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  • Jane Doe18007
    Jane Doe18007   2018-11-15T16:23:50.000Z

    Living in Florida, of course they\'re a common sight. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Sarath Balachandran
    Sarath Balachandran   2018-11-15T07:29:42.000Z

    He says good bye at the end using his tail. 😂

  • Suplex Satish
    Suplex Satish   2018-11-14T12:26:46.000Z

    592 dislikers they are shark fans😂

  • Vũ Anh Lê
    Vũ Anh Lê   2018-11-14T05:49:31.000Z

    Too creepy to dive in that dull sea1

  • Chhuantea Chhakchhuak
    Chhuantea Chhakchhuak   2018-11-14T04:00:32.000Z

    This proves that mermaid are there, they are friend with dolphin 😂😂😂

  • Jungkook's Bae
    Jungkook's Bae   2018-11-13T14:10:49.000Z

    I love *dolphins*

  • Han The King
    Han The King   2018-11-13T13:31:20.000Z

    yes. dolphin is smart

  • Alexander Wellen
    Alexander Wellen   2018-11-10T23:23:32.000Z

    for an animal to do that it would need to know that humans and inteligant too witch require a huge brain

  • Galdrus Lock
    Galdrus Lock   2018-11-09T01:57:32.000Z

    Human fault, human fix.

  • kishor kamble
    kishor kamble   2018-11-08T17:29:14.000Z

    I need dolphins in my life.

  • Farhan Jihad
    Farhan Jihad   2018-11-08T16:07:47.000Z


  • Ysa Pinagayao
    Ysa Pinagayao   2018-11-07T18:05:01.000Z

    Made my day... wonderful moment 😍

    MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG   2018-11-07T14:21:17.000Z

    Naiinis ako sa mga tao na pinapatay at sinasaktan ang mga hayop para lang mag kapera sila bwiset kau

  • Rm-A03
    Rm-A03   2018-11-06T18:36:43.000Z

    Omgggg 😢😢😢👏👏👏

  • Raymond Villegas
    Raymond Villegas   2018-11-06T06:52:36.000Z

    Wow, nice video

  • Farsad Islam
    Farsad Islam   2018-11-06T04:21:21.000Z

    Few hundred people didn\'t like it!! I wonder what did they expect to watch in it.

  • Amit Kumar Kushwaha
    Amit Kumar Kushwaha   2018-11-05T18:26:24.000Z

    When I see the understanding between a dolphin and a human it makes me think that mermaids might have existed in prehistoric times. Just like the understanding between a dog and a human. Dogs evolved from the wolves. When there was food scarcity in the forest wolves started searching food in human civilization and eventually humans and wolves had mutual understanding which in modern world we say as Dog is man\'s best friend.

  • ApkoneHack Official
    ApkoneHack Official   2018-11-05T13:20:12.000Z

    sign that we need to be responsible!

  • Mart Reynoso
    Mart Reynoso   2018-11-05T11:11:16.000Z


  • 11 fingers
    11 fingers   2018-11-05T09:36:19.000Z

    \"Hoomans , Help Me\"

  • sohil baria
    sohil baria   2018-11-05T03:55:32.000Z

    Such a smart dolphin. She trusts the diver and letting him help. Amazing

  • Audrey Camu
    Audrey Camu   2018-11-05T02:27:03.000Z

    So sweet 😍

  • YeoMaChinMoo ReveLuv Uaena
    YeoMaChinMoo ReveLuv Uaena   2018-11-04T23:11:57.000Z

    This gentle giant is just too precious

  • Chalk Cañon del Rosario
    Chalk Cañon del Rosario   2018-11-04T08:58:47.000Z

    Sushi...yum yum

  • Chalk Cañon del Rosario
    Chalk Cañon del Rosario   2018-11-04T08:58:44.000Z

    Sushi...yum yum

  • Me as Myself
    Me as Myself   2018-11-04T06:16:56.000Z

    So sweet of u both..God bless u both

  • DOLPgamer 3000
    DOLPgamer 3000   2018-11-04T02:59:32.000Z


  • Princess Sarah Pasatiempo
    Princess Sarah Pasatiempo   2018-11-04T01:07:14.000Z

    I couldn\'t believe what i human for helping that dolphin😊

  • Stephanie W.
    Stephanie W.   2018-11-04T00:34:28.000Z

    I can\'t tell you how much I love this

  • Attack On Titan Fan
    Attack On Titan Fan   2018-11-04T00:24:30.000Z

    Omggg I love dolphins, thy are my favorite animal!!! I like how the dolphin waited patiently when the diver wasn’t done and was getting the scissors out. I always wish to meet a dolphin, I would be so happy if I met any dolphin 🐬

  • Kendra Flores
    Kendra Flores   2018-11-03T21:03:47.000Z

    There are smarter than people lol jk!!

  • Felicity Bacalo
    Felicity Bacalo   2018-11-02T13:03:34.000Z

    Dolphins are people because God was shocked that people is so smart and God sink the poeple in the ocean and then the poeple became dolphins thats why dolphins love poeple because their are poeple

  • Sherryl Fernandez
    Sherryl Fernandez   2018-11-02T09:30:37.000Z

    wow this is amazing.. 😱😱😱

  • Gilecopter's Playlists
    Gilecopter's Playlists   2018-11-02T09:21:20.000Z

    ahhhh 😭

  • Puppy Slimes
    Puppy Slimes   2018-11-02T08:26:31.000Z

    Is it just me who thinks it\'s weird to bring scissors on a diving trip??

  • fehr2005
    fehr2005   2018-11-02T02:14:28.000Z

    whaaaat???? are those real????

  • Alexis Lacanaria
    Alexis Lacanaria   2018-11-01T14:30:22.000Z

    I hate so much other humans who abuses dolphines, uses dynamite on fishing, destroying seas for their profit.😡😡😡

  • Akshaya Baji
    Akshaya Baji   2018-10-31T13:20:17.000Z

    Dolphins💝💝💝 thank you bro for removing hook

  • liltcup76
    liltcup76   2018-10-30T22:30:17.000Z

    Love dolphins

  • Tony G
    Tony G   2018-10-30T01:50:00.000Z

    Wow. So great

  • Mikelpogi Leal
    Mikelpogi Leal   2018-10-29T21:35:02.000Z

    Doplhins are smarter than police these days

  • Carlimine Diaz
    Carlimine Diaz   2018-10-29T16:57:46.000Z

    Faith in humanity: restored.

  • マウンテンデュー
    マウンテンデュー   2018-10-29T10:05:53.000Z

    I do not know why people leave trash in the water. I can’t believe it.

  • GDAGOD 88
    GDAGOD 88   2018-10-27T05:06:32.000Z

    Does anybody smell sentience? Lol 😊

  • Don W
    Don W   2018-10-27T02:18:56.000Z

    God Bless you for helping one of his beautiful creations.

  • Ross the Chihuahua
    Ross the Chihuahua   2018-10-26T13:25:33.000Z

    She didn\'t even say thank you.

  • SevenSixTwo2012
    SevenSixTwo2012   2018-10-26T04:36:32.000Z

    Wait, that wasn\'t waving goodbye! That arrogant dolphin just swam away without even signaling a thank you... :O

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47   2018-10-25T11:59:09.000Z

    Compare this guy to the fucking trophy hunter pricks.

  • Jayden Junior
    Jayden Junior   2018-10-25T06:35:47.000Z

    Starting my day on a positive note

  • Sekhar Kumar Pallai
    Sekhar Kumar Pallai   2018-10-24T18:29:13.000Z

    Dolphins are smart. They love human beings.

    T TIMES MOTIVATION   2018-10-22T14:29:13.000Z


  • bhagyashree sonee
    bhagyashree sonee   2018-10-22T11:25:58.000Z

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ohhhh she is so cute....

  • The Ghost of Domencio
    The Ghost of Domencio   2018-10-20T19:52:16.000Z

    Simply amazing..Although I would be considered a \"tough guy\" , these are the things that touch my heart ...

  • Shoba Craig
    Shoba Craig   2018-10-19T08:10:19.000Z

    Thank you for helping. Bless you

  • Goldie Bih
    Goldie Bih   2018-10-18T20:55:54.000Z


  • Kuya Bon
    Kuya Bon   2018-10-18T12:02:30.000Z

    God created human to protect the rest of his creation.

  • Denial Lama
    Denial Lama   2018-10-18T11:07:05.000Z

    Thank you!!!!

  • joseph Rapoza
    joseph Rapoza   2018-10-17T03:55:02.000Z

    That is incredible ..

  • Ahmad Setiawan
    Ahmad Setiawan   2018-10-16T15:05:23.000Z

    The most intelligent animal

  • Kevin Ceniceros
    Kevin Ceniceros   2018-10-16T04:56:29.000Z

    Oh! Who\'s a cute dolphin? YOU\'RE A CUTE DOLPHINE!

  • goodbi99
    goodbi99   2018-10-16T02:01:16.000Z


  • Blackworld official
    Blackworld official   2018-10-14T17:22:12.000Z

    Our trash destroys their home. Our hooks, their mystery.

  • Avril Belisario
    Avril Belisario   2018-10-14T03:29:31.000Z


  • Loli Loli
    Loli Loli   2018-10-13T20:24:54.000Z


  • Elle Kosalanuntakul
    Elle Kosalanuntakul   2018-10-13T07:18:46.000Z

    Omg how you understand the dolphin

  • krista sparks
    krista sparks   2018-10-12T05:15:28.000Z

    Diver thank you for being one of the very few left human beings that have a truly good heart and intuition to listen and see she needed your help and actually did help her. Wish each human being was like that be heaven on earth and alot happier life to experience

  • ccb L
    ccb L   2018-10-11T07:11:05.000Z

    Smarter than trump supporters

  • Sachimia Sakura
    Sachimia Sakura   2018-10-11T06:12:10.000Z

    aww cute

  • Jack Dare
    Jack Dare   2018-10-09T12:27:48.000Z

    Those dolphins.. they learn about 1 viral video with humans & suddenly they\'re all asking for help. They just wanna be insta famous, imo 🙄

  • Daisy Cocoa
    Daisy Cocoa   2018-10-09T03:46:29.000Z

    Fishing line does not break down in water and gets caught around birds feet as well.

  • Waterface
    Waterface   2018-10-08T12:53:53.000Z

    The dolphin was pointing like it said *ok right there right there*

    ALKESH JADHAV   2018-10-07T09:42:40.000Z

    So touching!! So emotional!!! 🐬🐬🐟🐟😘😘

  • ST C
    ST C   2018-10-02T17:13:57.000Z

    But Japan Kill Dolphin 😔

  • Vijay Baidya
    Vijay Baidya   2018-10-01T05:45:59.000Z

    Woww... Its truly awesome

  • aaron elsey
    aaron elsey   2018-09-30T16:08:42.000Z


  • Noortje Maseland
    Noortje Maseland   2018-09-30T15:11:31.000Z

    What a sweetie she is!!

  • do the best
    do the best   2018-09-30T15:11:08.000Z

    Wow.. Amazing

  • Chip White
    Chip White   2018-09-29T22:30:24.000Z

    That was cool

  • ItsSophia's Studio Yt
    ItsSophia's Studio Yt   2018-09-29T15:00:57.000Z

    Thank you for this great man for helping the dolphin and the dolphin is very smart to ask for help

  • Cyril Tancinco
    Cyril Tancinco   2018-09-29T12:33:07.000Z

    she doesnt even says thank you...jejeje

  • Cyril Tancinco
    Cyril Tancinco   2018-09-29T12:32:36.000Z

    so sweet dolphin..askin for help

  • Ahlgreenz
    Ahlgreenz   2018-09-29T01:45:05.000Z

    \"Dolphin will remember that\"

  • ntzkyh 95 - 2
    ntzkyh 95 - 2   2018-09-28T21:37:00.000Z

    it\'s cute >.<

  • galaxy 44
    galaxy 44   2018-09-28T16:15:18.000Z

    What an awesome guy! Dolphins are so incredibly intelligent!!

  • sara decruz
    sara decruz   2018-09-28T11:50:04.000Z

    What kinda pepper even dislike these videos😒😑

  • Muzna Faiz
    Muzna Faiz   2018-09-27T17:44:42.000Z

    Awww that was so nice of him to help the dolphin 🐬 ❤❤❤

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner   2018-09-26T20:31:35.000Z


  • I sureNOTsure
    I sureNOTsure   2018-09-25T23:53:03.000Z

    I loooove fishing but this sucks and makes me second guess what it is im really even doing out there. I dont like eating fish i just like to see them and hold them and watch them swim away.

  • Paulo Bondoc
    Paulo Bondoc   2018-09-25T11:26:45.000Z

    Possible they may be close to us humans because there are mermaids in the ocean too?

  • Eren Yıldırım
    Eren Yıldırım   2018-09-24T12:23:46.000Z

    muhteşem thank you

  • Serenity OakTree
    Serenity OakTree   2018-09-24T07:43:04.000Z

    Divers are the Paramedics of the Sea 🤗

  • Eva Snyder
    Eva Snyder   2018-09-24T02:44:28.000Z

    Aww that was really nice. My family says my spirit animal is a dolphin.🐬

  • manmeet sunny singh
    manmeet sunny singh   2018-09-23T17:04:01.000Z

    I love animals. ..

  • Angelica BTS
    Angelica BTS   2018-09-23T16:55:56.000Z

    Animals have feelings too, They understand people, They can trust people, And they can be friends with people. ❤

  • Vance L. Gilmore
    Vance L. Gilmore   2018-09-23T10:06:02.000Z

    You can be certain that dolphin spread the good word about that guy. Nice.

  • Nadia Marknsen
    Nadia Marknsen   2018-09-23T05:56:15.000Z

    Wow so amazing and needing help amazing smart animal

  • MAKO21
    MAKO21   2018-09-23T03:19:00.000Z

    That was amazing!!! Great job dude!!!!!

  • R.I.P Stan Lee
    R.I.P Stan Lee   2018-09-22T17:15:53.000Z

    People say they have a heart but thus guy does

  • Mahendra Ram
    Mahendra Ram   2018-09-22T15:27:57.000Z

    Woow thats awasome Good work guys ,u have man of god I feel very very proud for u... U have a such great guys

  • vish m
    vish m   2018-09-22T06:39:39.000Z

    Dislikers look like fool. Because they didn\'t know what is help.