Lil Peep - Life Is Beautiful

  • Published on 2018-11-07T17:00:01.000Z
  • ‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2’ Out November 9:   “Life Is Beautiful” off ‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2’ out now: LIZA’S NOTES: Gus wrote this song in early 2015.  He and a friend shot some footage at our home in Long Beach, NY—where a couple of his other videos were shot. Gus liked shooting in the basement, and in the garage. He liked playing with atmosphere. In this one, he was playing with light and shadow. He was also very proud of his new glasses. He needed prescription glasses, and this was the only pair he ever had with a prescription in them. /////   Directed by Mezzy Animation by Bryson Michael Shot by Will Silberfeld Produced by Smokeasac & IIVI   /////  

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  • Jatrio Iyok
    Jatrio Iyok   2018-11-19T15:48:47.000Z


  • Ultimatum
    Ultimatum   2018-11-19T15:43:48.000Z

    I learned about peep like two weeks before he died, but I fell in love with his music so fast. This album is such a blessing even though listening to it makes me sad.

  • Anna Sitek
    Anna Sitek   2018-11-19T15:32:12.000Z

    I Love you 😭

  • anonymous 45 Gaming
    anonymous 45 Gaming   2018-11-19T15:30:08.000Z

    R. I. P 💔😭

  • Rockstar 5047
    Rockstar 5047   2018-11-19T15:25:04.000Z

    Feels so beautiful to be able to hear his voice even after his death❤😔

  • James Downs
    James Downs   2018-11-19T15:21:27.000Z


  • Caveira_is_my_wifu ILY
    Caveira_is_my_wifu ILY   2018-11-19T14:59:57.000Z

    I like 1.25 speed.

  • Polegi GT
    Polegi GT   2018-11-19T14:40:07.000Z

    ``And if I try suicide, would you stop me.\"

  • Colin Sweet
    Colin Sweet   2018-11-19T14:39:05.000Z

    when in the fuck did peep where glasses

  • SupR_T0oxiToZz
    SupR_T0oxiToZz   2018-11-19T14:38:51.000Z


  • กานต์ กิจบำรุง
    กานต์ กิจบำรุง   2018-11-19T14:37:09.000Z

    I miss u Peep

  • Zki Zx
    Zki Zx   2018-11-19T14:18:50.000Z

    isn\'s life beautiful <3

  • 你胖媽媽的胸部
    你胖媽媽的胸部   2018-11-19T14:12:00.000Z

    эх вот бы этот чувак стал новым лил пипом

  • Space Boy
    Space Boy   2018-11-19T13:56:36.000Z

    everythinks is beutiful.

  • NoyJoi
    NoyJoi   2018-11-19T13:51:40.000Z

    the end makes me cry.

  • sara sabo
    sara sabo   2018-11-19T13:47:24.000Z

    Legends ever die🔥🤘

  • Henry Wilke
    Henry Wilke   2018-11-19T13:37:59.000Z

    I think that Life is beautiful 🙏

  • Бади ツ
    Бади ツ   2018-11-19T13:34:52.000Z

    Особисто менi поi\"бати

  • TylerDurden 989
    TylerDurden 989   2018-11-19T13:17:28.000Z

    I just heard of this guy bc my friends told me to react to him. I hate it. The lyrics and his voice just aweful

  • Dollar 3angle
    Dollar 3angle   2018-11-19T13:17:26.000Z

    RIP Love💔😭

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  • 이재원
    이재원   2018-11-19T13:03:43.000Z


  • Scoping
    Scoping   2018-11-19T12:28:10.000Z

    That line about your grandpa\'s funeral hit a little too close to home man I was not prepared for that shit. RIP man every time i hear his music i remember why one of the pieces that is missing from my heart is gone.

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips   2018-11-19T12:23:32.000Z

    I cried tears of joy at the end

  • Jasper Connor
    Jasper Connor   2018-11-19T12:10:34.000Z

    lil peeping tom

  • LeBrax Cz
    LeBrax Cz   2018-11-19T12:04:52.000Z

    Iam scared of the day when this Channel Will not be posting anything cause there Will be nothing to post...

  • Victoria Solis
    Victoria Solis   2018-11-19T12:02:21.000Z

    Sucks he’s gone 😓😓

  • 30 second Songs And ringtones
    30 second Songs And ringtones   2018-11-19T12:02:19.000Z

    Welcome To America This Type of shit is Typical . First rapper Who actually makes sense. Somehow rip lil peep

  • fantastic fomin
    fantastic fomin   2018-11-19T11:45:16.000Z

    You made my Life beatiful

  • fantastic fomin
    fantastic fomin   2018-11-19T11:40:14.000Z

    You life is beautiful 😔

  • D4V1D CZE
    D4V1D CZE   2018-11-19T11:35:05.000Z

    ˇˇYou wanna see your friendsˇˇ But you´re stuck inside a hospital.

  • Ex1neZz 'Gg
    Ex1neZz 'Gg   2018-11-19T10:58:41.000Z

    Он такой красивый и милый.

  • Haizen
    Haizen   2018-11-19T10:53:33.000Z

    been a fan since white wine, not long ago but your such a inspirational person.

  • miau miau
    miau miau   2018-11-19T10:41:34.000Z


  • Kh41r1l
    Kh41r1l   2018-11-19T10:39:53.000Z

    This is my 100th listening to this song. Almost Everytime it plays I cry

  • hii boi ;*
    hii boi ;*   2018-11-19T10:38:47.000Z

    how can he know that life is beautiful when he is dead?

  • Savage 12345
    Savage 12345   2018-11-19T10:20:00.000Z


  • anarquía cyborg
    anarquía cyborg   2018-11-19T09:55:18.000Z

    like si estas de after

  • TeamAlive2011
    TeamAlive2011   2018-11-19T09:44:03.000Z

    L O N E R S

  • GuzzY
    GuzzY   2018-11-19T09:33:32.000Z

    \"I think imma die alone inside my room\" R. I. P Lil Peep 🇫🇷

  • KilI Cosby
    KilI Cosby   2018-11-19T09:26:04.000Z

    Who else realises that there alive sometimes? Like I feel like I realise that I\'m only 16 and feel like I\'ve been around for thousends of years. Nothing is permanent and I don\'t know what I\'m talking about I\'m high

  • bp sRB
    bp sRB   2018-11-19T09:10:37.000Z

    Deep lyrics

  • luth eger
    luth eger   2018-11-19T09:01:47.000Z

    Sex with you is like I\'m dreaming an I just wanna hear you scream again now your gone I can\'t believe it

  • Im_Keegan_Hi
    Im_Keegan_Hi   2018-11-19T08:54:51.000Z

    About a month ago, took 2 oxys and drank half a bottle of whiskey with the intent on dying. Glad I didn’t.

  • Faez Hazamie
    Faez Hazamie   2018-11-19T08:52:39.000Z

    Is lil peep still alive?

  • Lachie Shaw
    Lachie Shaw   2018-11-19T08:27:19.000Z

    Peep is deep

  • Рахматджон Рахматов
    Рахматджон Рахматов   2018-11-19T08:14:55.000Z


  • Ho Lasd
    Ho Lasd   2018-11-19T07:54:04.000Z

    R I p peep 😭

  • R. B.
    R. B.   2018-11-19T07:52:53.000Z

    Peep looks like Chester with these glasses

  • 5k subscriptores nomás porque si.
    5k subscriptores nomás porque si.   2018-11-19T07:48:39.000Z

    Lil peep rip :(

  • 5k subscriptores nomás porque si.
    5k subscriptores nomás porque si.   2018-11-19T07:48:14.000Z

    Like si lo extrañas :/

    AIM9 POACH   2018-11-19T07:21:43.000Z

    Who is an og from 2016

  • Rafi Ahsani
    Rafi Ahsani   2018-11-19T07:18:05.000Z


  • StevoSama
    StevoSama   2018-11-19T07:03:38.000Z

    Seems like a lot of fans started listening after his death, where my Before death peep fans at?

  • Matthew Barr
    Matthew Barr   2018-11-19T06:56:11.000Z

    It feels like its been 1,000,000 years without you😭😭😭PLEASE COME BACK😭😢 RIP XXXTENTACION RIP LIL PEEP FOREVER LOVED ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ life i feel like life isnt worth living without you

  • pj keogh
    pj keogh   2018-11-19T06:47:29.000Z

    How you write songs if you dead

  • TWBprodigy
    TWBprodigy   2018-11-19T06:36:34.000Z

    He isn\'t gone until he\'s forgotten So to me he will never be dead❤❤❤

  • Desiigner Panda
    Desiigner Panda   2018-11-19T06:35:30.000Z

    wtf you life?!

  • Elliott Johnson
    Elliott Johnson   2018-11-19T06:00:33.000Z

    ❤️ 💔+ Rįp łîł Pęëp

  • eduardo ferreira
    eduardo ferreira   2018-11-19T05:59:40.000Z

    A pasado un año y aún quiero que sigas vivo eras grande maldito:\'\'3

  • Loadedodin
    Loadedodin   2018-11-19T05:49:41.000Z

    all time favorite peep song

  • A Thousand Subs With No Vids Challenge
    A Thousand Subs With No Vids Challenge   2018-11-19T05:34:44.000Z

    1 Year Today RIP❤☠ LIKE TO REST PEEP

  • Vicente Ordorica
    Vicente Ordorica   2018-11-19T05:31:00.000Z

    The comical one Hit me

  • Lucio Gonzalez
    Lucio Gonzalez   2018-11-19T05:24:48.000Z

    No lil peep:(

  • CityinFlames
    CityinFlames   2018-11-19T05:22:46.000Z

    This song hits me hard as I struggle to find a reason in this world with my daily grind with PTSD

  • Rodrigo Mariano Zavala
    Rodrigo Mariano Zavala   2018-11-19T05:14:49.000Z

    He doesnt have the cry baby tattoo, he\'s not Lil Peep ):

  • Mr Radalla
    Mr Radalla   2018-11-19T05:12:46.000Z


  • Buddy BLU
    Buddy BLU   2018-11-19T05:11:41.000Z

    How did he release a song....🤔

  • soqaaa
    soqaaa   2018-11-19T05:11:28.000Z

    he died one year ago....

  • Hudson Ghost Sickness
    Hudson Ghost Sickness   2018-11-19T05:00:55.000Z

    Hit\'s hard.

  • Anderson Pinheiro
    Anderson Pinheiro   2018-11-19T04:39:12.000Z

    Cadê os BR?

  • Pink Panther Junior
    Pink Panther Junior   2018-11-19T04:30:14.000Z

    I think should I end it I will see some fam and meet X and peep

  • Agus gatucci
    Agus gatucci   2018-11-19T04:30:02.000Z

    I loveee Peep🌹

  • Alice Miranda
    Alice Miranda   2018-11-19T04:27:56.000Z

    O Melhor de todos R.I.P Gustav 💔😭

  • Jeremy Lightner
    Jeremy Lightner   2018-11-19T04:23:03.000Z

    Wat song is he sampling when the bass kicks in

  • Papi Cj
    Papi Cj   2018-11-19T04:22:27.000Z

    Am depressed

  • Alissa507
    Alissa507   2018-11-19T04:14:03.000Z

    I miss him 💔💔💔💔💔🖤I wish I could have met him when I could but I can\'t and my parents would not let me anyways💔😭😭😢😢🖤

  • She Devil
    She Devil   2018-11-19T04:00:27.000Z

    Missing him

  • Baseball Duck
    Baseball Duck   2018-11-19T03:44:21.000Z

    Peepers. 😥

  • 8_Pride_Coffin_8
    8_Pride_Coffin_8   2018-11-19T03:39:41.000Z

    Anyone notice the fact that he has no facetats, that only means this song is actually extremly old

  • A Nice Life
    A Nice Life   2018-11-19T03:35:34.000Z


  • Black Stillow
    Black Stillow   2018-11-19T03:21:38.000Z

    Lil peep got me, I suffer from depression and anxiety, I\'m an outcast at school, I get bullied for being different, I want to be me, lil peep got that, lil peep was a friendly voice that I\'ve never had, and now he\'s gone, I don\'t think I can take shit anymore, I\'ve come so close to killing myself, that I\'m on the edge, I need help, but nobody gives a shit about me

  • Bexx BR🉐
    Bexx BR🉐   2018-11-19T03:15:13.000Z


  • epileptic kid
    epileptic kid   2018-11-19T02:56:20.000Z

    LIL PEEP TYPE BEAT / epileptic kid - get cake, die young

  • Fat Dubee
    Fat Dubee   2018-11-19T02:56:13.000Z

    best song sence i herd save that

  • Shannon Cooley
    Shannon Cooley   2018-11-19T02:49:22.000Z

    Isn\'t peep beautiful, I think that peep is beautiful😍 miss him so much..

  • R S
    R S   2018-11-19T02:19:00.000Z

    Man, this is it right here. This song makes me feel a certain way everytime

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob   2018-11-19T02:14:08.000Z

    If life is so beautiful than why did he get high on drugs to make it better? I mean people go around saying this guy didn’t deserve to die but yet he still did drugs that he knew were deadly. And his death was because of said drugs and all of a sudden he’s innocent. All of your logic is flawed guys Edit: don’t get me wrong his music is good but seriously his death was bound from when he started doing drugs

  • David Galvan
    David Galvan   2018-11-19T01:38:40.000Z

    Sad boi

  • Jake Sucks balls
    Jake Sucks balls   2018-11-19T01:05:49.000Z

    I can’t get into this type of genre. I don’t like the music and I don’t fuck with the group of people who listen to it

  • RunsWth Scissors
    RunsWth Scissors   2018-11-19T01:00:25.000Z

    There are no words yet you STILL seem to find them for me.

  • Alexa Garcia
    Alexa Garcia   2018-11-19T00:58:48.000Z

    Sometimes when i listen to this song i feel like i hear differnt verses everytime

  • no sé que nombre poner
    no sé que nombre poner   2018-11-19T00:57:15.000Z

    I think imma die alone inside my room

  • Fahmi Sabirin
    Fahmi Sabirin   2018-11-19T00:53:18.000Z


  • Jared Jackson
    Jared Jackson   2018-11-19T00:45:41.000Z

    2% of cop shootings are on unarmed criminals and in 99% of those cases the suspect hit the cop or was trying to grab their weapon. Oh but wait, fuck facts.

  • SsjMacGamer 34
    SsjMacGamer 34   2018-11-19T00:37:23.000Z

    -Lil Peep Legend-

  • javier martinez
    javier martinez   2018-11-19T00:33:47.000Z

    This hurts

  • Natalie Maravilla
    Natalie Maravilla   2018-11-19T00:25:27.000Z

    Your glasses are sexy but i miss you r.i.p

  • thebattle4troy
    thebattle4troy   2018-11-19T00:02:50.000Z

    He\'s dead quit riding on his name and fame

  • Adrian Gray
    Adrian Gray   2018-11-18T23:46:56.000Z

    Us as humans aren’t beautiful were ugly hidden behind lies and with a small amount of shining examples how we should aim to be but I guess were only human