Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign


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  • Syllvi Gacha
    Syllvi Gacha   2018-11-19T13:19:56.000Z

    Me after watching the video MOOOOOM

  • Nancy Marin
    Nancy Marin   2018-11-19T06:22:59.000Z

    Am a Capricorn can confirm that the dessert is accurate cause I always want a chocolate muffin

  • YA BOI Cj
    YA BOI Cj   2018-11-19T05:35:55.000Z

    If ur a Taurus...may luck be on your side If your a pices or libra...kill you self

  • Ariana Hart
    Ariana Hart   2018-11-19T02:53:05.000Z

    What kind of mess was sagittarius?

  • MrBlocket Gaming
    MrBlocket Gaming   2018-11-19T02:36:55.000Z

    While I love me some white wine sorbet, definitely not my fav.

  • Paris Tales
    Paris Tales   2018-11-19T02:03:55.000Z

    I’m a chocolate muffin in a mug. I’m fine with that

  • Tanya Zulu
    Tanya Zulu   2018-11-19T00:07:37.000Z

    That food for gemini hurt my heart.... it\'s a no from me

  • whitelily3177
    whitelily3177   2018-11-19T00:03:53.000Z

    So I\'m a Pisces. Nope! I want the Cancer dessert.

  • laryn hill
    laryn hill   2018-11-18T23:34:40.000Z

    imma gemini and i hate coconut so thats a no for me but my bf a cancer and ill be eating his

  • Jinx Heavenfire
    Jinx Heavenfire   2018-11-18T22:41:29.000Z

    Mine as wrong...

  • stiven gomez
    stiven gomez   2018-11-18T22:32:57.000Z

    its funny because i am aquarius but i am lactose intolerant :,)

  • KiraCartoons
    KiraCartoons   2018-11-18T22:29:10.000Z

    When I saw what you made for us Taurus peeps I was like \"aw hell yeah\"

  • Gacha Pusheen and Stormy :3
    Gacha Pusheen and Stormy :3   2018-11-18T21:57:50.000Z

    I never knew that my zodiac\'s sign\'s dessert would look so cool. (I\'m a Leo)

  • Taleen H.
    Taleen H.   2018-11-18T21:34:34.000Z

    Aquarius ♒️ I like my thing

  • Chloe Mayer
    Chloe Mayer   2018-11-18T21:24:35.000Z

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE chocolate and I eat peanut butter every day lol. So good.

  • Chika Lucasa
    Chika Lucasa   2018-11-18T20:25:54.000Z

    I have fish

  • Shi Ni'ia
    Shi Ni'ia   2018-11-18T20:00:33.000Z

    Gemini here.. not a fan of fruit for dessert.....i wouldnt even consider that a dessert...

  • Navah Weiss
    Navah Weiss   2018-11-18T19:03:57.000Z

    I feel so proud to be a Virgo ... that dessert was beautiful!!!

  • Emily Dai
    Emily Dai   2018-11-18T16:14:52.000Z

    I think they skipped October 23

  • Its_JosieMarie
    Its_JosieMarie   2018-11-18T13:14:15.000Z

    Leo’s is my favorite and Libra’s (my own) is one of my least favorites lol😂😂😂

  • Mischievous Emma
    Mischievous Emma   2018-11-18T12:37:38.000Z

    As a taurus I don\'t agree

  • Huyen Ha
    Huyen Ha   2018-11-18T12:11:24.000Z

    Who is Libra here?♎️

  • Mahi Rajawat
    Mahi Rajawat   2018-11-18T10:17:30.000Z

    I am an Aquarius......i wont mind eating that fancied vanilla icecream....but then...think about it.....who adds vanilla icecream-strawberry jelly-muffins together!!!!!.....those are ment to be eaten separately!!

  • queen me
    queen me   2018-11-18T09:52:53.000Z

    team virgo??

  • Unicorn Unicorn
    Unicorn Unicorn   2018-11-18T09:35:42.000Z

    YAY sweet spaghetti

  • Random ness
    Random ness   2018-11-18T06:25:02.000Z

    So, I\'m a Taurus, and the dessert it matches doesn\'t really seem like I\'d like it. Maybe it\'s just inaccurate for me?

  • timeangel13
    timeangel13   2018-11-18T06:23:23.000Z

    All these amazing treats and capricorn gets a chocolate chip muffin.... and I\'m allergic to honey so it would literally kill me.... I feel cheated....

  • A Random Sophie
    A Random Sophie   2018-11-18T06:17:27.000Z

    When you immediately go to the end because your stupid sign is always last even though it falls between the 2nd and 3rd month. Sorry I complain a lot.

  • Brianna Haddon
    Brianna Haddon   2018-11-18T06:01:21.000Z

    Umm I’m a Libra but I’m 13 I don’t drink clearly and I don’t plan on drinking ever ok maybe every now and then as an adult but no I don’t like coconut anyways? Like wtf I love chocolate and only chocolate

  • The Shipping Trash Can
    The Shipping Trash Can   2018-11-18T06:00:00.000Z

    I\'m a gemini and I hated everything on my dessert but I bet a lot of other people like it! It is rather healthy but it\'s just a bit too heathy for me but if you like it then I\'m glad you enjoy that dessert

  • Marisol Giron
    Marisol Giron   2018-11-18T05:54:36.000Z

    I\'m a sagittarius and I dont like hiney

  • Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith   2018-11-18T05:38:14.000Z

    Only liked the videos Bc of ideas I like but the Capricorn idea which I am one is a no for me

  • Dragon Pixie
    Dragon Pixie   2018-11-18T05:27:02.000Z


  • Kiana Lucien
    Kiana Lucien   2018-11-18T05:20:38.000Z

    hahahaha , mines a spaghetti & meatball sunday 😭😂💘

  • KylieCat101
    KylieCat101   2018-11-18T04:46:33.000Z

    Oh gross I hate apples and bananas. Just give me the Oreos and nothing more

  • Kermit y e e t
    Kermit y e e t   2018-11-18T04:29:36.000Z

    As an Aquarius I approve

  • Potato girl
    Potato girl   2018-11-18T03:43:17.000Z

    You know my tongue will but off, right? I\'m a Scorpio btw

  • SpiritGhoul
    SpiritGhoul   2018-11-18T03:25:41.000Z

    So I\'m a cancer so here we are! Oh chocolate always a good sign! Chocolate strawberrys? Cookies? Cake? Bark? Wait is that a tart? No i hate tarts! Wait peanut butter?! No no please not peanut butter it\'s disgusting! Wait a giant resses? Why is life so cruel to me? Why can\'t i have a dessert I like for once... why?

  • Aces Mark
    Aces Mark   2018-11-18T02:38:42.000Z

    I am not sagatrius I am a ophocicus

  • Lilahn'y R Phoenix
    Lilahn'y R Phoenix   2018-11-18T02:16:06.000Z

    you lost me at peanut butter

  • lizascandles
    lizascandles   2018-11-18T02:05:28.000Z

    Littie kids cant drink wine also im a gemini and i hate fruit

  • Mykael Salinas
    Mykael Salinas   2018-11-18T02:01:49.000Z

    Come on Tasty do better than this why do I (Capricorn) and Scorpio get a stupid mug cake and \"firey hot chocolate\" lame

  • It’s Pugcraft Everyone
    It’s Pugcraft Everyone   2018-11-18T01:35:03.000Z

    10000000000 accurate me as a Scorpio is sweet and spicy

  • Yoongi Licious
    Yoongi Licious   2018-11-18T01:32:05.000Z

    IM A LEO!!! I was surprised to see that but I ABSOLUTELY love chocolate

  • Thawnz AJ
    Thawnz AJ   2018-11-18T01:20:22.000Z

    Not so *ideal* if you can\'t eat it... *Btw I mean allergies or veganism not just having none ofg the ingrediants or somthin

  • Julia Sergenian
    Julia Sergenian   2018-11-18T00:06:41.000Z

    Omg yasssss

  • AnimalLifestyle
    AnimalLifestyle   2018-11-17T23:58:22.000Z

    I’m Leo and can I just say HELL YES

  • shimmieawsome579
    shimmieawsome579   2018-11-17T23:38:53.000Z

    I\'m a gemini, and I really hate fruits, im sorry.

  • Topaz2510
    Topaz2510   2018-11-17T23:32:28.000Z

    I dont even consider hot chocolate dessert, therefore i\'d like my metaphorical money back.

  • Rin Shii
    Rin Shii   2018-11-17T22:58:08.000Z

    OK. As an ARieS that is not what I would eat for dessert its toooo healthy for me and thats definitely not me.... XD

  • michelle tanro
    michelle tanro   2018-11-17T22:13:54.000Z

    9:37 is that supposed to be the Sagittarius sign? It looks .. phallic

  • Sleepykinq Fan
    Sleepykinq Fan   2018-11-17T20:41:19.000Z

    The Cancer one is hilarious bc yesterday my sister got a bag of mini receses and when she opened it there was a huge receces choclate XD and she is a cancer

  • Jaslene Bonilla
    Jaslene Bonilla   2018-11-17T18:55:39.000Z

    I\'m a Virgo and my dessert was the magic chocolate balls I love mythical stuff

  • Lucky the gachatuber
    Lucky the gachatuber   2018-11-17T18:28:35.000Z

    I\'m Sagittarius

  • Satin Sanders
    Satin Sanders   2018-11-17T17:44:17.000Z

    What the actual fuck Aquarius????

  • TealFox
    TealFox   2018-11-17T17:33:16.000Z

    I’m a cancer but I’m allergic to peanut butter Edit: I would personally want Leo’s dessert but maybe it’s because I was born on the 22nd (almost a Leo)

  • Mia - Does - Gaming
    Mia - Does - Gaming   2018-11-17T17:32:38.000Z

    Time stamps anyone?

  • Elba Marín
    Elba Marín   2018-11-17T16:34:14.000Z

    I guess my horoscope is wrong as always... I don\'t like piña colada cupcakes 😑

  • Cristina Arias
    Cristina Arias   2018-11-17T16:09:44.000Z

    Saving Pisces for last because were fucking patient ass people lol love this vid btw

  • kawaiiwolfprincess 1234
    kawaiiwolfprincess 1234   2018-11-17T15:50:51.000Z

    yea spaghetti and meatballs!

  • babygrowl 10
    babygrowl 10   2018-11-17T14:05:19.000Z

    I don\'t have a zodiac sign? My birthday is 23 October 😂😂 XD

  • Ayisha Saeed
    Ayisha Saeed   2018-11-17T13:42:42.000Z

    I\'m an aries, and not at all impressed with the desert

  • Raevus 89
    Raevus 89   2018-11-17T13:35:05.000Z

    I’m a Cancer & I do like peanut butter but in small amounts. There is no way I am eating that much peanut butter.

  • Alice SAN
    Alice SAN   2018-11-17T13:19:28.000Z

    I’m Aries but i’m more a fan of Leo

  • marg x
    marg x   2018-11-17T13:16:40.000Z

    I\'m a gemini and i\'d rather die then

  • Daughter_of _Elysium
    Daughter_of _Elysium   2018-11-17T13:12:36.000Z

    From now on, I am eating with people who are born Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn 😊🍓🍫☕🍹

  • Tomiyo Lyon
    Tomiyo Lyon   2018-11-17T13:12:29.000Z

    Can I change my zodiac sign

  • Daughter_of _Elysium
    Daughter_of _Elysium   2018-11-17T12:58:52.000Z

    1:44 I would never, _ever_ eat *that* in my God-damn life. I know other Taurus May (get it?) like lemon, don\'t I don\'t.

  • Marija Poučki
    Marija Poučki   2018-11-17T12:58:34.000Z

    When you are a nail biter and even the thought of squeezing lemons gives you nightmares

  • Code of darkness
    Code of darkness   2018-11-17T12:45:26.000Z

    I\'m ♒and I hate strawberies.

  • Shelina Begum
    Shelina Begum   2018-11-17T12:37:44.000Z

    I\'m leo and I would eat that

  • baking pancakes
    baking pancakes   2018-11-17T12:25:14.000Z

    I\'m a libra, and I liked everything else except the libra one. I hate pina colada!!!!

  • Jane Ashworth
    Jane Ashworth   2018-11-17T12:17:57.000Z

    3:08 That is the last thing I want

  • lulu love
    lulu love   2018-11-17T12:12:17.000Z

    I got 80% of the people I was just commenting about how everyone is getting angry about their zodiac signs

  • Kiana
    Kiana   2018-11-17T11:42:41.000Z

    Because I’m a cancer Do we really need the peanut butter I’m not allergic, I just don’t like it

  • Izzy Aduana
    Izzy Aduana   2018-11-17T11:40:58.000Z

    my sister is a virgo but too bad for her she have allergies on sugar 😂

  • RobloxGacha Gabi
    RobloxGacha Gabi   2018-11-17T11:29:53.000Z

    I\'m a Virgo

  • di oz
    di oz   2018-11-17T11:11:00.000Z

    did they just fried an oreo o-O ummmm no thanks

  • No Face Jeong
    No Face Jeong   2018-11-17T11:10:50.000Z

    im a leo, you know me so well... but i aint social and never will be XD

  • Kawai Duru Panda
    Kawai Duru Panda   2018-11-17T11:00:49.000Z

    Im a Leo but peanut butter cups are better

  • Exoron ment
    Exoron ment   2018-11-17T10:57:04.000Z

    who is exo l here ✋

  • jamellah
    jamellah   2018-11-17T10:51:43.000Z

    i’m a sagittarius and there is no way i’d be eating deep fried fruits the rest is relevant

  • Heavelon
    Heavelon   2018-11-17T10:38:34.000Z

    I\'m a Gemini and i can\'t believe the complaining from other Geminis about the dessert, fruit is so good for you plus delicious. Personally, I LOVE fruit. But i can understand if u peeps are allergic, thats just something you cant help.

  • Nazwa gaming:v
    Nazwa gaming:v   2018-11-17T09:56:31.000Z

    May 😤

  • Anissa Lingley
    Anissa Lingley   2018-11-17T09:53:41.000Z

    As a Taurus, if my dessert does not have anything to do with chocolate, It is not my dessert! ×)

  • Herobrine Gamer01o
    Herobrine Gamer01o   2018-11-17T09:52:49.000Z

    How can i know my zodiac sign Edit: if it depends on my birth then im an aquarius -quirky __experimental -intellectual

  • Anisa Miftahul Janah
    Anisa Miftahul Janah   2018-11-17T09:37:24.000Z

    As a Geminian, I\'m so dissapointed T.T

  • Nexita Neko
    Nexita Neko   2018-11-17T09:19:44.000Z


  • Urja and bts
    Urja and bts   2018-11-17T09:06:08.000Z

    I am a cancer and when I hear my friends talking about their crushes it feels like I want to vomit😷

  • Kuma - chan
    Kuma - chan   2018-11-17T09:04:58.000Z

    Well.. I\'m a bit disappointed. Cake pops are disgusting. For this Virgo. That\'s a no go. Maybe some other Virgo likes that though. We should really ask Jenna Marbles.

  • Nia
    Nia   2018-11-17T08:59:27.000Z

    Inner Capricorn- Oh Hell No. We\'re more of a peanuts and chocolate candy, banana bread anything, pumpkin baked goods type, Caps, am I wrong??

  • Cali B
    Cali B   2018-11-17T08:34:01.000Z

    Husband is a Pisces and his favorite dessert is crunchy merengue with sweet cream and raspberry sauce. I\'m a Leo and my favorite dessert is butter pecan ice cream with whipped cream. This is according to what?

  • 찬 메에 Martine
    찬 메에 Martine   2018-11-17T08:33:50.000Z

    Like every zodiac gets some unhealthy thing that is sweet and something you’ll have on a cheat day, and then there are Gemini who got fruit pizza! I am a Gemini, I would NEVER pick that. But I would most of the others either

  • Faye's Craft Show
    Faye's Craft Show   2018-11-17T08:33:37.000Z

    They got me wrong but my favourite was the Leo but just the chocolate ball.

  • david jessop
    david jessop   2018-11-17T08:32:00.000Z

    Stick with metric measures or us standards but don\'t mix them

  • Do u really need to know my name?
    Do u really need to know my name?   2018-11-17T08:11:23.000Z

    :/ I was sorta hoping something grand .................. but apparently I’m to simple 😂

  • Cam
    Cam   2018-11-17T08:06:18.000Z

    Gemini and this is sad bordering on hilarious. I don\'t even like watermelons or coconuts.... And I\'m allergic to strawberries and kiwis. 😂

  • Gucci Mochi
    Gucci Mochi   2018-11-17T07:57:50.000Z

    As a Libra all I wanted was chocolate but didn’t get chocolate instead I got piña colada???

  • Kyra Universe
    Kyra Universe   2018-11-17T07:48:44.000Z

    Imagine all the people who will now only eat deserts like this bc they\'re sign told them to

  • Our Little Corner:33
    Our Little Corner:33   2018-11-17T07:37:27.000Z

    I am Aries, lol I was kinda hoping for like pie or something, but thanx!