Guy Adopts A Turkey — Ends Up With A Turkey Family | The Dodo


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  • MrT _
    MrT _   2018-11-18T19:58:11.000Z

    Just watch out for hawks or eagles. They\'ll kill the babies very fast.

  • Dead Tube
    Dead Tube   2018-11-17T18:19:30.000Z

    Cook him............. I like meat😔

  • 人日本
    人日本   2018-11-17T00:25:57.000Z

    Rest in peace, Albert. He now had a better place in heaven <3

  • a hristova79
    a hristova79   2018-11-16T21:17:24.000Z

    + the dodo Don\'t know if you heard but a couple of weasels killed Albert and the entire flock 💔💔

  • Ger Stan
    Ger Stan   2018-11-16T12:13:04.000Z

    What do they have with christmis

  • Crimson Red
    Crimson Red   2018-11-16T03:18:42.000Z

    Wow i look at the next video and it said how to cook a Turkey

  • Amber Roberts
    Amber Roberts   2018-11-15T18:20:57.000Z

    Great, now I want to adopt a turkey. I don’t know what the dogs would make of it though

  • heartbreak boy
    heartbreak boy   2018-11-15T17:29:53.000Z

    Rest in peace albert...

  • Sir Huanbeidl
    Sir Huanbeidl   2018-11-15T15:40:57.000Z


  • leftylori50
    leftylori50   2018-11-14T09:17:59.000Z

    What happened to Princess and why did they take her eggs away from her. You never hear anymore about her.

  • mystery2ful
    mystery2ful   2018-11-13T23:36:10.000Z

    turkey babies can swim... I never knew that

  • Enchanty
    Enchanty   2018-11-13T21:07:04.000Z

    Don’t eat turkey this Thanksgiving 🖤

  • sue lee
    sue lee   2018-11-13T09:57:59.000Z

    Now you have a TURKEY FAMILY 🙌

  • Glaceon Trolls
    Glaceon Trolls   2018-11-13T05:34:55.000Z

    The bebes are so cute

  • Mary Faithfull
    Mary Faithfull   2018-11-11T16:35:45.000Z

    This video says ...dont eat them

  • The chicken boy
    The chicken boy   2018-11-10T04:34:53.000Z

    wow so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Die Glücklich
    Die Glücklich   2018-11-07T03:16:00.000Z

    OH MY GOD NOW I WANT A TURKEY! I don\'t think my condo\'d allow it, though. Husband probably wouldn\'t approve, either.

  • Russell Rollain
    Russell Rollain   2018-11-05T04:27:49.000Z

    This is just freaking AWESOME! Love it!

  • GachaAnthonny
    GachaAnthonny   2018-11-04T13:13:13.000Z

    *A few weeks later* A local mom cooks Albert the Turkey

  • ermuuunee 922
    ermuuunee 922   2018-11-04T07:38:09.000Z

    oh no she is going to thanksgiving and flip

  • Ethan Bourdette
    Ethan Bourdette   2018-11-03T20:33:31.000Z

    Got a turkey burger add, nice one Google.

  • Dyllpickle360
    Dyllpickle360   2018-11-03T12:59:31.000Z

    turkeys can swim??

  • lee bags
    lee bags   2018-11-03T00:01:02.000Z

    I love what’s good papa he is and he really does loved his turckey

  • Feona Lee Jones
    Feona Lee Jones   2018-11-02T07:57:43.000Z

    Awwww this is so heart-warming!!

  • James Ratter1222
    James Ratter1222   2018-10-31T07:29:37.000Z

    I want to hug him too

  • D. Joseph
    D. Joseph   2018-10-31T01:32:01.000Z

    Wait? A male turkey had babies ?

  • Rigel Sagrado
    Rigel Sagrado   2018-10-27T08:07:35.000Z

    I was like are they chickens or ducks???

  • Gina Kim
    Gina Kim   2018-10-26T01:20:31.000Z

    What happened to the third egg.

  • Dolls for Eva
    Dolls for Eva   2018-10-23T17:47:16.000Z


  • capjiekia
    capjiekia   2018-10-21T15:54:19.000Z

    at least it safe until thanksgiving 😁

  • Bob Make
    Bob Make   2018-10-21T15:33:57.000Z

    I told you Turks are friendly!

  • Minute
    Minute   2018-10-21T02:54:46.000Z

    and then.... They feast and feast and feast GOBBLEE REEEEEEEEE

  • Dappity Doo
    Dappity Doo   2018-10-20T04:40:06.000Z

    I love how excited this guy is about turkeys

  • Berdsen Berry!
    Berdsen Berry!   2018-10-18T17:47:18.000Z

    this just made my day!

  • zait3772
    zait3772   2018-10-18T17:38:49.000Z

    aw I like to see my favorite animals saved :D

  • Theresia Swiebel
    Theresia Swiebel   2018-10-18T11:08:47.000Z

    Wow! This is so cool :) Thank you dear Dodo!

  • Michele Conley
    Michele Conley   2018-10-18T05:18:23.000Z

    We have 11 wild turkeys, that live on our property of 3 acres. They come by every morning and late afternoon. They eat the bread and sweet cob for the deer. They follow each other in a line, literally by size. It\'s crazy! We had 1 female for a year then she left and never came back. These guys live in the ravine by the stream. We have a creek . We have quails and every type of birds, the hobo kitty that showed up could care less, I think the turkey would win. The biggest is about 20 lbs and when he stretches about 3 feet tall. I can\'t eat turkey anymore, I don\'t eat cows or piggies or sheep. So it\'s chicken on occasion. Now if we get wild chickens showing up, I\'ll be super skinny! I drink a lot of soy protein drinks. 😉🙃

  • SLOW RIDE1967
    SLOW RIDE1967   2018-10-15T14:24:08.000Z


  • Jacquie Ouellette
    Jacquie Ouellette   2018-10-14T10:40:31.000Z

    My daughter is a Veternarian\'s Assistant and they had a turkey at her work they had to get rid of so she brought it home to my house and when I saw it I was like OMG, he is HUGE, his name is Rhett and 28 lbs, he is kinda scary but I am getting used to him as he knows I am the food lady with snacks and when he sees me he comes running, he was always trying to attack an employee at my daughter\'s work so that is the reason they wanted to give him a better home, he will never be food to us but a huge baby .

  • Isla Farr
    Isla Farr   2018-10-14T08:41:47.000Z

    Next video! Albert runs for president!! Against Trump.... Final votes arrrrre...... ALBERT WINS!

  • Ethan Neumann
    Ethan Neumann   2018-10-13T22:32:57.000Z

    that\'s a convenient thanksgiving

  • Wind of Roses
    Wind of Roses   2018-10-13T06:15:31.000Z

    You can no longer eat turkey meat.

  • misno sino
    misno sino   2018-10-13T05:50:23.000Z

    that was big ass bird

  • luis c. sanchez
    luis c. sanchez   2018-10-12T23:21:42.000Z

    You guys are weird but still cute lol

  • coonus1
    coonus1   2018-10-11T19:55:40.000Z


  • rosco michael
    rosco michael   2018-10-11T16:32:52.000Z


  • Kywii Productions
    Kywii Productions   2018-10-10T13:50:34.000Z

    I want a turkey now

  • Leo Phillips
    Leo Phillips   2018-10-09T14:03:03.000Z

    0.40 secs alberts first baby ❤️❤️❤️

  • Noemie Marguerite Ardisson Bernard
    Noemie Marguerite Ardisson Bernard   2018-10-07T13:23:39.000Z

    So so sweet

  • Marco Moreno
    Marco Moreno   2018-10-07T07:54:48.000Z

    That is really cool. So dang different. That\'s kinda great 😃 🐣I would\'ve named the turkey Tom lol

  • Bpal Chhetri
    Bpal Chhetri   2018-10-06T23:31:34.000Z

    That turkey might be mad on thanksgiving

  • Clint Northwood
    Clint Northwood   2018-10-06T19:37:11.000Z

    Thanksgiving is coming up

  • Syifa
    Syifa   2018-10-06T15:38:19.000Z


  • SAY UNCLE!!!
    SAY UNCLE!!!   2018-10-05T21:36:01.000Z

    Growing your own turkeys.

  • Max Maximus
    Max Maximus   2018-10-05T12:01:39.000Z

    if they are so smart that much then we should not eat them

  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh Kumar   2018-10-04T11:43:18.000Z


  • JaRill Hogue
    JaRill Hogue   2018-10-04T02:26:08.000Z

    Now I feel bad eatin that double decker turkey sandwich today

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali   2018-10-04T02:18:06.000Z

    Not for eat ? 🤔😂

  • Kaylee Szymanski
    Kaylee Szymanski   2018-10-04T01:44:52.000Z

    I love animals and this is Soo adorable and cute!

  • Agent Koaler
    Agent Koaler   2018-10-03T13:43:10.000Z

    Wow the owner got his own Dinosaur and that’s coolio

  • M D
    M D   2018-10-03T08:31:29.000Z

    Ok he\'s ready, let\'s eat him 🍽

  • King The Wolf
    King The Wolf   2018-10-02T20:52:06.000Z

    I love turkey and i don\'t eat them. i care about them

  • Praamsaga
    Praamsaga   2018-09-30T04:14:07.000Z

    Just another bird brain....

  • Gimme500bux 500bux
    Gimme500bux 500bux   2018-09-30T01:48:45.000Z

    Omg cute turkey😍😍

  • Melay Ubana
    Melay Ubana   2018-09-29T05:19:13.000Z

    i will coock that turkey chicken yummy

  • Austin Murre
    Austin Murre   2018-09-29T00:18:49.000Z

    Thats going to be one awkward thanks giving

  • Roms Aubrey Cabello
    Roms Aubrey Cabello   2018-09-27T22:54:45.000Z

    gosh you got a lot of turkey to cook this coming Thanks Giving.

  • Additional Pylons
    Additional Pylons   2018-09-27T13:39:02.000Z

    Look at me...becoming a vegan...

  • SuperMusicForever
    SuperMusicForever   2018-09-27T10:25:35.000Z

    i\'ll cancel of thanksgiving because of that.

  • Gexx YT
    Gexx YT   2018-09-27T07:25:45.000Z

    **G o D J o I n T h E S e R v E r**

  • Jungie Sunbaenim
    Jungie Sunbaenim   2018-09-26T15:22:45.000Z

    The guys reaction to everything Turkey does lol

  • Nuelly 28
    Nuelly 28   2018-09-26T08:04:45.000Z

    Hahaha omg a turkey that hugs!

  • Elias Barrett
    Elias Barrett   2018-09-25T20:05:08.000Z

    I love thanksgiving tho..mhmm

  • Elias Barrett
    Elias Barrett   2018-09-25T20:03:55.000Z

    The east side turkey in Milwaukee is friendly as hell and is a local celebrity

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande   2018-09-24T21:20:17.000Z

    When he puts his wing on him it like it\'s holding his hand 😊☺️

  • Ken Brucker
    Ken Brucker   2018-09-24T19:07:46.000Z

    They ruined Thanksgiving

  • Xilpharion
    Xilpharion   2018-09-24T11:51:46.000Z

    1:33 who else laughed for no reason

  • Fernando Aguilar Paiz
    Fernando Aguilar Paiz   2018-09-23T22:35:25.000Z


  • Tori Palios
    Tori Palios   2018-09-23T13:20:09.000Z

    What kind of doggo is that?

  • Kris Tolledo
    Kris Tolledo   2018-09-23T08:57:47.000Z

    Ihad a stray chicken named albert that my grandma gave for christmas

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn   2018-09-23T06:21:01.000Z

    This is so fucking crazy, I\'m pretty high though

  • rage gaming
    rage gaming   2018-09-23T04:14:40.000Z

    The true of thanks giving is to not kill turkey

  • limonáda jablečná - Kovy fans
    limonáda jablečná - Kovy fans   2018-09-22T17:43:21.000Z

    So cute

  • Nurullah Karakaş
    Nurullah Karakaş   2018-09-22T15:15:02.000Z

    no turkey i from turkey :D its hindi

  • Mr. Cage
    Mr. Cage   2018-09-22T01:33:11.000Z

    More like food.

  • SynicalNoah
    SynicalNoah   2018-09-21T21:27:33.000Z

    *opens up YouTube* \"How to Build a Computer\" *30 minutes later* \"Guy Adopts A Turkey\"

  • NorCal55 X
    NorCal55 X   2018-09-21T10:31:10.000Z

    that\'s cute. thanks for saving Albert\'s life. You did a great thing here. Albert seems content with you. great job!

  • L i l l y
    L i l l y   2018-09-20T23:38:38.000Z

    this video reminded me of my 14th birthday. I went to publix and you know how they have those tanks with live lobsters? Well, I bought 3 of them and released them back into the ocean.

  • prettygirlomg
    prettygirlomg   2018-09-20T19:08:33.000Z

    A male turkey is called a tom and a female is called a hen.

  • Keira Brodsky
    Keira Brodsky   2018-09-20T15:15:32.000Z

    I did not know turkeys like to swim...

  • Virgil the Ghost
    Virgil the Ghost   2018-09-20T04:09:15.000Z

    Good thing I do t even like to eat Turkey.

  • Blair Aria Van der Kamp
    Blair Aria Van der Kamp   2018-09-19T12:00:56.000Z


  • TraceySatan
    TraceySatan   2018-09-19T06:36:25.000Z

    That\'s so sweet! The whole family is on board too. They all get excited about the turkeys! What a nice family & a lucky turkey!

  • Outta_luck_ v2
    Outta_luck_ v2   2018-09-19T01:03:04.000Z

    i guess you could say that the guy was his Albert’s... wingman

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea   2018-09-17T15:14:28.000Z

    Why does she have a guys name lol

  • Phantom Rago
    Phantom Rago   2018-09-17T04:09:52.000Z

    What does he eat at thanksgiving

  • Gemma Jones
    Gemma Jones   2018-09-16T17:49:28.000Z

    Wow poor guy wats he gonna eat on thanks giving

  • Curve D
    Curve D   2018-09-15T21:25:33.000Z

    this is the funniest and cutest thing ever

  • exkaleber plays
    exkaleber plays   2018-09-15T19:25:16.000Z

    ѕo saddd

  • Brady Sydney
    Brady Sydney   2018-09-14T06:41:21.000Z

    So cute !!!!