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  • The Dodo
    The Dodo   2017-05-04T20:14:13.000Z

    What was your favorite rescue in this video? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Frederik Nørgaard
    Frederik Nørgaard   2018-11-19T13:11:17.000Z

    the shark

  • jemayka1 TheYouTuberCoolGirl
    jemayka1 TheYouTuberCoolGirl   2018-11-18T22:24:21.000Z

    You savesmtheir life and the animals are SO happy!

  • Chris Joaquin
    Chris Joaquin   2018-11-17T11:28:11.000Z

    Thats the true Animal Hero

  • David Payton
    David Payton   2018-11-16T12:35:45.000Z

    Humans are .......

  • Sambo4345 Y
    Sambo4345 Y   2018-11-13T21:52:49.000Z

    binge watchh.....

  • Catyse Roblox
    Catyse Roblox   2018-11-13T18:46:44.000Z

    The People Who Disliked. They Are Yerks!!!

  • Dana Gatto
    Dana Gatto   2018-11-13T04:54:27.000Z

    I want to cry. Honestly my dream job is to rescue animals

  • MLG Games
    MLG Games   2018-11-12T19:18:13.000Z

    60% of humans don’t treat animals with respect but fore those who do thank u and have a nice day🌟

  • Georgina Louis
    Georgina Louis   2018-11-11T13:16:07.000Z

    I am crying to

  • Dolls for Eva
    Dolls for Eva   2018-11-10T10:00:03.000Z


  • Cyko 9927-1
    Cyko 9927-1   2018-11-07T05:46:06.000Z

    This is why Pollution needs to be stopped look at them poor sea animals! ☹️

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose   2018-11-07T03:33:42.000Z

    Im so glad there are good people out there

  • Queen Leah
    Queen Leah   2018-11-07T01:25:14.000Z

    People say that they aren’t real heroes....but I bet you wouldn’t have done what they did if you were in their position

  • Trysten Barnard
    Trysten Barnard   2018-11-06T13:25:59.000Z

    Poor thing 🥺🥺🥺🥺🐋🦈🐳🐬🐟🐢🐙🦑🐍🦎🦕

  • Caribbean Blue
    Caribbean Blue   2018-11-06T02:05:58.000Z

    All problems caused by humans!

  • RenJ17 S
    RenJ17 S   2018-11-05T02:09:21.000Z

    This is why humanity should help animals, it saves them and saves us

  • Zaya Love
    Zaya Love   2018-11-05T01:26:35.000Z

    This is exactly why you shouldn\'t literally in the sea or the beach ANYWHERE, Periodt

  • nupur rao
    nupur rao   2018-11-04T22:38:29.000Z

    Humanity exists.

  • santhanu ghosh
    santhanu ghosh   2018-11-04T03:36:18.000Z

    Not even 00000.1 % got saved....what happened to the rest we know better...stop throwing trash anywhere.

  • santhanu ghosh
    santhanu ghosh   2018-11-04T03:34:52.000Z

    All of them were man made...that\'s the tragedy of it all

  • I do random stuff 1234 56
    I do random stuff 1234 56   2018-11-04T02:34:20.000Z

    Oh happy day

  • Paul de Backer
    Paul de Backer   2018-11-03T13:49:25.000Z


  • Paul 205redgt
    Paul 205redgt   2018-11-02T22:08:15.000Z

    that cool!!!!!!!!!

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte   2018-11-01T19:36:03.000Z

    Maybe we\'re getting people who come in from different countries and they don\'t know but they can\'t throw trash in the sea I mean some people live in places where environmental issues are a big issue for them it\'s trying to survive daily I don\'t know I\'m just trying to make some hypothesis but I\'d like to understand better

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte   2018-11-01T19:35:21.000Z

    Is it coming from other countries that are dumping their trash and then it\'s floating over into where America is I know it sounds like a strange question I just can\'t figure out where

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte   2018-11-01T19:35:00.000Z

    It\'s really strange I grew up and we never threw trash in this ocean in fact we would regularly go with my church and pick up trash if people left it I\'m just wondering where is the trash coming from

  • Cassy Weaver
    Cassy Weaver   2018-10-31T15:01:15.000Z

    you are a lifesaver God bless you I want your job

  • m Ozturk
    m Ozturk   2018-10-30T19:04:59.000Z


  • Jef Adriaens
    Jef Adriaens   2018-10-30T11:37:52.000Z

    the animals are dying of trash

  • kitty Roth
    kitty Roth   2018-10-30T11:12:27.000Z

    I love the whale rescue

  • Block Man
    Block Man   2018-10-29T06:06:01.000Z

    I admire these people but some of these animals could’ve killed them..

  • hello youtube
    hello youtube   2018-10-28T19:45:21.000Z

    there needs to be more people like this

  • kisha coats
    kisha coats   2018-10-26T23:37:13.000Z

    Please peaople dont pollute this is what happens when you do :(

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl   2018-10-24T05:54:00.000Z

    Such nice people out there

    DARK NINJA-GAMING CHANNEL!!!   2018-10-23T18:58:15.000Z

    humans are rangers oops I ment POWER rangers

  • Luca Productions
    Luca Productions   2018-10-21T19:18:23.000Z

    What an empowering video

  • RedWindFox777
    RedWindFox777   2018-10-21T17:22:01.000Z

    I\'m so mad of how much politution is in the waters of our earth >:(

  • Mena Toda
    Mena Toda   2018-10-21T13:12:54.000Z

    *saves animals from trash* *Tosses trash back into the ocean* (/°^°)/ *BOI*

  • Mich Sal
    Mich Sal   2018-10-18T02:20:00.000Z

    My favorite is the Whale rescue 🐳

  • Dolls for Eva
    Dolls for Eva   2018-10-16T17:23:16.000Z

    This is why my family is trying very hard for no plastic 😭❤️

  • Dolls for Eva
    Dolls for Eva   2018-10-16T17:21:16.000Z


  • R-B Gaming
    R-B Gaming   2018-10-15T03:29:47.000Z

    Please stop throwing trash at sea

  • Vee Casillas
    Vee Casillas   2018-10-15T00:44:06.000Z


  • Sienna’s World
    Sienna’s World   2018-10-14T16:50:00.000Z

    My best friends dad saved a bull shark once it is on youtube

  • Edmaura Silva
    Edmaura Silva   2018-10-13T18:45:37.000Z


  • Zaimi Zainol
    Zaimi Zainol   2018-10-13T05:27:08.000Z


  • Viltė Petravičiūtė
    Viltė Petravičiūtė   2018-10-12T22:19:30.000Z

    Stop palloing people

  • Suvra Mandal Day
    Suvra Mandal Day   2018-10-12T09:10:35.000Z

    Now i needed for phone numbers to save a dog 🐶 please..... 😢😢😭😭

  • Kortos Barajas
    Kortos Barajas   2018-10-12T04:41:39.000Z

    Dodo love your vids your the best

  • Damian Nieuwenhuijsen
    Damian Nieuwenhuijsen   2018-10-11T23:18:49.000Z

    how can u dislike?

  • Daisy Cocoa
    Daisy Cocoa   2018-10-09T03:00:36.000Z

    I never buy balloons for this reason

  • Alan Garrow
    Alan Garrow   2018-10-07T20:03:26.000Z

    jojo siwa video were she let go of 1000 balloons could kill 1000 animals

  • Richard Winters
    Richard Winters   2018-10-07T02:39:04.000Z

    Good job for saving that whale

  • Eggpie_614
    Eggpie_614   2018-10-06T15:54:42.000Z

    Thumbnail look like he gon\' yeet it.

  • Ash Feather of thunder clan
    Ash Feather of thunder clan   2018-10-05T03:27:04.000Z

    I call that first turtle \'little flappy flap\'

  • ACatStuckInACoatHanger
    ACatStuckInACoatHanger   2018-10-04T03:37:51.000Z

    Not to mention without all these fishers using the nets that these animals get caught in , they wouldn\'t have enough to supply stores and reach demand.

  • Yamilet World Always
    Yamilet World Always   2018-10-03T01:06:59.000Z


  • Nina Glavac
    Nina Glavac   2018-10-02T22:34:11.000Z

    I don’t like all animals but I love what this channel does saving animals😀🐈🐖🦍🐘🐳🦀🦐🦑🐙🐠🐟🐍🐙🐴🐶🐱🐭🐹

  • Morley and kerris Retallick
    Morley and kerris Retallick   2018-10-02T20:56:11.000Z

    What can I say thank you for saving there lives 😖😖😖😖

  • Ellie Crossman
    Ellie Crossman   2018-10-02T13:16:10.000Z

    That shark was a black tip

  • Sleeping Butterfly
    Sleeping Butterfly   2018-10-01T12:30:01.000Z

    i dont remember the channel but once i saw a video where a turtle was trapped in a net and that net was going inside its skin and then some people save him took him to the vet and once he was okay leave him in the sea again :)

  • Yandere Sama
    Yandere Sama   2018-09-30T20:12:56.000Z

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW these people are so nice I also want to save the animals

  • Jayarie Gabaylo
    Jayarie Gabaylo   2018-09-30T12:50:33.000Z

    All of them cause people save animals

  • Jayarie Gabaylo
    Jayarie Gabaylo   2018-09-30T12:50:09.000Z


  • Jayarie Gabaylo
    Jayarie Gabaylo   2018-09-30T12:49:13.000Z

    Good job saving animals

  • MONIQUE dhea
    MONIQUE dhea   2018-09-30T10:03:09.000Z

    bayangin klo gada ktmu mnusia yg ke mreka.mati udah mah itu😧😢

  • Ian Tonnessen
    Ian Tonnessen   2018-09-30T01:46:22.000Z

    dang that sting ray was HUGE!!

  • Noora Aj
    Noora Aj   2018-09-29T18:37:27.000Z

    Sure humans saved the animals but it was some human\'s fault they were suffering

  • Arekkusu Nightcore
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  • Miranda Ceballos
    Miranda Ceballos   2018-09-29T14:13:10.000Z

    I won\'t cry too late😭😭😭😭

  • Nix Onyx
    Nix Onyx   2018-09-29T05:53:04.000Z

    The first turtle in the video is so cute 😂

  • Yari Portanova
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  • Cherrymelon YT
    Cherrymelon YT   2018-09-28T03:31:53.000Z

    This is why people shouldn\'t litter!!

  • three banana
    three banana   2018-09-28T02:26:50.000Z

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  • Lilly Chirgwin
    Lilly Chirgwin   2018-09-27T05:25:34.000Z

    It\'s these people who are changing the world

  • Sunny Gusain
    Sunny Gusain   2018-09-27T03:29:34.000Z

    My whole energy is to free the animals from chains and prisons on Earth that where I live in

  • bestes mädchen Töpfl
    bestes mädchen Töpfl   2018-09-26T16:33:03.000Z


  • bestes mädchen Töpfl
    bestes mädchen Töpfl   2018-09-26T16:31:27.000Z


  • Emma Hooker
    Emma Hooker   2018-09-25T23:37:52.000Z

    Save the turtles turtles turtles

  • Gemelle Tamiao
    Gemelle Tamiao   2018-09-25T05:48:32.000Z

    animals have feelings too

  • Sharon Price
    Sharon Price   2018-09-24T22:16:29.000Z

    The whale was nice to thank them

  • Lovelyz Fan
    Lovelyz Fan   2018-09-24T20:21:08.000Z

    Aww 💗💗💗💗

  • Mabel Liu
    Mabel Liu   2018-09-24T00:47:55.000Z

    Whale: I\'m going to thank you now with a spectacular performance that people never see.

  • Fun with me Yay
    Fun with me Yay   2018-09-23T18:34:51.000Z

    Give one like to stop littering in the sea

  • KenG Brissy
    KenG Brissy   2018-09-23T18:10:10.000Z

    Hey the Dodos birds were from my country...

  • Grace Finnan
    Grace Finnan   2018-09-23T15:47:58.000Z

    All of them were my favorite rescuse

  • JJ03
    JJ03   2018-09-23T04:18:44.000Z

    holy crap thats the biggest sting ray i have ever seen so cool

  • Tonia Astudillo
    Tonia Astudillo   2018-09-22T11:30:42.000Z

    No matter what animal or what skin color it is or they are you should still save them.

  • 달콤TV
    달콤TV   2018-09-22T10:02:38.000Z


  • CamilleLoves GACHA
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  • Cadence Ells
    Cadence Ells   2018-09-21T01:02:45.000Z

    Why is this so inspirational

  • Julie Callary
    Julie Callary   2018-09-20T19:20:22.000Z

    Animals are living things to they get hurt and get happy SO WHY DO IT PEOPLE WHY POACH WHY KILL We dont kill our selfs so why kill them I LOVE ANIMALS I WOULD CRY My mum kicks our cat around everywhere BUT WHY

  • Ruby Issitt
    Ruby Issitt   2018-09-19T15:41:46.000Z

    Manta rays are my favourite sea animal

  • Ninja
    Ninja   2018-09-19T08:57:33.000Z

    I cry dog happynes

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming   2018-09-18T23:44:45.000Z

    My favourite is the shark😰😰😰😰😰😰😿😿😿😿😿😿😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭

  • Starry Night
    Starry Night   2018-09-18T10:25:21.000Z

    Stop throwing fishing nets into the sea that can cause danger to sea animals lives.

  • AnimeXcoolGGirl
    AnimeXcoolGGirl   2018-09-17T08:07:31.000Z

    You guys are super nice my favourite one is ALL OF THEM They are helping the animals how lovely you guys are reallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice :D

  • AleksSDF
    AleksSDF   2018-09-16T08:39:52.000Z

    This makes me question if they know that they are getting rescued

  • Robert Jacobsen
    Robert Jacobsen   2018-09-16T05:17:23.000Z