Dinah Jane - "Bottled Up" ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Marc E. Bassy (Official Video)


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  • Dinah Jane
    Dinah Jane   2018-11-07T18:51:16.000Z

    SHES LIVE !!!!!!!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ I know y’all have been waiting for ages but we needed time to get her cute and all that shiii 💕💕💕💕I love y’all to pieces #bottledupmusicvideo Get \"Bottled Up\" here:

  • A.Paudel
    A.Paudel   2018-11-19T15:32:41.000Z

    Ty dolla sign😍

  • Luis Cotto
    Luis Cotto   2018-11-19T15:30:33.000Z

    This song is hella fyiah!🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  • Anonymous Singer
    Anonymous Singer   2018-11-19T14:57:08.000Z

    YouTube ta boicotando

  • Milika _ilaisaane
    Milika _ilaisaane   2018-11-19T14:41:35.000Z


  • Brandon Bidault
    Brandon Bidault   2018-11-19T14:37:31.000Z


  • Adhia Putra
    Adhia Putra   2018-11-19T13:49:07.000Z

    So cute dinah I waiting fifth harmony is back

  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-19T13:47:49.000Z

    STREAM !!!

  • Alinne Araújo
    Alinne Araújo   2018-11-19T13:24:55.000Z

    Aaa 😍

  • Anonymous Singer
    Anonymous Singer   2018-11-19T13:18:52.000Z


  • Arian Mokhberi
    Arian Mokhberi   2018-11-19T13:11:54.000Z

    6 million!!!Even if her song not entered the charts she still made a lot of new fans and this is for her as a new artist the most imporntant thing. The next song will become a hit!!!

  • DeeDee Elli
    DeeDee Elli   2018-11-19T12:51:34.000Z

    The views keeps changing... always slow and sometimesp neutral.... please go full speed #Dinahsty

  • Kra-am hamham
    Kra-am hamham   2018-11-19T12:48:57.000Z

    Good song! Love you from Thailand 😍

  • shinjuya
    shinjuya   2018-11-19T11:50:12.000Z

    We need 10M views before the end of 2018.

  • Mateus Nogueira
    Mateus Nogueira   2018-11-19T11:31:43.000Z

    Dinah, she\'s so beautiful and so talented. 💖💖💖

  • jean Rodriguez
    jean Rodriguez   2018-11-19T11:30:43.000Z

    Eu tô chapadona !

  • Chloe Kiel
    Chloe Kiel   2018-11-19T11:00:11.000Z

    Pollylove girl.. U doing it byg. Loving it in nz

  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-19T10:23:49.000Z

    There\'s something really really wrong with the views ! I hope they fix it !

  • Mal Matue
    Mal Matue   2018-11-19T10:19:34.000Z

    Marc e bassy is so fine😍😍.

  • Honey Ann
    Honey Ann   2018-11-19T09:50:33.000Z


  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-19T09:43:29.000Z

    FCK YOU YOUTUBE ... MY DINAH DESERVES EVERY VIEW ! 😒😒 the views are stuxking and getting lower ... HOWWW ??????

  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-19T09:33:45.000Z

    Guys I swear the views was At *6 034 000* now they are at *6 024 000* wtf ???? 😒😒😒

  • Eduardo Mathias
    Eduardo Mathias   2018-11-19T09:20:51.000Z

    7M amanhã ?

  • Jeanice-leigh Naidoo
    Jeanice-leigh Naidoo   2018-11-19T09:08:30.000Z

    ON Repeat❗Repeat ❗❗Repeat ❗❗❗Repeat ❗❗❗❗

  • vitoria pascoal
    vitoria pascoal   2018-11-19T07:48:33.000Z

    essa musica émaravilhosa parabens vc merece o mundo

  • Unique FX Makeup
    Unique FX Makeup   2018-11-19T07:42:22.000Z

    Love this song

  • Juny Bug
    Juny Bug   2018-11-19T06:50:43.000Z

    6 Million already? Damn it was just 5 mil yesterday

  • Gurr Sitqr
    Gurr Sitqr   2018-11-19T06:26:35.000Z

    And by the way her profile pic kinda reminds me of jonghyun... Rip jonghyun

  • Gurr Sitqr
    Gurr Sitqr   2018-11-19T06:24:43.000Z

    Even with all the fuss with 5harmony... All members were talented... I really remember hearing the reflection album...like few years ago its still good....

  • The one
    The one   2018-11-19T05:31:09.000Z

    That\'s why we call her Dinah-Finah 😏🔥

  • Laura Maadrigal
    Laura Maadrigal   2018-11-19T05:28:58.000Z

    OK I\'m all for Dinah 💯 girl be killing it. Pero like can we talk about Marc wit his sexy voice.. And let\'s not forget Ty 😍😍😍 luv this song

  • Ale 002
    Ale 002   2018-11-19T05:12:29.000Z

    Next 7mln...

  • Sophie Cummings
    Sophie Cummings   2018-11-19T04:40:07.000Z

    This videos been out shorter than Lauren’s and it already is almost up to her in views

  • lauren jauregui
    lauren jauregui   2018-11-19T04:19:35.000Z

    dinah i love you

  • Precious Freeman
    Precious Freeman   2018-11-19T03:55:32.000Z

    6 million cool

  • Cally K.
    Cally K.   2018-11-19T03:38:19.000Z

    I miss her w her real teeth. some reason it looks like she has invisalign on :(

  • Karen Mello
    Karen Mello   2018-11-19T03:36:24.000Z


  • DeeDee Elli
    DeeDee Elli   2018-11-19T03:02:22.000Z

    6MIL 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Lora's gem!.
    Lora's gem!.   2018-11-19T02:43:46.000Z

    7 Million next! We can do this Dinahisty 👑👑👑

  • Nycole Brown
    Nycole Brown   2018-11-19T02:26:07.000Z

    I love this song

  • Angel
    Angel   2018-11-19T02:24:18.000Z

    We going ✈ 7M... NOW

  • Keith John
    Keith John   2018-11-19T02:12:46.000Z

    6 millllllllllll

  • Matheus Leite
    Matheus Leite   2018-11-19T02:12:36.000Z

    6M AEEEEEEEW 💗💗🔥🔥

  • Mauro Lpz
    Mauro Lpz   2018-11-19T02:09:38.000Z


  • Angel
    Angel   2018-11-19T02:03:41.000Z

    YAAAAS 6M 🎉

  • Jäke Psychø
    Jäke Psychø   2018-11-19T01:50:34.000Z

    5.9 what!? Let\'s get to 6 million. Dinahsty you\'re doing great!

  • Peter PALELEI
    Peter PALELEI   2018-11-19T01:38:05.000Z

    This song is boring

  • Britney Azalea
    Britney Azalea   2018-11-19T01:17:02.000Z

    6 Millones

  • Angel
    Angel   2018-11-19T01:16:49.000Z

    The views are frozen -_-

  • Jo_CLuis
    Jo_CLuis   2018-11-19T01:05:41.000Z

    Dinah is on fiyahhhh 🔥🔥🔥

  • Angel Yuni
    Angel Yuni   2018-11-19T00:36:43.000Z

    Camila and Dinah collab.

    MANGA GIRL   2018-11-19T00:35:34.000Z


  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-18T23:58:29.000Z

    Ma queen !

  • 1ShreddedCunt
    1ShreddedCunt   2018-11-18T23:54:31.000Z

    Jeff Logan 🔥

  • Flavia Costa
    Flavia Costa   2018-11-18T23:49:04.000Z

    Quem e do Brasil curte aí ?

  • Flavia Costa
    Flavia Costa   2018-11-18T23:47:17.000Z

    Brasil ?

  • Matheus Leite
    Matheus Leite   2018-11-18T22:58:40.000Z

    Já quero esse vídeo chegando aos 100M, Dinah merece muito 💗💗💗

  • Marcos v
    Marcos v   2018-11-18T21:58:39.000Z


  • Antonio Marcos
    Antonio Marcos   2018-11-18T21:49:43.000Z

    6m ainda hoje 👑🔥😏

  • Antonio Marcos
    Antonio Marcos   2018-11-18T21:48:59.000Z

    6M #BottledUp

  • DeeDee Elli
    DeeDee Elli   2018-11-18T21:48:11.000Z


  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-18T21:30:26.000Z

    She\'s comin to kill us 😍

  • Eyshila Bianca
    Eyshila Bianca   2018-11-18T21:26:11.000Z


  • Ro Selle
    Ro Selle   2018-11-18T21:24:25.000Z

    Her outfit!!!!!

  • Lidiomar Santos
    Lidiomar Santos   2018-11-18T21:11:21.000Z


  • MBeckii
    MBeckii   2018-11-18T20:53:39.000Z

    90s vibes ! Reminds me of Billie Piper ! :) x

  • Keith John
    Keith John   2018-11-18T20:50:48.000Z

    Almost 6million wow she’s ready beat Lauren new music video I’m shocked because her and camila was more popular in the group then Dinah , shout out to all the girls tho♥️

  • Crazy Life
    Crazy Life   2018-11-18T20:23:07.000Z


  • Yacine Debekli
    Yacine Debekli   2018-11-18T20:10:39.000Z

    The way she said \" Dinah Jane \"

  • Cristian Matias
    Cristian Matias   2018-11-18T20:01:23.000Z


  • lify 06 S
    lify 06 S   2018-11-18T19:37:34.000Z

    I\'m so proud of you baby 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nesrine STH
    Nesrine STH   2018-11-18T19:23:51.000Z

    This song is giving me the r&b vibe and I\'m living 😍😘🔥

  • DJ Club
    DJ Club   2018-11-18T19:17:38.000Z

    Это *Божественно* _Лайк, если согласен_ *Читать дальше* _Если я наберу 100 сабов до НГ, то сниму кавер на один крутой хит_

  • king Alexa
    king Alexa   2018-11-18T19:13:13.000Z


  • Teri Kawaii
    Teri Kawaii   2018-11-18T18:33:37.000Z

    You\'re so GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  • Tarannum aq
    Tarannum aq   2018-11-18T17:59:03.000Z

    Yeah Dinah...... Love u and your voice too... Lots of love from india ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  • Tarannum aq
    Tarannum aq   2018-11-18T17:58:46.000Z

    Yeah Dinah...... Love u and your voice too... Lots of love from india ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-18T16:59:09.000Z


  • Mah Tube
    Mah Tube   2018-11-18T16:45:13.000Z


  • Dommy Duwiry
    Dommy Duwiry   2018-11-18T16:10:32.000Z

    Still being my favorite 😍😍. I love you baby

  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-18T16:09:18.000Z


  • Westesson
    Westesson   2018-11-18T16:01:19.000Z

    Patroa da Beyoncé

  • kaka Viana
    kaka Viana   2018-11-18T15:49:56.000Z


  • Valerie Wanna
    Valerie Wanna   2018-11-18T15:24:07.000Z


  • Jäke Psychø
    Jäke Psychø   2018-11-18T14:58:53.000Z

    5.8 million!!! Here we come 6 million!!

  • illuminati undertones
    illuminati undertones   2018-11-18T14:46:38.000Z

    Coming from one of the biggest girlbands her solo career is bound to be big also. but that isnt a guaranteed.

  • Shawn Rissetto
    Shawn Rissetto   2018-11-18T14:25:02.000Z

    Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools

  • Alissa Cook
    Alissa Cook   2018-11-18T14:03:26.000Z

    I’d SO go gay for her. 😍😘😛🤪

  • E H
    E H   2018-11-18T13:29:34.000Z


  • Viviane Ramos
    Viviane Ramos   2018-11-18T12:56:07.000Z

    Não consigo parar de ouvir essa música

  • The White Wolf
    The White Wolf   2018-11-18T12:12:30.000Z

    Beyonce is that you?

  • Antonio Marcos
    Antonio Marcos   2018-11-18T11:46:39.000Z

    Love you dinah jane ❤😍💖

  • Antonio Marcos
    Antonio Marcos   2018-11-18T11:46:18.000Z

    Esse vídeo tá o piru glu glu glu glu glu 👏🔥😍😂

  • harry C.
    harry C.   2018-11-18T11:43:30.000Z


  • Ariola the skinny legend
    Ariola the skinny legend   2018-11-18T11:39:36.000Z


  • Nigel Kanokanga
    Nigel Kanokanga   2018-11-18T11:15:49.000Z

    i think this also needed JEREMIH but great song hey

  • Janny Souza
    Janny Souza   2018-11-18T11:12:59.000Z


  • Anonymous Singer
    Anonymous Singer   2018-11-18T11:05:32.000Z


  • Princess Moana
    Princess Moana   2018-11-18T10:05:06.000Z

    Yessssssss 20 million here we come ❤️🙌🏼

  • Ms. EssentiaList
    Ms. EssentiaList   2018-11-18T09:57:32.000Z

    Nooo her teeth!! She looks soo different now 😓