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  • B. Menace
    B. Menace   2018-11-19T05:28:39.000Z

    I highly recommend this show, the trailer doesn’t nearly show how good it is

  • Dizik
    Dizik   2018-11-19T05:16:22.000Z

    I\'m gonna watch this over again, and I\'ve never wanted to watch a series more than once.

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali   2018-11-19T00:57:25.000Z

    Just finished the show but seriously can we all talk about where the fuck is azumi’s tits ??? The Asian dr she has no tits flat af

  • Harris Obioma
    Harris Obioma   2018-11-18T21:55:53.000Z

    How many people keep replaying just because of the background music

  • _abrazzi
    _abrazzi   2018-11-18T20:01:45.000Z

    made a song inspired by this series, check it out

  • matthew rittenhouse
    matthew rittenhouse   2018-11-18T10:29:38.000Z


  • VandalAudi
    VandalAudi   2018-11-18T10:25:00.000Z

    No complaints about Jonah Hill losing weight,... but it looks like he did it in an unhealthy way. Or maybe it’s just the makeup for this series?

  • brokechanic
    brokechanic   2018-11-17T23:29:41.000Z

    Jonah Hill was so awesome in this. I loved every single different version/reflection of him. Best work since James Macavoy in Split

  • Outstanding Cruise
    Outstanding Cruise   2018-11-17T14:01:13.000Z

    Just heard That Caryr Fukunaga which is the director of this series will be directing the upcoming new James Bond film!!👍

  • Mike Fly
    Mike Fly   2018-11-17T08:08:20.000Z

    I watched it and then read like 5 reviews that just trash it and I HONESTLY don\'t understand why. To ME the whole thing is about how you process memories and how trauma can fuck you up and how you CAN move on from it. It\'s also about how dreams will incorporate things from your real life. The ONLY bad thing I will even halfway admit from the haters is it steals from Inception but since that movie STFU RULES I don\'t think that\'s bad AT ALL. The visuals ALONE make it a must watch. But EVERYTHING about this show is FANTASTIC. Watch it. You\'ll be SO glad you did.

  • Belen ZG
    Belen ZG   2018-11-16T17:41:40.000Z

    “When is this fucking horse gonna die” I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • Chess
    Chess   2018-11-15T22:27:19.000Z


  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams   2018-11-15T19:09:39.000Z

    What\'s music half way through this trailer? I cannot find it in the sound track.

  • Javier Gutiérrez Durán
    Javier Gutiérrez Durán   2018-11-15T01:04:51.000Z

    Amazing, incredible, never watched something like this. No words to describe it. It deserves a long term. Congratulations, it is needed a great mind to make this. 10!

  • Tadeáš Paštinský
    Tadeáš Paštinský   2018-11-14T17:37:17.000Z

    The best TV show ever made

  • The Toothless
    The Toothless   2018-11-14T09:43:38.000Z

    This shows is a masterpiece, the art direction and cinematography are stunningly beautiful, as well as the story, and most importantly Emma Stone, she’s such a breathtaking actor.

  • Andre Doumad
    Andre Doumad   2018-11-14T08:56:11.000Z


  • Shisaki13
    Shisaki13   2018-11-13T11:29:52.000Z

    \"Pure Intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion.\"

  • Andre Doumad
    Andre Doumad   2018-11-13T06:16:22.000Z

    this is the best thing i ever saw, hands down.

  • Cara D
    Cara D   2018-11-12T19:13:47.000Z

    This looks a lot like that one episode of black mirror

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B   2018-11-12T13:59:26.000Z

    I watched the whole thing because of the amazing reviews in this comment section. But to be honest I didn\'t like it. The whole show made me feel like I smoked a whole lot of marijuana and didn\'t know what tf was going on. I watched the whole 10 eps though because I wanted to see how it finished and I love Jonah Jill and Emma stone.

  • Robert Drawdy
    Robert Drawdy   2018-11-12T00:37:45.000Z

    If you are skeptical about watching this show based on the trailer put that aside and dedicate the ~7 hours to watch this series. It\'s absolutely amazing. Shot to shot it\'s some of the best television I\'ve ever seen. It\'s like if Charlie Brooker, Stanley Kubrick, and the Coen Brothers all dropped 200ugs of LSD together and wrote a 7 hour long movie. I would even go as far as to say it\'s an experience.

  • Sabet Çal
    Sabet Çal   2018-11-11T21:48:47.000Z

    Thank you .. ❤️❤️ for fucking amazing series...

  • LohnS
    LohnS   2018-11-11T13:19:29.000Z

    Saw the first trailer, thought it was gonna be crap. One of my favourite tv series ever made. It\'s pure art. Watch it and get deep :D A good director, and writers/actors can really make something better than the best.

  • ActiveAlbz
    ActiveAlbz   2018-11-11T10:32:44.000Z

    What is a limited series?

  • viviane sousa
    viviane sousa   2018-11-10T17:04:53.000Z

    Queria essa droga

  • george luckaas
    george luckaas   2018-11-10T04:20:58.000Z

    We need more shows like this

  • Tesla Kuhn
    Tesla Kuhn   2018-11-08T08:43:53.000Z

    Has anyone else noticed the \"truth teller\" makes the same sound as the \"popcorn trouble\"?

  • Fiorenzo Caldarola
    Fiorenzo Caldarola   2018-11-08T00:30:58.000Z


  • João
    João   2018-11-07T18:26:25.000Z

    what have you done with Emma Stone :o

  • Walt Kowalski
    Walt Kowalski   2018-11-07T14:53:54.000Z

    episode 5 and 10 is best ,the scene when Owen plays the role of a 40\"s gangster and on a cold November evening his chauffeur takes him across some deserted side road, the leaves fall from the breeze, blow away from the breeze of the speeding limousine and in a moment the lights of the car are lit by a figure walking in front of them, then see it\'s an elegant woman in a fur coat, she\'s turning around in a moment and that it was anny

  • Robert Wilent
    Robert Wilent   2018-11-07T05:18:31.000Z

    Just finished watching all 10 episodes. Pros: Captivating. Solidly built storyline. Actors are given autonomy to explore different characters. Great chemistry between Jonah and Emma Cons: Jonah gives a bad name to all Hawks Curiosity: Why did Annie (Emma Stone) say that Owen\'s (Jonah Hill) imaginative brother was her handler?

  • Nabiel Setiawan
    Nabiel Setiawan   2018-11-07T03:09:51.000Z

    I gave this a chance, i\'m on tears of happiness after finishing it 😂😂

  • Seb Belcher
    Seb Belcher   2018-11-06T19:46:18.000Z

    OK, so at 2:06/2:07 there is a very brief image of a woman in a gold suit levitating in front of a wall covered in blood. I watched the entire season and did not see this image. Did I blink and miss it? Or was it cut? If someone could tell me the episode and time-stamp I\'d be very grateful!!

    ROMAN REIGNS BROCK Leasner   2018-11-06T11:05:21.000Z

    Like. For india

  • Toby Rhodes
    Toby Rhodes   2018-11-06T07:50:22.000Z

    Huge fan of the show! Anyone know what this wicked track is that starts about halfway? Would greatly appreciate it!!

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez   2018-11-05T21:55:50.000Z

    My favorite was the female scientist smoking and shit that was a big ass mood

  • Joe Normile
    Joe Normile   2018-11-05T05:05:04.000Z

    Best thing Netflix has done in a while, Cary fukunaga directing is amazing looking

  • Passe-Science
    Passe-Science   2018-11-04T22:49:16.000Z

    So much more \"synthwave\" in the serie than in the trailer!

  • MrRahja666
    MrRahja666   2018-11-04T20:08:35.000Z

    I wthced this series and ……………. I think that Emma Stone …………………..SHOULD WORK OUT HARD

  • يوسف N
    يوسف N   2018-11-04T11:11:25.000Z


  • Marius Merchiers
    Marius Merchiers   2018-11-04T07:16:59.000Z

    0:52 Isn\'t that the same table of movie \"Alien\" spaceship?

  • TRW1974
    TRW1974   2018-11-03T22:13:54.000Z

    Found this series clunky but watchable. I found Jonah Hill was the wrong actor to play this role

  • Eivind Folstad
    Eivind Folstad   2018-11-03T18:33:44.000Z

    this series is based on a Norwegian series also named Maniac and is quite better and more original than this remake.

  • 404
    404   2018-11-03T11:18:13.000Z

    the best show i have ever seen on netflix by miles. simply amazing.

  • Neilo Pucho
    Neilo Pucho   2018-11-02T22:32:57.000Z

    This show is a gift, it\'s been for me at least.

  • David M
    David M   2018-11-02T20:38:48.000Z

    Mk ultra?!

  • alicia terisno
    alicia terisno   2018-11-02T15:09:12.000Z

    emma stone looks so beautiful in blonde

  • TaskerFilms
    TaskerFilms   2018-11-02T05:15:18.000Z

    This is such an amazing show. I\'m the type of person that never once took their time after watching a series to comment about it on YouTube. It contains all the emotions. You will laugh so fucking hard and you will weep with a heavy heart. Excellent, simply excellent

  • Zainab Mujahid
    Zainab Mujahid   2018-11-01T17:32:22.000Z

    I binged this show in one day. I\'m tripping. I can\'t put into words how amazing this show is.

  • procastgaming guy
    procastgaming guy   2018-10-31T04:58:01.000Z

    Mad lad movie loved it

  • Noland Ryan
    Noland Ryan   2018-10-30T18:58:58.000Z

    Honestly, this show is meant to make stupid people think they are edgy and deep. It\'s like the last few seasons of Game of Thrones. I DO NOT RECOMEND TO ANYBODY WITH A BRAIN.

  • Luis Alfredo Blanco Gutiérrez
    Luis Alfredo Blanco Gutiérrez   2018-10-30T05:42:15.000Z

    Jules & Seth <3

  • Tamara H
    Tamara H   2018-10-29T19:34:31.000Z


  • Assylkhan Ibrayev
    Assylkhan Ibrayev   2018-10-29T06:49:59.000Z

    Fantastic show:) amazing

  • Luis Alejandro Martinez Cifuentes
    Luis Alejandro Martinez Cifuentes   2018-10-29T01:15:58.000Z

    Anyone knows wich is the song in the 1:26?

  • Lennart Hune
    Lennart Hune   2018-10-28T22:30:10.000Z

    Does someone have a recommendation of a similar series? It doesn\'t have to be the same topic, but with a great plot like this, great acting and maybe a little mystery? Cheers

  • Thierry M
    Thierry M   2018-10-28T20:43:04.000Z

    Binged all day. Was lost through most of it. But it was totally worth it 😍😍😍😍

  • Sofian gaming
    Sofian gaming   2018-10-28T08:25:04.000Z

    only me mobile legends player right here ??? (savage)

  • CausingRuckus
    CausingRuckus   2018-10-28T05:09:20.000Z


  • Nathan .W
    Nathan .W   2018-10-27T23:25:03.000Z

    Yeah no I think I\'d have to go with a serious actor.

  • tahar vv
    tahar vv   2018-10-27T22:51:20.000Z

    it\'s series that makes you feel that your testicles are swollen

  • Veganox Q
    Veganox Q   2018-10-27T22:04:37.000Z

    I watched all the episodes in one day.. this was amzing

  • Fuat Volkan Beyenal
    Fuat Volkan Beyenal   2018-10-27T20:11:52.000Z

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  • Maliha Ghulam
    Maliha Ghulam   2018-10-27T18:37:11.000Z


  • Robert E. Waring
    Robert E. Waring   2018-10-27T15:21:31.000Z

    This show is amazing, a must see.

  • triniazn
    triniazn   2018-10-27T06:05:00.000Z

    Great acting by the cast. I really think this series tries to be deep but falls short. Seems like it\'s trying to be Black Mirror but unlike Black Mirror this lacks a plot twist or tragedy that would make a greater impact on the audience.

  • Bob Holland
    Bob Holland   2018-10-27T01:12:00.000Z

    Whoever put this trailer together deserves an award The show was awesome but this is one of the best trailers I\'ve ever seen

  • Winston Dey
    Winston Dey   2018-10-26T17:51:49.000Z

    What a Masterpiece !

  • Neuro Weaver
    Neuro Weaver   2018-10-25T21:24:29.000Z

    Jonah Hill is an audience repellent.

  • Tom V
    Tom V   2018-10-25T10:32:28.000Z

    I can\'t quite put it in the same league as \"The Leftovers\" or \"The Wire\" or \"The Sopranos\" but dammit this is one masterwork of a series. From the dialog to the cast to the directing ... it couldn\'t be improved from what I saw.

  • smack daddy
    smack daddy   2018-10-24T20:45:59.000Z

    When Jonah Hill looks like Josh Peck (just a little)

  • Freeman Da Gospel Rapper
    Freeman Da Gospel Rapper   2018-10-24T16:52:46.000Z

    Visit my Youtube channel for encouragement

  • Kunal Bhatt
    Kunal Bhatt   2018-10-24T02:36:05.000Z

    Not a good show....boring actually.

  • Boots Q
    Boots Q   2018-10-23T21:07:11.000Z

    Watched the first episode put me to sleep faster than herbal tea.

  • Max Hatfield
    Max Hatfield   2018-10-23T17:14:14.000Z

    Seth and Jules have been through some shit

  • SomethingSomething Dark Side 94
    SomethingSomething Dark Side 94   2018-10-23T04:00:07.000Z

    Question for people who have watched this show: I went on IMDb and saw it was listed as a comedy but I didn\'t get that from watching the trailer, I watched the first episode and thought it was good but confused as to why this show is first listed as a comedy on IMDb and other sites. Breaking Bad had more humor and it was labeled as a drama. I\'ve only seen the first episode so far. Does the show turn into a comedy later on or is it more of a drama with funny moments?

  • • purplecarnations •
    • purplecarnations •   2018-10-23T02:05:35.000Z

    I watched this while high and I feel like my depression has been cured wtf

  • Andulamb
    Andulamb   2018-10-22T18:30:29.000Z

    The trailer makes it look like it\'s super intense and dramatic, but it\'s not. It\'s a lot more funny and weird.

  • Lauren Steenkamp
    Lauren Steenkamp   2018-10-22T12:17:27.000Z

    Lucy Prebble\'s \"The Effect,\" anyone? Sorta kinda, not really.

  • Shannon Louvieñez
    Shannon Louvieñez   2018-10-22T11:51:33.000Z


  • M Salat
    M Salat   2018-10-22T10:40:52.000Z


  • George Maisuradze
    George Maisuradze   2018-10-22T09:19:28.000Z

    This show is FANTASTIC! I wish to get second season from the same producer (so it won\'t repeat the story of True Detective). Truly brilliant!

  • Sulieman Farg
    Sulieman Farg   2018-10-22T05:31:30.000Z

    Why is this a limited series?

  • CCCW
    CCCW   2018-10-21T13:37:38.000Z

    What an absolutely fantastic story. Wow.

  • SubahSkates
    SubahSkates   2018-10-21T11:15:39.000Z

    very moving series. what an adventure and love the ost, thank you.

  • Emoni Haggins
    Emoni Haggins   2018-10-21T05:14:53.000Z

    That man having sex with the octopus was weird as f*** bro

  • Jonathan Rea
    Jonathan Rea   2018-10-21T04:07:21.000Z

    1) therapy is a form of science, 2) the term Maniac refers to a bipolar state, 3) lookup neurofeedback, 4) the acting is pretty bad. In conclusion, this looks absurd.

  • karlwashere123
    karlwashere123   2018-10-20T17:08:40.000Z

    I don\'t know where to start. Definitely not everyone\'s cup of tea. I only tolerated finishing it because of Jonah Hill and the outstanding cast. They spend 5 hours of this series in random flashbacks ( And I mean random ) that have little or no relationship to character development. You have Jonah Hill hallucinating superpowers and an imaginary relative telling him he\'s “going to save the world” and in the end you deliver a romance? You over-promised and under-deliver on this one. Fantastic cast and shot extremely well but the story is just sooo ridiculous.. I mean I guess you got me the watch the whole thing. But by the middle of this series I\'m clicking for huge sections of it just waiting for the third pill to drop and Jonah to start peeling people\'s faces off with super powers. Never happened.

  • Bored Stranger
    Bored Stranger   2018-10-20T11:20:10.000Z

    What kind of Superbad is this?

  • Selina Elmer
    Selina Elmer   2018-10-20T10:04:03.000Z

    Despite the expectation the trailer left me with, and the promising main cast of Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, this Netflix series was \"Superbad\".

  • Koiden
    Koiden   2018-10-20T01:47:32.000Z

    Maniac is like that one friend you love hanging out with who\'s weird but in a good way edit: Justin Theroux made me laugh or smile every freaking time, great acting

  • ivereadtheterms
    ivereadtheterms   2018-10-19T16:16:11.000Z

    One of the dream/simulation is the Superbad movie..

  • Emil S
    Emil S   2018-10-19T14:28:30.000Z

    so eat psychodelic (too much) and decode that fucking bastards

  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja   2018-10-19T07:12:21.000Z

    Goosebumps BGM

  • Mariann Szedlár
    Mariann Szedlár   2018-10-18T21:34:18.000Z

    Jonah Hill. Van akinek nem szabadna lefogyni.Mi úgy szerettük ahogy volt.Ducin.Egy picit azért kellet fogyni ,de nem ennyit.Elveszítette a megnyerő karakterét!♥

  • Julio Ojeda
    Julio Ojeda   2018-10-18T21:30:13.000Z

    When Jonah became post malone. 1:43

  • Andra Vasile
    Andra Vasile   2018-10-18T20:28:07.000Z

    so emotional...I cryed so much

  • Theresa Hope
    Theresa Hope   2018-10-18T15:55:52.000Z

    I love this series can\'t wait to watch it again.

  • Theresa Hope
    Theresa Hope   2018-10-18T15:54:55.000Z

    Just finished it yeasterday and I still can\'t get enough. It was amazing. Everything is amazing the music the, the characters, the whole series. Wish to record all my feelings the first time I watch it. Definitely worth watching