Seal Chased By Hungry Orcas Jumps on Boat | The Dodo


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  • jarin bernal
    jarin bernal   2018-11-05T16:16:46.000Z

    the seal is so precious

  • Gabrielle Tillmon
    Gabrielle Tillmon   2018-11-03T01:31:27.000Z

    Y’all didn’t help him?? 🙄

  • WIZard05555
    WIZard05555   2018-11-03T01:09:11.000Z

    Orcas could flip the boat so you are all lucky 🍀❤️ (Yes orcas are able to flip the boat in one swim, actually they can flip floating ice when seals hide on them and they can create waves that can push off everyone on the boat ! Be careful please 😅)

  • Bogan Logan
    Bogan Logan   2018-11-03T00:24:22.000Z

    Now those orcas starve

  • Bob Ellis
    Bob Ellis   2018-11-02T15:55:11.000Z

    And if I told these tree-hugging idiots that those orcas died of starvation 3 days later, you think they\'d feel guilty. Respect nature, but leave it alone!! It\'s not your fucking pet store!!

  • JJmoney girl
    JJmoney girl   2018-11-02T02:05:09.000Z

    Poor seal

  • OmegaHamster
    OmegaHamster   2018-11-01T23:11:05.000Z

    Hoomans protecct watur doggo from pandawhale attac

  • Conrad Barnes
    Conrad Barnes   2018-10-30T02:33:25.000Z

    You will remember this as the day you almost caught captain Jack Seal😀☠️😱

  • WolfAttack 98
    WolfAttack 98   2018-10-29T05:10:02.000Z

    This is me when my mom gets pissed(seal)

  • Galaxy Kitty Miyumie
    Galaxy Kitty Miyumie   2018-10-28T08:05:15.000Z

    I was crying of joy...but thank god the seal manage to live without that boat the seal will be eaten well done seal...

  • Kdjdjejxjd Nsnshd
    Kdjdjejxjd Nsnshd   2018-10-28T03:04:11.000Z

    Those seals died of hunger good job guy

  • Rigel Sagrado
    Rigel Sagrado   2018-10-27T08:01:14.000Z

    Are you sure the orcas won\'t come back0-0

  • Layla Coleman
    Layla Coleman   2018-10-27T03:08:40.000Z

    If you guys weren\'t there he/she would\'ve died... I know u didn\'t do much deserve a thank you... thank you for being on that boat that spot at that time. Miracles do happen

  • Jorge Falto
    Jorge Falto   2018-10-27T02:43:56.000Z

    Seal jumping in like : wait where’s my getaway driver?

  • Annie Nguyen the Hawaii chan
    Annie Nguyen the Hawaii chan   2018-10-26T02:30:45.000Z

    it’s soooo cuteeeee omgggg

  • Michael Goldsmith
    Michael Goldsmith   2018-10-24T13:59:51.000Z

    Imagine how relieved that deal would\'ve been once it saw the boat in the water

  • Ivy Rose
    Ivy Rose   2018-10-23T03:43:56.000Z

    This made my day

  • Jose Aragon
    Jose Aragon   2018-10-23T02:17:37.000Z

    Go seal

  • Marina McCollum
    Marina McCollum   2018-10-23T01:13:04.000Z

    Ohhh yay I\'m so glad they helped that little cutie😍❤!!

  • Diamond Rainbowz
    Diamond Rainbowz   2018-10-22T22:19:44.000Z

    Orcas are so cute but SO DEADLY!!!

  • rosenmichael123
    rosenmichael123   2018-10-21T06:50:07.000Z

    I love animals but, this was not safe, unfortunately the best thing to do in this situation it to throw the seal back Into the water. If an orca could be a possible threat to human life by having its meal on the boat, the. It’s not worth it

  • Gaming Gurl
    Gaming Gurl   2018-10-21T00:59:04.000Z

    I never seen a seal in a ocean o-o

  • Trinity Ottley
    Trinity Ottley   2018-10-20T13:53:06.000Z


  • Trinity Ottley
    Trinity Ottley   2018-10-20T13:52:46.000Z


  • A Fool Of Myself
    A Fool Of Myself   2018-10-20T10:43:04.000Z

    What a funny dog!

  • .m.
    .m.   2018-10-20T03:34:19.000Z


  • pansik 88
    pansik 88   2018-10-19T06:53:21.000Z

    Those fuckers are worst than great white shark

  • Kyle Booface
    Kyle Booface   2018-10-17T23:42:18.000Z

    0:00 I believe animals are evolving to become more intelligent every generation... i this is proving my hypothesis

  • K C
    K C   2018-10-16T17:40:42.000Z

    Aw poor baby😊♥️

  • Big fan of Pitchaya Somboon
    Big fan of Pitchaya Somboon   2018-10-16T05:31:27.000Z

    **Sees orcas* **grabs sniper* **seal ish confusion* **kills orcas**

  • MC H
    MC H   2018-10-15T09:15:18.000Z

    I admire that seal!

  • Trixie Tabarangao
    Trixie Tabarangao   2018-10-15T04:46:38.000Z

    I\'d me horrible I mean horrible if one of the orcas were just waiting and ate him

  • Rosey Wolf
    Rosey Wolf   2018-10-13T21:07:33.000Z

    Seal: IM NOT GOING TO SEE HEAVEN TODAY! Btw he was so cute awww :3

  • Robert Isaksson
    Robert Isaksson   2018-10-13T08:08:34.000Z

    Put it back

  • Sims Michelle
    Sims Michelle   2018-10-13T00:04:12.000Z

    I like equals one prayer 🙏 for seals

  • Hof
    Hof   2018-10-12T03:25:01.000Z

    orcas are smart, for all you know they just dove down a little and hid so the seal would swim away. hopefully not, mustve been crazy to watch

  • FrappuccinoGrim
    FrappuccinoGrim   2018-10-12T00:55:53.000Z

    I always saw seals as puppers with no ears and whiskers

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L   2018-10-11T08:48:03.000Z

    Incredible experience, and footage!!

  • Jarred Nash
    Jarred Nash   2018-10-11T02:15:50.000Z


  • You Need Jesus
    You Need Jesus   2018-10-10T04:52:12.000Z

    The humans eat him later.

  • FalconGamer58
    FalconGamer58   2018-10-09T20:38:08.000Z

    Current objective: //////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ *S U R V I V E*

  • lampo the dogGhost and tareling dog
    lampo the dogGhost and tareling dog   2018-10-08T20:26:09.000Z

    I hate hungry orcas i love seals

  • tiny rick
    tiny rick   2018-10-08T18:00:57.000Z

    Poor seal

  • Manuel Eduardo Machado
    Manuel Eduardo Machado   2018-10-08T04:28:50.000Z

    Don\'t hurt the seallo

  • Manuel Eduardo Machado
    Manuel Eduardo Machado   2018-10-08T04:27:42.000Z

    Orcas come on what are u doing? You\'re bad

  • Eclipsed
    Eclipsed   2018-10-08T02:00:50.000Z

    *Story twist* The seal was eaten after

  • coconut jam
    coconut jam   2018-10-07T06:04:23.000Z

    1:22 I just cant imagine that when the seal swam innthe ocean one of the orca just came from underneeth and ate the seal

  • Erika Joan Rivera
    Erika Joan Rivera   2018-10-07T05:10:38.000Z

    I thought this was gonna be the vid when the seals kid died😭😢

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer   2018-10-06T13:17:58.000Z

    They are so cute

  • Kalahm Trent
    Kalahm Trent   2018-10-06T09:54:30.000Z

    Stupid ass Orcas

  • Gacha_ Moon_
    Gacha_ Moon_   2018-10-04T03:56:46.000Z

    I swam with a seal once in San Francisco! It was wild so I was scared though so I left it alone 😆 it was cool though

  • Nathan Robertello
    Nathan Robertello   2018-10-03T21:27:24.000Z

    dont let him be killed please

  • Hamish McPenguin
    Hamish McPenguin   2018-10-03T14:03:27.000Z

    I\'d have thrown him in. I like killer whales more than seals.

  • Kaneesha Grantham
    Kaneesha Grantham   2018-10-02T02:04:54.000Z

    Omg I\'m so glad he/she made it !

  • LoL Lyf
    LoL Lyf   2018-10-02T01:00:12.000Z

    And then he got eaten straight away Nah I\'m just joking

  • uwu,Zack's puke.
    uwu,Zack's puke.   2018-09-30T19:09:09.000Z

    *aquadorable pupper*

  • Master Luck
    Master Luck   2018-09-30T14:31:59.000Z

    1:12 that is so cute

  • Jamesm 424
    Jamesm 424   2018-09-29T22:57:44.000Z

    They should have kept him 😢

  • ДأmŁØƬ
    ДأmŁØƬ   2018-09-29T18:47:50.000Z

    :3 I Love their eyes

  • coolandtall
    coolandtall   2018-09-29T02:19:28.000Z

    Orcas have to eat too....

  • Creative Writing Tutor
    Creative Writing Tutor   2018-09-28T17:56:56.000Z

    Happy for the seal and this Family. Also, it\'s good to see that Kurt Russell still cares: 1:28.

  • Anthony Lasala
    Anthony Lasala   2018-09-28T00:13:35.000Z

    It\'s not over until the fat lady sings *seal comes up to camera being like wazap dudes*

  • sai sasori
    sai sasori   2018-09-27T20:12:39.000Z

    this is wrong on so many levels how can human beings act as god and prevent nature from taking its.course and even brag about how cute and amazing it was , oh wait we are already distroying everything even nature which we are.trying to preserve .

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H   2018-09-27T19:20:55.000Z

    watter doggie

  • tornado catherine
    tornado catherine   2018-09-27T16:42:54.000Z

    I’m really stressed because I know this has already been recorded but I’m scared the little guy is gonna get eaten after they let him off

  • jAM Ab
    jAM Ab   2018-09-27T16:21:57.000Z

    seal looks adorable

  • lazzy mazzy
    lazzy mazzy   2018-09-27T14:27:12.000Z


  • Jkangie Amjk
    Jkangie Amjk   2018-09-26T18:13:18.000Z

    Can we just talk about how cUtE this pupper is

  • setio ryski
    setio ryski   2018-09-26T09:52:37.000Z

    sorry but i more love orca than seal, if it was me, i Will push seal from my boat.

  • 세재Cj
    세재Cj   2018-09-26T03:54:27.000Z

    Look at his eyes, he was so scared. I wish everyone is vegetarian.. 💔

  • Valery Felix
    Valery Felix   2018-09-25T05:13:59.000Z

    Best thing I’ve seen all day

  • N!Mm0
    N!Mm0   2018-09-24T23:30:39.000Z

    I’d take him home the cutie wootie

  • Krishnix Cloverbloom
    Krishnix Cloverbloom   2018-09-24T03:18:32.000Z

    Hello heres krish 👧 ✌👗✌ 👢 She loves seals and 1=like one more seal in the hearth!!! 🤗

  • Rainbow The rainwing
    Rainbow The rainwing   2018-09-24T02:57:29.000Z

    The orcas are like : Ohh hell no you getting away this time we will kill these humans

  • Redwave 123
    Redwave 123   2018-09-24T00:46:13.000Z

    You sir (or madam)have earned yourself a subscriber!

  • Sarah Morton
    Sarah Morton   2018-09-22T14:32:44.000Z

    It’s the purge(if you’ve seen it you’ll get it)

  • Purpulous
    Purpulous   2018-09-22T11:30:35.000Z

    why do us whales have to starve?

    JALEEL AND CALEB GAMING AND MOVIES   2018-09-22T05:13:29.000Z

    1:10 big beautiful eyes

    JALEEL AND CALEB GAMING AND MOVIES   2018-09-22T05:12:56.000Z

    That seal is adorable

  • Guapolito
    Guapolito   2018-09-22T05:00:52.000Z

    I love seals

  • Mark Geffert
    Mark Geffert   2018-09-21T22:57:34.000Z

    I don’t lie, orcas! 😾😡

  • Ernesto
    Ernesto   2018-09-21T14:49:45.000Z

    Foca is dead

  • ACatStuckInACoatHanger
    ACatStuckInACoatHanger   2018-09-21T05:43:08.000Z

    When Dwayne sees D a n k m e m e s

  • Yasss It’s Jeane
    Yasss It’s Jeane   2018-09-20T21:13:01.000Z


  • T udn
    T udn   2018-09-20T05:18:28.000Z

    He got eaten 5 min later.

  • Lurkens Kanal
    Lurkens Kanal   2018-09-20T04:57:37.000Z

    10 minutes later he probably got torn apart by those orcas

  • fire ninja gaming
    fire ninja gaming   2018-09-19T18:26:03.000Z


  • JohnyKiwi
    JohnyKiwi   2018-09-19T11:24:39.000Z

    Seal: step on it

  • Ghost Killer
    Ghost Killer   2018-09-19T05:16:06.000Z

    aww he was so cute

  • Jocelyn Jones
    Jocelyn Jones   2018-09-19T03:46:42.000Z


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa   2018-09-19T01:16:09.000Z

    I mean ofc. Seals are one of the orcas main diet

  • haferl
    haferl   2018-09-17T13:14:32.000Z

    and later he still was killed :(

  • Socialmedia480
    Socialmedia480   2018-09-17T03:46:53.000Z

    Look it’s a water dog

  • Chicagun
    Chicagun   2018-09-17T02:51:47.000Z

    Y\'all should rename this to \"White People deny Orcas food\"

  • Birb
    Birb   2018-09-17T00:17:17.000Z

    me when i dont wanna swim

  • Stollen Sweetroll
    Stollen Sweetroll   2018-09-16T19:31:23.000Z

    All dislikes are hungry Orcas.

  • AK Rex
    AK Rex   2018-09-16T18:08:05.000Z

    - What do we say to the god of death? - Not today!

  • 10969 -
    10969 -   2018-09-16T09:08:05.000Z

    those orcas are bullies they don\'t leave even after 30 minutes 😒

  • Master of puns
    Master of puns   2018-09-16T06:31:20.000Z

    1:11 Seal: Is sea doggo safe huge hooman?

  • Jeremy Gemmill
    Jeremy Gemmill   2018-09-16T02:38:47.000Z

    Seal: Finally safe 😁😄 Me: THE SEAL’S A SARVIVER!!!! XD