Wedding Dresses Across Asia

  • Published on 2016-01-03T18:00:01.000Z
  • A gorgeous bridal fashion show featuring traditional and modern Asian wedding dresses proves that wearing white isn't always right. To learn more about these beautiful gowns, check out the full BuzzFeed post: MUSIC “Mink & Shoes” (feat. Navid Izadi) Psychemagik Made by BFMP + WESTERN-STYLE GOWNS Designer - Michelle Hébert @michellehebertofficial Model - Maureen Montagne @maureenmontagne THAILAND Designer - Thunyatorn by Thunyatorn Ng @thunyatorn_thaidress Model - Tiffany Toto @tifftoto AFGHANISTAN Designer - La Tulipe by Hassina Ghani Ansary @tulipedesigns Assistant - Shab Hussain Ansary Model - Safiya Nygaard @safiyany VIETNAM Designer - Thai Nguyen Atelier by Thai Nguyen @thainguyenatelier Model - Kaylen Dao @kaylendao INDIA Designer - Officially Couture by Maneka @manekashewa Henna Artist - Nadia Ali Henna Dil Se @hennadilse Model - Sonia Patel @sonicaaaaa KOREA Designer - LeeHwa Wedding & Traditional Korean Dress by Laura Park @leehwawedding Assistant - Estella Park Model - Ashley Park @xoashleypark + HAIR by David Dang @daviddanggg MAKEUP by Kathryn Waldron @trucecosmetics + ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Cathleen Cher @cafleen ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES provided by Showroom Joplin @showroomjoplin SHOES by Melis Yildiz IX.IV @melisyildizixiv GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today!

Comments • 18803

  • Eman Rana
    Eman Rana   2018-11-16T05:21:29.000Z

    1:28 is that Safiya Nygaard?

  • Lilli Intravichit
    Lilli Intravichit   2018-11-15T22:53:38.000Z

    I’m from Thailand and I’m so happy to see Eugene picked the Thai culture as one of the dresses

  • Clare Dockerty
    Clare Dockerty   2018-11-15T21:17:05.000Z


  • Kyoot Wolf Gamer :3
    Kyoot Wolf Gamer :3   2018-11-15T12:28:19.000Z

    U got the indian one sorta wrong

  • Sahil Sonawale
    Sahil Sonawale   2018-11-15T11:09:36.000Z

    Our india has more beautiful and heavy dresses..

  • Astha Chowdhury
    Astha Chowdhury   2018-11-15T09:38:27.000Z

    The Indian gown shown is more what the guests wear the bride DEFINITELY wouldn\'t wear that

  • Astha Chowdhury
    Astha Chowdhury   2018-11-15T09:36:52.000Z

    The Indian one shown here is a lil old fashioned . Nowadays the dresses are way heavier and more showy . The mid riff region is out without fail

  • Sahil dharwani
    Sahil dharwani   2018-11-15T08:08:08.000Z

    Afghanistan\'s bridal dress was mesmerizing 😍

  • S.A.O Sweet Autumn oranges
    S.A.O Sweet Autumn oranges   2018-11-15T06:26:35.000Z

    Im korean and My mom got married in one of those I saw it in her closet it’s beautiful! the top is green and the bottom is Red with gold stuff on it and drawings of cranes and clouds!

  • Ren Liu
    Ren Liu   2018-11-15T05:41:43.000Z

    Vietnam\'s and Thailand\'s are definitely my favorites!

  • Shiny Slyveon
    Shiny Slyveon   2018-11-15T03:30:51.000Z

    Why do I feel like one of the ladies is safiya???? (Sorry If I spelled her name wrong) oh wait it was actually safiya she looks so amazing!

  • Kayeon
    Kayeon   2018-11-15T02:52:40.000Z

    90% of the comments were about the Indian wedding dresses lol

  • Candrawstuff inc
    Candrawstuff inc   2018-11-15T01:57:47.000Z

    You missed Pakistan._.

  • Aquicha Mortesen
    Aquicha Mortesen   2018-11-14T18:59:04.000Z

    Asians weeding dresses are beautiful

  • Wet Wasabi
    Wet Wasabi   2018-11-14T18:30:49.000Z

    Philippines where???

  • ushbah khan
    ushbah khan   2018-11-14T17:34:25.000Z

    Was waiting for Pakistani wedding dresses. Very sad that you missed out on our culture

  • Inspiration I will give
    Inspiration I will give   2018-11-14T16:27:00.000Z

    India does\'t consist of only north India! South Indians and many other people have different attire! They cant generalise like this! North Indians are not even majority!

  • suresh sahadevan
    suresh sahadevan   2018-11-14T15:44:01.000Z

    Do you know India has different cultures? India has about 20 different cultures

  • Misaki Mei
    Misaki Mei   2018-11-14T14:28:24.000Z

    Pakistani wedding dresses are also similar to the Indian wedding dress.

  • Daenielle Rai Peladas
    Daenielle Rai Peladas   2018-11-14T14:22:24.000Z

    No Philippines :\'(

  • Panchali Dhar
    Panchali Dhar   2018-11-14T10:06:07.000Z

    Just within India ,we have tons of different styles of wedding outfits.

  • Midnightwolf _YT
    Midnightwolf _YT   2018-11-14T05:17:03.000Z

    HOLD IT I\'m from Vietnam and I\'m 100% sure that most people there wouldn\'t have chosen those colors most people there are traditional and would choose one color for the Aoi dai and white for the pants and accents usually with garments

  • Sarah Charles
    Sarah Charles   2018-11-14T00:33:21.000Z

    Anyone here after the Behind Eugene video?

  • Mahum Kamboh
    Mahum Kamboh   2018-11-14T00:17:34.000Z

    India and Pakistan***

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp   2018-11-13T21:36:31.000Z

    The Vietnam one was extremely accurate; actually, these are all pretty accurate!

  • Satya moorjani
    Satya moorjani   2018-11-13T14:27:05.000Z

    Indian wedding dresses also called ‘Lehengas’ are much more heavier than this and the blue gown is ‘Indian’ but not at all for a wedding.

  • Zsuzsanna Meiczinger
    Zsuzsanna Meiczinger   2018-11-13T14:21:18.000Z

    this video is informative and the dresses are beautiful but for me the music ruined it

  • Sharon Fernandez
    Sharon Fernandez   2018-11-13T12:59:07.000Z

    The Afghanistan one.... That\'s safiya right????? It\'s sure looks like to me

  • Secret Med-chan Senju Slytherin
    Secret Med-chan Senju Slytherin   2018-11-13T09:01:55.000Z

    The Indian dresses are much heavier & prettier than the one shown

  • Rainbowslime lover
    Rainbowslime lover   2018-11-12T21:29:27.000Z

    All of them are beautiful oh btw i am Vietnamese but mostly English (Cause i am not born in vietnam

  • Bangtan ARMY
    Bangtan ARMY   2018-11-12T19:28:48.000Z

    Afghanistan\'s one was so pretty 😲💗💗💗💗 I want to have one like that even tho I\'m Chinese

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager   2018-11-12T19:03:37.000Z

    At my wedding im going to wear a pair of flip flops some shorts and a shirt. Big deal.

  • hoodie penguin
    hoodie penguin   2018-11-12T17:51:24.000Z

    They are all so pretty!! I’m from asia but I didn’t see my country..

  • Life As a Kookie
    Life As a Kookie   2018-11-12T16:58:55.000Z

    My auntie literally wore the exact same dress as the first Vietnamese one

  • Schmooky Pooky
    Schmooky Pooky   2018-11-12T16:49:13.000Z

    Where is bangladeshi sharee

  • Lavender Roses
    Lavender Roses   2018-11-12T16:38:41.000Z


  • dont touch my radish
    dont touch my radish   2018-11-12T13:51:25.000Z

    cambodia? hmm

  • wasundara dissanayaka
    wasundara dissanayaka   2018-11-12T10:38:12.000Z

    Im from Sri Lanka and i think our osaree must be included, luv ur video

  • ariba fatima
    ariba fatima   2018-11-12T08:51:18.000Z

    Pakistan\'s wedding dresses are quite similar to India. They are called sharara and traditionally worn in red color. AND YESS INDIAN AND PAKISTANI DRESSES ARE HEAVY, VERY HEAVY

  • Aen Kat
    Aen Kat   2018-11-12T04:42:19.000Z

    It\'s even better knowing that Eugene from The Try Guys filmed this video.

  • neelab
    neelab   2018-11-11T22:53:37.000Z

    i’m from afghanistan and while the dresses are accurate it depends bc a lot of afghans don’t wear typical afghan attire on their wedding but instead the traditional, white wedding dresses

  • strawberii__
    strawberii__   2018-11-11T17:59:20.000Z

    from vietnam i love Thailand and India! <3

  • Izzah Fatima
    Izzah Fatima   2018-11-11T17:58:15.000Z

    Gotta say that the Indian and Korean dresses are pretty well designed and awesome looking

  • Richa Negi
    Richa Negi   2018-11-11T16:37:25.000Z

    I am Indian but I really loved Thai and Afghani dresses.

  • Sukanya Kar
    Sukanya Kar   2018-11-11T15:42:00.000Z

    Every wedding dress is good because it\'s represent the countries tradition and values ❤️❤️❤️ love for all my fellow countries from India.

  • Khalil Ahmad
    Khalil Ahmad   2018-11-11T14:09:33.000Z

    The way that Afghan woman walk is so AMAZING!

  • Princess Buttercat
    Princess Buttercat   2018-11-11T11:15:00.000Z

    Why is my country not in i am asia

  • sunilata singh
    sunilata singh   2018-11-11T06:47:59.000Z


  • Nirwan’s World
    Nirwan’s World   2018-11-11T06:01:50.000Z

    No Nepal 😭😭😭

  • Rainbow Ruby
    Rainbow Ruby   2018-11-10T18:25:24.000Z


  • Angela Florensia
    Angela Florensia   2018-11-10T14:29:00.000Z

    More pls

  • Zari Wahab
    Zari Wahab   2018-11-10T07:02:07.000Z

    I watched this for my country(s) Afghanistan and India

  • Arts andGeometry
    Arts andGeometry   2018-11-10T04:03:13.000Z

    you should\'ve tried to get a better indian designer.What was shown here could be what other people wear to attend the wedding😂The brides outfit is usually way more intricate and more expensive and way prettier

  • Yasna Hossain
    Yasna Hossain   2018-11-10T03:37:53.000Z

    That red dress tho 😍😍😍

  • HK G
    HK G   2018-11-10T03:16:42.000Z

    The dresses were beautiful but Indian bridal outfits are normally way more intricate

  • Natiya Sou
    Natiya Sou   2018-11-09T21:16:21.000Z

    Asian countries have colorful dresses compared to American dresses. Well, I\'m going to have to wear the Thai dress for tradition because I\'m Thai.

  • fadwa boushaki
    fadwa boushaki   2018-11-09T17:00:33.000Z

    Wtf where is china?

  • Mathis B
    Mathis B   2018-11-09T14:33:53.000Z

    My favorite is Thailand

  • mariam nahrawi
    mariam nahrawi   2018-11-09T09:42:52.000Z

    Wow Asia has awesome dresses

  • Phuong Anh Tran
    Phuong Anh Tran   2018-11-09T06:21:27.000Z

    Well Vietnamese dress main idea to emphasize the body tone. You certainly look slimmer. 😇😇

  • LalaLots productions
    LalaLots productions   2018-11-08T21:55:31.000Z

    I love Afghanistan dress

  • Loki The Enchanter
    Loki The Enchanter   2018-11-08T19:02:09.000Z

    Charles the French watched this 😂

  • Crimson G
    Crimson G   2018-11-08T17:27:54.000Z

    I don\'t think India\'s wedding dresses are THAT thin and light. More like... super extra but pretty.

  • Luísa Mendes
    Luísa Mendes   2018-11-08T01:47:00.000Z

    They are all so beautiful and colorful 😍😍 I really loved the ones from India 😍

  • Livier Winchester
    Livier Winchester   2018-11-07T21:34:38.000Z

    Why no Philippines?

  • Kaushikee Saha
    Kaushikee Saha   2018-11-07T05:53:39.000Z

    I\'m from India and Saree is a very common wedding attire here, which is not included in the video

  • Jenna Hilton
    Jenna Hilton   2018-11-07T02:53:25.000Z

    Ok but how about China? Japan? Indonesia?

  • Heartless Bitch
    Heartless Bitch   2018-11-07T01:46:06.000Z

    Haa was waiting for nepal turn

  • Sugar Coated Savage
    Sugar Coated Savage   2018-11-06T15:32:52.000Z

    Oh man, you should see Modern Korea’s dresses, talk about a girls’ special day

  • Elim Kwok
    Elim Kwok   2018-11-06T12:35:47.000Z

    Im so disappointed there\'s no China... oh wait, we don\'t exist

  • Kayla shrestha
    Kayla shrestha   2018-11-06T12:01:22.000Z

    I guess nepal doesn\'t belong to Asia... Btw the Indian dress, if you are going to put like a traditional dress pls do a good research first.. But good try

  • Valerie Hagenaars
    Valerie Hagenaars   2018-11-06T11:01:03.000Z

    I appreciatie all cultures, but I thinks a over-sized wedding dress isn\'t very elegant

  • 이지원
    이지원   2018-11-06T08:20:07.000Z

    im from Korea and Korean wedding dresses in this video looks rather court dress than wedding dress... that center long 저고리\'s needlepoint means that wearer is royal family. nowadays most people them casually but not for wedding dress..

  • abc def
    abc def   2018-11-06T06:45:34.000Z

    Damn Safiya ❤️❤️❤️

  • Emerson A
    Emerson A   2018-11-06T02:39:13.000Z

    Korean hanbok <3<3

  • kacy samyes
    kacy samyes   2018-11-06T02:30:47.000Z

    i was hoping to see bhutanese wedding dress

  • Chloe Tran
    Chloe Tran   2018-11-05T22:35:16.000Z


  • Cuban Sharpshooter™
    Cuban Sharpshooter™   2018-11-05T11:45:13.000Z

    I guess Singapore doesn\'t have a cultural wedding dress XD

  • Derpqueen 101
    Derpqueen 101   2018-11-05T08:15:48.000Z

    👏 eugene 👏 is 👏 queen 👏

  • Star Galaxy
    Star Galaxy   2018-11-05T07:29:00.000Z

    Those are Indian party dresses, not wedding dresses!!!

  • Star Galaxy
    Star Galaxy   2018-11-05T07:27:43.000Z

    But seriously, just where did Indian ‘saari’ disappear to? What happened to north-eastern India wedding outfits?

  • Simantini Sinha
    Simantini Sinha   2018-11-05T01:42:44.000Z

    Though every wedding dresses are exceptionally beautiful but Indian brides were sarees in different parts of INDIA and not lehanga. For example BENGALI, MARATHI, KERALA, TAMIL NADU, ANDHRA PRADESH, TELENGANA, ORISSA, BIHAR, JHARKHAND, MISORAM, MANIPUR brides wear traditional sarees and even traditional bridal sarees are different in different states plus that INDIAN GOWN is called kURTI or KAMEeZ and the bottom part or pant part can be salwar, patiyala, churidar and duppata or orna is a must

  • Simantini Sinha
    Simantini Sinha   2018-11-05T01:42:44.000Z

    Though every wedding dresses are exceptionally beautiful but Indian brides were sarees in different parts of INDIA and not lehanga. For example BENGALI, MARATHI, KERALA, TAMIL NADU, ANDHRA PRADESH, TELENGANA, ORISSA, BIHAR, JHARKHAND, MISORAM, MANIPUR brides wear traditional sarees and even traditional bridal sarees are different in different states plus that INDIAN GOWN is called kURTI or KAMEeZ and the bottom part or pant part can be salwar, patiyala, churidar and duppata or orna is a must

  • Simantini Sinha
    Simantini Sinha   2018-11-05T01:32:31.000Z

    INDIA have vast culture and different states have different wedding dresses and jewelleries and make up and customes

  • Stephanie Huynh
    Stephanie Huynh   2018-11-04T19:29:41.000Z

    Korea team 💕

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood   2018-11-04T05:26:00.000Z

    Okay, these dresses are gorgeous. Also I saw Saf and I wasn\'t even sure it was her cuz there was a familiarity about the model, but then I saw that she was credited as the model and I was like \"Yes. Queen.\" I think I have a slight girl crush on Safiya.

  • Amanda Chik
    Amanda Chik   2018-11-03T21:17:22.000Z

    So no one is going to say how China and Japan aren\'t in this video?

  • AN A13
    AN A13   2018-11-03T18:24:17.000Z

    The red dress from Vietnam 😍😍 + it\'s an entire mood

  • Taehyung’s favourite Fangirl
    Taehyung’s favourite Fangirl   2018-11-03T16:10:20.000Z

    Where is Japan?

  • Nabila Arius
    Nabila Arius   2018-11-03T13:36:47.000Z

    Try wedding dress across Indonesia. There will be 34 different types of wedding dress.

  • Anwesha Debnath
    Anwesha Debnath   2018-11-03T08:48:30.000Z

    I love Afghani wedding getup 😍

  • Niky S
    Niky S   2018-11-03T08:28:05.000Z

    Each dress was pretty but that Hanbok tho👌❤🔥

  • Jasleen Sohel
    Jasleen Sohel   2018-11-03T06:50:06.000Z

    Indian bridal wear is waaaaaaaaay more different than shown in video.....Stuff looks so cheap here...........If want to check whats real just type sabysachi...........

  • I am a Goddess
    I am a Goddess   2018-11-03T06:23:09.000Z

    Indian ones are heavier, aren\'t they?

  • Maitreyee Hira
    Maitreyee Hira   2018-11-03T05:17:12.000Z

    You cant tell the actual Indian wedding dresses...each state of India has its own tradional wedding I am a bengali I would prefer to wear red banarasi cant choose between the dresses they all are unique and beautiful....💜💜💜💜

  • Jeniffer Flag
    Jeniffer Flag   2018-11-03T02:02:44.000Z

    What about Iran

  • Quynh Le
    Quynh Le   2018-11-03T01:23:24.000Z

    Who from Vietnam give my comment a like

  • Mehreen Kabir
    Mehreen Kabir   2018-11-02T09:34:16.000Z

    Pretty disappointed they didn\'t show Bangladesh though. We wear red sarees in our weddings.

  • Ibrahim Saif
    Ibrahim Saif   2018-11-02T06:10:39.000Z

    I\'m from USA and I loved the Arabic and indian look the most..the colours in indian dresses are out of the world! I wish I could visit india at least once...lots of luv from US

    SHYLA HANNAH   2018-11-01T16:53:45.000Z

    Safiya in those wedding gowns though, she is so pretty!