twenty one pilots: Heathens (Beyond the Video)


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  • Madison Cosgrove
    Madison Cosgrove   2018-11-08T01:22:12.000Z

    Tyler was so annoyed😂😂

  • Over TheRainbow
    Over TheRainbow   2018-11-03T04:33:38.000Z

    1:58 my loveee. Perfect face

  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia   2018-11-02T02:10:15.000Z

    Is this where the Will Smith aDdIcTiOn began?

  • Lana Is yeemo
    Lana Is yeemo   2018-11-02T01:36:42.000Z

    WOW JOSH 😂

  • Leonel Legorreta
    Leonel Legorreta   2018-10-28T22:00:35.000Z

    No entendí nada pero si ahuevo

  • Jamie Scheuermann
    Jamie Scheuermann   2018-10-28T01:06:43.000Z

    You woke up at 5:30 but you didn\'t get much sleep Where have I ever heard that

  • Lily B
    Lily B   2018-10-24T23:22:20.000Z

    Basement of an insane asylum..... “Underneath the insane asylum” -Neon Gravestones

  • Mandy van Beek
    Mandy van Beek   2018-10-14T10:42:03.000Z

    Normally josh gives us fun facts but this time it was tyler

  • Александра Ширяева
    Александра Ширяева   2018-10-09T11:48:58.000Z

    Я обожаю ваш канал!! Жалко что только тут субтитров нету((( I love your channel!! It is a pity that there no subtitles(((

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC   2018-10-08T20:14:14.000Z


  • Lluc Garcia
    Lluc Garcia   2018-09-30T08:11:48.000Z

    Josh awe

  • Animehott _lit
    Animehott _lit   2018-09-30T03:10:32.000Z

    Every time tyler stares at josh its really funny

  • vicky prot
    vicky prot   2018-09-29T17:57:30.000Z

    Mi favorita musica🤙🤘💖😜🤑🦄

  • 《Crxbaby》
    《Crxbaby》   2018-09-29T13:46:12.000Z

    1:23 honestly me

  • Allegra Grappo
    Allegra Grappo   2018-09-24T23:54:37.000Z

    wait why doesnt tyler paint his neck and hands in heathens like he does in every other music video?????

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe   2018-09-24T23:11:24.000Z

    Two things: 1. Josh Dun, the man with a full sleeve of tattoos and a few more besides, is getting fake tattoos so he looks intimidating 2. DID ANYONE LOOK AT SAID FAKE TATTOOS HE HAS THE ANGELIC POWER RUNE FROM THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS ON HIS SHOULDER I\'M DYING

    HORRIBLE_TIME   2018-09-24T01:41:27.000Z

    If Tyler got arrested he would be friends with every single person in there

  • Artmosphere
    Artmosphere   2018-09-21T18:28:45.000Z

    Lemme guess, was this filmed in Will Smith\'s private dungeon? I mean, he\'s even in the video.

  • Nikyeeta In a Jumpsuit
    Nikyeeta In a Jumpsuit   2018-09-20T21:46:04.000Z

    I love how he had to specify that “cold cock” meant to punch 😂🤣😂🤣

  • yellow
    yellow   2018-09-19T00:58:39.000Z

    you cold cock those boys, ty.

  • Karupé
    Karupé   2018-09-15T19:40:37.000Z

    1:43 WHY DO I JUST NOTICE THE ANGELIC RUNE IN HIS ARM *freaks out in Latin*

  • Reuben s
    Reuben s   2018-09-13T14:45:21.000Z

    “Jumpsuit jumpsuit cover oh no wait. It’s been ripped off

  • Araneas_edits
    Araneas_edits   2018-09-11T04:41:36.000Z

    I never realised that Josh had runes on his arm!

  • Pedro Filgueira
    Pedro Filgueira   2018-09-08T03:47:52.000Z

    I like this format

  • Unboxing & review
    Unboxing & review   2018-09-06T14:22:25.000Z

    Salam indonesia

  • Neverknownhim
    Neverknownhim   2018-09-06T11:40:20.000Z

    3:29 what did he say?

  • Brianna Blankenship
    Brianna Blankenship   2018-09-05T23:56:47.000Z

    why is this filmed like it’s an episode of the office?😂

  • isabelleisabelle
    isabelleisabelle   2018-09-04T18:35:01.000Z

    when josh has a shadowhunter rune on his arm as one of his fake tattoos

  • Sarah Ansari
    Sarah Ansari   2018-09-04T11:15:51.000Z

    When Josh hugs that guy at 1:25 and Tyler gives that look saying in his mind *\"Git Your Own Fren!!!!\"* hahahahaha

  • ChocolatBownie
    ChocolatBownie   2018-09-01T22:42:24.000Z


  • Alli's world
    Alli's world   2018-09-01T19:37:50.000Z

    Replay button for video if youtube hates you: 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 It is free :)

  • Bruno Gamer
    Bruno Gamer   2018-09-01T01:53:24.000Z

    Favorito Braziliaaaan Amooooo Y loveeee

  • I am trash. Help me pls
    I am trash. Help me pls   2018-08-31T07:49:30.000Z

    Honestly, I would kill a man if I could go to prising and go to the basement to see twenty one pilots preforming

  • Fx Hails
    Fx Hails   2018-08-31T05:58:11.000Z

    1:42 Am I the only one who realized that josh has a fake mortal instruments tattoo on his shoulder?!

  • X_XBENU 84_X_X
    X_XBENU 84_X_X   2018-08-30T23:45:57.000Z

    What did Tyler do to lock him up with that cute face? XD

  • Meeper5
    Meeper5   2018-08-28T00:05:51.000Z

    Tyler got rejected by Josh

  • izzy nEwt
    izzy nEwt   2018-08-23T15:08:42.000Z

    josh has a shadowhunters tattoo..

  • FairlyLocalDreamer
    FairlyLocalDreamer   2018-08-22T16:53:59.000Z


  • Ivonne Nieves
    Ivonne Nieves   2018-08-22T02:33:06.000Z

    Tyler was so pissed at josh

  • Socorro Estrada
    Socorro Estrada   2018-08-21T21:33:39.000Z

    I think josh said that cause he thought that probably he was going to l.a with jenna and it would b unconfortable if they stayed in his place.

  • Karolina P
    Karolina P   2018-08-21T18:10:29.000Z


  • Fishsticks 5211
    Fishsticks 5211   2018-08-20T19:01:32.000Z

    Take it sløw.

  • Kathy Bishop
    Kathy Bishop   2018-08-18T19:56:06.000Z

    “A nice hotel”.. HA! Those two...

  • Sarah vdhø
    Sarah vdhø   2018-08-18T19:05:29.000Z

    Can we just talk about the angelic rune josh has on his arm?

  • Nev
    Nev   2018-08-17T22:10:07.000Z

    I felt so bad for Tyler at the beginning even tho I think he was joking 😂😭

  • Ashlie Owens
    Ashlie Owens   2018-08-17T20:06:10.000Z

    My brother\'s brother knew you

  • locurias mecurias
    locurias mecurias   2018-08-16T01:31:42.000Z

    I loveeeeeeeeee Tyler 😍❤❤❤❤

    ADAM HEFFLIN   2018-08-15T20:09:04.000Z

    I refuse to use my yellow bandito sticks to drum to any blurry face song

  • Reuben Carpenter
    Reuben Carpenter   2018-08-14T22:07:06.000Z

    ...that means “punch”

  • lauren palfreyman
    lauren palfreyman   2018-08-14T15:57:21.000Z

    The mortal instruments tattoos on josh

  • Billy Joseph Cabayan
    Billy Joseph Cabayan   2018-08-14T14:07:09.000Z

    *A W E S O M E*

  • Dana Frias
    Dana Frias   2018-08-13T22:49:03.000Z

    Love tøp |-/:-)♡♥

  • meghani2006
    meghani2006   2018-08-12T07:30:20.000Z

    1:23 the saltiest Tyler look

  • meghani2006
    meghani2006   2018-08-12T07:28:37.000Z

    When Tyler still gets anxious about shooting music videos and his anxiety keeps him up all night. *cries*

  • Bumfuzzle
    Bumfuzzle   2018-08-12T06:43:12.000Z

    one of the fake tattos on Joshes arm is from The Mortal Instruments. The rune for \'Angelic\'.

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle   2018-08-09T12:29:43.000Z

    Tyler: Josh didn\'t invite me to stay at his place and I\'m gonna pretend I\'m not bothered by that. Josh: I\'m eating sausage and egg on bread. I think it\'s working Tyler!!

  • Gina Trevino
    Gina Trevino   2018-08-09T07:49:12.000Z

    Josh is a total jerk

  • Sally Odren
    Sally Odren   2018-08-08T17:41:15.000Z

    This might have been shot around the same time as jumpsuit plus Tyler’s wearing a yellow suit

  • Panic! At the Pilots Romance
    Panic! At the Pilots Romance   2018-08-07T19:56:03.000Z

    my friend didn\'t know what this song was called, and didnt know the lyrics, so she sang \"All my friends are wheat thins take it slow\" ...she still does just to make me mad

  • Cate Seaton
    Cate Seaton   2018-08-07T19:30:05.000Z

    Woah, rewatching this and I see a rune on josh😢😢

  • Kortlyn Alisa
    Kortlyn Alisa   2018-08-06T21:56:48.000Z

    0:28 is that dema

  • SlushieGuys: Part 2
    SlushieGuys: Part 2   2018-08-06T15:37:44.000Z

    0:49 breaks my heart lol

  • jess b
    jess b   2018-08-06T09:04:40.000Z

    How did I not realise at 1:44 josh as the angelic tune on his arm

  • Honya Nariman
    Honya Nariman   2018-08-05T21:09:40.000Z


  • Nick Morgan
    Nick Morgan   2018-08-05T16:38:27.000Z

    0:56 to 1:06 BETRAYAL!

  • Mr. Misty-Eye
    Mr. Misty-Eye   2018-08-05T16:27:16.000Z

    Josh é um shadow hunter?

  • Queen Bakugo
    Queen Bakugo   2018-08-05T03:28:17.000Z

    They zoom into Tyler\'s face when Josh and the guy hugs😂

  • Candy Ninja
    Candy Ninja   2018-08-04T21:48:04.000Z

    ⚫️⚫️🔴 ⚫️⚫️⚫️ ⚫️🔴⚫️

  • Skeleton!
    Skeleton!   2018-08-04T01:15:10.000Z

    Tyler:...and i could\'ve cold-cocked them right in the face *pause* Tyler: that means punched btw Josh: okay *lightly chuckles* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Emeraldrubidiamond
    Emeraldrubidiamond   2018-08-03T01:37:05.000Z

    1:47 angelical rune from shadow hunters

  • faigy vaysman
    faigy vaysman   2018-08-02T20:41:00.000Z

    please make more twenty one pilots

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe   2018-08-02T03:39:31.000Z

    Angelic ruin

  • Space&Fame Flotow
    Space&Fame Flotow   2018-08-01T04:28:03.000Z

    my favorite band!!!😁😁😁😁

  • Miles Beining
    Miles Beining   2018-07-31T23:17:15.000Z

    1:09 the real reason for the hiatus.

  • Esperanza vd Veer
    Esperanza vd Veer   2018-07-31T22:01:03.000Z

    Random comment: dude with tattoos has a mortal instrument tattoo😱

  • Kann Rodriguez
    Kann Rodriguez   2018-07-31T13:42:29.000Z

    Yellow Jumpsuit

  • Rini Dolok
    Rini Dolok   2018-07-29T08:59:31.000Z

    Tyler on Barefaced omg!

  • XxItsTheCocoShowxX
    XxItsTheCocoShowxX   2018-07-29T07:11:59.000Z

    And its 12;09 in the moring....

  • Sebastian Santiago Soto
    Sebastian Santiago Soto   2018-07-29T02:03:23.000Z


  • hizy
    hizy   2018-07-27T20:53:14.000Z

    when tyler and jenna have kids they\'re gonna be a model just wait

  • Yesui Ikhertsetseg
    Yesui Ikhertsetseg   2018-07-27T11:12:43.000Z

    Tyler is really mad with Josh when he’s getting the make up xd

    1-800-HABITORRABBIT   2018-07-27T04:31:01.000Z

    *Tyler being lowkey hurt throughout the whole video*

  • Fajar Kurnianto
    Fajar Kurnianto   2018-07-26T10:43:36.000Z


  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson   2018-07-26T07:36:58.000Z

    I\'ve still haven\'t heard Josh or Tyler swear keep it kid friendly 👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Sylas Angel
    Sylas Angel   2018-07-24T19:46:11.000Z

    Tyler looks like my cousin zane

  • dillytube
    dillytube   2018-07-24T17:51:34.000Z

    “And cold cocked them in the face... that means punched” “oh ok” I love how he had to clarify that

  • ToughChicken
    ToughChicken   2018-07-23T19:45:04.000Z

    aaahhhh man they shot this on my bday!!

  • Micah Davila
    Micah Davila   2018-07-23T15:01:43.000Z

    ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! MAY 9th!!!!!!

  • Shayla Wymer
    Shayla Wymer   2018-07-23T00:46:51.000Z

    1:43 fans of shadow hunters, josh\'s shoulder

  • Izzy Mill
    Izzy Mill   2018-07-22T09:07:22.000Z

    Got a trench/bandito tour ad before this video.. 👌

  • Shaelyn Mae Cronin
    Shaelyn Mae Cronin   2018-07-22T05:35:04.000Z

    PLEEEEASE do a behind the scenes of jumpsuit!

  • Abygayle Lowther
    Abygayle Lowther   2018-07-21T05:38:27.000Z

    Prison looking dudes. Jail lookin doodads. Criminal seein guys.

  • No Body
    No Body   2018-07-20T02:22:24.000Z

    3:38 I\'m using that phrase for punch from now on...

  • bailey smith
    bailey smith   2018-07-19T07:49:04.000Z

    peep the angelic rune on josh

  • pinecubi GD
    pinecubi GD   2018-07-15T23:19:25.000Z

    twenty one pilots

  • • SuperWhøLøck •
    • SuperWhøLøck •   2018-07-15T11:55:20.000Z


  • Emmie Sumski
    Emmie Sumski   2018-07-15T02:00:40.000Z

    Git ur own fren

  • not on my christian server you dont
    not on my christian server you dont   2018-07-15T01:32:53.000Z

    jumpsuit jumpsuit cover me

  • Skull Daughter
    Skull Daughter   2018-07-14T13:53:00.000Z

    tyler why aren’t u wearing ur seatbelt ur a bad influence. pls wear ur seatbelt.