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  • Published on 2018-05-01T15:00:01.000Z
  • A pretty, teenage girl, who has never-been-kissed, finds her life turned totally upside down when she decides to run a kissing booth and unexpectedly ends up locking lips with her secret crush. Watch The Kissing Booth on Netflix: #Netflix #TheKissingBooth #JoeyKing SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: Follow Netflix on TWITTER: Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: The Kissing Booth | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  • Vinny Wije
    Vinny Wije   2018-11-19T05:32:17.000Z

    i wanna watch this movie so I can relate to the people on Wattpad

  • Jasmina Beljic
    Jasmina Beljic   2018-11-18T21:56:37.000Z

    Kull film😊🤗🇷🇸

  • Miss Kitty
    Miss Kitty   2018-11-18T19:15:51.000Z

    This movie was so bad. Not well executed. The boys were good though.

  • Cecile LENNE
    Cecile LENNE   2018-11-18T12:22:29.000Z


  • Love Status
    Love Status   2018-11-18T05:00:13.000Z

    Girl is very hot !

  • Queen A
    Queen A   2018-11-17T22:41:17.000Z

    They need to make a number 2😍🤪🥺. This is one of my favorite movies 🎥

  • Sekar Citra Ningrum
    Sekar Citra Ningrum   2018-11-17T16:31:30.000Z

    So it seems this Noah Flynn has the figure of Flynn Ryder in Rapunzel.

  • Vanessa Günter
    Vanessa Günter   2018-11-16T18:55:54.000Z


  • Toitle Time
    Toitle Time   2018-11-16T00:00:36.000Z

    So why does this movie have a very handsome male, yet a 4 out of 10 girl...

  • Ur N
    Ur N   2018-11-15T03:57:27.000Z

    I have seen her in white house down movie...

  • Swiftie All the way
    Swiftie All the way   2018-11-14T19:17:36.000Z

    How can you have a kid at the exact same time did their moms have a gang bang?

  • JD M
    JD M   2018-11-14T09:20:19.000Z

    I think the FBI might check this movie

    ABHIJIT R   2018-11-13T11:58:45.000Z

    Similar to befikar an Hindi film

  • Selena Gomez Fan
    Selena Gomez Fan   2018-11-10T20:27:29.000Z


  • Kara Summers
    Kara Summers   2018-11-10T16:31:59.000Z

    i watched it and its tricking amazing! my favourite character is lee :)

  • Sandor zoltan Markus
    Sandor zoltan Markus   2018-11-10T09:40:02.000Z

    mi a neve a filmnek??

  • papibaek _
    papibaek _   2018-11-10T09:01:09.000Z

    seriously..this movie is way better (even made me cry a bit) than to all the boys i\'ve loved before :/

  • Kim Tae Hyung
    Kim Tae Hyung   2018-11-10T08:23:13.000Z

    Well guys,The trailer looks really fun But the movie is so bad ;-;

  • Eli Souza
    Eli Souza   2018-11-10T03:31:15.000Z

    Esse filme e lindo

  • Psycho Seana
    Psycho Seana   2018-11-09T05:08:33.000Z

  • HoodZzz
    HoodZzz   2018-11-08T03:15:01.000Z

    What about *RULE 34*

  • Tj
    Tj   2018-11-06T18:57:42.000Z

    Can someone tell me what fanfic this movie is based from?

  • frzna bbr
    frzna bbr   2018-11-06T17:54:47.000Z

    Can we have wattpad 3 stepbrothers now? Tho I might actually be disappointed w the cast since its a triplets character and not to mention HOT, CLASS, FUN. But that’s obvious because romance book turn movie is never really satisfying.

  • Keira Hedly-walker
    Keira Hedly-walker   2018-11-06T15:56:44.000Z

    Just watched this and it was amazing, totally would recommend to someone binge watching movies on Netflix

  • Shena Jalbuena
    Shena Jalbuena   2018-11-06T11:15:28.000Z

    Is this on wattpad? who\'s the Author?

  • Harsh Gautam
    Harsh Gautam   2018-11-06T04:45:59.000Z

    Irony is when uh see the series name Kissing Booth and there is not fu*kin Kissing scene 😂😂😂😂😂

  • goku ultra inspired
    goku ultra inspired   2018-11-05T16:15:38.000Z

    everyones hating this movie someone tell me whats so bad about it plz note i didnt watch it but after seeing so many comments im having second thoughts

  • CHICKBOY weils
    CHICKBOY weils   2018-11-05T04:14:47.000Z

    Her most selfish bESTfriend ever! As if she owed him her life?

  • concetta nughes
    concetta nughes   2018-11-04T20:06:03.000Z

    I want the kissing booth 2 please🥰😍

  • Danish Azmi
    Danish Azmi   2018-11-04T08:23:56.000Z

    Will there be Kissing Booth 2 ? I hope it wil . 😍

    XAVITAR& DOMINATOR33   2018-11-04T07:41:57.000Z

    I watch this 100 times :D I love this film

    QUATRE VINGT HUIT   2018-11-04T01:58:42.000Z

    Hey in 1:38 isn\'t it the exact same thing like in the movie the sound of music?

  • Kaitlyn jones
    Kaitlyn jones   2018-11-04T01:42:21.000Z

    That is a sweet move

  • Marcelo Ramírez Cárdenas
    Marcelo Ramírez Cárdenas   2018-11-03T19:46:09.000Z

    Joey king i love you

  • romina bi
    romina bi   2018-11-03T17:21:26.000Z

    What the song at 1:25

  • shivansh chauhan
    shivansh chauhan   2018-11-02T09:30:56.000Z

    The girl is like a dwarf in front of that guy(the older one)

  • Ninja Gameplay Fan
    Ninja Gameplay Fan   2018-10-31T21:14:27.000Z

    th best netflix comedy most funny was a noah

  • Jeffreyl Ella
    Jeffreyl Ella   2018-10-31T07:17:57.000Z

    a full grown Jillian ward. damn hot

  • Kelli Cowan
    Kelli Cowan   2018-10-31T03:26:02.000Z

    So what happened

  • Sainath Rajaput
    Sainath Rajaput   2018-10-30T22:21:52.000Z

    I\'m in love with this movie

  • Maria Angelica Omalay
    Maria Angelica Omalay   2018-10-30T14:32:44.000Z

    Omfg! My heaaaaarrtt! ❤ 10/10

  • Johnny Jacobsen
    Johnny Jacobsen   2018-10-30T01:06:26.000Z

    Oh wow, another needy hot girl who is apparently an outcast dating another Jock. What. A. Twist.

  • sabrinah D.
    sabrinah D.   2018-10-29T22:17:19.000Z

    Looove this movie!!

  • VirgoKat
    VirgoKat   2018-10-29T19:18:00.000Z

    Am I the only one who wanted Elle and Lee to end together?

  • ayam rendang
    ayam rendang   2018-10-29T10:23:48.000Z

    I can\'t stand this movie. I watch it just til they stuck in the rain. The height differences, Joey\'s babyface and the guy looks muuuuch older. Its cringey i can\'t. They should\'ve chosen better actors

  • ram ji lal
    ram ji lal   2018-10-29T09:25:12.000Z

    Excellent good

  • Lena Lazaraki
    Lena Lazaraki   2018-10-28T18:18:25.000Z


  • Marcelina Slapa
    Marcelina Slapa   2018-10-28T15:23:22.000Z


  • thatsocaroline
    thatsocaroline   2018-10-28T04:24:05.000Z

    OMG I loved this movie!

  • Masuda Sultana
    Masuda Sultana   2018-10-27T15:32:02.000Z

    If this thing is a movie, storm and silence should be a freaking series!

  • Qwertyuiop Poiuytrewq
    Qwertyuiop Poiuytrewq   2018-10-26T14:48:21.000Z

    Sequel plssssss!!!!!

  • Naseema Shaikh
    Naseema Shaikh   2018-10-25T15:26:15.000Z

    I think following your heart is much better than following stupid rule.

  • shook hook
    shook hook   2018-10-25T12:17:54.000Z

    I would never ever date my brother friend.... Just ew... No no... I don\'t care if she\'s hot... Nope

  • Anna
    Anna   2018-10-25T06:39:59.000Z

    What\'s song name?

  • Karolina Burek
    Karolina Burek   2018-10-24T12:56:36.000Z

    Dlaczego już tego nie ma na netflix się

  • Darshan jain
    Darshan jain   2018-10-23T17:30:01.000Z

    Click here to download the kissing booth

  • Darshan jain
    Darshan jain   2018-10-23T17:28:10.000Z

    Click here to download the kissing booth

  • Aloha Emi
    Aloha Emi   2018-10-23T14:01:59.000Z

    I watched it and I absolutely love it!!!

  • chikonikol
    chikonikol   2018-10-23T13:40:12.000Z

    Why so much hate???? I loved this movie !!!!

  • osubucknut100
    osubucknut100   2018-10-23T05:25:55.000Z

    Good lord, this is literal trash and a serious cancer to our society

  • Marianne Yag
    Marianne Yag   2018-10-22T15:41:20.000Z

    Just watched this today, far out it was awesome. There should be Kissing booth 2, need to know if they work out. Loved this movie!!! :)

    BIJIN BHASKARAN   2018-10-21T18:04:06.000Z

    Bhuhahhahaha... 😍😍

  • Hania Danisz
    Hania Danisz   2018-10-21T10:59:05.000Z


  • Dbree 33
    Dbree 33   2018-10-21T05:22:30.000Z

    I’ve watched this movie 3 times today

  • Megha Vinesh
    Megha Vinesh   2018-10-20T21:49:52.000Z

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  • Νίκος Μπαμπαλιάρης
    Νίκος Μπαμπαλιάρης   2018-10-18T20:59:06.000Z

    Does he look like Jeremy from Vampire Diaries or it\'s my idea? 0:29

  • Sierpniowa 14
    Sierpniowa 14   2018-10-17T16:46:47.000Z

    Kocham ten film ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lua Guedes
    Lua Guedes   2018-10-16T21:54:08.000Z

    I love It 😍😎✌️

  • Lmao Shooketh
    Lmao Shooketh   2018-10-16T13:54:21.000Z

    Can they choose other Wattpad books? Like there\'s this really good one and it has an awesome plot too!! It\'s called \'The guy next door\' by Percabeth5599 YOU HAVE TO READ IT

  • rox t.
    rox t.   2018-10-16T13:39:34.000Z

    I think this movie sucks ass just by watching this trailer.

  • Blank Booze
    Blank Booze   2018-10-16T10:14:01.000Z

    This is so cringey, The girls in my class think this is ‘Sooooooo good!’, their 12 they should be more mature then to freak out over such a poorly written and cringey film. At least To all the boys was actually good.

  • Soniya Kapil
    Soniya Kapil   2018-10-16T10:00:33.000Z


  • Mariana Hincapié
    Mariana Hincapié   2018-10-16T07:05:21.000Z

    Just here to say that 2:16 is Archie\'s mom on riverdale.

  • Kirsten Gilroy
    Kirsten Gilroy   2018-10-15T19:24:17.000Z

    I just cannot get used to the fact that the “gorgeous older brother” would even look at his brothers best friend, let alone the small, plain girl who looked about 12!,, he looked like he had about 1 brain cell and the fact they are dating in real life blows my mind lol

  • Taelor Whitesides
    Taelor Whitesides   2018-10-15T04:07:13.000Z

    I know a lot of people hated this movie but I actually loved it lol

  • Chuck Norita
    Chuck Norita   2018-10-14T21:41:24.000Z

    Silly movie but unforch I\'m a sucker for height difference... So imma add this to my never ending collection. Hope there\'s a scene where she chains him to her basement radiator 🤔

  • Marbleglitz06
    Marbleglitz06   2018-10-14T20:46:10.000Z

    No but o wanted Elle and Lee

  • Elizabeth Joy
    Elizabeth Joy   2018-10-14T03:44:44.000Z

    I wish to see jacob elordy..i luv him soo much..and i luv this movie to💕

  • Ayesha xoxo
    Ayesha xoxo   2018-10-13T12:17:13.000Z

    I don\'t have Netflix.. :(

  • manish batta
    manish batta   2018-10-13T04:37:10.000Z

    The boy is handsome

  • Nazareth Mejias
    Nazareth Mejias   2018-10-13T00:26:44.000Z

    Puedo saber cuando sacan la segunda parte de The Kissing Booth

  • flor r. myers
    flor r. myers   2018-10-12T19:53:02.000Z

    deberian sacar la 2 PARTEE

  • Rice Cooker
    Rice Cooker   2018-10-11T17:39:29.000Z

    Sub to me pls

  • Medjda E.L.F
    Medjda E.L.F   2018-10-10T21:42:22.000Z

    kissing booth 222222 plz

  • eMiLy hLg
    eMiLy hLg   2018-10-10T01:22:44.000Z


  • Moana Tuitavuki
    Moana Tuitavuki   2018-10-08T23:54:44.000Z


  • Tammy Wright
    Tammy Wright   2018-10-08T20:30:09.000Z

    this is the best movie ever

  • sanaullah alom
    sanaullah alom   2018-10-08T19:44:02.000Z

    Ok that\'s not about sex it\'s about love 😄

  • Carla Jacobs
    Carla Jacobs   2018-10-07T16:30:25.000Z

    Please please...... do a kissing booth 2 to see if Noah and Elle continue with their relationship the ending was definitely a to be continued scene please Netflix please like if you agree😣😣😏😶

  • Mohamed Arsath
    Mohamed Arsath   2018-10-07T10:43:18.000Z

    Half the film from the trailer lolzzz

  • Will Lover 101 aka Willow {Hades,Vampire,andNeko}

    this movie sucks!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Duarte
    Maria Duarte   2018-10-06T23:44:20.000Z

    I know it\'s too late but this film release in my birthday

  • angelikabatwoman
    angelikabatwoman   2018-10-06T08:07:17.000Z

    Dude whaaat the \"younger\" brother is actually one year older than the \"older\" one?

  • Litsa Mega
    Litsa Mega   2018-10-05T21:15:15.000Z

    I hate this movie

  • Vanja Radomirovic
    Vanja Radomirovic   2018-10-05T18:15:06.000Z

    We want the other part

  • Park Jiminie
    Park Jiminie   2018-10-05T18:14:24.000Z

    Is the girl from the Conjuring?

  • Buffalo Oo
    Buffalo Oo   2018-10-05T17:21:35.000Z


  • Navya Sri
    Navya Sri   2018-10-04T19:52:56.000Z

    i loved KISSING BOOTH more than TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE (it\'s overly hyped though)🙄🙄

  • Jo Edwards
    Jo Edwards   2018-10-02T20:43:46.000Z

    Okay I really loved this movie though ❤️

  • Tehreem Amin
    Tehreem Amin   2018-10-02T16:16:28.000Z

    Awesome movie