Wild Chipmunk Chooses Nicest Lady To Be His New BFF - VAN GOGH | The Dodo


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  • The Dodo
    The Dodo   2018-07-06T14:21:00.000Z

    You can keep up with Van Gogh and all of his adventures on Instagram, vangoghthechippy:

  • 79lpcustom
    79lpcustom   2018-11-18T19:31:57.000Z

    This has to be the most beautiful thing I have seen. I love these guys I have two families in our yard and I am in love with them all!

  • EquinoxGamer
    EquinoxGamer   2018-11-18T15:07:13.000Z

    Alvin,wheres your red sweater.Don\'t run naked around the house buddy xD

  • Monivinhou Leang
    Monivinhou Leang   2018-11-18T00:39:20.000Z

    Wtf when it eats,his cheeks become so big

  • sorin990
    sorin990   2018-11-17T15:52:10.000Z

    she is a disney princess

  • Esperanza Fernandez Blanco
    Esperanza Fernandez Blanco   2018-11-17T02:36:43.000Z

    I love the wild animal is beautiful

  • LK LK
    LK LK   2018-11-16T19:26:29.000Z


  • *you’re welcom
    *you’re welcom   2018-11-16T19:20:30.000Z

    My cat would love to eat him

  • Pine Forrest
    Pine Forrest   2018-11-16T16:03:37.000Z

    I can do the same thing. It\'s a wonderful experience. They are precious animals.

  • NAI The idiot girls
    NAI The idiot girls   2018-11-16T11:57:27.000Z

    This is were all the peanuts go to..... the mouth of a chipmunk

  • Dluffyfluffy
    Dluffyfluffy   2018-11-16T03:38:26.000Z

    But can it sing despacito 3?

  • Bigo Viral Official
    Bigo Viral Official   2018-11-16T02:58:47.000Z

    i never skip ads from your channel , keep it up

  • Axl H.
    Axl H.   2018-11-16T00:24:32.000Z

    VG loves to get his nuts from that lady

  • Amalee Jade
    Amalee Jade   2018-11-15T22:19:21.000Z

    Oh my gosh that\'s super cute!! ~~💜❤️

  • Canna710
    Canna710   2018-11-15T17:11:29.000Z

    \"I\'m trying to get him to eat other stuff, because I hear peanuts are high in calories.\" Did you just talk about calories in reference to a chipmunks...Diet?Smh. (palm on face).

  • Sastha
    Sastha   2018-11-15T14:11:25.000Z

    Stop cutting onions near me

  • Marina Music
    Marina Music   2018-11-15T07:11:14.000Z

    I rescued my two cats one is called kizzy she was from a rescue centre she was treated very badly as for my other cat twiglet I moved house and the people didn’t want twig and she is a beautiful cat and she is very affectionate but she was just afraid of me because the other people that lived there their kids like pulled her tail hit her and things like that so twig took some time getting used to me so one day i realised that she just got fed biscuits so I held up a sachet of jelly cat food and after that she loved me and she cares about me

  • Pennywise LOL
    Pennywise LOL   2018-11-15T05:36:26.000Z

    Sho shcweet😂😂😂

  • tea
    tea   2018-11-14T22:10:34.000Z

    Once I was visiting my grandmother (who lived in a trailer park) and these two Chipmunks always came to my grandmother\'s trailer for peanuts. They would go inside the trailer and climb all over me. Even when I didn\'t have any peanuts for them they would stay for an hour or two. They would also let me pet them. Their names are chipy and chipette 😂

  • Austin A
    Austin A   2018-11-14T19:54:51.000Z

    Hes so cute and looks funny

  • Its Ya Girl Miriam
    Its Ya Girl Miriam   2018-11-13T19:49:12.000Z

    Ok, facing reality. He\'s there for the food

  • Amy McC
    Amy McC   2018-11-13T15:42:09.000Z

    THIS made my morning! 💛💚💙💜

  • MrSocioparty
    MrSocioparty   2018-11-13T15:03:50.000Z

    You know.. I feel like it cant be coincidence that those animals always choose hot women.. Maybe its just in the nature that we all are drawn to beautiful things? In a way we see a beautiful colored bird and think \"hey hes really beautiful\" maybe they have the capacity to see us and think the same?

  • Beatrice Chadwick
    Beatrice Chadwick   2018-11-13T03:36:06.000Z

    This isn’t fair! I want a chipmunk friend

  • edgy teenager
    edgy teenager   2018-11-13T02:18:43.000Z

    I wanna have a backyard like that Xd

  • APolly
    APolly   2018-11-12T18:59:57.000Z

    well, free food allways attracts animals

  • Chelsey Helger
    Chelsey Helger   2018-11-12T13:29:47.000Z

    Aweee your so kind❤️❤️

  • The Hairy Ogre
    The Hairy Ogre   2018-11-12T07:59:06.000Z

    he’s such a babe! such a lovely thing to see this girl caring for him :)

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton   2018-11-12T02:29:18.000Z

    Please be careful that the birds dont eat him ! Cute and friendly ....even squirrels get eaten by the birds

  • ɓʀɛɛzy
    ɓʀɛɛzy   2018-11-11T21:51:22.000Z

    Chipmunks are actually very easy to train, I trained one when I was about 8 and they\'re really cute

  • Vanessa Lee
    Vanessa Lee   2018-11-11T19:23:19.000Z

    WOW......it can run REALLY fast 💨

  • Silly Sasha
    Silly Sasha   2018-11-11T18:31:29.000Z

    what\'s with these girls with Squirrels and Chipmunks? 😂❤️❤️

  • Ricardo Bravo
    Ricardo Bravo   2018-11-11T16:56:41.000Z

    Nigga I’m disappointed in Vg It’s no nut November

  • Hoseok and Namjoons Hypewoman
    Hoseok and Namjoons Hypewoman   2018-11-11T11:57:19.000Z

    So adorableeeeeeee😤😭😭😭💜💜💜

  • kristine butarbutar
    kristine butarbutar   2018-11-11T07:17:58.000Z


  • NoodleDaddy
    NoodleDaddy   2018-11-11T06:31:41.000Z

    we really outing the fae now huh

  • Montage Upload
    Montage Upload   2018-11-11T03:44:35.000Z

    He’s not your BFF he’s a gold digger he’s using you

  • Rogelio Vizcaino
    Rogelio Vizcaino   2018-11-11T03:36:44.000Z

    he is so cute 😊💕

  • Lewded 002
    Lewded 002   2018-11-10T23:07:20.000Z

    0:45 yooo it\'s Mordecai from regular show

    ALI-OOF   2018-11-10T15:36:01.000Z

    Is a guinea pig :D

  • Jeannie Arredondo
    Jeannie Arredondo   2018-11-10T05:51:28.000Z

    Alvin is that you?

  • Lacking
    Lacking   2018-11-10T03:45:41.000Z

    0:17 *nyooooooom*

  • Sabarna Kabiraj
    Sabarna Kabiraj   2018-11-09T12:44:32.000Z

    wow !

  • Dolls for Eva
    Dolls for Eva   2018-11-09T09:10:08.000Z


  • Sergio Wolfe
    Sergio Wolfe   2018-11-09T05:03:41.000Z

    Lmfao his eye bulge in and out when he’s chewing, adorable

  • xWinterWolfx7
    xWinterWolfx7   2018-11-08T13:23:33.000Z

    Chipmunk: I sense princess *runs up to lady* I wish i was chosen by a chipmunk ;w; but i guess my degu are similar enough xd

  • Ti Ty
    Ti Ty   2018-11-08T05:05:38.000Z


  • Cheetoh puff
    Cheetoh puff   2018-11-07T04:26:49.000Z

    That little dude is FAAASSSSTTT

  • Cheetoh puff
    Cheetoh puff   2018-11-07T04:25:54.000Z

    0:02 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger   2018-11-07T02:24:49.000Z

    Too cute 😊

  • Keelin Over about
    Keelin Over about   2018-11-06T22:14:48.000Z

    U should have just called him peanut!

  • Dolls make-up
    Dolls make-up   2018-11-06T15:50:47.000Z

    Couple goalsss!!! ❤❤

  • Naty Pineda
    Naty Pineda   2018-11-06T13:16:45.000Z

    I want a chipmunk to love me like that thats adorable.

  • Aditya Ferdani
    Aditya Ferdani   2018-11-06T03:06:26.000Z

    that is an amazing backyard

  • Antony Alu
    Antony Alu   2018-11-05T13:34:39.000Z

    This just melted my heart because I love animals I nirly cry d

  • Maria Kirkova Batam TV
    Maria Kirkova Batam TV   2018-11-05T03:31:24.000Z

    chipmunk = squirrel ??

  • Johnna Marcus
    Johnna Marcus   2018-11-05T00:13:22.000Z

    I have one his name is Einstein

  • Maye cruz
    Maye cruz   2018-11-04T23:19:28.000Z

    So cute

  • gachamuffinspider 123
    gachamuffinspider 123   2018-11-04T20:13:22.000Z

    I was in my back yard then a Sall a little baby deer I helped him and his name is glich but I released him then he came back

  • Bazooka-Goes-Boom Kaboom
    Bazooka-Goes-Boom Kaboom   2018-11-04T19:52:29.000Z

    Can I take out the peanut out of her mouth with my mouth hahaha just kidding

  • Rebecca Lovely
    Rebecca Lovely   2018-11-04T13:41:52.000Z

    This entire channel is so wholesome

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T   2018-11-04T13:30:57.000Z

    He is just trying to get in your pants like I want to.

  • Leader success !
    Leader success !   2018-11-04T12:12:49.000Z

    This video is bullshit that chipmunk is not wild it\'s obviously raised by humans thumbs down.

  • Brighten Steele
    Brighten Steele   2018-11-04T06:01:28.000Z

    Awwwwwwww this is so cute 😊😊😊😊

  • Wonder
    Wonder   2018-11-04T04:52:34.000Z

    We have this squirrel in our back yard and he is literally the biggest squirrel ever!! He eats all of our bird seeds by hanging upside down and opening it. He taunts our dog too. We don’t have a special bond with him or anything but he will never stop eating!!!

  • mimi mo
    mimi mo   2018-11-04T04:09:24.000Z

    Cuties part when his cheeks is big (full mouth)

  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin   2018-11-04T01:22:50.000Z

    I brought a chipmunk into my house and then my cat chased it around then I opened the door and I never saw it again 😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Lavender's Corner
    Lavender's Corner   2018-11-03T22:13:42.000Z

    and yet im enemies with an ant

  • gail boyle
    gail boyle   2018-11-03T20:52:03.000Z

    I had a chipmunk years ago as a pet, he was so cute and funny 😊

  • Krisztina Csonka
    Krisztina Csonka   2018-11-03T14:53:46.000Z

    Op. Don\'t kiss it. Don\'t kiss

  • Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith   2018-11-03T09:24:02.000Z

    That chipmunk ain\'t got no morals.

  • bugger490
    bugger490   2018-11-03T03:18:46.000Z

    This doesn\'t surprise me to much. My husband and I befriended a little chipmunk when we were camping. We were making breakfast over a campfire and as I reached for bread the little guy was there already stealing a slice or so I thought. He pulled out a slice of bread and then another like he knew the routine. Of course we didn\'t let him butter the toast but I was tempted.

  • Cheryl G
    Cheryl G   2018-11-03T00:58:01.000Z

    Wow!! Never knew they would be so friendly

  • lilit ua
    lilit ua   2018-11-02T22:04:50.000Z

    He\'s so cute! He looks so ugh so -♥😍 b e a t I f u l

  • Marcus Montoya
    Marcus Montoya   2018-11-02T20:09:05.000Z

    Van Gogh definitely fell in love being the most baller chipmunk in the area with hella stash spots for many different dates.😅

  • A C
    A C   2018-11-02T14:20:15.000Z


  • Mathilda Twigt
    Mathilda Twigt   2018-11-02T14:05:27.000Z

    Sooooooo cute!!!!!!😍😘

  • Valente F
    Valente F   2018-11-02T09:42:12.000Z

    Ill tell ya... Those fucking peanut addicts are the ones destroying the economy!

  • Feona Lee Jones
    Feona Lee Jones   2018-11-02T08:09:41.000Z

    AWwwWWwww...this makes me so happy :)

  • Ninja Sushi
    Ninja Sushi   2018-11-02T00:50:58.000Z


  • Renee's World-welcome!
    Renee's World-welcome!   2018-11-02T00:39:07.000Z

    Awwwwww so cute 🤣🤣I love him awww

  • lea rodriguez
    lea rodriguez   2018-11-01T16:05:25.000Z

    Chipmunk:that’s my girl..get your own girl...

  • DSMattitude
    DSMattitude   2018-11-01T02:32:17.000Z

    Haha i cant believe how many peanuts fit in his cheeks 😂

  • Shuki Hammy
    Shuki Hammy   2018-10-31T19:20:00.000Z

    Gosh that’s like a 650 HP Chipmunk!!

  • Cocolattei Sun
    Cocolattei Sun   2018-10-31T12:49:16.000Z

    Is it just me or is he tiny

  • zoran popovic
    zoran popovic   2018-10-31T08:30:13.000Z

    Beautiful .

  • Matt T.
    Matt T.   2018-10-31T05:40:07.000Z

    I wonder maybe he comes to you, is because of you stuffing his face full of nuts for free? I wonder if this \"deep bond\" has a bit of incentive behind it.

  • puppy lover
    puppy lover   2018-10-31T03:27:01.000Z


  • SkeeterZ71 - Web & Graphic Design Tutorials

    I\'m jealous of that chipmunk

  • Ajanae Tyler
    Ajanae Tyler   2018-10-30T00:03:59.000Z

    I always wanted a squirrel as a pet

  • AbI GaMeR
    AbI GaMeR   2018-10-29T21:18:57.000Z

    Call him Alvin ALVIN

  • Major Ramen Vlogz
    Major Ramen Vlogz   2018-10-29T19:44:18.000Z

    When she said he climbs up my shirt I thought the worst

  • Opurno Islam
    Opurno Islam   2018-10-29T18:06:41.000Z


  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin   2018-10-29T17:17:05.000Z

    Your name wouldn\'t be Snow White by chance?

  • Yuridia Garcia
    Yuridia Garcia   2018-10-29T00:42:38.000Z

    Amazing story!!!

  • fendɪ bag
    fendɪ bag   2018-10-28T22:48:15.000Z


  • Juan Manuel
    Juan Manuel   2018-10-28T15:55:59.000Z

    Jeez I’d go with her too 😍🤤

  • Crystal Queen Subliminals
    Crystal Queen Subliminals   2018-10-28T06:54:58.000Z

    Cute chipmunk!

  • Alpha Marble
    Alpha Marble   2018-10-27T22:04:57.000Z

    “Lady’s man”

  • Just Emily!
    Just Emily!   2018-10-27T19:57:20.000Z

    PEANUT HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!❤️😂