Fortnite X NFL

  • Published on 2018-11-05T15:10:15.000Z
  • We're excited to announce that Fortnite and the NFL are teaming up for the ultimate football face-off. Starting November 9 at 7PM ET you'll be able to purchase NFL themed Outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop. Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Learn More:

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  • [EPIC] Gameur S
    [EPIC] Gameur S   2018-11-19T12:48:37.000Z

    ommg je kiif fortnite il nous fons toujour rêver par contre vous pouvez vous abonner a ma chaine ? Ou pas s\'il vous plait

  • ador luigi
    ador luigi   2018-11-19T08:54:38.000Z

    Needs a disrespect flag emote

  • Arafhad Asilbyek
    Arafhad Asilbyek   2018-11-19T08:12:51.000Z


    AJAYY 2OFFXCIAL   2018-11-19T05:54:53.000Z

    When is powerchord

  • Birdland11
    Birdland11   2018-11-19T05:24:12.000Z

    the Negro Felon League ! Epic is run by women and cucks

  • Amy Rattray
    Amy Rattray   2018-11-19T03:00:26.000Z

    I love your game that you put out its amaizing

  • Amy Rattray
    Amy Rattray   2018-11-19T02:59:46.000Z

    Hi epic games

  • Defaulty Boi
    Defaulty Boi   2018-11-19T01:06:55.000Z

    What emote dis the dude with 45 do

  • price captain
    price captain   2018-11-19T00:22:42.000Z


    SPLASH GAMER   2018-11-18T23:46:53.000Z

    If you look near the top left at the guy in the black jersey he’s doing a dance that hasn’t even came out yet

  • Nathaniel Delgado
    Nathaniel Delgado   2018-11-18T23:45:04.000Z

    When will people realize how stupid this game is? I used to play it, and then I realized, \"this is the same thing over and over and over again, what the fork have I been wasting my money on?\" When you buy stuff on fortnite, it does not benefit you in *any* way when you play the actual game. You are wasting both your time and your money. This game is an addiction. It\'s getting children kidnapped. Stop.

  • андрей слобожанюк
    андрей слобожанюк   2018-11-18T22:17:43.000Z

    Пабг лутше

  • андрей слобожанюк
    андрей слобожанюк   2018-11-18T22:17:36.000Z

    Гавно игра

  • Ava
    Ava   2018-11-18T22:07:48.000Z

    I’m so scared

  • xxanqelicxx
    xxanqelicxx   2018-11-18T22:00:06.000Z

    Go Patriots!

  • Freeching Productions
    Freeching Productions   2018-11-18T19:25:44.000Z

    i like the new madden

  • mauspingpong
    mauspingpong   2018-11-18T19:16:32.000Z


  • Galaxy PlayZ
    Galaxy PlayZ   2018-11-18T18:48:11.000Z

    I love Blitz!

  • Lego Stop Motion Animation
    Lego Stop Motion Animation   2018-11-18T18:25:26.000Z

    Number 45 is doing an unreleased dance

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez   2018-11-18T17:46:24.000Z

    Add double pump back plzzzzzzz

  • Jake Default
    Jake Default   2018-11-18T17:00:02.000Z

    Guy in the back left with the black shirt is doing an emote that’s not in yet

  • Kevin cool
    Kevin cool   2018-11-18T15:40:40.000Z

    Disliked it, no default dance Wtf

  • TheSourceSlantedRoom
    TheSourceSlantedRoom   2018-11-18T13:10:55.000Z

    Now you can be gay in to ways! By playing this game to begin with and making your character wear a Cowboys jersey!

  • Alex Wabuloko
    Alex Wabuloko   2018-11-18T12:59:40.000Z

    Add purple tac SMG please

  • فاستس مان اللايف
    فاستس مان اللايف   2018-11-18T12:13:32.000Z

    There is a new dance in the left black man (not step it up) another man

  • Ramo Sokolji
    Ramo Sokolji   2018-11-18T11:55:02.000Z

    Plssssss epic games ken aiev one skin plssssssssssssssssssssssssasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss<3

  • A youtuber with out nothing??????
    A youtuber with out nothing??????   2018-11-18T07:03:57.000Z


  • Mario Librado
    Mario Librado   2018-11-18T05:33:45.000Z

    Remember the good ol\' days? When ppl weren\'t trash talking or hypnotized? Guess not NINJA 😒

  • Matias Lopez
    Matias Lopez   2018-11-18T03:04:00.000Z

    Yo, black uniform, number 45, new dance coming?

  • Carson Colton
    Carson Colton   2018-11-18T02:27:35.000Z

    Bring them back

  • thug studio's
    thug studio's   2018-11-18T02:09:10.000Z

    Hey um I feel like they aren\'t going to read my comment but can you put the NFL skins back on I bout 2,500 vbucks and was going buy the NFL but it disappeared so can you put it back on the store plz thank you😁👌

  • TheGoldenSwitch 21
    TheGoldenSwitch 21   2018-11-18T00:01:18.000Z


  • TheGoldenSwitch 21
    TheGoldenSwitch 21   2018-11-18T00:01:10.000Z


  • Default Name
    Default Name   2018-11-17T22:53:11.000Z


  • SSB Daniel
    SSB Daniel   2018-11-17T21:55:48.000Z

    Number 45 is doing Bombastic

  • TOT_Bear
    TOT_Bear   2018-11-17T21:22:29.000Z

    Please get the glider redeploy back!!! It was so good.

  • Nintendo Fan Unity
    Nintendo Fan Unity   2018-11-17T21:20:21.000Z

    why the hell is the purple one hitting an innocent donkey!?

  • EJ Castillo Leiva
    EJ Castillo Leiva   2018-11-17T21:02:50.000Z

    Where is the Stadium?

  • GamerDrO
    GamerDrO   2018-11-17T20:42:14.000Z

    Next time do the uk football :)

  • Bi Brooks
    Bi Brooks   2018-11-17T20:29:08.000Z

    dear god, fortnite is taking over the world make it stop

  • IDoanimations/Dollyboy1923 aka Pixeldonkey

    NFL oh you mean the *M L S*

  • mary luz rojas robles
    mary luz rojas robles   2018-11-17T19:40:31.000Z


  • Brenogamer Breno
    Brenogamer Breno   2018-11-17T17:47:02.000Z

    Fortnite i Will play you

  • TAF 5149
    TAF 5149   2018-11-17T17:30:56.000Z

    Add redoployable gliders back like where do they go if you jump off somewhere why can you not just redeploy your gliders

  • PosePlast
    PosePlast   2018-11-17T16:25:51.000Z

    Pure cancer

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp   2018-11-17T15:25:23.000Z

    Why is team 49ers all in the back :c

  • NoobGamer Pro
    NoobGamer Pro   2018-11-17T14:55:09.000Z

    Fortnite there’s a channel name HDwhitelight you have to see now it’s giving fake website for vbucks

  • Guy
    Guy   2018-11-17T14:34:39.000Z

    I thought EA had exclusive rights to NFL teams and players in games

  • Braden Davis
    Braden Davis   2018-11-17T14:31:32.000Z

    yo epic thx for letting the Tennessee titans skin have the leaked emote

  • Asher Lopez Sioson
    Asher Lopez Sioson   2018-11-17T14:23:38.000Z

    That was kain tha alitel vit funy with the lama bell

  • Ethan Mulleno
    Ethan Mulleno   2018-11-17T09:36:56.000Z

    First we had Roblox Now this

  • JONNY t57
    JONNY t57   2018-11-17T09:18:59.000Z

    Epic game plis floss shop

  • Mr Est Ogi
    Mr Est Ogi   2018-11-17T08:06:21.000Z

    What emote is that (black guy)

  • Lora Galster
    Lora Galster   2018-11-17T07:33:16.000Z

    Arazhul Menschen

  • Robert Wesselink
    Robert Wesselink   2018-11-17T07:03:00.000Z


  • WalterTheKook
    WalterTheKook   2018-11-17T04:05:44.000Z


  • Derpy_King_
    Derpy_King_   2018-11-17T03:57:17.000Z

    Please add gas chambers for all the nine year olds

  • cinthya ulate vega
    cinthya ulate vega   2018-11-17T03:14:50.000Z

    Quiero jugar Fortnite en Android

  • Nelson Gualavisi
    Nelson Gualavisi   2018-11-17T02:50:47.000Z

    Xq no puedo jugar fortnite

  • Magnetize
    Magnetize   2018-11-17T02:45:11.000Z

    They made he one in the orange do orange justice. Lol

  • EvilDoggo505
    EvilDoggo505   2018-11-17T02:22:00.000Z

    I\'m callin\' it right now; next sports-themed outfits we\'re gonna get are gonna be baseball skins

  • Lendl Divino
    Lendl Divino   2018-11-17T01:46:39.000Z

    How do you download fortnite on ipad?

  • me llamo jeff
    me llamo jeff   2018-11-17T01:45:04.000Z

    pubg is better :v

  • Fabian Guzman
    Fabian Guzman   2018-11-17T01:27:59.000Z

    Where are the 49ers

  • Dannalisa _-_
    Dannalisa _-_   2018-11-17T00:49:52.000Z

    *you can save 50% by switching to Geico.*

  • awoah
    awoah   2018-11-17T00:08:02.000Z

    What is happened to our nation

  • James Lavish
    James Lavish   2018-11-16T23:01:11.000Z

    Why is there women in there? As an incel, I am very offended.

  • Mc Fata
    Mc Fata   2018-11-16T22:43:23.000Z

    Nice the eagles dude is doing the eagle dance which football skin well you pick I\'ll pick,the Patriots skin

  • Today's Tomato News
    Today's Tomato News   2018-11-16T22:04:01.000Z


  • Colombian Cat
    Colombian Cat   2018-11-16T21:53:10.000Z

    this is why i will never visit the us

  • Daniel 1
    Daniel 1   2018-11-16T20:09:57.000Z

    Just add the new servers to fix the CONSTANT lag already, how long will your game be THIS unplayable?

  • hallo youtube
    hallo youtube   2018-11-16T18:52:05.000Z


  • 2ESY Koala
    2ESY Koala   2018-11-16T17:33:01.000Z

    Look at the black one on the left in the back what emote is that? Sorry don’t know team

  • Viktor Sundstrom
    Viktor Sundstrom   2018-11-16T17:16:26.000Z

    0:02 is that Damon from bully?

  • The Gamer Boy
    The Gamer Boy   2018-11-16T17:05:19.000Z

    i saw the bombastic emote its on the left

  • Sumu Alsayyida
    Sumu Alsayyida   2018-11-16T14:36:47.000Z


    UNKNOWN ЮЗЕР   2018-11-16T11:23:32.000Z

    I want 4 season back((

  • M Deckers
    M Deckers   2018-11-16T10:02:26.000Z

    What do we get when we cross cancer with cancer...

  • Panda TimeForRoblox
    Panda TimeForRoblox   2018-11-16T09:58:36.000Z

    Epic cmon for xmas bring back double pump please

  • Bensen Bingarape
    Bensen Bingarape   2018-11-16T09:07:28.000Z


  • Sidm1
    Sidm1   2018-11-16T07:42:23.000Z

    -NO DEFAULT DANCE- *but still probably every dance. (Except for default dance)*

  • TheMaLB_07
    TheMaLB_07   2018-11-16T07:34:56.000Z

    i hate fortnite sucks

  • Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio Rodriguez   2018-11-16T07:03:46.000Z

    *NFL theme intensifies*

  • Mikasnip06
    Mikasnip06   2018-11-16T06:07:06.000Z


  • FernandoXD11
    FernandoXD11   2018-11-16T06:02:11.000Z


  • Patrick 311009
    Patrick 311009   2018-11-16T05:45:05.000Z

    Found the Seahawks yeah

  • Leow Young
    Leow Young   2018-11-16T05:35:33.000Z

    i want to play but i can\'t

  • Leow Young
    Leow Young   2018-11-16T05:35:21.000Z

    have fortnite available on my phone

  • Can we hit 5000 subs with no vids ???
    Can we hit 5000 subs with no vids ???   2018-11-16T05:13:01.000Z

    Lol did anyone notice the orange one doing orange justice coincidence I think not ¿¿¿¿

  • Predator The gamer
    Predator The gamer   2018-11-16T02:50:42.000Z

    Fortnite sucks

  • Ur Boi
    Ur Boi   2018-11-16T01:26:51.000Z

    If u look left of the back u can see a leaked emote

  • SomewhatUnderstandable
    SomewhatUnderstandable   2018-11-16T01:24:22.000Z

    C A N C E R

  • pereaalex Perea
    pereaalex Perea   2018-11-15T22:49:32.000Z


  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson   2018-11-15T22:13:08.000Z

    Find The Default Dance

  • YourTypicalAtaru
    YourTypicalAtaru   2018-11-15T22:04:38.000Z

    why. just why.

  • big pepperoni
    big pepperoni   2018-11-15T21:46:06.000Z

    *_please god no_*

  • Games Solo
    Games Solo   2018-11-15T21:26:18.000Z

    العربي الي يشوف الكمنتات بدون مايفهم لايك هههههههه😂😂😂😂

  • Rani Gaming
    Rani Gaming   2018-11-15T19:37:38.000Z

    if you see no one dance ride the pony give a like

  • legendary_clan 0921
    legendary_clan 0921   2018-11-15T19:32:30.000Z


  • Isaacthegamebro
    Isaacthegamebro   2018-11-15T18:58:16.000Z

    Boooo Fortnite sucks boooo