THE BIGGEST *LEAK* EVER in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (NEW GUNS + SKINS)

  • Published on 2018-08-06T20:00:04.000Z
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale - NEW Legendary shotgun, skins +MORE! :O ► ALL my Fortnite: Battle Royale videos - Enjoyed the video? Hit 👍 "LIKE" 👍 - Thank you! Hey there - I'm Ali-A! Thanks for watching one of my videos! :) I make daily gaming videos and have a load of fun doing it. Make sure you're checking out more of my videos and "SUBSCRIBE" to be notified every time I upload. Thanks - Enjoy the video! :D ► NEW Ali-A Merch! • Store - ► Follow me! • Facebook - • Twitter - • Instagram - ► The equipment I use! • Cheapest games - • The headset I use - • How I record my gameplay - • Improve your aim (10% off) - • My controller - Use "ALIA" for discount: Music (Listen/Download here): Subscribe for more videos! - Ali-A --- Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A   2018-08-06T20:27:46.000Z

    So the double-pump shotgun is LEGENDARY and 100% coming TOMORROW! 😱 Lots more in this video coming soon too!

  • Najemaldeen Alrefaie
    Najemaldeen Alrefaie   2018-09-30T21:10:34.000Z

    I Love fortnite soooooooooooooo much

    TOČKA   2018-09-30T09:41:00.000Z

    You stupid

  • ItzzJoshhh -
    ItzzJoshhh -   2018-09-27T01:37:10.000Z


  • ItzzJoshhh -
    ItzzJoshhh -   2018-09-27T01:36:23.000Z

    give me skins pls my name is teddric1

  • Ttimmy149 10
    Ttimmy149 10   2018-09-22T09:08:18.000Z

    I watched my first meme ali-a video today

  • Nate Mcclure
    Nate Mcclure   2018-09-20T22:30:25.000Z

    Hi Ali. Can you please do the no. Healabales. Challenge

  • Jeffdagreat2006
    Jeffdagreat2006   2018-09-17T22:20:29.000Z

    I just made this account so i would have watched all ur vids but i justgot this acoont on ur sniper vidio

  • Soldier The war gamer
    Soldier The war gamer   2018-09-02T16:17:44.000Z

    94% of the comments conplain about why this is trending

  • Lita
    Lita   2018-08-27T12:24:11.000Z

    COOL video Ali A pro I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅

    STEEL BUM   2018-08-26T14:30:00.000Z

    Lol the biggest leak ever

  • Ange Read
    Ange Read   2018-08-26T09:59:24.000Z

    Oh em ji

  • Bobbie Payne
    Bobbie Payne   2018-08-25T13:44:45.000Z

    Ali a #100% the biggest clickbater ever don’t hate because I spelt it wrong

  • Bryan Essah
    Bryan Essah   2018-08-22T00:26:46.000Z

    Can i play with u on fortnite.? My name is EssahBryan. You r the best!

  • Jauvo
    Jauvo   2018-08-21T16:01:12.000Z


  • Despacito
    Despacito   2018-08-20T01:15:13.000Z

    Intro please

  • Diles46 - AIRSOFT
    Diles46 - AIRSOFT   2018-08-19T09:05:27.000Z

    💯 💢 ♨️

  • Ellie Janes
    Ellie Janes   2018-08-18T20:39:37.000Z


  • Mystery Dude
    Mystery Dude   2018-08-16T23:31:37.000Z

    Alia I have a very good challenge video I think u have already done this but this time it’s going to be like the super hero challenges 1.Dress like a default(everything default) 2.bush kill 3. You can’t sprint the entire game 4. Land at an unnamed location 5. Victory Royale

  • Aidan Moses
    Aidan Moses   2018-08-16T20:58:36.000Z

    There’s a skin called durburger skin? I WANT IT

  • Commander doggy
    Commander doggy   2018-08-16T06:41:23.000Z

    Listen guys I don\'t like how Ali-A I actually hate him but I think most of you guys are just going to his video and commenting oh s*** Angry 12 year olds in coming

  • Salvador Silva
    Salvador Silva   2018-08-14T23:19:18.000Z

    Go hang yourself

  • Fire-_-
    Fire-_-   2018-08-14T17:26:00.000Z

    im only watching this to make a meme

  • ZombieSlayerr115
    ZombieSlayerr115   2018-08-14T15:00:49.000Z

    Yes the classic intro!

  • GoldenBullet 123
    GoldenBullet 123   2018-08-14T06:03:32.000Z


  • xxxtinct
    xxxtinct   2018-08-13T23:54:26.000Z

    this is pure autism

  • Billy Watson
    Billy Watson   2018-08-13T18:30:41.000Z

    Fortnite rulls

  • BoxWhale
    BoxWhale   2018-08-13T14:05:26.000Z

    Please stop

  • Bobcat 25
    Bobcat 25   2018-08-13T13:50:00.000Z

    Plz stop Ali a

  • PRO TV Elmore
    PRO TV Elmore   2018-08-13T13:03:21.000Z

    Whuts goi’n on guize, It’s Ali-A back at it again with the new Goldon cannon with will be coming out tomorrow😂😂

  • Abysmm
    Abysmm   2018-08-13T07:24:02.000Z

    Alia looks baked asf in this thumbnail

    GAMING WITH PUBG   2018-08-13T06:01:13.000Z


  • Kayden Kavanaugh
    Kayden Kavanaugh   2018-08-13T04:09:14.000Z

    Did anyone else notice he missed a gold scar-h

  • MarioLover EG
    MarioLover EG   2018-08-13T02:27:45.000Z

    Durrrrburger hero...

  • Rey Gamea
    Rey Gamea   2018-08-13T00:19:38.000Z

    I\'m confused happy of this already happened the shotgun is here and fortnite android is already here and we got durr burger and ecersise man and female

  • Susana González
    Susana González   2018-08-12T22:07:07.000Z

    Hola qué hace

  • Xfortnitex Sammy haukrogh
    Xfortnitex Sammy haukrogh   2018-08-12T18:45:31.000Z

    I’m only watching to hate

  • alicia kick
    alicia kick   2018-08-12T14:59:47.000Z

    This video literally advertised fortnite before I can watch the video xD

  • Emma Turner
    Emma Turner   2018-08-12T13:07:20.000Z

    Sick video

  • Awesome master360
    Awesome master360   2018-08-12T07:45:49.000Z

    What is the intro song called?

  • Fersancersal
    Fersancersal   2018-08-12T07:15:28.000Z


  • Ramen
    Ramen   2018-08-12T07:06:04.000Z

    Every name is wrong

  • Mr. Magma
    Mr. Magma   2018-08-12T06:54:27.000Z

    I like how he put victory royl

  • Supa Dupa Swag
    Supa Dupa Swag   2018-08-12T03:09:39.000Z

    Guys you won’t believe this! This is something lEGeNDarY my dad just died of *C A N C E R*

  • Jose Valdes
    Jose Valdes   2018-08-12T01:54:07.000Z

    Don\'t hate the guy, just let him do what he does! Jesus!!!

  • Oscar Guapo
    Oscar Guapo   2018-08-12T00:03:36.000Z

    I only came here for the meme intro

  • Marco Solis
    Marco Solis   2018-08-11T23:01:42.000Z

    Can this guy just die

  • Lev Marchuk
    Lev Marchuk   2018-08-11T22:46:17.000Z


  • Lev Marchuk
    Lev Marchuk   2018-08-11T22:45:54.000Z

    *ali a intro*

  • Dank_Man
    Dank_Man   2018-08-11T21:49:13.000Z

    His face screams out \"I want to die\"

  • N4FZ Nebula
    N4FZ Nebula   2018-08-11T21:19:14.000Z

    When are you going to die?

  • Wifi #fullbars
    Wifi #fullbars   2018-08-11T21:14:41.000Z

    Ur a meam

  • Rebecca Cleaver
    Rebecca Cleaver   2018-08-11T21:13:56.000Z

    Worst youtuber ever suck a dec

    SCOPEZ REESES   2018-08-11T21:10:37.000Z

    That\'s not the right skin

  • PlatinumRaidZ
    PlatinumRaidZ   2018-08-11T20:47:09.000Z

    Damn you guys don’t have to be dicks, yeah he clickbaits, but he’s not hurting anybody. Leave the man alone

  • Angel Licona
    Angel Licona   2018-08-11T20:43:16.000Z

    You said that the. Burst is better

  • JimmyJamesIV No
    JimmyJamesIV No   2018-08-11T20:33:07.000Z

    Prickly pears grow in cactuses and they are purple

  • Hail-King- Goodra
    Hail-King- Goodra   2018-08-11T20:25:48.000Z

    Only came to dislike

  • Alfonso Esparza
    Alfonso Esparza   2018-08-11T19:28:21.000Z

    Stop showing fake videos

  • Jake Panek
    Jake Panek   2018-08-11T19:17:45.000Z

    I tried reporting his videos I tried blocking him Yet he ended up on trending and is now unavoidable The world is infected We need to get rid of the source, therefore get this man off the internet

  • Juliani Labeda
    Juliani Labeda   2018-08-11T19:00:35.000Z

    Beast gamer

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin   2018-08-11T18:50:09.000Z

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  • honestly, nobody gives 2 shits about your channel

    Who came for the intro

  • Lebby 1074
    Lebby 1074   2018-08-11T18:34:02.000Z

    Why is this trending?

    SUGGOTGAME   2018-08-11T18:30:41.000Z

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  • derp
    derp   2018-08-11T18:30:05.000Z

    Ali as first non 30 minute video

  • Rollieo Gaming
    Rollieo Gaming   2018-08-11T18:29:25.000Z

    Please go back to call of duty. I miss the old Ali

    FX SPRAYED   2018-08-11T17:39:28.000Z

    What is the name of the intro song?

  • dryan671
    dryan671   2018-08-11T16:42:17.000Z

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  • Nathan Gamez
    Nathan Gamez   2018-08-11T16:42:14.000Z

    It\'s double barrel not pump you ideiot

  • Nathan Gamez
    Nathan Gamez   2018-08-11T16:40:55.000Z

    ALI-A meme Lol I always use it for video

  • JP Raps
    JP Raps   2018-08-11T16:19:47.000Z

    Ali-A is scum of the Fortnite community

  • Chicken 5920
    Chicken 5920   2018-08-11T15:12:39.000Z

    Can you put the original bass boosted intro

  • spacii
    spacii   2018-08-11T15:06:09.000Z

    i cant believe i used to be subscribed to this clickbaiter lmao

  • LemonOVA
    LemonOVA   2018-08-11T14:44:12.000Z

    I didn’t know Ninja had a british persona

  • Twitch echo1bravo
    Twitch echo1bravo   2018-08-11T14:08:38.000Z

    Ali-a is as big of a douche as JB was at the height of his rebellious stage... Do YT a favor man and just stop.

  • Chris Draws
    Chris Draws   2018-08-11T13:51:04.000Z

    Ali u look high af in that thumbnail my dude.

  • Lisa Selbitschka
    Lisa Selbitschka   2018-08-11T13:42:11.000Z

    Im subscribed

  • SomePerson Online
    SomePerson Online   2018-08-11T12:24:18.000Z

    Anything trashnite related will be on trending

  • NOR IQ
    NOR IQ   2018-08-11T12:13:04.000Z

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  • Max Mcleod
    Max Mcleod   2018-08-11T09:32:03.000Z

    I got the durr burger

  • marine v14
    marine v14   2018-08-11T08:48:37.000Z

    I dont make youtube videos....subscribe anyway plz

  • #TheNormalOne
    #TheNormalOne   2018-08-11T08:48:31.000Z

    Ali-A intro changed? Lol

    DEVINNATER100   2018-08-11T08:37:35.000Z

    Alia i thought you liked call of duty...... guess not.

  • Boot man
    Boot man   2018-08-11T08:36:03.000Z

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  • AYE AYEEE!!!
    AYE AYEEE!!!   2018-08-11T08:05:25.000Z

    why did u change the intro music?

  • Bernardo Gonzalez
    Bernardo Gonzalez   2018-08-11T07:39:00.000Z

    Oh my God who else got a fortnite advertisement before the video??!??!

  • Spookaro 2
    Spookaro 2   2018-08-11T07:25:27.000Z

    Why is this trending lmfao

  • Gl0BAL_WR Legendary Football & More
    Gl0BAL_WR Legendary Football & More   2018-08-11T07:19:59.000Z

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  • pizza
    pizza   2018-08-11T07:04:21.000Z


    MICKEYS WORLD   2018-08-11T07:00:10.000Z

    It\'s a perfect match A cringey trash youtuber playing a cringey trash game

  • Peanut butter
    Peanut butter   2018-08-11T06:50:02.000Z

    43 on trending🤔

  • ZBike Store
    ZBike Store   2018-08-11T06:41:32.000Z

    What about the background? I didn\'t understand - Wikiboo

  • XXXYung Jay
    XXXYung Jay   2018-08-11T06:36:55.000Z

    Allah-A 😂😂😂

  • JX 26
    JX 26   2018-08-11T06:13:35.000Z

    Why the comments so mean tho?

  • Papi’s Papi
    Papi’s Papi   2018-08-11T05:31:59.000Z

    It wasn’t even a leak you just went on fortnite and looked at the news

  • Manuel Moralez
    Manuel Moralez   2018-08-11T05:05:39.000Z

    This guy is just a meme

  • PB&J Racing
    PB&J Racing   2018-08-11T04:42:38.000Z


  • The HeroOfWinds
    The HeroOfWinds   2018-08-11T04:27:03.000Z

    Why do you need the victory royale png

  • The HeroOfWinds
    The HeroOfWinds   2018-08-11T04:26:14.000Z

    God is dead