Dear Kitten


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  • Kreau
    Kreau   2018-11-15T20:07:20.000Z

    Is this zefrank???

  • Alicia Schmid
    Alicia Schmid   2018-11-15T04:00:19.000Z

    Ah the orange cat is so cute 😍

  • Justin Clark
    Justin Clark   2018-11-14T17:18:32.000Z

    This guys voice is almost as good as Morgan freeman’s

  • xXBenXxT0P
    xXBenXxT0P   2018-11-10T18:27:20.000Z

    I Couldn\'t Stop Smiling Through The Whole Video. Too Cute! :3

  • TheSnowFoxParty
    TheSnowFoxParty   2018-11-10T05:15:59.000Z

    Ahhhh the voice animals guy lol

  • Aaron
    Aaron   2018-11-10T05:02:47.000Z


  • dragondancer1814
    dragondancer1814   2018-11-09T22:56:19.000Z

    LOL “human larva”

  • Eleanor Richardson
    Eleanor Richardson   2018-11-09T15:35:55.000Z

    Omg this is amazing! 😹😹😹😻😻😻

  • Dep Dicius
    Dep Dicius   2018-11-09T06:58:17.000Z

    \" Or they just lie there and don\'t do anything...for hours... *it\'s* *weird* \"

  • Eurus Adventum
    Eurus Adventum   2018-11-09T02:50:58.000Z

    Ze..... We miss you.

  • Anthony Piotroski
    Anthony Piotroski   2018-11-09T02:04:49.000Z

    It sounds like zefrank doing the voice over. Brilliant

  • Tomato Talks
    Tomato Talks   2018-11-08T23:10:58.000Z

    Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of *wet cat*

  • House of Fuzz
    House of Fuzz   2018-11-08T21:49:33.000Z

    Fuzzy loves Friskies

  • Teresa Thurston
    Teresa Thurston   2018-11-08T03:25:37.000Z


  • Candy Sugars
    Candy Sugars   2018-11-07T18:20:01.000Z


  • Ana Eliza
    Ana Eliza   2018-11-07T05:21:02.000Z


  • down boy
    down boy   2018-11-06T05:06:11.000Z

    I wonder if this is how god and higher beings look at us when we try to explain things and think we’re so smart

  • the very hungry tohru
    the very hungry tohru   2018-11-06T00:12:36.000Z

    Zefrank1 is the fecking best

  • the depressed dino
    the depressed dino   2018-11-05T19:06:42.000Z

    What do you call a baby donkey?

  • Barbara B
    Barbara B   2018-11-05T03:04:10.000Z


  • Smolyandere 😦💢
    Smolyandere 😦💢   2018-11-04T21:13:12.000Z

    This is so cute!! I’m getting a kitten soon and I have an old cat and it would be adorable if this happened! I love this video it’s so cute and I love cats! 🐱🐈💖

  • Hank Shi
    Hank Shi   2018-11-04T12:58:14.000Z


  • Mikaela Min
    Mikaela Min   2018-11-04T09:21:34.000Z

    I\'m dying out of uwuness

  • Jason Boyd
    Jason Boyd   2018-11-04T08:56:42.000Z

    Cats are now Morgan Freeman’s

  • Someone Special
    Someone Special   2018-11-03T19:49:47.000Z

    Is this the same guy from the true facts channel ?

  • *bunny*cupcake*
    *bunny*cupcake*   2018-11-03T18:59:36.000Z

    Vahkoom sounds scary.

  • TheDum Bum
    TheDum Bum   2018-11-03T05:11:49.000Z

    This is the best video buzz feed has ever put into the world, quite literally, even though zefrank created it.

  • Stefan Edlund
    Stefan Edlund   2018-11-02T18:16:35.000Z

    Both me AND my cat Morris loved this video!

  • Ghost Crystal
    Ghost Crystal   2018-11-02T14:25:25.000Z


  • Saeyoung Choi
    Saeyoung Choi   2018-11-02T02:57:08.000Z

    V A C O O M

  • GuardianMomoku
    GuardianMomoku   2018-11-02T02:54:23.000Z

    This and the sad cat diaries are some of my favorite vids Zefrank did. His stuff on pets is great lol.

  • Guerillix Gaming
    Guerillix Gaming   2018-11-02T02:04:34.000Z

    I caught the red dot once..... I dieeeed

  • Breeze Water
    Breeze Water   2018-11-01T11:51:36.000Z

    *sleeping surrounded by underware...*

  • Sue Collins
    Sue Collins   2018-11-01T08:05:50.000Z

    This is one of the BEST cat videos I have EVER seen! It gets 1000 Thumbs Ups!!!!

  • ili's channel
    ili's channel   2018-10-28T15:39:41.000Z

    I lost it when he said vacoom

  • paul davis
    paul davis   2018-10-28T05:27:50.000Z


  • DefiningReality
    DefiningReality   2018-10-27T18:24:12.000Z


  • Excellent Leo Silinda
    Excellent Leo Silinda   2018-10-26T06:59:00.000Z

    This is fake. These cats are paid actors.

  • John Craze
    John Craze   2018-10-25T02:21:03.000Z

    Training to be astronauts

  • Ace Gamerpro
    Ace Gamerpro   2018-10-24T05:51:31.000Z

    \"You may use the curtains of invisibility to hide from vacoom\"

  • Alex the Wolfia
    Alex the Wolfia   2018-10-24T00:58:54.000Z

    No no Friskies, we are called Two-legs and the dehydrated kibble is Kittykibble. And you are kittypets. If you don\'t get it, read Warriors by Erin Hunter

  • Samoan/Mud Crab
    Samoan/Mud Crab   2018-10-22T13:59:41.000Z

    H I D E F R O M V A C K O O M

  • Unoriginal Chloe
    Unoriginal Chloe   2018-10-20T18:32:30.000Z

    I love these ;-;!!!

  • Gamefan412
    Gamefan412   2018-10-19T21:24:09.000Z

    4 years and I still watch this

  • Tanuki_kookie gamer
    Tanuki_kookie gamer   2018-10-13T14:15:19.000Z

    Vacooooom 😂😂😂😂✨❤️ I love cats rn more than ever

  • Prameow Meow
    Prameow Meow   2018-10-12T15:58:39.000Z

    There is nothing as cute as kitten in the world

  • Elisabeth Plesca
    Elisabeth Plesca   2018-10-10T16:52:34.000Z

    This is pawesome......... Kill me

  • Dylan Lawrence - TheSpiderDoctor
    Dylan Lawrence - TheSpiderDoctor   2018-10-09T03:33:23.000Z

    Zefrank1 that is him!

  • Pokézillakratos Slayerbro
    Pokézillakratos Slayerbro   2018-10-06T22:00:54.000Z

    When Buzzfeed wasn\'t crap

  • Miguelangel Mesinas
    Miguelangel Mesinas   2018-10-06T20:39:00.000Z


  • Puddi Panda
    Puddi Panda   2018-10-05T18:55:29.000Z

    Aww, kitty ❤❤❤

  • Shadowphoenixfire
    Shadowphoenixfire   2018-10-05T11:14:51.000Z

    These always make me so happy. :)

  • Jigphel Yonten Jatsho
    Jigphel Yonten Jatsho   2018-10-04T13:01:51.000Z


  • Erick Flores
    Erick Flores   2018-10-03T10:17:47.000Z

    This video is older than 4 years old my sister showed me this 10+ years ago!!!

  • Noah Lim
    Noah Lim   2018-10-02T23:44:12.000Z

    dear kitten

  • Michele Hervol
    Michele Hervol   2018-10-02T21:33:49.000Z

    this is the best ad campaign that I\'ve ever seen!!!

  • Stephanie Cruzado
    Stephanie Cruzado   2018-10-01T23:09:44.000Z

    I love this video it\'s soooooo cute

  • ilkkat
    ilkkat   2018-09-30T18:36:58.000Z

    Whos the reader.. so familiar voice..

  • Jeff Lanzon
    Jeff Lanzon   2018-09-30T17:52:15.000Z

    😝😝😝😝😝 I HATE BABYS5

  • Jeff Lanzon
    Jeff Lanzon   2018-09-30T17:51:43.000Z

    I HATE BABY\'S 😙😓

  • p6 exe
    p6 exe   2018-09-29T22:14:20.000Z

    Morgan freeman?

  • azouz jerbien
    azouz jerbien   2018-09-28T18:50:38.000Z

    Buzzfeed is cancer

  • Emery Poquiz
    Emery Poquiz   2018-09-28T12:31:08.000Z

    “Dear kitten, to hide from vacum you must use the curtains of invisibility.”

  • Cathryn Ledesma
    Cathryn Ledesma   2018-09-27T13:02:56.000Z

    There is more clips!! Its so touching😢😢😢

  • -CFW. Magic-
    -CFW. Magic-   2018-09-27T07:07:33.000Z

    This is what the internet is... really?

  • w̸͚̄a̴͚͆i̴̥͗t̴̤̑i̶̛͚n̶͊͜g̷̻̒ ̷͈̓f̸͎͘ǫ̵͐r̵̢̉ ̷̣̔y̷͎̽o̷̮͝ù̵͔ ̸̤̑

    The vacûûm will yell and eat at the same time

  • Bryan Jackson
    Bryan Jackson   2018-09-26T15:38:49.000Z

    Quite possibly Buzzfeed\'s greatest content.

  • Cromulent Potato
    Cromulent Potato   2018-09-26T12:29:11.000Z

    Ze frank

  • Gatsby the Tenno
    Gatsby the Tenno   2018-09-26T07:30:00.000Z

    When buzzfeed wasnt cancer

  • BackStreet Boiii
    BackStreet Boiii   2018-09-24T18:05:44.000Z


  • Jeremy Nyberg
    Jeremy Nyberg   2018-09-24T04:42:24.000Z

    Friskies is on point with these commercials.

  • Chiński Dorian
    Chiński Dorian   2018-09-22T19:03:11.000Z


  • Erica M.
    Erica M.   2018-09-22T01:30:45.000Z

    The way this guy narrates reminds me of Ron Burgundy. Hilarious

  • James I think
    James I think   2018-09-21T22:08:48.000Z

    I wish this was a superbowl ad. No joke at all.

  • wintershield
    wintershield   2018-09-21T07:51:49.000Z

    The only buzzfeed video that I like <3

  • Rachel Rakaczky
    Rachel Rakaczky   2018-09-20T23:31:36.000Z

    I want to marry Ze Frank!!! (the narrator)

  • LazyGudetama
    LazyGudetama   2018-09-20T21:37:41.000Z

    I’m so annoyed this is on Buzzfeed and not on zefrank1.

  • Unicrafter
    Unicrafter   2018-09-20T16:35:31.000Z

    This is very touching for some strange reason

  • ZaraUchiha13
    ZaraUchiha13   2018-09-20T16:10:31.000Z

    I don\'t even have a cat And i want to buy Friskies Ad done right

  • Nobody
    Nobody   2018-09-16T10:58:25.000Z


  • ForkAndSpoon Fork
    ForkAndSpoon Fork   2018-09-14T04:21:13.000Z

    Not the *VACOOM*

  • Aden Pur
    Aden Pur   2018-09-13T14:14:42.000Z

    Yeah, the cat is the head of the household. Others in the house are there to cater and pamper him.

  • dsusak
    dsusak   2018-09-13T14:09:26.000Z

    Oh that freeman animal guy got an ad job, neat!

  • vinz camara
    vinz camara   2018-09-13T03:24:47.000Z

    Iike I like the 🐈

  • Adam Bunnell
    Adam Bunnell   2018-09-12T20:27:37.000Z

    \"Because you are small, you cannot jump, which is sad\" I laughed so hard there

  • fishbone3333
    fishbone3333   2018-09-12T01:59:08.000Z

    \"The human larva\" ....can be \"grabby\". Almost spit out my beer.

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy   2018-09-10T17:58:00.000Z

    He sounds like something from Elder Scrolls

  • Lisa I
    Lisa I   2018-09-10T10:33:49.000Z

    Armored metal casings!

  • Jamienem
    Jamienem   2018-09-09T20:22:04.000Z

    Dear God! I didn’t think we would see Vac’uum for another millennium!

  • Purple Sky
    Purple Sky   2018-09-09T12:05:59.000Z

    I love how he says vacuum

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen   2018-09-08T13:58:50.000Z

    RIP Maximillian

  • Not Justin Y.
    Not Justin Y.   2018-09-08T07:52:02.000Z

    *dear l i b e r a l s*

  • Luna Uchiha
    Luna Uchiha   2018-09-08T02:30:57.000Z

    Why does this Cat remind me of Levi?

  • Kitkat Muffins
    Kitkat Muffins   2018-09-08T00:12:02.000Z

    *the curtains of invisibility*

  • Prameow Meow
    Prameow Meow   2018-09-07T18:58:43.000Z

    Awwwwww I’m crying

  • Taran Arora
    Taran Arora   2018-09-07T10:34:06.000Z

    curtain of invisibility...LMAO

  • Chriz_1sh Gaming
    Chriz_1sh Gaming   2018-09-07T06:35:52.000Z

    Id buy the cat food.. Even if i dont have a cat

  • Suprise Hamster
    Suprise Hamster   2018-09-06T23:32:10.000Z

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😗😗😙😙😙😚😚😍😍😍😁😁

  • DezIsOnFiire
    DezIsOnFiire   2018-09-06T00:27:27.000Z

    Why is this in my recommendations

  • blaZEN213
    blaZEN213   2018-09-05T05:08:07.000Z

    Vac\' um