Kittens Swim Up To Fisherman's Boat Looking for Help | The Dodo


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  • The Dodo
    The Dodo   2017-08-31T16:11:02.000Z

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  • Kim Laeny
    Kim Laeny   2018-11-14T03:01:19.000Z

    They must be so greatfull

  • polite critique
    polite critique   2018-11-12T06:50:43.000Z

    Christians been caught trapping baby animals then filming the rescue nasty evil religion

  • pinky frost the fox :3
    pinky frost the fox :3   2018-11-08T16:40:53.000Z

    I hate people who puts animals or throw them out of no where or in the river

  • Chica Maloley
    Chica Maloley   2018-11-06T21:45:23.000Z

    Why didn’t they eat it?

  • Dolls for Eva
    Dolls for Eva   2018-11-06T16:12:26.000Z


  • Sydney Pitts
    Sydney Pitts   2018-11-06T12:05:04.000Z

    I\'m surprised they like water.

  • Isabella Crump
    Isabella Crump   2018-11-04T18:43:37.000Z

    I love how he picked them up by the scruff just as a mamma cat would <3<3

  • Leonard 448
    Leonard 448   2018-11-04T18:06:51.000Z

    I thought cats hated water My life is a lie

  • im a person
    im a person   2018-11-02T04:22:30.000Z

    Poor kittens

  • Sharon 92075
    Sharon 92075   2018-11-01T04:53:24.000Z

    If I had not seen it, I would not have believed it!

  • Christie Zanker
    Christie Zanker   2018-10-23T07:33:57.000Z

    Did u check for anymore kittypets (kittens) -_-

  • Caden Brewer
    Caden Brewer   2018-10-23T03:21:57.000Z

    Id wait for a dog and take the dog cause cats are the spawn of Satan.

  • April Watters
    April Watters   2018-10-22T20:52:29.000Z

    PLEASE STOP tRUMP from enforcing the HJR 69 that he signed which allows Bear and Wolf pups to be Slaughtered in their dens!!!

  • Vincent Flores
    Vincent Flores   2018-10-15T08:14:43.000Z

    They have a home? Let me know, Please.

  • MaryRuth Farmer
    MaryRuth Farmer   2018-10-12T04:29:43.000Z

    Thank our Lord for these kind people

  • Michelle Stepp
    Michelle Stepp   2018-10-11T18:45:47.000Z

    I wonder how many drown😡 Good on these men!

  • Conceição Santos
    Conceição Santos   2018-10-10T10:14:30.000Z

    Tão lindo...há seres neste mundo muito bons...não há só coisas más. Grata por salvar os gatinhos. Que Deus vos dê uma grande bencão.

  • Galligator: Her Royal Randomness
    Galligator: Her Royal Randomness   2018-10-09T15:46:39.000Z

    The kitten twin that went first must be the bravest kitten and smart too for knowing those guys would help him and his twin.

  • Dia Fernandez
    Dia Fernandez   2018-10-05T13:03:17.000Z


  • ivan castellon
    ivan castellon   2018-09-30T23:26:13.000Z

    Sooo cute

  • beobe99
    beobe99   2018-09-28T23:35:45.000Z

    You guys are awesome, THANK YOU!

  • keva kinsler
    keva kinsler   2018-09-24T05:05:44.000Z

    Those kittys were very brave and very smart. Hope the wives said they can stay. 😊

  • tootsiepopssmn Gaming
    tootsiepopssmn Gaming   2018-09-23T14:19:54.000Z

    Legend tells us their still getting kittens

  • S Cin
    S Cin   2018-09-23T00:15:18.000Z

    Makes you love people.

  • Sos Hedgehog
    Sos Hedgehog   2018-09-19T02:17:02.000Z

    Is it just me or I get scared that they leave behind a family 😞

  • Tara M
    Tara M   2018-09-15T01:31:16.000Z

    Love some good ole country boys. ❤️❤️

  • Hi Therel
    Hi Therel   2018-09-15T01:02:28.000Z

    Kharma will get those who harm animals. Whether in this life or the after.

  • Elijah Guevarra
    Elijah Guevarra   2018-09-15T00:31:26.000Z

    How souposed to be a kitten swimming to a man and did not scared the cat!

  • Johann Hollar
    Johann Hollar   2018-09-14T17:13:16.000Z

    Calling the person who abandoned them a jackass is too nice of a word.

  • Samantha Sheehan
    Samantha Sheehan   2018-09-14T15:50:52.000Z

    I’m balling 😭😭😭 he didn’t want his brother to go with out him

  • Kaylee Anderson
    Kaylee Anderson   2018-09-14T03:30:16.000Z

    That just made my day😃

  • Marius magnestad
    Marius magnestad   2018-09-12T18:37:05.000Z

    Om so 😁

  • I Wanna Go Home
    I Wanna Go Home   2018-09-11T22:06:49.000Z

    They caught a, *catfish*

  • Lisa McGuiness
    Lisa McGuiness   2018-09-11T12:08:08.000Z

    A that\'s a great story line I can\'t believe people will get so low to to that to a poor kitten

  • Rynn21
    Rynn21   2018-09-11T08:16:18.000Z

    When a cat rather swim, you know there\'s a problem.

  • Autumn Rain
    Autumn Rain   2018-09-11T03:40:25.000Z


  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias   2018-09-10T23:11:55.000Z

    How kind of you two great going there

  • Kaitlyn Morales
    Kaitlyn Morales   2018-09-10T21:41:26.000Z

    \"He\'s rubbing against ma leg!\" 😂lol

  • California Condor
    California Condor   2018-09-10T02:29:40.000Z

    It was Tom Hanks and Wilson.

  • Isabelle Hendricks
    Isabelle Hendricks   2018-09-10T01:59:25.000Z

    They are so cute!!! The people who dumped them are stupid because 1. Why would you do that? They are too cute to be hurt like that and 2. That person who dumped them needs to go to jail.

  • Adrygf Drawings
    Adrygf Drawings   2018-09-09T20:38:52.000Z

    Thats a very weird fish you fished up there XD

  • ITz_TaRZaN_NOT Xoxoxo
    ITz_TaRZaN_NOT Xoxoxo   2018-09-09T07:50:25.000Z

    Awwww those cats are so cute idk why so many people dislike this is is heart warming

  • Koala Lover
    Koala Lover   2018-09-09T02:06:39.000Z

    The people who dumbed the kittens are AWFULL PEOPLE THEY ARE IDIOT!! God bless the people who saved the kittens 😇🐈

  • Mhica's Heart
    Mhica's Heart   2018-09-09T01:11:17.000Z

    That made me freaking cry. 😍😍

  • lil'miss Midnight
    lil'miss Midnight   2018-09-09T00:28:02.000Z

    ;w; poor kitties

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama   2018-09-08T02:12:37.000Z

    god bless you kind sirs

  • Jackson 83
    Jackson 83   2018-09-07T22:47:58.000Z

    I hope they went ashore to see if there were any left behind...

  • Unicorn squad
    Unicorn squad   2018-09-07T12:03:50.000Z

    Awwwwwww so cute i just was thinking how it get in water 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • try2justbe
    try2justbe   2018-09-07T11:44:42.000Z

    There was probably more on that island, poor babies

  • Derek Jang
    Derek Jang   2018-09-07T10:55:29.000Z

    Thanks for saving them.

  • Price Bayliss
    Price Bayliss   2018-09-07T05:35:55.000Z

    Plot twist they used them as bait.

  • ao el
    ao el   2018-09-07T04:41:57.000Z

    Heck yeah, good for those guys and the brave little ginger kittens

  • Swagzilla 999
    Swagzilla 999   2018-09-05T23:32:05.000Z

    Awwwwww sooo sweet😭

  • Princess Allura
    Princess Allura   2018-09-05T14:57:56.000Z

    \"Cause some jackass probably put them out here\". *he has ever right to be angry*

  • banana god
    banana god   2018-09-05T01:37:54.000Z

    Ugh a cat

  • Randomness
    Randomness   2018-09-04T20:20:06.000Z

    That\'s arranged, they threw them in the water...

  • Ludlz bLURZSZz
    Ludlz bLURZSZz   2018-09-04T09:32:41.000Z


  • Wawa Willegers
    Wawa Willegers   2018-09-04T07:53:08.000Z

    Glad you helped them both. Poor cats, I hope you take care of them and protect them from harm Thank you, God bless you.

  • luuke luketer
    luuke luketer   2018-09-04T07:05:25.000Z

    are cats born swimmers ????

  • smow pea
    smow pea   2018-09-01T19:24:08.000Z

    1.6 idiots disliked

  • Tauridium
    Tauridium   2018-09-01T14:12:39.000Z

    Could they have at least take their t-shirt off and wrap them in?

  • Sparkles Cat
    Sparkles Cat   2018-08-30T17:46:27.000Z

    So cute

  • Joe Joseph
    Joe Joseph   2018-08-30T01:19:46.000Z

    Sometimes animals adopt us. Never question such a gift.

  • sārā .māngān
    sārā .māngān   2018-08-29T09:36:57.000Z

    That is simply the cutest thing I have ever seen 😍❤️

  • Tanish Singh
    Tanish Singh   2018-08-29T09:24:02.000Z

    Plot twist. Those kittens are pirates.

  • Raquel 03
    Raquel 03   2018-08-29T06:34:36.000Z

    KITTENS SWIMMING in WATER?😂 they’re such little brave cuties omg 😭

  • HIZIE 87
    HIZIE 87   2018-08-28T09:12:56.000Z

    I keep coming back watching this video. Cuteness overload...

  • dead beat
    dead beat   2018-08-28T04:30:36.000Z

    Those men are adorable

  • aesthetic thoughtxs
    aesthetic thoughtxs   2018-08-26T22:44:35.000Z

    Who ever disliked this has no heart and probably got dumped by their gf or bf

  • Backyard Music Feedback
    Backyard Music Feedback   2018-08-25T15:37:36.000Z

    I was expecting a gator or turtle to end the kitties

  • Heather Dobbs
    Heather Dobbs   2018-08-25T15:00:34.000Z

    Such brave smart kitties

  • Gabe Manils
    Gabe Manils   2018-08-25T13:21:34.000Z

    swimming cats

  • ǫᴜᴇᴇɴᴄʜ Gamer
    ǫᴜᴇᴇɴᴄʜ Gamer   2018-08-25T12:17:40.000Z

    the meow just killed me

  • SevenFour
    SevenFour   2018-08-24T16:58:06.000Z

    Are you *KITTEN* me?

  • Charlie X
    Charlie X   2018-08-23T21:57:47.000Z

    People suck. God, if you’re up there, please send the next meteor. Let the cockroaches take over... they can’t do any worse

  • ErickMN
    ErickMN   2018-08-22T01:59:11.000Z

    You guys rock.

  • Zoe Rowan
    Zoe Rowan   2018-08-21T02:13:53.000Z


  • Debbie F.
    Debbie F.   2018-08-20T19:57:54.000Z

    When they come to people for help like that, they are lost or abandoned pets. Wild ones rarely ask for help.

  • DeJuan Ohalloran
    DeJuan Ohalloran   2018-08-20T12:20:36.000Z

    Awe made my morning

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus   2018-08-19T08:26:59.000Z

    And it all ended happily ever after, when those gentlemen sold the 2 kittens to their local chinese food restaurant, where they became the spicy lunch special of the day. :D

  • Unrepentant Troll
    Unrepentant Troll   2018-08-19T08:25:15.000Z

    O....the HUMANITY! Those poooor kittens rescued by EVIL MEN! Evil WHITE MEN!!!!!!! The fux?! That was pure awesome. Just sum good \'ole boys.....never meaning no harm....

  • High Intentions
    High Intentions   2018-08-18T16:29:02.000Z

    This warms my heart. I watch your Dodo videos in a time where the world is often filled with much hate, violence, and disregard for life. Your videos offer me hope and faith that good people still exist and things will be better. ❤💛💚

  • Kevin Gautier
    Kevin Gautier   2018-08-18T13:27:20.000Z

    1600 scary assfucks didn\'t like this. If you\'re a dog person, don\'t watch the goddamnned video! Idiots!

  • monika gautam
    monika gautam   2018-08-17T10:19:45.000Z

    Amazing video

    ANGEL OF GOD   2018-08-16T22:12:30.000Z


  • Generic African
    Generic African   2018-08-16T13:24:49.000Z

    It\'s a catfish

  • gargarita ladybug
    gargarita ladybug   2018-08-15T21:35:02.000Z


    KING JAMES   2018-08-15T09:54:54.000Z

    I thought cats hate water

  • EmptyNone
    EmptyNone   2018-08-15T07:41:43.000Z

    You have to be such a selfish garbage human being for abandoning BABY cats like this. Thank god for these two.

  • Finley Smith
    Finley Smith   2018-08-14T15:16:20.000Z

    So cool

  • Don Tyson
    Don Tyson   2018-08-14T12:21:58.000Z

    how can 1500 people dislike this video?????

  • Buttercupkat Productions
    Buttercupkat Productions   2018-08-13T21:56:37.000Z

    Who would be so heartless to dump a litter of kittens into the middle of a forest?! Unless that was from a wildcat... I hope the mama isn\'t sad!

  • Tatiana Orozco
    Tatiana Orozco   2018-08-13T18:22:03.000Z


  • Naomi Rivera
    Naomi Rivera   2018-08-12T20:31:37.000Z

    The jackass who pie them out there is fucked up.

  • peterm3964
    peterm3964   2018-08-12T17:49:31.000Z

    Two kind men . Two needy cats . Thats good karma .

  • Bear Jew
    Bear Jew   2018-08-11T20:40:30.000Z

    It’s a misdemeanor to abandon them

  • ThePCGamer
    ThePCGamer   2018-08-11T17:22:37.000Z


  • Cindy Benjamin
    Cindy Benjamin   2018-08-11T11:50:56.000Z


  • Emily Spencer
    Emily Spencer   2018-08-10T23:22:45.000Z

    This is so sweet😭