen and Gabbie in the best friend list

  • Hård Lîfé
    Hård Lîfé   2018-10-22T06:02:27.000Z

    2:25 OMG 😫 WHYYY

  • swagged mikha
    swagged mikha   2018-10-22T03:44:02.000Z

    When she said marinated Vaginas😂😂😂💀💀

  • Kaleb Fern
    Kaleb Fern   2018-10-22T03:31:59.000Z

    My names olivia

  • Emma Rathier
    Emma Rathier   2018-10-22T02:31:28.000Z

    What about KWISTEN

  • Random Kid123
    Random Kid123   2018-10-22T02:15:38.000Z

    she looks like cardiiii

  • TheSnack ThatSmilesBack
    TheSnack ThatSmilesBack   2018-10-22T00:52:53.000Z

    They should start showing the actual answers Google gave the searchers after each question

  • finbob5
    finbob5   2018-10-22T00:24:05.000Z

    I hate Liza Koshy. She’s not funny.

  • Rena Abdusalam
    Rena Abdusalam   2018-10-21T23:44:13.000Z

    \"I am single... Next question\" I\'ll be over here crying my eyes out

  • Trixiesongzxoxo Gjahavshsjk
    Trixiesongzxoxo Gjahavshsjk   2018-10-21T23:18:13.000Z

    God she’s sooo skinny 😂

  • Malin Greaney-Stasiak
    Malin Greaney-Stasiak   2018-10-21T20:19:05.000Z

    So funny

  • Bleona Sefedini
    Bleona Sefedini   2018-10-21T18:59:45.000Z

    I really love how she\'s serious but at the same time she\'s not. does that make sense?

  • Jordan IMVU
    Jordan IMVU   2018-10-21T18:08:54.000Z

    Liza is the G.O.A.T

  • Someoneonyoutube Yup
    Someoneonyoutube Yup   2018-10-21T17:22:36.000Z

    She sounded like Cardi B when she put on an accent after she told us she spoke English and Spanish

  • Paigeyroo Hoyle
    Paigeyroo Hoyle   2018-10-21T17:02:41.000Z


  • Slime Girl
    Slime Girl   2018-10-21T15:50:33.000Z

    Lol I like when she danced

  • Rackel Kawaii
    Rackel Kawaii   2018-10-21T12:53:19.000Z

    Omg my names Rackel which is very similar to Rahel. Some people in my country say Rahel

  • Nikky Mchugh
    Nikky Mchugh   2018-10-21T09:47:57.000Z

    “Is Liza koshy vegan” “no I like sausage “ I now carnt stop laughing

  • Kadiii x
    Kadiii x   2018-10-21T09:15:18.000Z

    Pls do with Zendaya like If you also want to see this

  • Celina You
    Celina You   2018-10-21T09:10:42.000Z

    She sounds like Gru when she does the accent. Like if u love Liza ILOVEHER

  • RandomStuffzWithLizzy !!!
    RandomStuffzWithLizzy !!!   2018-10-21T05:32:34.000Z

    Yoooo my name is Elizabeth!!!!! :D

  • Serena Turnquest
    Serena Turnquest   2018-10-21T04:40:55.000Z

    I expected her to say kwisten as her best friend and was sad she didn’t

  • Lps art
    Lps art   2018-10-21T02:53:49.000Z


  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith   2018-10-21T01:38:06.000Z

    What about Kwisten?!

  • Gillian Salmeron
    Gillian Salmeron   2018-10-21T01:18:40.000Z

    You kinda sounded like Cardi B

  • Official Kawaii Potato’s
    Official Kawaii Potato’s   2018-10-21T00:01:07.000Z

    I’m surprised that this wasn’t there “is Liza koshy alive in etn”

  • Mary Hendrix
    Mary Hendrix   2018-10-20T22:14:14.000Z

    Helga Liza koshy goat

  • Misleidys Blasco
    Misleidys Blasco   2018-10-20T21:34:25.000Z

    How about KWISTEN

  • Irtiqa Subzar
    Irtiqa Subzar   2018-10-20T19:56:11.000Z

    2:30 David dobrik awww love you girl...

  • Panda Princess
    Panda Princess   2018-10-20T19:54:39.000Z

    When it said best friend I was so sad she didn’t say kwesten

  • Random Person
    Random Person   2018-10-20T19:44:28.000Z

    2:30 what about Kristen😕

  • Els life ❤️
    Els life ❤️   2018-10-20T19:15:00.000Z

    Gotta love Liza

  • tania stalinskaya
    tania stalinskaya   2018-10-20T18:35:41.000Z

    he liza kosshy tu sais ce qu est le code jaune sur les debile!!!!!!! pa boummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    #YOUTUBE 4LIFE   2018-10-20T18:11:55.000Z

    I love asmr too!

    #YOUTUBE 4LIFE   2018-10-20T18:10:14.000Z

    Tell me if. Tricked u, if I did leave a comment and a like Read more

  • toriskittles
    toriskittles   2018-10-20T17:50:34.000Z

    \" What does Jet Packinski eat? \" \" I cannot say it on camera... *but corn* \"

  • Aya W
    Aya W   2018-10-20T15:34:14.000Z

    So unfunny

  • Olivia Gregory
    Olivia Gregory   2018-10-20T14:58:15.000Z

    on cc it says vaginas fajitas

  • Kendal Williams
    Kendal Williams   2018-10-20T13:39:39.000Z

    I live in Houston Texas

  • Olivia Baker
    Olivia Baker   2018-10-20T09:18:27.000Z


  • DiNOo Gaming
    DiNOo Gaming   2018-10-20T06:31:51.000Z

    are you sure people she is not cardi b daoughter

  • Sofie The unicorn
    Sofie The unicorn   2018-10-20T05:36:29.000Z

    Liza didn’t say Kristin for her Best friends

  • Mallory Chan
    Mallory Chan   2018-10-20T02:03:36.000Z

    I thought her best friend was Kristen

  • Elizabeth Carpenter
    Elizabeth Carpenter   2018-10-20T01:32:22.000Z

    5:00 \"Yeah I honestly dont know you guys have weird tastes online\"

  • Tiara Owens
    Tiara Owens   2018-10-20T01:27:39.000Z

    I’m 2 inches taller than her.....I’m 11

  • Alexia Bryant
    Alexia Bryant   2018-10-20T00:27:11.000Z

    When she said who\'s Liza Koshy\'s best friend I was like Christian

  • MM
    MM   2018-10-19T23:48:02.000Z

    Who the fu** is Liza Koshy? Isn’t she that vine girl?

  • Habib Bakht
    Habib Bakht   2018-10-19T23:46:05.000Z

    She looks like Cardi B

  • guadalupe montalban
    guadalupe montalban   2018-10-19T23:14:44.000Z

    If Liza koshy 5 feet I\'m taller then her because I\'m 12 and I\'m 5foot2

  • Grace Spoto
    Grace Spoto   2018-10-19T22:47:55.000Z

    Omg I just got a dachshund!!

    KILLER DEO   2018-10-19T22:40:46.000Z

    Do #salmankhan next

  • NekoDerpyChan _
    NekoDerpyChan _   2018-10-19T22:36:58.000Z

    Liza koshy is single as a pringle and not ready to mingle

  • Emily Trunk
    Emily Trunk   2018-10-19T22:35:16.000Z

    ASMR is amazing, shut all you haters

  • Harvest 0423
    Harvest 0423   2018-10-19T21:59:55.000Z

    She looks like naya rivera

  • Mini and Cooper
    Mini and Cooper   2018-10-19T21:41:34.000Z

    How did Liza koshy become famous? \'\'I honestly don\'t know , you guys have weird taste online\'\' :D:D:D

  • peopleandanimalslovm
    peopleandanimalslovm   2018-10-19T20:56:22.000Z

    Is Liza Koshy married? \"Um I\'m married to myself, TO THE MONEY and uh no I\'m single\" Wow that hurts to hear😭 *heart breaks*

  • Anuja Wagle
    Anuja Wagle   2018-10-19T20:00:57.000Z

    What happened to kwisten????

    AMA AUER   2018-10-19T19:37:46.000Z

    I LOVE LIZZAAAA I\'ve watched her since VINE omggggg

  • jackeline crisostomo
    jackeline crisostomo   2018-10-19T17:45:35.000Z

    Liza is SO smart, like really, her brain is working one second faster than everyone, she\'s really witty i love her

  • Daniel Hamadeh
    Daniel Hamadeh   2018-10-19T13:41:11.000Z

    can we take a minute to appreciate the glow up

  • Daniel Hamadeh
    Daniel Hamadeh   2018-10-19T13:40:51.000Z

    Lmao i luvv herrr😂😍😍

  • jiminsified
    jiminsified   2018-10-19T10:57:10.000Z

    *maRINaTED VaGinaS*

  • Tade Gold xxx
    Tade Gold xxx   2018-10-19T09:38:37.000Z

    How could she not say KWISTEN 😍😘😍😘😃

  • rainbow sqaud forever
    rainbow sqaud forever   2018-10-19T07:48:06.000Z

    What about Kristen

  • Emily Violet
    Emily Violet   2018-10-19T06:42:50.000Z

    Jet gives me life

  • Karen ONCINIAN
    Karen ONCINIAN   2018-10-19T06:12:39.000Z

    She broke up with her boyfriend actually😕

  • Talented arts ih
    Talented arts ih   2018-10-19T01:44:09.000Z


  • Yakoot Al-khairalla
    Yakoot Al-khairalla   2018-10-18T20:51:34.000Z

    I\'m surprised she didn\'t say her best friend was hiiii kwisten

  • KamishVEVO
    KamishVEVO   2018-10-18T14:09:31.000Z

    Lisa kudro

  • Allegra Chloe Sivalingam
    Allegra Chloe Sivalingam   2018-10-18T13:47:30.000Z

    Liza was born in 1996. I can\'t get over this. She is a year older than Kylie 😯

  • Allison Robertson
    Allison Robertson   2018-10-18T11:32:57.000Z

    I love asmr

  • Petite Gacha and Games
    Petite Gacha and Games   2018-10-18T11:27:48.000Z

    I’m talller then Liza and I’m ten

  • ya mum
    ya mum   2018-10-18T06:13:17.000Z

    she is pretty but is really annoying its almost like she trys to hard

  • Gabbi McArthur
    Gabbi McArthur   2018-10-18T05:36:58.000Z

    2:24 WHAT ABOUT KRISTEN????!!!!!!

  • Giana Rosebelt
    Giana Rosebelt   2018-10-17T23:17:03.000Z

    “My real name is... Elizabeth Koshy”

  • -R Barthé-
    -R Barthé-   2018-10-17T23:01:29.000Z

    What about krisyen

  • Just JOJO Slime
    Just JOJO Slime   2018-10-17T20:43:37.000Z

    Wow I’m as tall as Liza wow😐

  • 4EverKELZ
    4EverKELZ   2018-10-17T17:22:39.000Z

    Liza is so beautiful

  • Uni Skye
    Uni Skye   2018-10-17T17:09:13.000Z

    I have a dachshund with a Chihuahua and it’s mostly a dachshund and he has adorable huge eye and he is so sweet so if you see this Liza look them up online but search mostly dachshund

  • pLayUniquex
    pLayUniquex   2018-10-17T14:34:04.000Z

    The tattoo story I\'m dead😂😂😂

  • ComfySunday
    ComfySunday   2018-10-17T09:38:43.000Z

    Me and liza are the same height

  • Ayesha Tabassum
    Ayesha Tabassum   2018-10-17T06:12:14.000Z

    Lisa Kudrow 😂😂😂

  • xXDark BearxX
    xXDark BearxX   2018-10-17T05:10:13.000Z

    IN TEXAS!!!! ( I am not growing up in Texas or have been)

  • Toniya Key
    Toniya Key   2018-10-17T00:39:05.000Z

    Im taller than Liza by 1 inch 😂 I’m I am 5’1

  • Hannah Miller
    Hannah Miller   2018-10-17T00:01:52.000Z

    4:38-4:43 she sounds like cardi b lol😍😂 and when she was sleeping as jet oml lol how does she keep a straight face

  • Nohelia Medina
    Nohelia Medina   2018-10-16T22:19:30.000Z


  • Kendall’s Stuff
    Kendall’s Stuff   2018-10-16T22:06:22.000Z

    Riverdale has done this :D

  • mims
    mims   2018-10-16T21:19:20.000Z

    who is liza koshy?