Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders


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  • Justin Barrett
    Justin Barrett   2018-11-19T04:04:41.000Z

    I don\'t like Andy but he\'s got game.

  • Tatyana Luti
    Tatyana Luti   2018-11-19T02:56:24.000Z


  • Mina Yang
    Mina Yang   2018-11-18T18:43:51.000Z


  • Tika Banks
    Tika Banks   2018-11-18T17:59:38.000Z

    I love how the cheerleaders gave him encouragement.

  • lowie yacat
    lowie yacat   2018-11-18T17:20:17.000Z

    This is so funny. I love it

  • qhaireen iqa
    qhaireen iqa   2018-11-18T11:29:58.000Z


  • Drummerdudegirl
    Drummerdudegirl   2018-11-18T02:45:43.000Z

    They really did turn the game around!

  • Alpine_Vulcan
    Alpine_Vulcan   2018-11-18T01:22:06.000Z

    Fun fact, those cheerleaders are being paid about $10/hr.

  • Adolfo Trujillo
    Adolfo Trujillo   2018-11-17T22:00:17.000Z

    Andy is literally me😂😂😂

  • Sicily !
    Sicily !   2018-11-17T18:01:17.000Z

    Andy is the best 1like = one more emotional support person 🕺🏼

  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong   2018-11-17T17:14:01.000Z

    Ty just had to run out of the endzone....

  • Mofe Adeyemi
    Mofe Adeyemi   2018-11-17T17:06:49.000Z

    5:59 lool Ellen was crying 😂😂

  • Mofe Adeyemi
    Mofe Adeyemi   2018-11-17T17:06:03.000Z

    Yayyy they won

  • Mofe Adeyemi
    Mofe Adeyemi   2018-11-17T17:00:43.000Z

    🎵He\'s super duper awesome in what he does but he\'s average in every other way🎵 😂😂

  • Lars Andreas Granberg
    Lars Andreas Granberg   2018-11-17T16:29:47.000Z


  • Milla Mikolenko
    Milla Mikolenko   2018-11-17T14:29:45.000Z

    Wish I could like this 100 times

  • Milla Mikolenko
    Milla Mikolenko   2018-11-17T14:29:22.000Z

    This is the best one yet my god

  • Tobster&Charlster Channel
    Tobster&Charlster Channel   2018-11-17T12:01:01.000Z

    Andy the amazing 😉

  • samarth gulla
    samarth gulla   2018-11-17T06:56:46.000Z

    They are not cheerleader they look like hookers.

  • Victoria Crow
    Victoria Crow   2018-11-17T05:12:35.000Z

    Was this actually on tv lol

  • iwan suryadhi
    iwan suryadhi   2018-11-17T03:41:32.000Z

    I\'m dying 😋😋😋

  • C W
    C W   2018-11-17T03:31:52.000Z

    I love that you can hear the girls encouraging him. Awesome!

  • pipermclean sparky101
    pipermclean sparky101   2018-11-17T01:46:53.000Z

    Andy looked so happy at 4:56! 😂❤ Glad he enjoyed it

  • Julianna Playz ジュリアンナ
    Julianna Playz ジュリアンナ   2018-11-17T01:29:07.000Z

    Wait isn’t there a male in the background cheerleading (comment if I’m wrong)

  • Abby Stinson
    Abby Stinson   2018-11-16T23:40:25.000Z

    these aren’t cheerleaders there dancers lol

  • Audrey Schulte
    Audrey Schulte   2018-11-16T22:26:01.000Z


  • Grandmaster Huang
    Grandmaster Huang   2018-11-16T19:41:24.000Z

    I feel so bad for him

  • Dannilda Correa
    Dannilda Correa   2018-11-16T17:44:29.000Z

    Really good job!! Well done Andy.

  • Anil Magham
    Anil Magham   2018-11-16T09:29:31.000Z

    Thats very well done

  • Sophya Schaefer
    Sophya Schaefer   2018-11-16T08:34:41.000Z

    I swear is see Eva’s face lol anyone agree? 2:11

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost   2018-11-16T06:51:10.000Z

    those girls were bomb ❤️

  • Zoe Struck
    Zoe Struck   2018-11-16T03:48:31.000Z

    This is my favorite segment on the Ellen Show

  • Abbz
    Abbz   2018-11-16T02:12:30.000Z

    Andy is my favorite💙💛

  • SienaY
    SienaY   2018-11-16T00:43:01.000Z

    i think we found andy\'s new talent😂👌

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  • CynthiaX gamer
    CynthiaX gamer   2018-11-15T20:54:39.000Z


  • Gab Gab
    Gab Gab   2018-11-15T17:18:09.000Z


  • Whatsoever duh
    Whatsoever duh   2018-11-15T17:16:06.000Z

    He reminds me of Cole Sprouse somehow 😕

  • sKm akash
    sKm akash   2018-11-15T16:11:42.000Z

    Poor guy😂

  • Geek Hub
    Geek Hub   2018-11-15T10:00:57.000Z

    Bruh.. I accidentally read that title as \"Andy rams cheerleaders\"

  • MICHELLE Kincade
    MICHELLE Kincade   2018-11-15T06:13:22.000Z

    The rams used to be in St. Louis

  • Natalia Trujillo
    Natalia Trujillo   2018-11-15T04:57:37.000Z

    I see Andy dancing and doing the rutine, and I just can\'t stop comparing him with Sandra Bullock\'s scene in Miss Congeniality!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Big Tasty
    Big Tasty   2018-11-15T03:31:07.000Z


  • Tyler Rogers
    Tyler Rogers   2018-11-15T03:11:23.000Z


  • Nou Thao
    Nou Thao   2018-11-15T01:37:32.000Z

    What brand leggings are those?😂😍

  • Puppy Girl
    Puppy Girl   2018-11-15T00:08:04.000Z

    Andy is not average at everything......HES AN AMAZING COMEDIAN

  • Queeny Villamar
    Queeny Villamar   2018-11-15T00:03:03.000Z

    Andy was so lost😂😂😂

  • GamerBoy
    GamerBoy   2018-11-14T23:58:25.000Z

    That was so hard to watch

  • Christie Black
    Christie Black   2018-11-14T23:11:09.000Z

    You should do Andy tries rhythmic gymnastics

    BLACKPINK IN UR AREA   2018-11-14T23:11:08.000Z

    I love him XD

  • Kendyl Bobbie
    Kendyl Bobbie   2018-11-14T20:24:00.000Z

    The crowd probably thought he was a make a wish kid

  • adorable RosePanda
    adorable RosePanda   2018-11-14T19:42:22.000Z


  • sarah daniel
    sarah daniel   2018-11-14T18:30:33.000Z

    Anyone else feel that Andy can DEFINITELY play the voice of a cute-awkward cartoon character?

  • Rupson Mushahary
    Rupson Mushahary   2018-11-14T15:35:24.000Z

    Andy is cute

  • Kabir Singh
    Kabir Singh   2018-11-14T15:28:05.000Z

    Andy\'s job is a dream job...😁

  • Jessica Grether
    Jessica Grether   2018-11-14T15:13:32.000Z


  • Atul Shrestha
    Atul Shrestha   2018-11-14T09:31:08.000Z

    which channel and what time show

  • lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    Wow ellen hasn\'t blocked comments yet,that happens rarely

  • Sara Phillips
    Sara Phillips   2018-11-14T08:07:43.000Z

    St. Louis Rams RIP

  • somjeen jantarasarn
    somjeen jantarasarn   2018-11-14T07:45:25.000Z

    Go pacers

  • Isabela Hines
    Isabela Hines   2018-11-14T06:04:49.000Z

    2:10 that girl on the right looks just like mylifeasava

  • Coco Quinlet ii
    Coco Quinlet ii   2018-11-14T03:31:07.000Z

    Ya I’m going to there game this Monday agonist the chiefs BOOOOO!!!!!

  • Jaden CJ
    Jaden CJ   2018-11-14T02:51:13.000Z

    Okay my dudeeee

  • Owen M Edwards
    Owen M Edwards   2018-11-14T02:10:46.000Z

    This is the best thing I have ever sean

  • Sarah Diaa
    Sarah Diaa   2018-11-14T01:43:25.000Z

    I cringed and laughed so much at Andy today 🤣🤣🤣🤣😖😖😖😖

  • Addison Micallef
    Addison Micallef   2018-11-14T00:40:54.000Z


  • Chester Collier
    Chester Collier   2018-11-14T00:00:38.000Z

    Go packers it\'s my favorite team

  • xxpj Msp
    xxpj Msp   2018-11-14T00:00:30.000Z


  • Flabs TV
    Flabs TV   2018-11-13T23:45:17.000Z

    I remember when the rams used to be apart of my areas football team.

  • Kyla Yamada
    Kyla Yamada   2018-11-13T22:39:21.000Z

    Ellen Andy aint average,He is a saverage,can you have Jake Paul on the show

  • Kloé Yang
    Kloé Yang   2018-11-13T20:02:44.000Z

    I love how during the performance the cheerleaders kept on encouraging him

  • Nasur ahamed
    Nasur ahamed   2018-11-13T17:24:27.000Z

    brother excellent

  • Chantal Martel
    Chantal Martel   2018-11-13T16:52:21.000Z

    He is so sweet

  • krikya Arcilla
    krikya Arcilla   2018-11-13T16:01:24.000Z


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  • Pilot Jones
    Pilot Jones   2018-11-13T13:44:59.000Z

    What breed is his emotional support daughter?

  • Martha Nendissa
    Martha Nendissa   2018-11-13T13:14:00.000Z

    Loved your hair ellen!!!

  • Stephen Cunningham
    Stephen Cunningham   2018-11-13T11:53:39.000Z

    Good colors

  • Chelsea Zacharko
    Chelsea Zacharko   2018-11-13T09:49:41.000Z

    Oh my god you can like see stuff How do I hide it Hahahaha hahahaha

  • Starling Mckay
    Starling Mckay   2018-11-13T09:03:45.000Z

    Wow They yodeling kid grew up fast 😂😂😂

  • poppy and sid
    poppy and sid   2018-11-13T08:01:09.000Z


  • Kute Kayla
    Kute Kayla   2018-11-13T05:21:40.000Z

    0:48 can you spot the man?

  • Ray Zhang
    Ray Zhang   2018-11-13T05:04:09.000Z

    Andy:Nani??!!!? Andy:oh no I feel like there more average than me

  • Jordyn Buckhalter
    Jordyn Buckhalter   2018-11-13T04:59:29.000Z

    Lol the beginning

  • Lady Fatal
    Lady Fatal   2018-11-13T04:26:27.000Z

    I love average Andy he is awesome and funny😀

  • Pattyricia Starr
    Pattyricia Starr   2018-11-13T03:11:44.000Z

    I am amazed by these girls but mainly that they do all theses moves with there hair done

  • Naidelyn Orozco
    Naidelyn Orozco   2018-11-13T02:54:26.000Z

    I\'m Shookith

  • Its Raining In my head
    Its Raining In my head   2018-11-13T02:29:49.000Z

    Go pack go 😂

  • Nani Goad
    Nani Goad   2018-11-13T01:19:24.000Z

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss Andy!!!!!!!!

  • Ladys Caceres
    Ladys Caceres   2018-11-13T00:48:55.000Z

    He has a juul 2:51

  • Sky Shine 0609
    Sky Shine 0609   2018-11-13T00:39:13.000Z

    6:30 That was so hilarious

  • Sabrina Videos
    Sabrina Videos   2018-11-13T00:37:08.000Z

    Ok when the theme song started for a split second I thought it was good kid from the Percy Jackson musical😭😂

  • Jo Ann S
    Jo Ann S   2018-11-13T00:16:26.000Z

    Go Andy!

  • Tanya Malfoy
    Tanya Malfoy   2018-11-12T23:50:25.000Z

    The cheerleaders were so sweet and encouraging. This was a cute episode!! Great job Andy!

  • xX smolfries Xx
    xX smolfries Xx   2018-11-12T23:17:29.000Z

    Those RaMs used to be for st.louis where I live but nOoOoOoOo 😑

  • Sofia Frias
    Sofia Frias   2018-11-12T23:09:51.000Z

    hahah andy is my favorite

  • Zadie Andersen
    Zadie Andersen   2018-11-12T21:49:11.000Z

    Andy has to try synchronized swimming!!!

  • nil bet
    nil bet   2018-11-12T21:45:15.000Z

    Is Average Andy part of the Cx Script?

  • Small Kitten
    Small Kitten   2018-11-12T21:00:16.000Z

    I love how the girls were so supportive and helpful.