$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan


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  • Natraj Patil
    Natraj Patil   2018-10-23T05:38:41.000Z

    Gordon Ramsay should meet Kichi Kichi chef.

  • Jacob Horsch
    Jacob Horsch   2018-10-23T05:17:10.000Z

    \"ready? FIIIIREEEEAAAA\"

  • Mina Kinghorn
    Mina Kinghorn   2018-10-23T04:36:34.000Z

    LOVE Rie

  • Aidan Teall
    Aidan Teall   2018-10-23T04:32:15.000Z

    that woman at the beginning looking back going, \"why tf are they saying \"egg\" over and over again?\"

    BIGG BOI   2018-10-23T03:35:29.000Z

    the kichi kichi man makes me wanna go to Japan and find him

  • Wiccan Tree
    Wiccan Tree   2018-10-23T02:37:25.000Z


  • Kristiana Lee
    Kristiana Lee   2018-10-23T02:34:11.000Z

    Now I want to go to japan for GUDETAMA and food

  • dunnie509
    dunnie509   2018-10-23T02:04:47.000Z

    the kichi kichi chef is a cool dude

  • Kaito Kun [Ancient of Gods,Son of Kronos]

    When someone speaks Japanese you know that it’s delicious

  • taematooo
    taematooo   2018-10-23T00:19:32.000Z

    The Kichi Kichi chef reminds me of Hobi\'s personality

  • Shiate T
    Shiate T   2018-10-22T23:21:53.000Z

    0:52 Annie..... i love you lmfaoooooo

  • Mini and Cooper
    Mini and Cooper   2018-10-22T23:14:04.000Z

    89 for cup of rice and raw egg...hell no

  • Víctor Vicario Álvarez
    Víctor Vicario Álvarez   2018-10-22T21:59:52.000Z

    Stop the spanish music. Not related

  • Desmond Robinson
    Desmond Robinson   2018-10-22T21:53:57.000Z

    i wish I wasn\'t allergic to eggs.

  • ll ll
    ll ll   2018-10-22T19:58:39.000Z

    7:56 he threw that omelet like a complete GOD.

  • Annhien Nguyen
    Annhien Nguyen   2018-10-22T19:17:45.000Z

    i love how Andrew acts like he doesn\'t know the Kichi Kichi chef

  • 78vintages
    78vintages   2018-10-22T18:28:49.000Z

    I could watch so much more of the Kichi chef, what a guy.

  • KayleighLeanne
    KayleighLeanne   2018-10-22T17:47:07.000Z

    Yuck the amount of cholesterol in those alone puts me off not to mention the male baby chicks who are ground up alive at 1 day old

  • Seng Keong Saw
    Seng Keong Saw   2018-10-22T16:55:28.000Z

    Well the fact I eat 2 to 3 eggs per day everyday kinda shows we Malaysian eat alot of eggs

  • Tan
    Tan   2018-10-22T16:47:22.000Z

    Great content and filmmaking. Lousy cringey jokes.

  • jocybum
    jocybum   2018-10-22T15:44:14.000Z

    I can\'t do raw eggs, tried it and the texture makes me so uncomfortable!

  • Drummer Kid
    Drummer Kid   2018-10-22T14:28:53.000Z

    I thought he was jackie chan from kichi kichi

  • Rod Lester Felipe Vlog
    Rod Lester Felipe Vlog   2018-10-22T14:19:36.000Z

    8:19 I was so amaze to the chef

  • Spixio Studios
    Spixio Studios   2018-10-22T14:12:53.000Z

    The girl at 0:05 lookin back to see them saying egg again and again cracked me up 😂😂

  • the pilow that stalks you in your sleep
    the pilow that stalks you in your sleep   2018-10-22T14:08:49.000Z

    13:10 Andrew missed the opportunity to say TiraMonsieur

  • Uatemydoodle
    Uatemydoodle   2018-10-22T11:54:39.000Z


  • Maria Chunle Capistrano
    Maria Chunle Capistrano   2018-10-22T11:30:12.000Z

    It is so uncommon to see adam smile lols

  • Penguin Minari 미나
    Penguin Minari 미나   2018-10-22T10:17:21.000Z

    Wow, i didn\'t knew Malaysian ate so many eggs haha *btw i\'m eating eggs while watching this video*hah a i\'m Malaysian

  • Tada Banri
    Tada Banri   2018-10-22T06:57:14.000Z

    0:05 That lady was like Why are they saying Egg so many times

  • OmaeNoSenpai
    OmaeNoSenpai   2018-10-22T06:48:04.000Z

    I came here for the food and the jojo’s references and i got what i want

  • Erick R
    Erick R   2018-10-22T05:54:22.000Z

    Because I grew up being told not to eat eggs raw... I don\'t know if i could ever bring myself to eat a raw egg. I might gag

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep   2018-10-22T05:52:46.000Z

    Please protect Rie at all times. She\'s so precious. Adam and Annie too.

  • j3fron
    j3fron   2018-10-22T05:26:01.000Z

    Only 320 eggs average per person? I eat eggs 3 times than average of japanese people per year, that at least 360x3 for me per year And im not kidding I prefer eggs than chicken meat or beef meat, Up until now i dont suffer obese at all unlike you westerners Lol

  • ArtsyAlex
    ArtsyAlex   2018-10-22T04:30:19.000Z

    Guta... 👀 Butt

    SADBOYLAO   2018-10-22T04:00:42.000Z

    Can the Kichi Kichi chef be my father?

  • Michael Tudda
    Michael Tudda   2018-10-22T03:58:34.000Z

    definitely not for dessert

  • Jai Pai
    Jai Pai   2018-10-22T03:51:06.000Z

    I’m sorry but I can’t eat eggs other people make

  • Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong   2018-10-22T02:24:07.000Z

    Omg Andrew and the Gudetama Merch!!! I feel so sad I never went to try the tamagoyaki when I went to Tsukiji now that the fish market has moved

  • Jean Pierre Skogsbär
    Jean Pierre Skogsbär   2018-10-22T01:23:36.000Z

    Imma simple guy, i see buzzfeed, i hit dislike!

  • Mathijs S.
    Mathijs S.   2018-10-21T23:46:31.000Z

    24 for that theatre show egg is cheap

  • Arga Ferdiansyah
    Arga Ferdiansyah   2018-10-21T22:52:04.000Z

    Phineas and Ferb

  • NoodlesSensei
    NoodlesSensei   2018-10-21T22:46:04.000Z

    Kichi kichi chef should be an anime character!

  • YumiWings21
    YumiWings21   2018-10-21T22:42:30.000Z

    The kichi kichi Chef made my day! It’s so lovely to see him love his work and being happy with what he’s doing ❤️ I can’t wait to travel back to Japan

  • Cat Meowb
    Cat Meowb   2018-10-21T22:31:45.000Z

    Andrew gives off some serious Adam Scott vibes

  • ScoriacTears
    ScoriacTears   2018-10-21T22:26:58.000Z

    Oh your god that guys so orange, he\'s like the real Fanta man. . . hey, wait, orange skin with purple hair . . . where do I know that from?

  • Nakumara Ong
    Nakumara Ong   2018-10-21T21:32:34.000Z

    You guys are the best team ever ...

  • sushant jadhav
    sushant jadhav   2018-10-21T21:04:16.000Z

    0:56 👻

  • Dugo Gongo
    Dugo Gongo   2018-10-21T20:54:25.000Z

    Dude i heared 1:54 nani

  • Ron Globe
    Ron Globe   2018-10-21T20:37:03.000Z

    Just a clarification, were those $9 each US. set of 10, at $89, or were they $89 each, at $900 for the set of 10?

  • Cheap Kiwis
    Cheap Kiwis   2018-10-21T20:15:13.000Z

    “you’re happeniss, my happiness” love that guy

  • Flash Guard
    Flash Guard   2018-10-21T18:32:40.000Z

    i would give my left leg to visit japan and visit his restaurant just to have his kichi kichi food :3 just seeing him makes me smile.

  • Brandi Mullins
    Brandi Mullins   2018-10-21T17:57:19.000Z

    Chef Yukimura was so enthusiastic! I would love to learn from a chef like that! Yukimura-sensei! Please teach me! *bows*

  • Мухтар Турарбек
    Мухтар Турарбек   2018-10-21T17:27:01.000Z


  • King Smg
    King Smg   2018-10-21T17:07:51.000Z

    U know the kichi guy just wanted that tip😭😆

  • Jeanine L
    Jeanine L   2018-10-21T17:00:45.000Z

    The raw egg thing looked disgusting sorry pals

  • Leomerya12
    Leomerya12   2018-10-21T16:33:11.000Z

    \"The More You Know\". HAHA, these editors just aged themselves.

  • John Meikels
    John Meikels   2018-10-21T16:27:16.000Z

    get the egg tshirt here

  • Valeria Cerón Plata
    Valeria Cerón Plata   2018-10-21T16:22:24.000Z

    Can\'t do the raw egg thing

  • TECH plays
    TECH plays   2018-10-21T14:57:58.000Z


  • Nitecrawlr16
    Nitecrawlr16   2018-10-21T14:41:14.000Z

    So...did anyone else notice the price of the Kichi Kichi was -$24!!!! I genuinely don’t know if this was a typo or if the Japanese banking system has collapsed to the point where they pay me to eat there!!!!

  • BoogieCousins ForMVP
    BoogieCousins ForMVP   2018-10-21T14:35:24.000Z

    What are these dudes @s

  • j m
    j m   2018-10-21T13:20:55.000Z

    motokichi yukimura dyed his hair lol looks nice

  • O T U
    O T U   2018-10-21T12:51:30.000Z

    My only complaint is that tamagotchi wasn\'t mentioned

  • Kenny Jr
    Kenny Jr   2018-10-21T12:39:36.000Z

    Good luck watching with subtitles

  • פאפא פארקר
    פאפא פארקר   2018-10-21T12:28:11.000Z

    גם אני אוהב ג\'חנון

  • Bruno Bedeschi
    Bruno Bedeschi   2018-10-21T12:18:12.000Z

    i quite like this chef man

  • SeanyBoyProductions1
    SeanyBoyProductions1   2018-10-21T07:42:11.000Z

    Ë G G ¡!

  • Boyet Delavega
    Boyet Delavega   2018-10-21T07:08:09.000Z

    Kichi is the best chef.

  • venska
    venska   2018-10-21T07:04:50.000Z

    Didn’t Andrew already try making omurice in a previous Buzzfeed video?

  • Aishani Prabhu
    Aishani Prabhu   2018-10-21T06:59:42.000Z

    4:27 i mean...glutetama

  • angiekaye130
    angiekaye130   2018-10-21T06:46:57.000Z

    Kichi Kichi stole my heart. I had so much joy watching him cook and hearing how he gets joy by giving joy.

  • spud0606
    spud0606   2018-10-21T06:45:59.000Z

    Who\'s the FAT White Guy!

  • Schamyr Cruz
    Schamyr Cruz   2018-10-21T06:45:17.000Z

    What happened to the Thumbnail? Looks desperate

  • Davis Hatler
    Davis Hatler   2018-10-21T06:34:26.000Z

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not eating raw or undercooked eggs

  • Davis Hatler
    Davis Hatler   2018-10-21T06:26:08.000Z

    I very nearly throw up when they open the omelette, but I love the chef making it and hope he finds even more success

  • Awang Budiman
    Awang Budiman   2018-10-21T06:13:09.000Z

    Half-boiled turtle eggs over rice is better.

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington   2018-10-21T04:27:56.000Z

    Once again Gohan isn\'t the main dish...

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington   2018-10-21T04:09:32.000Z

    Yukimura is a real life main character from a cooking anime... or if Majima never joined the yakuza and lost his eye and became a amazing chef

  • Alex Li
    Alex Li   2018-10-21T03:49:03.000Z

    Lol Andrew Should\'ve cooked

  • Julie Sarmiento
    Julie Sarmiento   2018-10-21T03:45:24.000Z

    Oh my God!💕😍

  • Christine Dottle
    Christine Dottle   2018-10-21T03:40:06.000Z

    I was trying to figure out why TKG sounded so familiar and I realized it\'s because a social club on my campus is TKG. ?Now they will forever be the egg club for me. Thanks guys lol

  • Maria Magdalena
    Maria Magdalena   2018-10-21T02:57:58.000Z

    The raw eggs are disgusting! I couldn\'t even watch that part.

  • Azlina Othman
    Azlina Othman   2018-10-21T02:46:31.000Z

    Im malaysian lol

  • inas x
    inas x   2018-10-21T02:24:29.000Z

    Subbscribe me thanks

  • Antonio Castro Br
    Antonio Castro Br   2018-10-21T01:36:23.000Z

    10:03 ur welcome

  • FiftyFathomsStudios
    FiftyFathomsStudios   2018-10-21T01:16:09.000Z

    I wanna try that omurice so bad sucks that I’m only 15

  • Queen Mona
    Queen Mona   2018-10-21T00:28:20.000Z

    Guy number 2 🤔..is that raw eggs and chicken gravy

  • Katelyn The Unicorn
    Katelyn The Unicorn   2018-10-21T00:10:55.000Z

    7:01 that just reminds me of fire in BTS ;-;

  • Ellie Vranesevic
    Ellie Vranesevic   2018-10-20T23:54:28.000Z


  • stealthboy316
    stealthboy316   2018-10-20T23:24:15.000Z

    I don\'t like eggs.

  • Crappy Boi Videos
    Crappy Boi Videos   2018-10-20T23:21:33.000Z

    The Kichi Kichi chef looks like a super crazy mad scientist who figured out how to cook food

  • Jung SHOOK
    Jung SHOOK   2018-10-20T23:17:39.000Z

    The kichi kichi chef is like Jhope

  • CrazyMMO
    CrazyMMO   2018-10-20T22:52:28.000Z

    The only buzzfeed content that doesn\'t want to make me go to chernobyl

  • sparrowflyaway
    sparrowflyaway   2018-10-20T22:22:28.000Z

    I\'m glad they went to the omurice place after showing it in the video where Andrew tried to make it last year.

  • Phoenix Swanson
    Phoenix Swanson   2018-10-20T19:39:47.000Z

    These guys get paid to travel the world and eat food. When can I work for BuzzFeed?

  • DelayEdits
    DelayEdits   2018-10-20T18:50:14.000Z

    the last one looked disgusting lmao

  • julie !!
    julie !!   2018-10-20T17:50:11.000Z

    1:15 👺

  • ThePhoenix_ King
    ThePhoenix_ King   2018-10-20T16:39:24.000Z

    Adam always looks sad

  • Sofia Lorenzana
    Sofia Lorenzana   2018-10-20T16:35:50.000Z

    andrew is an omurice expert lol

  • Sofia Lorenzana
    Sofia Lorenzana   2018-10-20T16:28:40.000Z

    i want to eat the omelette of the kichi kichi chef