T.I. Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • tom d
    tom d   2018-10-23T03:19:37.000Z

    He bought every sneaker I want... 😭

  • Zach S
    Zach S   2018-10-22T16:43:55.000Z

    He has better diction than I would have expected

  • T GY
    T GY   2018-10-22T16:38:30.000Z


  • kiroshi reyna
    kiroshi reyna   2018-10-22T03:47:57.000Z

    Do 50

  • Hugo Nieves
    Hugo Nieves   2018-10-22T02:51:16.000Z

    T.I. Remind me of Jazz from Fresh Prince 😂

  • NellyBelle
    NellyBelle   2018-10-22T00:51:47.000Z

    I\'m beginning to think T.I just like to talk with punctual grammar! He is just bright and articulate! Love it!

  • TIP
    TIP   2018-10-22T00:43:50.000Z

    D i m e T r a p

  • Roblox Savage
    Roblox Savage   2018-10-22T00:16:44.000Z

    He got his ass ripped off on some of these

  • WOLFIE Coaxe
    WOLFIE Coaxe   2018-10-21T23:06:58.000Z

    Thats what i look like with hannaford bags

  • BA Shredies
    BA Shredies   2018-10-21T22:07:01.000Z

    395 for golden 97\'s, dude got rekt

  • Kreatyon X
    Kreatyon X   2018-10-21T21:29:29.000Z

    Looking like a rich hood nigga went to oxford

  • Elmo
    Elmo   2018-10-21T21:24:03.000Z

    6ix9ine goes sneaker shopping with complex

  • Anthony Laguerre
    Anthony Laguerre   2018-10-21T19:12:37.000Z

    That\'s my favorite rapper

  • King David4real
    King David4real   2018-10-21T17:17:04.000Z

    He looks like Carmelo Anthony

  • Nuckle Sandwich
    Nuckle Sandwich   2018-10-21T14:36:27.000Z

    Why he picked them shitty cardinal 7s to get signed 😂😂😂😂

  • Aj Mason
    Aj Mason   2018-10-21T09:13:04.000Z

    Y’all need young dolph on here ASAP

  • Karmander 1216
    Karmander 1216   2018-10-21T06:32:49.000Z

    All OGs pay with plastic

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards   2018-10-20T16:34:25.000Z

    They ripped T.I. off

  • Carti Plugg
    Carti Plugg   2018-10-20T03:32:05.000Z

    This man T.I. was explaining the shoes to the complex guy 😂

  • Bob Shearlds
    Bob Shearlds   2018-10-19T14:19:04.000Z

    9G\'s on sneakers?dayummmmmmm

  • busymike
    busymike   2018-10-19T11:26:04.000Z

    You know he regretted paying 10k for those shoes, you could see it in his face. He knew that camera was rolling though, so he had to do it. lmao

  • wowowowow
    wowowowow   2018-10-19T09:28:28.000Z

    counter girl lowkey hot not gonn lie

    KVNG GLO   2018-10-19T04:53:56.000Z

    Taxin like a mf

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart   2018-10-19T01:27:27.000Z

    That nigga shirt was making me mad😐

  • ìkkí
    ìkkí   2018-10-19T01:10:06.000Z

    He a sn1tch .

  • Javier Limon
    Javier Limon   2018-10-18T21:36:06.000Z

    LIL SKIES !!!!!!

  • Tyler Wrolen
    Tyler Wrolen   2018-10-18T20:27:12.000Z

    taxed the fuck out of him holy shit

  • Ignacio Garcia Vazquez
    Ignacio Garcia Vazquez   2018-10-18T18:12:29.000Z

    The best complex´ video ever. Congratulations

  • Sennhight
    Sennhight   2018-10-18T15:30:59.000Z

    This guy still looks the same from ATL

  • pb3
    pb3   2018-10-18T12:28:55.000Z

    Some of those shoes are over priced according to what they’re going for on the market

  • Brother Zion
    Brother Zion   2018-10-18T05:35:05.000Z

    T.I. Ballin..

  • Heavy Rollers7stSP
    Heavy Rollers7stSP   2018-10-18T03:35:48.000Z

    Tip a fucking Boss he spun Da most I’ve seen since watch this show he just passed Bird Man who had Da previous high .... 💯💯💯💪

  • chaddy waddy
    chaddy waddy   2018-10-18T03:08:23.000Z


  • Raytona500
    Raytona500   2018-10-18T02:09:20.000Z

    Now this is SNEAKER SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, someone who breaks off more than I do at one time. Almost 10g\'s, way to go Tip! I personally think it\'s pathetic when a so called big shot does Sneaker Shopping and only breaks off 2-3gs...... Tip showed how it\'s done! Another great one Joe! Stay Fly! RAYTONA $ickWid\'It Records @Raytona500

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines   2018-10-18T02:00:23.000Z

    Spending money Still Sittingon more money then err mf in these damn comments And complex yall mf say shit tht shit dont faze bro💯🤙🏾😂

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines   2018-10-18T01:58:18.000Z

    love tht nigga attitude 💪🏾💪🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾💯

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines   2018-10-18T01:57:21.000Z

    LOVE THAT NIGGA🤒🤒💯💪🏾🤙🏾

  • NY RAW_Guy
    NY RAW_Guy   2018-10-18T00:05:58.000Z

    When the fuck af1 cost 700

  • Niko Priest
    Niko Priest   2018-10-17T23:43:24.000Z


  • Timothy Sastra
    Timothy Sastra   2018-10-17T23:26:04.000Z

    Givin those sneakers to ant man

  • Patrick
    Patrick   2018-10-17T22:49:49.000Z

    Joe\'s mic was off this whole interview SMH I know complex is heated

  • George Kim
    George Kim   2018-10-17T21:00:44.000Z

    I swear Atlanta rappers have their own language

  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez   2018-10-17T19:10:11.000Z


  • Harvey Benison
    Harvey Benison   2018-10-17T17:49:05.000Z

    What brand is ti’s shirt?

  • Cameron Allen
    Cameron Allen   2018-10-17T17:04:06.000Z

    Do famous dex!!

  • Damarion Trent
    Damarion Trent   2018-10-17T12:04:25.000Z

    I wana go

  • Underscore Galore
    Underscore Galore   2018-10-17T11:29:12.000Z

    Dis real ATL right here .

  • S C Vids
    S C Vids   2018-10-17T10:31:26.000Z


  • kntwing
    kntwing   2018-10-17T08:40:15.000Z

    shit how many pairs did he buy? filming at night .. 4 pairs of same jordan\'s but different colors... 2 pairs of air max different colors? i think he broke the record buying so many pairs?

  • Da’shaun Thompson
    Da’shaun Thompson   2018-10-17T08:20:45.000Z

    What are shoes called that TI is wearing now.

  • O Z U N A
    O Z U N A   2018-10-17T05:34:59.000Z


  • Young Provel
    Young Provel   2018-10-17T04:54:58.000Z

    T.I got cheated for those jordan 1 pine greens, on stock x they barely going for 220 resell, my dude paid 500 lol

  • J K
    J K   2018-10-17T04:43:59.000Z

    Bro I clicked on this just to see what words Ti was finna throw around on joe

  • Nick To Spicy
    Nick To Spicy   2018-10-17T04:10:01.000Z

    Can um ti be my uncle??

  • Diallo Reese
    Diallo Reese   2018-10-17T04:01:34.000Z

    This nigga shopped shopped

  • Izehumah Eyiba
    Izehumah Eyiba   2018-10-16T23:54:35.000Z

    Let complex do a sneaker shopping video with me

  • FonchCakes
    FonchCakes   2018-10-16T23:53:38.000Z


  • Aleem Shareef
    Aleem Shareef   2018-10-16T23:34:19.000Z

    Wtf is joe wearing?😭😭😭

  • kanyedian
    kanyedian   2018-10-16T23:29:33.000Z

    Tip is a PIG

  • Casimir Josiah
    Casimir Josiah   2018-10-16T23:22:50.000Z

    This nigga spending 10k on shoes when he can buy a fresh ass car with that money.

  • Mr Trell
    Mr Trell   2018-10-16T22:32:05.000Z

    T.i was lowkey feeling her

  • James Wills
    James Wills   2018-10-16T22:03:58.000Z

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  • Malcolm Norton
    Malcolm Norton   2018-10-16T21:57:19.000Z

    Bring Curren$y on for an episode!!!

  • Jay Hampton
    Jay Hampton   2018-10-16T21:40:12.000Z

    What the instrumental at 1:40

  • Jay Hampton
    Jay Hampton   2018-10-16T21:39:37.000Z

    What’s the instrumental at 1:48

  • Deion Smith
    Deion Smith   2018-10-16T21:19:41.000Z

    TI talks about black lives matter and etc but supporting someone who invests in private prisons that house us black people😂😂 seems about uncle tomish

  • will alcide
    will alcide   2018-10-16T20:29:04.000Z

    y stadium goods do him like that with 400 on the 97s

  • A.D
    A.D   2018-10-16T20:14:54.000Z

    T.I has always been hilariously articulate. \"Due to the complexities and the intricate manner in which these particular shoes were assembled, I was therefore compelled to grace them with my selection.\" 😂😂

  • Jack Hochstetler
    Jack Hochstetler   2018-10-16T19:10:16.000Z

    Entrepreneur working on a start-up and looking for some sneakerheads to answer a few quick questions over text (market research). DM me on IG if interested (@GumbyHoch), it will only take a few mins and any input would help us out 💯

  • Ronnie Neal Jr
    Ronnie Neal Jr   2018-10-16T19:08:51.000Z

    10 bandz just like that. Could’ve bought 🚗

  • Marcus Moore
    Marcus Moore   2018-10-16T19:04:07.000Z

    What boots do he have on!?!?!🔥🔥🔥

  • Rachel Mack
    Rachel Mack   2018-10-16T17:02:37.000Z

    I saw him at universal

  • Samuel Hati
    Samuel Hati   2018-10-16T16:37:14.000Z

    Get young thug

  • reggie jones
    reggie jones   2018-10-16T16:33:48.000Z

    tip hell 😂😂🔥🔥

  • Isaiah and brian challenges
    Isaiah and brian challenges   2018-10-16T16:16:55.000Z

    Yall should do lil wayne

  • Lil Dirt
    Lil Dirt   2018-10-16T16:03:30.000Z

    This nigga speak like a 1800”s black nationalists headass. Fredrick Douglas i.

  • KulKid13
    KulKid13   2018-10-16T15:06:34.000Z

    he only copped nike

    DARIUS   2018-10-16T14:53:16.000Z

    this must be from the same day as the breakfast club interview.

  • AnTonio DA AnKLE TAK3R
    AnTonio DA AnKLE TAK3R   2018-10-16T13:40:42.000Z

    Do Michael Jordan

  • Jacob Collins
    Jacob Collins   2018-10-16T11:51:51.000Z

    This store is a fucking joke, they just fully robbed the shit out of him... Prices are a joke...

  • galactus3666
    galactus3666   2018-10-16T11:04:01.000Z

    Rant on kanye west by sayin hes a better exemple for the black community next day goes on shoppin shoes with complex... GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE T.I

  • Devin Gary
    Devin Gary   2018-10-16T08:42:30.000Z

    Boosie please

  • jamaicasadonis
    jamaicasadonis   2018-10-16T07:59:01.000Z

    TI’s vernacular is quite impeccable.

  • VlogAbout
    VlogAbout   2018-10-16T05:51:19.000Z


  • Chanel Javoni
    Chanel Javoni   2018-10-16T05:26:35.000Z

    Lol they busting folks heads with them shoe prices .....

  • Cornelius Stokes
    Cornelius Stokes   2018-10-16T05:22:52.000Z

    Tip spent the most I den seen on this complex series mistake me if I’m wrong, Gucci spent a lot too

  • jtharra2
    jtharra2   2018-10-16T03:44:39.000Z


  • datboot jerk
    datboot jerk   2018-10-16T03:03:53.000Z

    Dam he didn’t get the wife and kids a dam thing..at least nba young boy looked out for his fam🤣🤣

  • Blackrose
    Blackrose   2018-10-16T02:52:36.000Z

    After the Breakfast Club interview

  • Treyyy 3
    Treyyy 3   2018-10-16T02:41:59.000Z

    Do Cam Newton

  • Monrow N. Herrod
    Monrow N. Herrod   2018-10-16T02:31:37.000Z

    9,000 tho.. Shit.. I got more grinding to do

  • Monrow N. Herrod
    Monrow N. Herrod   2018-10-16T02:31:05.000Z


  • DCLegend Strives
    DCLegend Strives   2018-10-15T23:55:50.000Z

    T.I got sneaker taste like me, I’m feeling every single shoe he just bought 💯💯

  • K I D
    K I D   2018-10-15T23:29:50.000Z

    Yo they faces when they have to check out priceless

  • Grey Storm
    Grey Storm   2018-10-15T22:18:24.000Z

    This man balled out. I wasn’t expecting Tip to be the one to drop $9k on some kicks 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ty Foor
    Ty Foor   2018-10-15T21:21:30.000Z

    Had no idea T.I. was into shoes this deeply. Very dope

  • Omkar Purav
    Omkar Purav   2018-10-15T20:44:04.000Z

    whats the soundtrack @0:01

  • Bad Man
    Bad Man   2018-10-15T20:38:31.000Z

    He’s paying 400 for gold 97s (that’s nothing for him) when you can buy them for 150, what’s the difference?

    OUT NORF PRODUCTIONS   2018-10-15T20:09:37.000Z

    This nigga bought 18 pairs of shoes, not one pair was for one of his 18 children. #DeadBeat

  • Deandre Coleman
    Deandre Coleman   2018-10-15T19:19:29.000Z

    Tip couldn’t be my uncle I’d be fucking his closet up he wear a 9.5 like me