The OLDEST CHINATOWN In The World! Street Food Tour of Binondo Manila Philippines

  • Published on 2018-03-06T17:57:34.000Z
  • We went to explore the 400-year-old Chinatown Binondo where I got a taste of some Chinese Filipino food.➨ENTER my Food Adventure GIVEAWAY [Ends March 20] ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! Locations: 3:25 Quick Snack 7:50 Eng Bee Tin 9:30 Chuan Kee 11:22 Masuki 13:43 Shanghai Fried Sio Pao 14:28 Ongpin Manosa Restaurant 15:46 Sincerity Restaurant Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: ►Subscribe for MORE videos about food! ▲ Subscribe to our COOKING Channel! ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: Facebook Mike Fan Page: Strictly Dumpling Instagram: Personal Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: ◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ : Sony RX100 Mark V: PANASONIC LUMIX G85: Wide Angle Lens: Camera Mic: Camera Lights: Handheld Audio Recorder: Tripod: Drone: My Favorite Cookware! wok/pan Also this pan Pressure pan Nonstick pot ✉Send stuff to our PO Box! Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940 ------------------------------ ♩ ♫ - Boost by Joakim Karud - Days in New York by Alvaro Angeloro: - Happy Day by FASSOUNDS: - Lotus Lane by The Loyalist: - Valley Of Happiness by Fassouds: - Lively by Oshóva @osh-va Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs - Dreams by x50 @x50music Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

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  • Ailurophile
    Ailurophile   2018-11-15T09:25:36.000Z

    The bun in the thumbnail is disgusting idk maybe the colors are off. Whoa, I didn\'t know Philippines had the oldest Chinatown.

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace   2018-11-14T09:23:17.000Z

    Well dear, Soup No. 5 are specially for men becausevit is an Aprodisiac, that\'s it.

  • Beristic
    Beristic   2018-11-14T03:57:11.000Z

    Where’s all my Filipinos

    TJSOLOM   2018-11-13T05:55:12.000Z

    Oh cool didnt know him.and mark were friends lol

  • Greggy Maca
    Greggy Maca   2018-11-12T20:09:38.000Z

    This man is lt he dont fake what the food really taste... rip english

  • Its CamoPoint
    Its CamoPoint   2018-11-12T04:18:59.000Z

    Im from the Phillipines but im in America

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez   2018-11-12T04:16:51.000Z

    I\'m 236 and he hecking eats more plates than me

  • daniel tekistekis
    daniel tekistekis   2018-11-11T09:05:39.000Z

    Jackie Chan! Hyaah!

  • Ignacio Quintana
    Ignacio Quintana   2018-11-11T01:51:56.000Z

    Your voice sounds like trump voice wtf

  • Hi i'm Baek
    Hi i'm Baek   2018-11-10T12:51:15.000Z

    Mike: Pork Tenderloin with Onions Us: Porksteak 😂😂

  • Sunny Chiyo
    Sunny Chiyo   2018-11-10T11:55:35.000Z

    Are u by chance related to Jackie Chan?!!😂😂

  • Romel Navarro
    Romel Navarro   2018-11-10T03:00:05.000Z

    PAC-MAN’s got nothing on your appetite.

  • Review Things
    Review Things   2018-11-09T03:28:40.000Z

    That moment when he said for the first time he didn’t like something 11:12.😂 now you know it’s nasty if he dint like it.

    SF2TOKYO   2018-11-08T07:23:57.000Z

    panget in purple

  • James Brown
    James Brown   2018-11-08T05:31:59.000Z

    The owner wants a taist of White Girl

  • Anita Fabian
    Anita Fabian   2018-11-08T03:27:23.000Z

    How do you stay in such good shape with all you eat!? 😊

  • Diana Great job girls. They are adorable and cute.

    I go to the Asian store\'s here in Fort Wayne, Indiana and try their snacks, food\'s and buy different seasonings. Last night I went to Korean Restaurant and they have great food there. It use to be both Korean and Chinese food, because of the owners, but they changed owners a year ago. They also changed their menu where they have more Korean food\'s. I am happy with that. Great food and side dishes too. It is to die for. My son Ricky got me into Asian drama\'s and music and food\'s and ever since then I am addicted. Lol.

  • Diana Great job girls. They are adorable and cute.

    U make me hungry. I love all kinds of foods and trying different food\'s from Asia I love and if I can make it at home even better.

  • Paul nicholls
    Paul nicholls   2018-11-06T17:48:14.000Z

    what is the first opening track? it\'s not the one on the info

  • Fuk U
    Fuk U   2018-11-06T17:08:32.000Z

    That number five will really goes good with some sticky rice.

  • Sunny Huerta
    Sunny Huerta   2018-11-06T16:39:33.000Z

    Can I be your camera man por favor lol

  • TaeNy2YeonJeongMiMoonSun 21BJ
    TaeNy2YeonJeongMiMoonSun 21BJ   2018-11-06T15:27:37.000Z

    I think this will be my next trip😍

  • Jimbo Beria
    Jimbo Beria   2018-11-06T11:52:36.000Z

    if youre going again in the philippines, remember that what every food you eat, you need to include a sauce from it. :)

  • Zeff Makoy
    Zeff Makoy   2018-11-06T02:29:03.000Z


  • adadasdad adasdasda
    adadasdad adasdasda   2018-11-05T05:24:32.000Z

    you supposed to unskin the pow first before eat .the first skin layer

  • Daryll Jimerson
    Daryll Jimerson   2018-11-05T04:24:02.000Z

    There was 4 cats in The beginning of this video...

  • al roberts
    al roberts   2018-11-05T04:03:58.000Z

    arent you ready to go to the bathroom, you ate too much.

  • Megan Holmes
    Megan Holmes   2018-11-04T21:41:33.000Z

    Love watching these but I\'m starting to think your video crew doesn\'t get to eat hahaha and they have to watch you all day 😂

  • Joshua Lor
    Joshua Lor   2018-11-04T18:19:26.000Z

    This should go to laos, there are a lot of personal food they have rhat never served in the us or any countrys, its only in veitname or laos.

  • Haruhi
    Haruhi   2018-11-04T16:56:06.000Z

    I wonder what the cameraman is doing besides filming?🧐

  • Kristijan Poklečki
    Kristijan Poklečki   2018-11-04T11:57:51.000Z

    I gained 5 pounds just by watching this.

  • Po Eye
    Po Eye   2018-11-04T11:49:18.000Z

    If you were gordon ramsay, his gonna say whole lot different about those foods

  • Po Eye
    Po Eye   2018-11-04T11:37:09.000Z

    3:00 yo that is not pork that is also coconut, coconuts are grinded and then deep fried.

  • 01110000 01101111 01101111 ,
    01110000 01101111 01101111 ,   2018-11-04T10:21:02.000Z

    Did he eat all of this in one day?

  • jeivy garcia
    jeivy garcia   2018-11-04T03:15:46.000Z

    Watching you eat makes me full for a week

  • Kami Tsuki
    Kami Tsuki   2018-11-04T02:06:36.000Z

    Aaahhh Kuya’s looking 🤣🤣🤣

  • tony ooi
    tony ooi   2018-11-04T00:27:54.000Z

    Wonderful food

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic   2018-11-03T23:20:34.000Z


  • Joanna Rivas
    Joanna Rivas   2018-11-03T21:55:19.000Z

    I never thought I would enjoying seeing someone eating as much as I enjoy seeing you!!! Everything looks delicious!

  • wailen65
    wailen65   2018-11-03T18:53:25.000Z

    Who are you?  Can you provided us a little background of yourself?  What did you before doing YouTube?

  • Omaru -
    Omaru -   2018-11-03T13:58:32.000Z

    Been living in the US now for like 6 years i already had lots of friends they all are excited everytime there\'s a party in my house because that means filipino food specially Pancit and Lumpia 😂

  • Alvin Pecson
    Alvin Pecson   2018-11-03T13:00:47.000Z

    sir .. can u reply what is the name of the king of all lumpia and if you can also send to me the recipe of it..

  • Carlito Lopez
    Carlito Lopez   2018-11-03T11:19:43.000Z

    The manager in masuki knows me because I eat there since I was 3 now im 10

  • Eunice Tudio
    Eunice Tudio   2018-11-03T01:12:34.000Z

    nakakagutom naman yan jackie chan

  • abby yang
    abby yang   2018-11-02T20:15:45.000Z

    I need a foodie friend like him to go on foodventures with..... taking applications RIGHT NOW....

  • hickman Zelda
    hickman Zelda   2018-11-02T16:57:29.000Z

    Im amazed how much food he eats

  • The Mad Man
    The Mad Man   2018-11-02T16:55:10.000Z

    Excellent appetite!

  • Allison Mitchell
    Allison Mitchell   2018-11-02T14:50:15.000Z

    He should really have his own food network show

  • ville666sora
    ville666sora   2018-11-02T12:54:13.000Z

    \"I\'m not a big fan of oyster pancakes\" Orders two in the same day

  • Ching Antonio
    Ching Antonio   2018-11-02T09:00:14.000Z

    Thank you for exploring our country!!! We are rich in culture and foods!!!

  • Dj Dr. Bio Fx
    Dj Dr. Bio Fx   2018-11-02T06:59:20.000Z

    Just the tip right lol

  • Kei Me
    Kei Me   2018-11-02T05:36:08.000Z

    Yeahh Welcome to Ph..

  • ke meng
    ke meng   2018-11-02T02:05:23.000Z

    really don\'t like that noodle, all white broth seems dull

  • delcastillo1000
    delcastillo1000   2018-11-01T17:08:27.000Z

    Meron loko-loko sa likod hahaha

  • Eigna Oidut
    Eigna Oidut   2018-11-01T16:02:56.000Z

    I feel hungry 😂😂😂😂

  • Iker
    Iker   2018-11-01T10:03:25.000Z

    He ate a lot...

  • Roger Moore
    Roger Moore   2018-11-01T03:58:41.000Z

    Great video! Now I\'m hungry!

  • G GG
    G GG   2018-10-31T21:01:22.000Z

    Wonder if some of these folks have a joke at the tourists expense?

  • Milly
    Milly   2018-10-31T19:48:22.000Z

    Where’s the rice?

  • geraldine go
    geraldine go   2018-10-31T17:32:39.000Z

    Masuki sauce. I always put the whole sauce on my soup. And asks for more hahahaha 🤣 and thats how we eat it. 🤣✌

  • Pavel LASAC
    Pavel LASAC   2018-10-31T16:22:18.000Z

    This guy looks like Jackie Chan!

  • Omar Bukhari
    Omar Bukhari   2018-10-31T14:58:03.000Z

    He’s like Jackie Chan of food 😂

  • Noticeethis
    Noticeethis   2018-10-31T09:11:56.000Z

    So cheap 😄

  • Ivan SP
    Ivan SP   2018-10-31T05:02:16.000Z

    3USD for a bowl of noodles in php I’ll about 160peso that aint cheap

  • SaRaH Kruch
    SaRaH Kruch   2018-10-31T03:07:57.000Z

    I learned about you on Mark Weins Channel , Migrationollogy

  • Travis Norton
    Travis Norton   2018-10-30T21:30:42.000Z

    Man that\'s a lot of pork for one day. Hard for your body to digest.

  • Jantina Haspels
    Jantina Haspels   2018-10-30T20:47:06.000Z

    The flavour your own soup thing cracked me up.

  • Cynthia Evangelista
    Cynthia Evangelista   2018-10-30T20:29:03.000Z

    When I visit the Philippines I want to hang out and show me good places to eat. I was there this year for 21 days and didn’t see or taste nothing like you’ve shown. I’ll know better next time. Thank you. Happy eating. I love ❤️ to eat that’s why and only reason why I worked out 💪

  • Junior Thao
    Junior Thao   2018-10-30T19:12:13.000Z


    REINIEL RAMOS   2018-10-30T12:58:52.000Z


  • Eva V
    Eva V   2018-10-30T06:56:06.000Z

    Filo chinese food not really my thing after watching this

  • Abstract Parkour
    Abstract Parkour   2018-10-30T03:44:59.000Z

    Does this dude not like anything?

  • lilasian 226
    lilasian 226   2018-10-29T22:42:24.000Z

    The dish is not mcibihan it’s actually pansit mcibihan is the type of pansit

  • lilasian 226
    lilasian 226   2018-10-29T22:41:17.000Z

    How many times does the guy in the blue shirt move at quick snacks and he just stares at the camera

  • stephanie love
    stephanie love   2018-10-29T18:40:53.000Z

    Pinoy ba yan naka blue na nagsasalita😅ginugutom ako e diet pa naman ako😭😭😭

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez   2018-10-29T16:12:42.000Z

    He look like Jackie chan.

  • Emily howarth
    Emily howarth   2018-10-29T06:11:50.000Z

    Does the camera man eat

  • Pocholo Abad
    Pocholo Abad   2018-10-29T05:03:35.000Z


  • Nevaeh218
    Nevaeh218   2018-10-28T21:04:34.000Z


  • Jhay Jayme
    Jhay Jayme   2018-10-28T20:31:38.000Z

    masyado mahal yan pansit 3 dollor almost 150 pesos nanaga nanaman pinoy

  • mufasa
    mufasa   2018-10-28T11:29:36.000Z

    11:07 taking eat a dick too seriously

  • Marie Jasme
    Marie Jasme   2018-10-27T21:16:08.000Z

    im starving 😱

  • Hazy Chou
    Hazy Chou   2018-10-27T12:25:39.000Z

    I\'m so hungry after watched this clip!!!!

  • Dios Feo
    Dios Feo   2018-10-27T08:07:43.000Z

    the lumpia burrito looks good im in the philippines but im an hours aways from manila and 2 hours away from chinatown manila. i have to go.

  • Dios Feo
    Dios Feo   2018-10-27T08:06:03.000Z

    The Quick Snack wall art was really cool, an amazing artist drew that.

  • k c
    k c   2018-10-27T07:19:54.000Z

    You should have tried the mami of lanzhou lamien instead in masuki. Mami in masuki is dull but in lanzhou lamien.. Really delicious..

  • myrna panal
    myrna panal   2018-10-27T06:04:49.000Z

    I am not a fan of Chinese food, aside from they have a particular smell it is too oily..

  • yna canilang
    yna canilang   2018-10-25T13:55:27.000Z

    The rice cake with pork thing on the top its called latik in filipino its a coconut milk that caramelized.

  • M Tia
    M Tia   2018-10-25T09:21:01.000Z

    Nice one he almost eat all dish he can find it

  • Akoshi Gors
    Akoshi Gors   2018-10-25T01:14:10.000Z

    if you eat soup #5 you are going to perform good 6...

  • Nihila Khan
    Nihila Khan   2018-10-24T14:04:03.000Z

    🤣🤣 we call that soup made from cow private part RM. Some say it means Remember Me but I’m pretty sure it’s something else.

  • PusheeLover
    PusheeLover   2018-10-23T19:51:54.000Z

    Hi I have a question 👋 Is he Chinese or Japanese 🧐🤨

  • Tinyzeroxd 26
    Tinyzeroxd 26   2018-10-23T09:12:02.000Z

    We sell cheap and delicious food here in the Philippines

  • Kim Padilla
    Kim Padilla   2018-10-23T05:05:24.000Z

    And fried siopao😍😍😍

  • Kim Padilla
    Kim Padilla   2018-10-23T05:04:42.000Z

    My Fave Kikiam😍😍😍😋

  • ZEETECH 69
    ZEETECH 69   2018-10-22T19:25:32.000Z

    4:38 the guy with the blue shirt on the left reminds me of babalu like if agree😂😂😂

  • ZEETECH 69
    ZEETECH 69   2018-10-22T19:21:54.000Z

    Its more fun in the philippines americans are racist

  • BiboiGain
    BiboiGain   2018-10-22T07:15:37.000Z

    I like how honest he is about the food, we have different taste bud some are good some are bad.

  • Jennifer Parker
    Jennifer Parker   2018-10-21T19:36:10.000Z

    You know what? I took some videos but i was pretty shy to post it I feel bad about the Binondo in place. But this? I\'m having second thoughts.. its all about the food culture I should be happy of. Definitely Binondo is home of delicious authentic chinese food.

  • C9 BraZen
    C9 BraZen   2018-10-21T16:17:55.000Z

    soup #5 is sometimes also made with goat penis