The Try Guys Change Dirty Diapers • Motherhood: Part 2


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  • Sela Tukino
    Sela Tukino   2018-11-16T01:22:14.000Z

    I think ugens bigest fear is hurting the baby

  • JJNeepinFilms
    JJNeepinFilms   2018-11-15T16:54:04.000Z

    I wish i could gif that last part - How DP\'s feel with a first time director \'That\'s the frame you want? Okay, you\'re directing.\'

  • Amber Howard
    Amber Howard   2018-11-14T15:45:00.000Z

    I hire Zach to sit and jump over and over and over with my daughter, bc I\'m damn sure I\'m sick of it...

  • Carl Lau
    Carl Lau   2018-11-13T06:52:05.000Z

    The turkish song a mother is singing to her baby sounds innocently sweet. So adorable, I LOVE IT!

  • juli6220 juli6220
    juli6220 juli6220   2018-11-13T03:25:14.000Z

    Ned saying \"I broke something\" when changing Kaan\'s diaper concerned me.

  • Nolly Polly
    Nolly Polly   2018-11-12T10:09:08.000Z

    That is one gorgeous baby! He\'s so adorable,!

  • Maddison Woodard
    Maddison Woodard   2018-11-10T17:12:29.000Z

    1:55-1:59 made me fall in love with Eugene even more😍‼️

  • Vaaalerie_
    Vaaalerie_   2018-11-07T19:33:39.000Z

    Ned “ I can’t wait to have a baby” & a few years later wes is born

  • Molly Hughes
    Molly Hughes   2018-10-29T05:31:11.000Z

    interested to see this babies reaction when he grows up

  • Jack
    Jack   2018-10-27T03:28:46.000Z

    “Which ones the front”😂😂😂 and keith is gonna be a great dad!!

  • Hanny Mary
    Hanny Mary   2018-10-25T10:10:03.000Z

    Can we get an update on Kaan please? How\'s he now?!

  • Zilik Khan
    Zilik Khan   2018-10-23T09:40:39.000Z

    The baby is so cutest

  • Mariah Zeh
    Mariah Zeh   2018-10-21T17:29:49.000Z

    The mom is a good singer wow

  • Mariah Zeh
    Mariah Zeh   2018-10-21T17:29:32.000Z

    \"He\'s delicate! You cant just manhandle a baby\"

  • Natálka Banasová
    Natálka Banasová   2018-10-20T20:49:19.000Z

    Future Kaan be like mom how could you let them do this

  • Spencer Callaway
    Spencer Callaway   2018-10-18T17:25:28.000Z

    how cute is kaaaaaaaaan

  • LoveMe,com
    LoveMe,com   2018-10-17T04:50:25.000Z

    Try Guys are very amazing. They also engaged their self into motherhood, like changing dirty diapers of a baby. What I love about this, is they really focus on what they were doing.

  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor   2018-10-16T22:50:42.000Z

    Well dogs are easier.i can accidentally drop my dog

  • Rowynn Slivka
    Rowynn Slivka   2018-10-16T04:02:12.000Z

    Ned is like “I- I just like hold him?!” And I’m boy you better get used to that!

  • Memed Geranex
    Memed Geranex   2018-10-13T08:57:05.000Z

    Who\'s watching in 2094?

  • Theresa Munford
    Theresa Munford   2018-10-08T17:28:41.000Z

    Um Eugene don\'t have kids

  • αвιgαιl яσѕє
    αвιgαιl яσѕє   2018-10-02T00:54:41.000Z

    Ned - “Me and Ariel have been thinking about having a baby pretty sooon!” - 2015 Try Guys meet Ned’s Baby - 2018 😂

  • Elite weeb Meme
    Elite weeb Meme   2018-09-29T12:26:23.000Z

    Don’t let ugeen ne’er and any living things,he’s gonna kill it

  • Magiwren M
    Magiwren M   2018-09-29T04:00:05.000Z

    I relate to Eugene!

  • eda soyuak
    eda soyuak   2018-09-18T20:04:34.000Z

    Ayeeee turkishs are in da house

  • Aadi The WARRIOR!
    Aadi The WARRIOR!   2018-09-14T15:07:30.000Z

    6,900th comment remember me

  • GameFriendsBG
    GameFriendsBG   2018-09-13T20:33:54.000Z


  • GameFriendsBG
    GameFriendsBG   2018-09-13T20:33:12.000Z


  • iiwatermelon kat
    iiwatermelon kat   2018-09-13T19:20:39.000Z

    *this is my baby kan* All: “ *hI kAn* “. “ I just don’t wanna *hurt* him “ - Eugene AHHHHHhHHHhHhHHhH

  • MeganLeigh Maguire
    MeganLeigh Maguire   2018-09-13T01:09:46.000Z

    Eugene, it is NOT ok to accidentally drop your dogs. LoL

  • Ocasionário
    Ocasionário   2018-09-12T16:15:29.000Z

    This baby looks so much like Rex from the fatherhood series!

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins   2018-09-11T21:24:30.000Z

    It’s funny cause even when someone says they don’t like babies, they’re still nice to a baby even if they don’t want a baby, cause it’s still a human being.

  • hell yeah
    hell yeah   2018-09-09T14:12:48.000Z

    This is so cute now that Ned has a baby

  • ForeverCellist
    ForeverCellist   2018-09-08T03:17:29.000Z

    Try Guys videos used to be so short

  • oofie doofie
    oofie doofie   2018-09-07T12:01:35.000Z

    Let me correct this videos name: Turkish Baby Hates Eugene

  • Eva snafflepas
    Eva snafflepas   2018-09-04T07:42:20.000Z

    1:43 - Ned holding the baby is creepy.

  • HallelujahHarlequin
    HallelujahHarlequin   2018-09-01T02:48:52.000Z

    This is even more adorable now that Ned is a dad

  • The Goat
    The Goat   2018-08-30T04:46:22.000Z

    My mom is turkish too

  • Bobbi Roberts
    Bobbi Roberts   2018-08-26T00:12:11.000Z

    Am I the only one who hears the looney tunes theme? Lol

  • galaxii sparc
    galaxii sparc   2018-08-24T06:42:38.000Z

    The baby looks so concerned

  • Patricia Star
    Patricia Star   2018-08-22T04:03:14.000Z

    Awwwww the baby is adorable

  • J-hope and Sprite
    J-hope and Sprite   2018-08-18T18:42:22.000Z

    You gotta wipe the wiener

  • Beren ;-;
    Beren ;-;   2018-08-13T09:49:57.000Z

    aha türk

  • Mich
    Mich   2018-08-13T03:52:26.000Z

    Watching this after Ned has had his baby - he finally did it.

  • Skylaaa Moreno
    Skylaaa Moreno   2018-08-12T23:05:29.000Z

    That’s a cute baby awww

  • Skylaaa Moreno
    Skylaaa Moreno   2018-08-12T23:03:36.000Z

    Eugene saying sorry to the baby is so adorable and cute

  • Emma Jane
    Emma Jane   2018-08-12T22:44:50.000Z

    2018 anyone?

  • Desi Arana
    Desi Arana   2018-08-10T22:28:21.000Z

    1:58 😂😂😂 Don’t worry, whenever I throw my dog I make sure to throw them on the couch or something. It’s fine.

  • ThePlushGodz
    ThePlushGodz   2018-08-06T23:44:49.000Z

    Who’s watching this after Ned and Ariel had Wes?

  • Özlem irem GÜNDÜZ
    Özlem irem GÜNDÜZ   2018-08-06T19:55:06.000Z

    She is turkish ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Vanesacool 2017
    Vanesacool 2017   2018-08-05T12:56:38.000Z

    I feel like Eugene doesn\'t dislike babies, he\'s just afraid of hurting them because they\'re so small and fragile. His comments about having many dogs can show how he already had a caring nature for living things. I feel like he\'s just afraid of accidentally hurting a baby and that\'s why he tries to keep a distance from them and not be involved with them at all

  • Holly Baker
    Holly Baker   2018-08-05T08:45:58.000Z

    I love how four grown men have never changed diapers, and then I\'m over here having changed diapers since I was a pre-teen. 😂

  • Richard Coronado
    Richard Coronado   2018-08-03T06:22:45.000Z

    I have changed many diapers I have one little brother and many younger cousins

  • Dima Jonblat
    Dima Jonblat   2018-08-02T06:47:21.000Z

    The baby’s adorable 😍😍

  • ya boi trash
    ya boi trash   2018-07-31T19:42:22.000Z

    “Well it’s a lot easier because I can accidentally drop my dogs” why do I feel like this is gonna be what happens when I become a parent? I’m probably gonna have dog children

    EYLEM BALIKÇI   2018-07-31T13:29:58.000Z

    meraba gülşah naber

  • skyplayzgames
    skyplayzgames   2018-07-29T13:13:46.000Z

    Keith said he try\'s makes baby\'s smile sometimes i don\'t try and make baby\'s smile just walk pass and i look at the baby and the baby ponit\'s at me and smiles

  • Neriman Arslan
    Neriman Arslan   2018-07-29T00:50:36.000Z

    Scrolling down to comments to see any Turkish comment and here wee gooo lol

  • Music Ghostie
    Music Ghostie   2018-07-28T23:19:35.000Z

    That mom should get an award for that singing that was lovely

  • Kaylee Is my name
    Kaylee Is my name   2018-07-28T19:56:29.000Z


  • Kayden Marshall
    Kayden Marshall   2018-07-28T04:03:58.000Z

    I love watching the try guys y’all make me happy!

  • Apricot Spree
    Apricot Spree   2018-07-28T00:51:41.000Z

    I was just like, \"watch the baby pee on someone\"

    PIXEL GIRL   2018-07-27T17:50:30.000Z

    The babies just like Mom take me home who are these people take me home I want to go home

  • Anjana
    Anjana   2018-07-27T14:18:41.000Z

    And now, Ned does it everyday... Wes💕

  • Just Twinning!
    Just Twinning!   2018-07-27T00:26:19.000Z

    Khan is adorable!

  • Natalie Perkins
    Natalie Perkins   2018-07-26T23:36:56.000Z

    Dogs are easier because I can accidentally drop my dogs- Uegene

  • Deandre Fowles
    Deandre Fowles   2018-07-26T14:40:56.000Z

    I predict ned has a baby name wes

  • Livylee 123
    Livylee 123   2018-07-26T00:22:40.000Z

    Is it bad that I kind of wanted the baby to pee on one of them???😂

  • SkyeBright StarLight
    SkyeBright StarLight   2018-07-25T09:13:49.000Z

    *\"I can accidentally drop my dogs\"* Me: .....Uhm no. No you can not drop your dogs wtf. 😂😂

  • record time
    record time   2018-07-24T19:27:34.000Z

    Why is this turkish song in my head

  • Kristen Anderson
    Kristen Anderson   2018-07-23T06:06:16.000Z

    well I can accidentally drop my dog..... NO NO you can it doesn\'t work that way!!!!

  • APanda 4Life
    APanda 4Life   2018-07-22T14:54:51.000Z

    Who\'s watching this after Ned\'s baby came into the world?

  • SximplyMadz
    SximplyMadz   2018-07-21T09:19:12.000Z

    Eugene and I are exactly the same when it comes to babys! We both love them but we\'re scared to hold them.

  • rose-coloured boy
    rose-coloured boy   2018-07-21T05:53:40.000Z

    the baby is so cute omg my heart

  • Aice Urani
    Aice Urani   2018-07-20T15:20:50.000Z

    It was amazing to see a Turkish family!

  • cole
    cole   2018-07-19T22:18:59.000Z

    complementing a baby includes : you have great calves bro, you work out? and, you have an electric personality.

  • Bubba_ Gum_788
    Bubba_ Gum_788   2018-07-19T02:52:54.000Z

    Eugene: *this is terrefying*

  • hobilovesnicole
    hobilovesnicole   2018-07-19T01:20:17.000Z

    *whos watching this after ned had his child??*

  • bananabuttersomethin
    bananabuttersomethin   2018-07-19T00:51:27.000Z

    Eugene may be a bit cold and hard and distant on the outside but he has the softest heart.

  • Blue Belle
    Blue Belle   2018-07-18T15:37:06.000Z

    Ohh no good luck

  • Sevensterr **
    Sevensterr **   2018-07-18T10:39:07.000Z


  • Aly cat
    Aly cat   2018-07-18T05:25:37.000Z

    0:24 Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Allllllllllll THE TIME MEEEEE

  • Lala baba
    Lala baba   2018-07-18T00:46:53.000Z

    That baby is incredibly adorable!! 😻😻😻

  • Kaylee Gerber
    Kaylee Gerber   2018-07-17T14:03:22.000Z

    Now Ned is a dad

  • Ocean Williams
    Ocean Williams   2018-07-17T07:57:16.000Z

    eugene: \"you just manhandled a baby\" lmaooo

  • MjauDuuude
    MjauDuuude   2018-07-16T09:43:01.000Z

    Keith was made to be a dad

  • max is a goblin
    max is a goblin   2018-07-16T08:54:59.000Z

    she has a rlly lovely voice?

  • Madison
    Madison   2018-07-16T00:01:34.000Z


  • idbsovs
    idbsovs   2018-07-15T08:39:52.000Z

    Turkish lullaby 👍

  • Happy Go Lucky
    Happy Go Lucky   2018-07-15T04:04:47.000Z

    \"Well dog is easier cause I can accidently drop my dogs.\" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ashlyn Wolfe
    Ashlyn Wolfe   2018-07-13T22:24:24.000Z

    2:25 awww

  • sebastian sings
    sebastian sings   2018-07-13T21:16:36.000Z


  • Nathalie H.
    Nathalie H.   2018-07-13T05:43:23.000Z

    Eugene is so precious around babies because you can tell he does care and is trying but he is so inexperienced and afraid of hurting them... He\'ll definitely be a great dad someday...

  • Abygaelle
    Abygaelle   2018-07-13T02:46:44.000Z

    And now Ned has a baby how cute

  • christie falzon
    christie falzon   2018-07-12T21:18:29.000Z


  • sophie hare
    sophie hare   2018-07-12T03:48:20.000Z

    Ned was so happy with Kaan XD

  • Emanuel Mendez
    Emanuel Mendez   2018-07-12T02:19:03.000Z

    pretty soon? 3 years later..

  • Chance Bianchi Buono
    Chance Bianchi Buono   2018-07-10T19:55:35.000Z

    i love how the ad for this video was plan b one step LMFAO like okay???? guess youtube doesn\'t want us havin babies

  • Maddi Long
    Maddi Long   2018-07-10T19:40:15.000Z

    anybody coming back from 2018 after ned had his baby?

  • Kardelen Kılıç
    Kardelen Kılıç   2018-07-10T19:27:01.000Z

    Tü maşallah buzfeedteki tüm bebekli videoları izledim bi bizim bebek eli yüzü düzgün tertemiz. Diğerleri yerlerde yuvarlanıyo pislik içinde salya sümük her yerleri akskdkkdlf