What It’s Like To Grow Up With Strict Parents

  • Published on 2016-03-03T22:00:32.000Z
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Comments • 8474

  • MDS resident PGI
    MDS resident PGI   2018-11-11T08:46:48.000Z

    0:43 his eyelashes 😍

  • Grace Cavazos
    Grace Cavazos   2018-11-11T03:09:28.000Z

    My parents are so strict I relate with all of those and more. I\'m 15 and never been to a sleepover

  • Azari Williams
    Azari Williams   2018-11-07T20:26:49.000Z

    My mom isn’t strict but my dads rlly strict

  • abigail brown
    abigail brown   2018-11-05T02:09:40.000Z

    My dad doesnt let me wear shirts that are tied.

  • Hello Lol
    Hello Lol   2018-11-04T01:37:40.000Z

    Am I the only one who\'s mom goes like \"do your homework\" and then 10 seconds later she is like \"you done?\" because apparently I look like the flash and can do stuff in 10 seconds.

  • Sham Bourjas
    Sham Bourjas   2018-11-02T08:00:43.000Z

    I’m Middle Eastern and like Safiya (I’m still 12) but I ask my mom about the concept of dating and she’ll be like ‘it’s not for us, only husbands allowed’

  • Safiyaaa Xo
    Safiyaaa Xo   2018-11-01T20:39:03.000Z

    _I really love my mom she\'s really overprotective but I know it\'s for the best ❤_

  • Michalina Kocela
    Michalina Kocela   2018-11-01T16:04:25.000Z

    My parents ware super chil

  • Kim Archer Eventing
    Kim Archer Eventing   2018-11-01T10:03:33.000Z

    Y\'all, I\'m feeling like a bird in a cage, I\'m 17 years old and my mother won\'t let me go for a walk by myself. Since I\'ve had such a sheltered life my social skills are super bad, I can\'t even talk to a stranger without nearly having a heart attack. I need help building confidence but I have no clue how if I can\'t leave my front door step!

  • Makeda Taylor Pearce
    Makeda Taylor Pearce   2018-10-31T17:12:58.000Z

    My friend and i have been besties for 8 yrs and we have never had a sleepover. Never.

  • Amber Anwar
    Amber Anwar   2018-10-29T03:51:14.000Z

    My mom is kind of sexist

  • Sophia Angeles
    Sophia Angeles   2018-10-28T17:37:11.000Z

    I can\'t have a sleepover

  • Tingtoah Jenai
    Tingtoah Jenai   2018-10-25T18:59:18.000Z

    This makes me appriciate my dad And mom😂

  • ebat
    ebat   2018-10-25T01:24:44.000Z

    yeah my parents dont even know i use the internet ; )

  • Kashfi
    Kashfi   2018-10-22T18:56:53.000Z

    Meaning Asian parent

  • Visista Tanaki
    Visista Tanaki   2018-10-21T17:21:06.000Z

    This is so relatable. I come from an strict Indian family and my parents don’t let me wear shorts (if I do, they have to be 3/4 shorts) and I am not allowed to wear tank tops if I do, I have to wear a baggy shirt over it. Having strict parents thought me to be much sneakier with my moves. Like, now I wear a jacket over my tank tops then I take it off when I get to school.

  • house made of cards bt bt BTS
    house made of cards bt bt BTS   2018-10-21T16:45:52.000Z

    I\'m not allowed to have a boyfriend until 18 years old!😑

  • Ava Streeter
    Ava Streeter   2018-10-20T17:50:41.000Z

    My parents are extremely strict but only on things like technology/electronics and sugar are the two main things. My parents make sure that I’m independent tho. They pretty much make me do everything myself which is fine with me because I like to do things by myself. My parents don’t care if I stay out to late unless they don’t know where I am. My parents are actually pretty chill unless it is about sugar (like dessert foods) and technology/electronics. I’m only a loud to have dessert once a week or on special occasions and during school days I’m only a loud on my phone or other technology/electronics for 30 minutes a day and on weekends, summer, and days I just don’t have school I’m a loud on my phone and other technology/electronics for 1 hour a day.

  • Caitlin Grall
    Caitlin Grall   2018-10-18T11:30:26.000Z

    I feel like when I’m older I’m gonna be a strict parents because my parents are really chill and sometimes not strict enough like I get really bad grades and stuff... they prob like that cause their parents were strict.

  • Caitlin Grall
    Caitlin Grall   2018-10-18T11:26:56.000Z

    Omg my mum ACTUALLY is Amy polar in mean girls (can’t spell her last name sorry) But she isn’t like actually her she makes jokes that she is I like my mum shes nice and funny

  • sam alvarez
    sam alvarez   2018-10-18T04:14:20.000Z

    Mom at least let me date at 16, 17! No, until you don’t leave on my house you can’t do whatever you want, my house my rules!!!

  • Rachel Castro
    Rachel Castro   2018-10-17T23:30:00.000Z

    Lmaoo my parents sometimes 😭

  • Kevin The Cat
    Kevin The Cat   2018-10-17T08:27:45.000Z

    Im not even allowed to be alone with any form of technology

  • kim pil-suk
    kim pil-suk   2018-10-14T18:30:42.000Z

    It is so funny at the fact that when we have strict parents we hate it but then we realize that we are bad kids and that if we have kids as bad as us we’re not gonna be strict and realize that maybe this is what our parents went through and thought 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Nasooma P
    Nasooma P   2018-10-13T22:47:50.000Z

    I RELATE TO THIS SO MUCH! It\'s honestly so painful in highschool.

  • Ellie Ohkawa
    Ellie Ohkawa   2018-10-13T19:55:29.000Z

    “Those are rolled chocolate wafers not cigars” 😂

  • Angelika Joy
    Angelika Joy   2018-10-13T13:34:25.000Z

    I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 26 😂

  • AquilaOrion
    AquilaOrion   2018-10-12T23:44:46.000Z

    Dad: okay? No more speaking. Me: okay. Dad: *whAT DID YOU JUST SAY*

  • Tae Beach
    Tae Beach   2018-10-11T02:29:02.000Z

    0:29 your not the only one here Sister.

  • Almond Milkie
    Almond Milkie   2018-10-09T20:24:29.000Z

    I’m 13 and my parents said I can’t have a boyfriend till 40🙄

  • //Skai Jackson Fan page //
    //Skai Jackson Fan page //   2018-10-08T00:53:19.000Z

    I am not allowed to sleep over, only at my cousins , BUT ITS LEGIT AMAZINGG

  • Mochi Baby
    Mochi Baby   2018-10-07T07:24:43.000Z

    if i wear leggings then i have to wear a shirt that covers my butt completely so all my school shirts are practically dresses and my mom is like \"they\'re fine!\" meanwhile they\'re 3 inches below my butt and then once the shirt was an inch too short apparently even tho it covered 99.99% of my butt and she was like \"you\'re getting new school shirts!\"

  • SpoonieZebraGirl
    SpoonieZebraGirl   2018-10-07T00:04:50.000Z

    I wasn’t allowed to watch cartoons or basically any tv, not even anything Disney. No jewelry or piercings. I couldn’t even wear makeup until I was 13, and even then, it had to be natural. No hair dye or crazy hair styles. Side bangs were barely allowed because they were too worldly. No skirts above the knee. No right or ripped pants. Jeans couldn’t have rhinestones on the butt. Shirts had to cover at least half of my butt. Nothing sleeveless. Swimsuits had to be long shorts and a rash guard top. No lace could be on my panties. I couldn’t be alone with boys. No sleepovers. Supervised internet until I was 12, and after that only if there was parental control on the computer or phone. No WiFi after 8 PM until I was 15. No “worldly” music. Not even Christian pop. Anything with a beat was bad. No dancing unless you were home. No meat or dairy.

  • Thunder Rogers T.V.
    Thunder Rogers T.V.   2018-10-06T13:41:01.000Z

    Vine famous!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lilswills 06
    Lilswills 06   2018-10-06T08:26:50.000Z

    I’m not aloud to wear skirts

  • Becky Fletcher
    Becky Fletcher   2018-10-06T03:20:45.000Z


  • Stephanie Rose Cipher
    Stephanie Rose Cipher   2018-10-06T00:22:45.000Z

    Being Japanese. I can RELATE. my dad told me to never hug a boy in fear I would get pregnant. And Okaasan, (mother) told me not to cut my hair, and now, (10) years later! (I\'m 19) I STILL CANT CUT MY HAIR. It\'s litteraly almost touching my ankles....

  • destiny velasco
    destiny velasco   2018-10-04T03:24:04.000Z

    Same couldnt say freak but i could go with friends

  • Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares   2018-10-01T17:51:38.000Z

    I’m not allowed to go over to friends house let alone sleepover they can to that at my house I coulndt to there Halloween was banned for me because the sweets where apparently haram I 13 and no allowed to meet up with friends because it apparently not safe on my own😒

  • Pandiphyn Geek
    Pandiphyn Geek   2018-10-01T03:56:11.000Z

    HOW I PISSED OFF MY DAD: *I cut half my hair.*

  • Yoongi likes Pretty Legs
    Yoongi likes Pretty Legs   2018-09-29T23:06:49.000Z

    When your mom/dad yells your full name... 😰

  • Its yo girl Cat
    Its yo girl Cat   2018-09-29T22:20:01.000Z

    You know when the street lights turn on you needa start running😂😂

  • Safiya Karim
    Safiya Karim   2018-09-26T13:58:10.000Z

    My mother made me wear clothes from Gymboree when I was a teen

  • Leena L
    Leena L   2018-09-25T11:40:47.000Z

    They call this Strict? lmmmmaaooo

  • Mads Anglan
    Mads Anglan   2018-09-24T19:44:37.000Z

    Ugh I hated the \"home by sunset\" rule.

  • em !
    em !   2018-09-24T02:59:08.000Z

    *sees Ashley , immediately clicks

  • Sarcastic Commenter
    Sarcastic Commenter   2018-09-23T16:47:56.000Z

    2:22 same

  • Angel grace
    Angel grace   2018-09-22T18:42:55.000Z


  • elai elai
    elai elai   2018-09-21T17:46:33.000Z

    Anyone who\'s 26 and an only child still with strict Asian parents?

  • Kira
    Kira   2018-09-21T11:45:40.000Z

    Iam a little relieved that at the end, they managed to find peace with their parents..at least some of them.. Iam 19 rn and all I ever dream about is running away from them ASAP

  • Smile cuz it is gonna be ok
    Smile cuz it is gonna be ok   2018-09-21T00:48:02.000Z

    Dad: Layla did you wash Me: Yes Dad: Lier my friend get back in Me: OK? This happens all the time

  • Ameer Rehman
    Ameer Rehman   2018-09-20T12:29:04.000Z

    2:44 that dudes parents aren’t even that strict lol

  • You don't know my name and nor my face so bye bye

    Damn it hits hard that i find myself in almost every comment idk if i should laugh or cry haha..

  • Sitav Nabi
    Sitav Nabi   2018-09-18T13:16:20.000Z

    Do you all still love your parents?

  • Ariane *0*
    Ariane *0*   2018-09-15T01:05:06.000Z

    Wow I tought my parents were strict but in fact they’re not that bad 😅😂

  • Mamata Pandey
    Mamata Pandey   2018-09-14T05:20:41.000Z

    I just feel like i will be a parent like Ashley especially the thing she said at last.😂😂

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas   2018-09-14T04:19:27.000Z

    I\'m sorry, but Safiya\'s mother is a hypocrite. She is a South Asian who marries a Danish man, yet she tells her daughter that she will choose her partner? Um, ok.

  • zariyah zein
    zariyah zein   2018-09-10T16:28:04.000Z

    When the sun is down you are home! Story of my life

  • MegaByte
    MegaByte   2018-09-08T18:31:56.000Z

    Damn, I didn\'t know \"strict\" meant borderline abusive. I\'m looking at these comments like damn are ya\'ll okay?

  • Fedora man69
    Fedora man69   2018-09-08T17:45:11.000Z

    My parents are REALLY strict...they would get mad at me if my science and maths grade wasnt an A and im like \"at least i got a B+\" and they said i needed an A+ so they would force me to study from 6 AM till 11 PM with only bathroom and eating breaks...i never leave the house which has made me have social anxiety...i never actually knew what to say to people cuz i rarely meet new people and when i hang out with my friends at school,i was the quitest and most awkward person..i try so hard to make people like me rather than just being myself..when i try to reason with my mom,she said i was not allowed to talk back cuz she was my mom i have to listen to her even though all my siblings disagree...the worst part is my mother always gets mad if she does not get what she wants and just lashes out to either me or my siblings...but hey,it\'s just part of life and live with it (im 15 btw)

  • Alka Kindo
    Alka Kindo   2018-09-08T09:18:20.000Z

    My dad never let us watch cartoon. So when we watched cartoon one would keep an eye on the door and the other sibling would watch the show.

  • AnimalLifestyle
    AnimalLifestyle   2018-09-08T05:25:13.000Z

    Lol I can relate to every single thing in this video

  • Sierra Synard
    Sierra Synard   2018-09-07T22:27:03.000Z


  • Candy Life
    Candy Life   2018-09-07T21:00:49.000Z

    I feel like I relate more to Safiya’s lifestyle

  • citiestarlights
    citiestarlights   2018-09-07T17:32:03.000Z

    im 20 and not not allowed to leave the house!

  • I Luv Food
    I Luv Food   2018-09-07T12:55:59.000Z


  • Petra Kovacic
    Petra Kovacic   2018-09-07T09:19:22.000Z

    3:26-Why would anyone WANT to be strict perent?!? You want to do that to your children??

  • Hamanni Lee
    Hamanni Lee   2018-09-06T04:19:54.000Z

    I used to switch clothes too and put a little lipstick on in highschool

  • Dazzling_ subs
    Dazzling_ subs   2018-09-04T03:50:52.000Z

    I can\'t date till 16

  • Hailey T
    Hailey T   2018-09-04T01:06:08.000Z

    My parents are so strict im not even supposed to be watching youtube

  • emi draws
    emi draws   2018-09-02T13:36:33.000Z

    When I was 10-12 my mom never let me go out, and if I did sleep over my mom would call me every 10 mins

  • DatGamer HD
    DatGamer HD   2018-09-01T02:34:34.000Z


  • Vacayslimezz 1
    Vacayslimezz 1   2018-08-31T11:54:47.000Z

    0:19 same bro same

  • Summer Fields
    Summer Fields   2018-08-30T22:24:39.000Z

    I feel like I have to be two different people around my parents. Around my mom I can wear makeup, and any clothing I want. Around my dad, I have to wear a polo shirt, jeans and flats.

  • Creepyx TV
    Creepyx TV   2018-08-30T17:55:13.000Z

    I Have Very Nice Mom.

  • Victoria Zayas
    Victoria Zayas   2018-08-29T16:57:06.000Z


  • simmy K
    simmy K   2018-08-29T15:15:24.000Z

    Someone help me my dad doesn\'t want me wearing a skirt to school but my mum\'s fine with it so if I wear a school skirt he\'ll see me walking to school or when I came home what can I do???

  • Anime Fanboy109
    Anime Fanboy109   2018-08-28T18:53:44.000Z

    Pleas like this comment if your parents wont even let you breave without permision

  • Sandra & Alejandro favorite Latinos
    Sandra & Alejandro favorite Latinos   2018-08-28T13:41:04.000Z

    \"He looked like I slapped my grandmother\" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • CoCo Chanel
    CoCo Chanel   2018-08-28T07:15:24.000Z

    is it just me or did your parents says why don\'t you have any friends, get a life

  • Adriana Perez
    Adriana Perez   2018-08-27T20:57:36.000Z

    I....can sadly relate to this............*sigh*

  • Tokki Tokki
    Tokki Tokki   2018-08-25T19:43:17.000Z

    Strict parents are hella sexist FACT

  • Clyde Greenstreet
    Clyde Greenstreet   2018-08-25T05:07:06.000Z

    My parents are Catholic to you know how you feel and I Grandma\'s also Irish so it\'s sure singson

  • surujdai jaugbahadur
    surujdai jaugbahadur   2018-08-25T03:16:00.000Z

    Well at least u have parents :( Jk I love my parents :))

  • I. A.
    I. A.   2018-08-25T01:24:37.000Z

    Guys have it easier though

    WHITE FEATHER NDN   2018-08-24T22:24:33.000Z

    I dont even have an instagram and im 14

  • Looney_ Lovegood
    Looney_ Lovegood   2018-08-24T20:52:37.000Z

    My parents are like the un-strictest parents ever😂😂

  • emo edge boi keith ;3
    emo edge boi keith ;3   2018-08-24T05:49:56.000Z

    My parents wouldn\'t let me and my sister wear leggings out because they thought it was too inappropriate because the leggings were super tight, so I would put on leggings, an then put a skirt over them, and when I got on the bus, i would take off the skirt and shove it in my backpack 😂

  • Ronni Snyder
    Ronni Snyder   2018-08-23T14:46:05.000Z

    Me:gets all Cs on my report card My sister: gets all Bs My dad: I see someone works harder.

  • Elizabeth Aguilar
    Elizabeth Aguilar   2018-08-23T00:57:01.000Z

    where is the black and Mexicans in here ?!😂😂😭

  • Ech o
    Ech o   2018-08-22T13:26:57.000Z

    The girl in thumbnail with that face looks like Light from Death Note laughing.

  • Sarah Kim
    Sarah Kim   2018-08-22T00:08:26.000Z

    My mom always tells me to wear short shorts.

    HAMLIZA   2018-08-21T20:49:38.000Z

    My parents know more stuff than me and have had harder times . So I know that there just trying to make me a better person than they’re. :/

  • Victoria SBlue
    Victoria SBlue   2018-08-21T15:40:13.000Z

    Who clicked because of baby Safiya???

  • Fatma Khamis
    Fatma Khamis   2018-08-20T20:41:05.000Z

    I wasn\'t allowed to say \"freacking\" either hahhah

  • Begum Tanriyasukur
    Begum Tanriyasukur   2018-08-19T19:20:37.000Z

    When my fever was 39C my mother made me go to school

  • ldrskiddo
    ldrskiddo   2018-08-19T15:22:40.000Z

    00:49 omg Ashly same

  • Cat Mouse
    Cat Mouse   2018-08-19T03:31:06.000Z

    Hahaha I related soooo much to this!

  • Grace is my name
    Grace is my name   2018-08-18T23:17:55.000Z

    I feel all of these people my parents are super strict just like these people especially with the short shorts or hanging out with gay guys :/

  • Siggie's Life
    Siggie's Life   2018-08-18T07:01:54.000Z

    I have strict parents 😧 my mom says i cannot wear makeup until i am 30 yrs old 😧😧😧😧😧