First Man - Curiositystream - Legendado (With Subtitles - ATIVE no Rodapé)

  • Published on 2018-09-06T13:22:43.000Z
  • Legenda - Ative no youtube a tradução automática. Subtitles - Activate on youtube, automatic translation. First Man - Legendado (With Subtitles - ATIVE no Rodapé) First Man - Legendado (With Subtitles - ATIVE no Rodapé) First Man - Legendado (With Subtitles - ATIVE no Rodapé) First Man - Legendado (With Subtitles - ATIVE no Rodapé) First Man - Legendado (With Subtitles - ATIVE no Rodapé) First Man - Legendado (With Subtitles - ATIVE no Rodapé)

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  • Mahima Singh
    Mahima Singh   2018-11-19T13:47:40.000Z

    I never felt so attached to animals before. 😍

  • i am jellyfush
    i am jellyfush   2018-11-19T08:11:00.000Z

    Wait so if lucy\'s descendant went that would mean some of us might have yellow eye color genes? Fuck..

  • Brad Mueller
    Brad Mueller   2018-11-19T06:42:07.000Z

    Not bad at the basics, but so much of what they showed as fact is theoretical. They presented these specific creatures and told stories with them as if it were fact. Of course, somewhere along the line social structures, war, speech, etc evolved, but where and how they evolved is unknown. Also, I felt the \"documentary\" subtly shooing in some female empowerment for what feels like political purposes. Overall this film relied way too much on storytelling, not actual facts.

  • John R
    John R   2018-11-19T04:41:47.000Z

    Click on person\'s name that thinks this is a good \"\"Documentary\" ..... and you will understand why that thunk it.

  • John R
    John R   2018-11-19T04:38:59.000Z

    This is what passes for a documentary? HaHaHa!! Must have majored in Transgender dance theory. It is entertaining with Asian female as leader of black Africans men. Was she captured as a child and then proven more intelligent than the black African men? Then excepted as the black African tribe leader, passing the challenges of a female captured, likely slave or serf class?

  • Jean Devera
    Jean Devera   2018-11-19T01:17:51.000Z

    Like I\'m watching Jungle Book or Tarzan. lol! How could the cameraman do such drama 25Million years ago??? Can you please atleast show the Cast who played the monkeys? They need to be credited for good drama! :D :D

  • Crazy Ninja
    Crazy Ninja   2018-11-18T21:37:17.000Z

    1:22:06 a boner

  • Bas van Groeningen
    Bas van Groeningen   2018-11-18T21:08:00.000Z

    An interesting story. Thank you for uploading.

  • siddhant singh
    siddhant singh   2018-11-18T16:47:19.000Z

    Amazing documentary.. Loved it.. 😊😊😁

  • tube dude
    tube dude   2018-11-18T15:35:34.000Z

    And all this time I been believing that the first man was a french canadien. I guess they were fibbing again.

  • Bigpussyboi Dilly
    Bigpussyboi Dilly   2018-11-18T02:08:13.000Z

    Religious people keep saying “no proof” but there is more proof that this is 100 percent correct than there is proof of a God

  • Isaac X
    Isaac X   2018-11-18T00:48:14.000Z

    this was amazing, thank you very much.

  • μολων λαβε
    μολων λαβε   2018-11-18T00:13:23.000Z

    De-evolution and/or regression is not only the natural course of pehysical laws, we are surrounded by evidence from the ancients which we can\'t even begin to match today! Are our children today hardier or more capable than from our past? Are we more per individual more physically inclined, artistically inclined, musically inclined, building and engineering inclined, mathematically and philosophically inclined, more rational and/or possessing of a better conduct code? What the hell is so great about our current age which one can claim in support of us and any other living thing, of being better evolved? The constant manipulations of our surroundings to better suit for personal comfort levels and personal material needs over so-called \"25 million years of evolution\" would sure degrade every property of the specie, not make it better! All good things are earned through exercising efforts, if we exercise less in efforts how are we biologically and physically progressing our evolution?

  • deep demairy
    deep demairy   2018-11-17T21:50:35.000Z

    No, that\'s false

  • Adunkwaa Bright
    Adunkwaa Bright   2018-11-17T09:44:56.000Z

    Thanks for s great fiction movie .. I hope no one\'s taking it as the truth origin of man here

  • Kool Kustomer
    Kool Kustomer   2018-11-17T09:12:01.000Z

    wow1 awesome documentary1

  • Kyle Cameron
    Kyle Cameron   2018-11-17T07:20:54.000Z

    these evolution documentaries are always good for a laugh, I guess you where first a squid/ fish thing then grew legs and hair and become a dumb ape and then transformed into a person..... Must be a rough life, being a gentic freak. Most of the same simpletons that belive this non-sense are all up in arms about species going extinct, and climate change (lmoa because there is SO MUCH static climate on this planet). Are not those both the things that come along with your evolution theroy? Animals/ plants couldn\'t cut it when things changed and kicked tghe bucket... you people should be all for extintion and climate change - that\'s just evolution put in the fast lane.

    BMMG DMOE   2018-11-17T06:52:39.000Z

    51:32 the first women beater rape that’s crazy 😔

  • Chang Ngina
    Chang Ngina   2018-11-17T06:23:38.000Z


  • Chang Ngina
    Chang Ngina   2018-11-17T06:20:54.000Z


  • Tony Michaud
    Tony Michaud   2018-11-17T04:51:04.000Z

    LOL You folks are so funny! Thanks for the laughs. Soooo full of shit!

  • Gogo Loco
    Gogo Loco   2018-11-17T01:21:47.000Z

    21:34 so fist bump was born.

  • Aron Ortega
    Aron Ortega   2018-11-16T20:14:09.000Z

    The first human appeared out of nowhere, his name was Adam.

  • german m
    german m   2018-11-16T19:27:17.000Z

    I knew it!!... The first woman and man was Asian! not black! or Adam or eve!(white) and when i mean asian ..not chinese!!

  • Anis Saeed
    Anis Saeed   2018-11-15T15:43:14.000Z

    Anyone having misconception can watch this video.

  • Caio Cezar
    Caio Cezar   2018-11-15T14:59:36.000Z

    But he dont have all subtitle in Portuguese

  • Mighty_Mustachios
    Mighty_Mustachios   2018-11-15T10:16:11.000Z

    59:31 Lion king eats our ancestor\'s dick off

  • Awkward carrot
    Awkward carrot   2018-11-15T08:11:50.000Z

    Man that camera man is old af maybe he used a delorian or something. ;)

  • Mikeyy
    Mikeyy   2018-11-15T05:57:58.000Z

    1:30:42 original *sips tea*

  • Aham Brahmasmi
    Aham Brahmasmi   2018-11-15T05:46:01.000Z

    So there was no Adam and Eve. Hence there was no original sin. Hence the Bible loses ground.

  • bsmi1361
    bsmi1361   2018-11-15T01:58:17.000Z

    This is fake news.. Dislike.

  • omar khodammi
    omar khodammi   2018-11-14T23:35:12.000Z


  • slimm shady
    slimm shady   2018-11-14T22:35:33.000Z

    Please make one movie on first monkey too

  • Isaiah Taylor
    Isaiah Taylor   2018-11-14T22:24:22.000Z

    I love this movie

  • John R
    John R   2018-11-14T21:54:51.000Z

    This is what passes for a documentary? HaHaHa!! Must have majored in Transgender dance theory. It is entertaining with Asian female as leader of black Africans men. Was she captured as a child and then proven more intelligent than the black African men? Then excepted as the black African tribe leader, passing the challenges of a female captured, likely slave or serf class?

  • Ruben Change
    Ruben Change   2018-11-14T20:14:33.000Z

    You dont make a scientific documentary about a whole species and its evolution using the anomalies.

  • Shubhanshu Tripathi
    Shubhanshu Tripathi   2018-11-14T06:02:13.000Z

    Thanks lot for precious info

  • Jan Joubert
    Jan Joubert   2018-11-14T04:44:10.000Z

    The biginning lookad like a Micheal Bey movie

  • Wild Rhino
    Wild Rhino   2018-11-14T02:29:35.000Z

    Why is it always, \"The first \'man\' appeared...\"; Or, only using \"he\" when talking about a species; Or, showing only the male head of a digitized replica of a species? Why not talk about \"they\" and show both the man and the woman versions? Did anyone else notice that?

  • Qamar Nadeem
    Qamar Nadeem   2018-11-13T23:34:16.000Z

    Fake by the way good story to make humans fool.😄😃

  • greysuit17
    greysuit17   2018-11-13T16:27:07.000Z

    Historical recreation yeah right.... such terrible propaganda.

  • shabsog eagle
    shabsog eagle   2018-11-13T09:52:03.000Z

    basicly arab world in modern days

  • CarreraLover
    CarreraLover   2018-11-13T07:57:12.000Z

    More fuckin retarded science people that wanna fuck a monkey. What am I doing here if I don\'t believe in such nonsense you ask? Because your stupid FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT (so-called) documentary interrupted my program that I am watching, so cut that shit out and next time I won\'t hafta troll you Godless freaks. Go fuck an ape.. Oh wait!*

  • Adrian Beaumont
    Adrian Beaumont   2018-11-13T03:22:15.000Z

    Trash.... straight garbage. Almost funny but mostly terrifying

  • Ronnie Gelbolingo
    Ronnie Gelbolingo   2018-11-13T01:28:54.000Z

    This is the answer as to where Humans came from.....and not the Biblical explaination.

  • Terel Tyler Tyler
    Terel Tyler Tyler   2018-11-13T00:45:36.000Z

    Ok weirdos again with this whole stupid monkey thing again honestly 😂😂😂

  • David Feldmann
    David Feldmann   2018-11-13T00:10:45.000Z

    Hateful dicks that hate the truth. Excellent show.

  • musthafa jahangir
    musthafa jahangir   2018-11-12T23:06:38.000Z

    Bs at its best

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel Martinez   2018-11-12T23:02:47.000Z

    I see what y’all talking about with the feminist stuff

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel Martinez   2018-11-12T22:42:49.000Z

    This is like the left over is planets of the apes

    MINEIRO   2018-11-12T18:52:51.000Z

    *The First SJW.

  • Hahn Solo
    Hahn Solo   2018-11-12T15:39:03.000Z

    The creators of this video can believe they came from apes all they want. However, I choose to believe I did not come from apes. God created me as a man.

  • Mohibul Haque Laskar
    Mohibul Haque Laskar   2018-11-12T14:28:11.000Z

    Pi pa ko means fire... 😅😅😅

  • Jeff De Castro
    Jeff De Castro   2018-11-12T08:35:36.000Z

    This story is more convincing and believable than God\'s creation of man and woman...

  • Alvaro Joaquín Borrás Campderá
    Alvaro Joaquín Borrás Campderá   2018-11-12T06:36:04.000Z

    I am surprised that this film proposes that homo erectus discovered fire and food cooked by accident? Perhaps the evolution of thought did not allow homo erectus to develop these skills by himself? Also, there is never talk about beliefs in natural and phenomenological forces; that thanks to belief systems and their implications in the thought processes, man develops the first signs of culture and social evolution. I definitely think this film expresses a very low opinion about the surprising nature that human beings possess from their existence in this planet.

  • arar quiobe
    arar quiobe   2018-11-12T06:21:05.000Z

    im spriyer

  • Pratik Chavan
    Pratik Chavan   2018-11-12T05:01:53.000Z

    Very very good movie

  • SampleLizard73
    SampleLizard73   2018-11-12T02:55:48.000Z

    They invented sleeping laughing politics mating etc. WOW 😮

  • Bethany Witvoet
    Bethany Witvoet   2018-11-12T00:48:59.000Z

    this is so dumb

  • Melih GÜLER
    Melih GÜLER   2018-11-11T18:19:00.000Z

    They all look like Donald trump

  • priya km
    priya km   2018-11-11T11:41:26.000Z

    what it is looking like gorilla

  • gaming zone
    gaming zone   2018-11-11T08:34:00.000Z

    Why they have no tail

  • Priya  Dutt
    Priya Dutt   2018-11-11T07:46:51.000Z

    1.7 k dislike are people sick 🤔

  • Dewayne Maddox
    Dewayne Maddox   2018-11-11T02:33:54.000Z

    stop complaining, you got to see an ape-man on ape-man suplex.

  • havoc 127
    havoc 127   2018-11-10T21:45:45.000Z

    The biggest crock of shit lol

  • sayantan manna
    sayantan manna   2018-11-10T20:01:49.000Z

    More than \"First Man\" it\'s evolution of love making or sex

  • MIs Cikadongdong
    MIs Cikadongdong   2018-11-10T17:47:43.000Z

    REALLY MOVIE ... *FIRST MAN* >> Language: All Languages | English | Spanish | Switzerland | German Pays: UK | French Genres : Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Horor Žanrovi : akcija Avantura | triler Production Co: Atomic Monster,New Line Cinema,The Safran Company ostavlja se brinuti o djeci Helen (Elastigirl) sprema svijet. Pag-usab: Brad Bird Pisac: Brad Bird Zvijezde: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell —————————————————————————————————————————————————————

  • Lunamaria
    Lunamaria   2018-11-10T16:27:27.000Z

    Very anti male, dishonest and man hating

  • Mr. Deer
    Mr. Deer   2018-11-10T12:30:32.000Z

    Boi cant even aim

  • TitanSilver354
    TitanSilver354   2018-11-10T10:38:03.000Z

    A great watch, but I feel I watched a work of fiction. Survival of the fittest was never more applicable, and leaders of tribes were going to be the strongest. Clear agenda in this.

  • Hanmant Kendre
    Hanmant Kendre   2018-11-10T09:17:23.000Z

    You recorded all evolution since 25m year.

  • Jhonrey G
    Jhonrey G   2018-11-10T07:30:18.000Z

    49:00 did they eat real raw meat im grossed out they are humans dressed like that what

  • No Man
    No Man   2018-11-10T06:16:28.000Z

    Didn\'t really care for the storyline or the history, but i thought the scenic photography and the production values were excellent! Good acting by the cast and i thought the make-up was worthy of a big hollywood film. [Just the make-up though, there were a LOT of shots where you could tel they were wearing apelike costumes instead of body make-up] I got all the way through it, because i had nothing better to do, but it was an enjoyable watch-but now that i\'ve seen it, there\'s no reason to view it a second time.

  • Lizbeth De la cerda
    Lizbeth De la cerda   2018-11-10T04:16:12.000Z

    I wonder how much on this documentary is actually accurate, it was great tho very entertaining

  • havoc 127
    havoc 127   2018-11-10T01:28:32.000Z

    The missing link has never been found because there was never one for the same reason life only exist on earth.

  • Tenzin Woesel
    Tenzin Woesel   2018-11-09T23:42:49.000Z

    i still don\'t believe this type of things that we cane from apes and evolved. I believe we came outside of earth from somewhere. I mean now all of sudden we get smarter and smarter reall quick while they took thousands of years. and as matter of fact I don\'t believe we all are real... I mean big bang and all of us appeared but how the f can that happen?

  • Ray Gonzalez
    Ray Gonzalez   2018-11-09T22:18:29.000Z

    Ridiculous guesses. First feminist.

  • Jhania Smith
    Jhania Smith   2018-11-09T20:08:23.000Z

    Am I the only one that finds this documentary absolutely incredible. If it does have some inaccuracies here and there, it really just encapsulates how mankind came to be in such a riveting way. Like it honestly made me emotional to see how far our race has come and the abilities and traits we develop that distinguish us from other animals. It makes me proud of being human. I know we such and are ruining the planet and each other but the fact that we built and invented all of these things around us is just... awesome.

  • geyserangelo duca
    geyserangelo duca   2018-11-09T14:23:40.000Z

    its a fiction. just testing your faith. we will all die. believing is our only hope.

  • ناَيلِـــي بَانُورَامَا

    But homo-s was a black man ? 1:28:09

    GAME PLAYER   2018-11-09T10:14:11.000Z

    What a garbage documentary. you made human to monkey and a lot hate negative to our ancestry false documentary without any proof . You wasted my time 🤬. Do your homework

  • Zoë de Beus
    Zoë de Beus   2018-11-09T09:54:41.000Z


  • Backspace______
    Backspace______   2018-11-09T04:35:06.000Z

    Welp it\'s proven. SmackDown was a thing.

  • G R 9
    G R 9   2018-11-09T03:22:53.000Z

    y my ancestors trying to fight fire with a stick 1:12:00

  • DaSimplicityisreal 83729372
    DaSimplicityisreal 83729372   2018-11-09T02:07:27.000Z

    13:35 the Ewoks have come

  • ninga ph bagaporo
    ninga ph bagaporo   2018-11-09T01:09:53.000Z

    Wtf that kaduan

  • Dee Yanase
    Dee Yanase   2018-11-08T21:23:54.000Z

    An interesting story but it’s far from the truth. If you want the truth, look into the holy bible.

  • myriah trotsenko
    myriah trotsenko   2018-11-08T19:16:58.000Z

    this is total bullshit people actually want to believe we came from monkeys instead of created specifically and specially by God. all those little details that make up earth and people didn\'t come from evolution. God did it. obviously

  • Sarath T
    Sarath T   2018-11-08T17:30:12.000Z

    Awesome!!! Weather one\'s beliefs is different than others. I love seeing, learning, watching these types of documentaries. Very cool . Thanks.

  • Gravity Records
    Gravity Records   2018-11-08T17:23:21.000Z

    49:43 who else thought that male said \"Oh F**K\" ? :D

  • Victor Golmei
    Victor Golmei   2018-11-08T17:16:14.000Z

    This is utter nonsense of nudists

  • Victor Golmei
    Victor Golmei   2018-11-08T17:14:37.000Z


  • lilian fox
    lilian fox   2018-11-08T16:08:56.000Z

    Fucking Fire (it gave us Money)(Barter)

  • abhijit humbare
    abhijit humbare   2018-11-08T15:16:03.000Z

    The sharing of knowledge is the key to the development! Pibako

  • Karan Kumarbhumiz
    Karan Kumarbhumiz   2018-11-08T09:55:54.000Z

    So awesome movie, love it sooooooo much,

  • Youssef Houaoui
    Youssef Houaoui   2018-11-08T09:06:17.000Z

    hahahahahahahahahahaha who made this \"documentary\" an angry feminist ?? cause i can feel a salty hairy legged woman made this shit i won\'t even bother site how many shit they got wrong because they are so damn many from begining to end nothing but bullshit

  • Enrique Corpus
    Enrique Corpus   2018-11-08T03:49:59.000Z

    The title should be \"The First Feminist Monkey\"

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams   2018-11-08T02:16:46.000Z

    he was finna eat dat pussy

  • It's SK
    It's SK   2018-11-08T02:06:13.000Z

    lots of tard wrangling going on in the comments lmao

  • Sir. Phialla
    Sir. Phialla   2018-11-08T02:03:52.000Z

    First man!?!?! Why not the first woman!?!?! You freakin sexist