Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish

  • Published on 2018-09-24T21:00:00.000Z
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  • FBE
    FBE   2018-09-24T21:00:20.000Z

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  • Milliana Kuro
    Milliana Kuro   2018-10-05T18:28:47.000Z

    *Internal demonic screeching* [Insert nosebleed here]

  • X lushvogue X
    X lushvogue X   2018-10-05T18:19:15.000Z


  • Mills
    Mills   2018-10-05T18:17:57.000Z

    She’s awesome man

  • Classic Society
    Classic Society   2018-10-05T17:50:18.000Z

    shes so sweet omg i love her sm💕💕💕

  • ugh iyona
    ugh iyona   2018-10-05T17:48:39.000Z

    i want someone to love me like billie loves Darius

  • evantth
    evantth   2018-10-05T17:48:23.000Z

    How old is billie?

  • Axsthetic J
    Axsthetic J   2018-10-05T17:39:26.000Z

    awhe!! I love billie

  • Jellybomb331kinz
    Jellybomb331kinz   2018-10-05T17:24:50.000Z

    i love her

  • Yasmen Gamer
    Yasmen Gamer   2018-10-05T17:09:20.000Z

    Billie Elish ❤

  • Katt
    Katt   2018-10-05T16:48:46.000Z

    Love her

  • Chance Burchfield
    Chance Burchfield   2018-10-05T15:47:34.000Z

    I miss talent

  • ILoveChallenges 80
    ILoveChallenges 80   2018-10-05T15:44:11.000Z

    Omg!!! I love Billie

  • Aki ー sama
    Aki ー sama   2018-10-05T15:31:47.000Z

    omg as soon as she saw darius

  • latte
    latte   2018-10-05T14:28:56.000Z

    She is a big mood

  • fuck you
    fuck you   2018-10-05T13:58:08.000Z

    she\'s me watching her

  • kristal griffin
    kristal griffin   2018-10-05T13:52:54.000Z

    Her reaction to Darius is priceless 😂👌🏾

  • Jilianfaith Odon
    Jilianfaith Odon   2018-10-05T13:38:21.000Z

    SHES SO CUTE ARGHHH 💕💝💖💓💗💞💘💓💞💗💘💓💖💕💝

  • Hila Vig
    Hila Vig   2018-10-05T13:33:12.000Z

    She’s my favorite person I swear

  • Ying 418
    Ying 418   2018-10-05T13:05:47.000Z


  • jojo Ma
    jojo Ma   2018-10-05T12:58:11.000Z

    wait what...she’s 16 😱 damn 🔥 respect!!!!!🙌🏼

  • Ninasimmerstar xox
    Ninasimmerstar xox   2018-10-05T12:33:57.000Z

    Out here theres 12 year old who r deppresed

  • Gemma Forster
    Gemma Forster   2018-10-05T12:32:07.000Z

    Her voice is so pretty!

  • The Shorty One
    The Shorty One   2018-10-05T12:30:44.000Z

    I\'m gonna cry she\'s too.... marry me.

  • Ioana Grosu
    Ioana Grosu   2018-10-05T12:04:27.000Z

    Billie is just the real girl I ever see She\'s so natural

  • Sienna Kennington
    Sienna Kennington   2018-10-05T11:35:52.000Z

    😍 looooovvveee follow her on instagram 😂😂🙏🏽

  • Kylie- Ann
    Kylie- Ann   2018-10-05T11:29:49.000Z

    Billie is so real! We need this! Love you x

  • AsunaღNekoo KawaiiiXchan
    AsunaღNekoo KawaiiiXchan   2018-10-05T11:26:37.000Z

    How can you not love this cutie ! Omg she\'s so adorable AHH ❤❤💕

  • Gracia YT
    Gracia YT   2018-10-05T11:23:07.000Z

    Shes so Beautiful 😍

  • PercyJackson Fan
    PercyJackson Fan   2018-10-05T11:10:37.000Z


  • singel uraty
    singel uraty   2018-10-05T10:57:53.000Z

    cute lil baby

  • Nikita Jay-lynn
    Nikita Jay-lynn   2018-10-05T10:56:21.000Z

    ok so now I\'m waiting for the teens to react to this

  • Zaina Atif
    Zaina Atif   2018-10-05T10:40:51.000Z

    billie is so pure

  • Moon Jae-in
    Moon Jae-in   2018-10-05T10:19:03.000Z

    So bill is guy

  • Anna Moriarty
    Anna Moriarty   2018-10-05T10:15:11.000Z

    Why does Billie remind me of an older Riley from inside out

  • The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic

    i love how people are still watching this

  • Ronald Jiménez Torres
    Ronald Jiménez Torres   2018-10-05T09:25:19.000Z

    Gracias por los subtítulos en español :\')

  • Luv- B
    Luv- B   2018-10-05T09:21:31.000Z

    When I first saw her I was iffy about her, but now seeing here on this, I love her! She\'s so real!

  • Hoseok's Wife
    Hoseok's Wife   2018-10-05T09:07:55.000Z

    Billie: wow she\'s beautiful Me: DaRlInG HaVe YoU sEeN yOuRsElF

  • Nina Hermoso
    Nina Hermoso   2018-10-05T09:01:57.000Z

    “nah bro your on teens react your completely accomplished”

  • Jason Waghela
    Jason Waghela   2018-10-05T08:43:00.000Z

    Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish

  • SP R
    SP R   2018-10-05T07:54:02.000Z

    She\'s strong and confident 👌

  • Macy Xoxo
    Macy Xoxo   2018-10-05T07:16:21.000Z

    I’d do anything to be friends with her she seems so genuine

  • Beretta Bergz
    Beretta Bergz   2018-10-05T06:48:24.000Z


  • obsessive cactus
    obsessive cactus   2018-10-05T06:29:02.000Z


    69 SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUT VIDEO   2018-10-05T06:11:27.000Z

    she just 16??? *FBE* open the door! see what i did there? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • alexis
    alexis   2018-10-05T05:40:10.000Z

    she\'s sixteen , let that sink in ...

  • Eleni Rannis
    Eleni Rannis   2018-10-05T05:33:18.000Z

    Ugh she’s so fine, help

  • JagsLife Official
    JagsLife Official   2018-10-05T05:13:03.000Z

    I love her personality👀

  • Dimity Bladen
    Dimity Bladen   2018-10-05T05:00:21.000Z

    In only 11 minutes and 22 seconds I fell in love with Billie ☺️

  • Theswam_84
    Theswam_84   2018-10-05T04:34:00.000Z

    They should of played you should see me in a crown

  • Rini M.
    Rini M.   2018-10-05T04:15:03.000Z


  • Taylor Madison
    Taylor Madison   2018-10-05T04:05:59.000Z

    I love her so much & I love how she didn’t take the comments negatively

  • Peachy Jam
    Peachy Jam   2018-10-05T04:02:22.000Z

    That moment when Billie Elish fangirls over you fan girling over her ❤️😂😍

  • TheEpicLemon
    TheEpicLemon   2018-10-05T03:57:17.000Z

    She reminds me of my cousin

  • Luis Sepulveda
    Luis Sepulveda   2018-10-05T03:55:10.000Z

    Lmao her point of view is so similar to mine

  • Saima _matilda
    Saima _matilda   2018-10-05T03:54:40.000Z

    Yaaassss QUEEEENNNN!!!

  • dxzy z
    dxzy z   2018-10-05T03:47:30.000Z


  • Marwan Nawabi
    Marwan Nawabi   2018-10-05T03:39:00.000Z


  • Dalia Maldonado
    Dalia Maldonado   2018-10-05T03:36:23.000Z

    I just love her ughh shes so cute

  • Carlee Powell
    Carlee Powell   2018-10-05T03:29:04.000Z

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love b I love bi I love bil I love bill I love billi I love Billie I love Billie e I love Billie ei I love Billie eil I love Billie eili I love Billie eilie I love Billie eilies I love Billie eiliesh I love Billie eilies I love Billie eilie I love Billie eili I love Billie eil I love Billie ei I love Billie e I love Billie I love billi I love bill I love bil I love bi I love b I love I lov I lo I l I

  • Kang daniel is my daddy
    Kang daniel is my daddy   2018-10-05T03:15:26.000Z

    ugh we stan her

  • Danesa D
    Danesa D   2018-10-05T03:12:17.000Z

    Billie is beautiful

  • Ari G
    Ari G   2018-10-05T03:05:17.000Z

    I.Love.Her. We all stan a queen

  • Kelly Sánchez
    Kelly Sánchez   2018-10-05T03:03:29.000Z


  • Sacrificeq
    Sacrificeq   2018-10-05T02:55:19.000Z

    Everyones early

  • Derreck Reyna
    Derreck Reyna   2018-10-05T02:51:59.000Z

    Billie if ur reading this we love u so much and dont let people bring down on ur dreams we love u 💘

  • ItchySweater :3
    ItchySweater :3   2018-10-05T02:30:42.000Z

    The first song is my FAVORITE SONG

  • Evie Jessica
    Evie Jessica   2018-10-05T02:28:46.000Z

    Teens react to Billie eilish reacting to teens reacting to Billie eilish?

  • iSmael
    iSmael   2018-10-05T02:27:06.000Z

    eu entendi td masoq diabos significa \" i mosh\"

  • YT Sheccid
    YT Sheccid   2018-10-05T02:23:53.000Z

    New favorite video!!!!!

  • jas
    jas   2018-10-05T02:14:04.000Z

    she’s not even a year older than me and she’s one of my biggest inspirations lmfao. can’t wait to see how far she goes.

  • VC Channel
    VC Channel   2018-10-05T02:12:08.000Z

    she’s gorg

  • Cole Michel
    Cole Michel   2018-10-05T02:10:47.000Z

    She wack. I fucken love her

  • Kiki the Freaky
    Kiki the Freaky   2018-10-05T01:46:56.000Z

    Teens react to Billie Elish reacts to teens react to Billie Eilish

  • Mėłänië
    Mėłänië   2018-10-05T01:46:20.000Z


  • Grace Liaw
    Grace Liaw   2018-10-05T01:45:41.000Z

    I’m like a year younger than her and she looks older than her age

  • Mėłänië
    Mėłänië   2018-10-05T01:44:21.000Z

    Those people that got in the video and Billie reacted to them reacting to her are so freaking lucky OMG

  • Queen Shanna
    Queen Shanna   2018-10-05T01:36:00.000Z

    Damn she’s about a year and half older than me wtf. Is she still in school? Bc I can’t imagine going to school with her like Oml.

  • Jocelyn Serrano
    Jocelyn Serrano   2018-10-05T01:26:06.000Z

    i LOVE her

  • Steve Talsma
    Steve Talsma   2018-10-05T01:17:30.000Z

    This girl is woke af

  • My face mask is cracking tEa
    My face mask is cracking tEa   2018-10-05T01:12:46.000Z

    Looks at people watching this video because it popped up in their recommendations 1 week later 👀

  • Roberto tobias
    Roberto tobias   2018-10-05T01:10:15.000Z

    Do one of teens react to billie eilish reacting to them

  • Maya Jones
    Maya Jones   2018-10-05T00:51:02.000Z

    React to the neighborhood!!!!♥️

  • Charlotte Rose
    Charlotte Rose   2018-10-05T00:33:29.000Z

    We need a teens react to Billie Elisha reacts to teens react to Billie Elish.

  • aftribbett 4
    aftribbett 4   2018-10-05T00:27:05.000Z

    I lobe Billie eilish! She\'s my favorite singer I love her songs and she is so pretty and amazing. I wish I could meet her one day. She has so much good advice. I love lovely and dontwannabeyouanymore and the rest of them

  • Mia Isabela
    Mia Isabela   2018-10-05T00:18:34.000Z


  • Rachelle Brown
    Rachelle Brown   2018-10-04T23:50:12.000Z

    she said ‘thanks baby’ and i got goOSEBUMPS

  • Terrimoné
    Terrimoné   2018-10-04T23:46:18.000Z

    Billie is so cute not even cute gorgeous creation

  • Steph Belle
    Steph Belle   2018-10-04T23:17:58.000Z

    Woah 😂 I thought she was 20 something. I’m 18 and I look 14 💀

  • Ellohmia
    Ellohmia   2018-10-04T22:52:55.000Z

    I love her :(((

  • Random Ransom
    Random Ransom   2018-10-04T22:28:56.000Z

    I remember she answer my question on instagram 😩😩😩

  • Abner vazquez
    Abner vazquez   2018-10-04T22:22:37.000Z

    bro she’s cute af

  • Maylie’s World
    Maylie’s World   2018-10-04T22:17:14.000Z

    Hi you can call me :v for reacting too

  • Hello My name is
    Hello My name is   2018-10-04T22:08:17.000Z

    Billie is such a gangster

  • Winkz
    Winkz   2018-10-04T22:00:50.000Z

    She’s like the female version of postmalone

  • carly rose
    carly rose   2018-10-04T21:31:36.000Z

    she seems like such a cool person and i would be her friend, PLUS SHE MAKES GOOD MUSIC OMGGGG EKBSJSKDBSOSHS

  • Diego Chavez
    Diego Chavez   2018-10-04T21:24:40.000Z

    I like Billie elsih and the way she said that anybody can be depressed cause I have depression and it’s a hardship

  • two happy beans
    two happy beans   2018-10-04T21:05:22.000Z

    I feel like if they all met each other they would just mutually geek out about meeting eachother