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  • wiinteriin
    wiinteriin   2018-11-19T16:02:11.000Z

    i was giggling and smiling ear to ear through this whole thing i love egbert omygod

  • ii_lxnghty
    ii_lxnghty   2018-11-19T11:20:19.000Z


  • Ziestosti / Spooky Dude
    Ziestosti / Spooky Dude   2018-11-19T02:49:03.000Z

    damn I wish I could swim so I could do this

  • Norah Van Nimwegen
    Norah Van Nimwegen   2018-11-18T20:48:34.000Z

    Octopuses are fucking smart

  • Norah Van Nimwegen
    Norah Van Nimwegen   2018-11-18T20:47:57.000Z


  • The Infinexos
    The Infinexos   2018-11-18T17:00:30.000Z

    **insert tentacle hentai joke here**

  • Shannan Goodin
    Shannan Goodin   2018-11-18T15:33:29.000Z

    Wow so cute

  • ღAzmalie Stylxღ
    ღAzmalie Stylxღ   2018-11-18T14:36:54.000Z

    Idk if I should feel bad about eating octopuses or not

  • Principal of the thing
    Principal of the thing   2018-11-18T10:49:33.000Z

    Octopuses are smart lol

  • Principal of the thing
    Principal of the thing   2018-11-18T10:47:14.000Z

    Well, if you were in the fishes POV that you held, it would be terrifying

  • TimberLand
    TimberLand   2018-11-18T10:17:40.000Z

    Finally Squidward loves someone 🙄

  • Rissa
    Rissa   2018-11-18T09:34:15.000Z

    Love him!😘😘😘 oh so beautiful

  • Adriana Sumpter
    Adriana Sumpter   2018-11-18T05:59:52.000Z

    That octopus is smart af *Why do it myself when I could have you do it* lmao

  • Sha Robb
    Sha Robb   2018-11-17T21:59:10.000Z

    😊so cute

  • shawn bla
    shawn bla   2018-11-17T20:36:08.000Z

    So octopus learned to use human 🤔

  • Emily 24!
    Emily 24!   2018-11-17T19:57:49.000Z

    I wan an octopus now!!!!

  • Daniel Pavlovsky
    Daniel Pavlovsky   2018-11-17T19:53:07.000Z

    I had a stuffed animal cow when I was a kid that I named Egbert. heh.

  • TheG90P
    TheG90P   2018-11-17T19:17:54.000Z


  • Spongebo SquarePants
    Spongebo SquarePants   2018-11-17T19:07:48.000Z

    *with his tentacles*

    AMANDA SWORLD   2018-11-17T17:08:16.000Z

    Mother Nature is so Beautiful i love these Amazing stories thank you Dodo.x

  • Littlechoc
    Littlechoc   2018-11-17T15:53:29.000Z

    Octopuses are just so intelligent and cool! Idk how anyone can bring themselves to eating one. I’d love one as a pet!

  • a w
    a w   2018-11-17T05:57:19.000Z

    Why is this the cutest thing ever?

  • Theresa Werner
    Theresa Werner   2018-11-16T21:25:55.000Z

    This is one of my favorite videos of all time.

  • J. L.
    J. L.   2018-11-16T15:17:23.000Z

    The Soul of an Octopus is a wonderful book about a woman\'s friendships with several octopuses, describing not only their intelligence but also their personalities and social engagement. A great read!

  • Marjolein And Animalss
    Marjolein And Animalss   2018-11-16T07:49:19.000Z

    I feel liek this person is dutch

  • Storm 32
    Storm 32   2018-11-16T06:13:16.000Z

    Japanese hentai detected

  • Patsky Bebop
    Patsky Bebop   2018-11-16T05:52:51.000Z

    Does anyone here love calamari?

  • Justin Ahmad
    Justin Ahmad   2018-11-15T20:56:00.000Z

    They can be way more kind to women;)))

  • DARK_EYESSs Animations
    DARK_EYESSs Animations   2018-11-15T20:36:54.000Z

    Frick unicorns or llamas Octopuses are life

  • Bob Log
    Bob Log   2018-11-15T16:53:35.000Z

    These are all different octuplets

  • Curious Cat 3 Google
    Curious Cat 3 Google   2018-11-15T11:30:08.000Z

    Amazing octopus,that’s what I am calling Egbert!

  • Summer 101
    Summer 101   2018-11-15T01:54:38.000Z

    4:29 weeeee😁

  • ThatOneSlytherin 77
    ThatOneSlytherin 77   2018-11-14T23:03:17.000Z

    This made my day

  • Spicy Mangos
    Spicy Mangos   2018-11-14T22:49:36.000Z

    Are you fucking kidding me.

  • free chicken
    free chicken   2018-11-14T18:47:12.000Z

    I want my own Egbert

  • tiana garunovic xo
    tiana garunovic xo   2018-11-14T10:10:29.000Z

    This makes me change my mind about octopuses...

  • MJade
    MJade   2018-11-13T22:45:39.000Z

    Oh my god 🌼🌼🌼✌🌻💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕✌😁👌🍀👍

  • Gummy Corn
    Gummy Corn   2018-11-13T21:46:36.000Z

    Should I feel bad for wanting to eat octopus salad now...?

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze   2018-11-13T21:07:35.000Z

    Is this in Florida?

  • Corcon
    Corcon   2018-11-13T16:16:59.000Z

    Just imagine what they could do if they learned how to type! Think of all the banks they could infiltrate and accounts they could steal!

  • Gemini Girl
    Gemini Girl   2018-11-13T01:56:06.000Z

    She talks like Bjork

  • Mike Iniguez
    Mike Iniguez   2018-11-12T21:57:56.000Z

    Thee octopus besides thee dolphin is the most intelligent animal in the ocean

  • Doktor
    Doktor   2018-11-12T20:31:19.000Z

    Not sure how I got here, but this is actually pretty cool. The moment he grabbed her finger to show her where to push the log blew my mind. Good thing she recorded all of this or I\'d never believe it.

  • Tea Literally_Barbie
    Tea Literally_Barbie   2018-11-12T10:17:15.000Z

    Oh my god....Squidward?

  • Reeed
    Reeed   2018-11-12T10:04:40.000Z

    Sigh here we go again... *unzips pants*

  • Charles Pieters
    Charles Pieters   2018-11-12T08:38:14.000Z

    ANY MORE vids of/with Egbert ?? Don\'t try that in Down Under with a blue ring octopus.

  • SisShooketh ToDaGround
    SisShooketh ToDaGround   2018-11-12T04:00:38.000Z

    Part 2!!This Is Very Beautiful And Funny And Calming!!

  • john smith
    john smith   2018-11-11T20:46:22.000Z

    Awww, adorable.

  • Gaurav Kotian
    Gaurav Kotian   2018-11-11T18:44:55.000Z

    Sanskaari octopus

  • Bear
    Bear   2018-11-11T18:12:24.000Z

    Maybe the octopus was attempting to train her by telling her to push up the log

  • Michael Kelligan
    Michael Kelligan   2018-11-11T16:16:00.000Z

    Isnt this how most hentai cartoons start,with tenticals?

  • Cos moist
    Cos moist   2018-11-11T12:34:47.000Z

    Am I crying? This is so emotional. Lil cute octofrenn. I want this as cartoon, please.

  • Chris Plunkett
    Chris Plunkett   2018-11-11T11:48:50.000Z

    Egbert eventually met the octopus of his dreams.They got married and walked hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand etc....... up the aisle.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares   2018-11-11T08:21:18.000Z

    And to think people eat these little creatures... Alive...

  • Jennifer Zeena
    Jennifer Zeena   2018-11-11T07:22:06.000Z

    Lol Egbert jabbin the fish away 👊

  • OverwatchLover :3
    OverwatchLover :3   2018-11-11T05:51:31.000Z

    He be slapping dem haters back

  • Shaye Layton
    Shaye Layton   2018-11-11T05:32:34.000Z

    Plot twist it wasn’t the same octopus

  • Paulex 57
    Paulex 57   2018-11-11T04:50:21.000Z

    Not many tentacle porn comments. Odd but good.

  • Erika Park
    Erika Park   2018-11-11T04:28:35.000Z

    Cutieee 💜💜💜

  • jamaludeen ibrahim
    jamaludeen ibrahim   2018-11-11T00:44:31.000Z

    Is very brilliant animal

  • Richard Mcdonnell
    Richard Mcdonnell   2018-11-11T00:31:35.000Z

    This is amazing who would of thought

  • Kyrie Jackson
    Kyrie Jackson   2018-11-10T22:07:17.000Z

    That’s cool

  • Meinung 3000
    Meinung 3000   2018-11-10T18:58:18.000Z

    Amazing ! This animals are sooooooooooooo clever and funny

  • Adi Primanda Ginting
    Adi Primanda Ginting   2018-11-10T17:44:18.000Z

    Yes, octopus is intelligent

  • KRYPTOXIC _koala
    KRYPTOXIC _koala   2018-11-10T15:44:59.000Z

    I think the octopus has a human fettish

  • Jaz Cejs
    Jaz Cejs   2018-11-10T15:37:21.000Z

    I love this show so flipping much

  • Mineta is thanos
    Mineta is thanos   2018-11-10T08:04:51.000Z

    Im eating takoyaki and octopus and watch this video

  • Widowmaker I am hunting for you
    Widowmaker I am hunting for you   2018-11-09T23:44:20.000Z


  • GiGi Petit
    GiGi Petit   2018-11-09T19:45:11.000Z

    Oh my word.... Egbert is the cutest EVER! So sweet

  • Libby Campbell
    Libby Campbell   2018-11-09T07:00:05.000Z

    Scary but awsome

  • Anushka Jewalikar
    Anushka Jewalikar   2018-11-09T05:28:41.000Z

    Hooman give me food. I liek hooman

  • Urbin Roblero
    Urbin Roblero   2018-11-08T21:57:18.000Z

    I haven\'t even begun to watch this video but I know where this is going. ;) Dam, how did this pass through YouTube inspection??

  • MeTo
    MeTo   2018-11-08T21:49:52.000Z


  • Far kas
    Far kas   2018-11-08T19:47:21.000Z

    Man i feel bad about eating calamari 😔

  • Waffle Con
    Waffle Con   2018-11-08T11:45:30.000Z

    Guess she’s into tentacles. All right I won’t judge.

  • mixampo
    mixampo   2018-11-08T10:43:15.000Z

    Nice englisch ja?

  • mixampo
    mixampo   2018-11-08T10:42:53.000Z

    What a bullshit

  • Young Bridge B.
    Young Bridge B.   2018-11-08T10:10:27.000Z

    This is beautiful fr fr proof that man and animal where once one

  • Kaizer 913
    Kaizer 913   2018-11-08T05:47:18.000Z

    That\'s freaking adorable! Octopi are very smart so I bet he recognizes her as a friend. That\'s so cute!

  • SheIsntReal 0_0
    SheIsntReal 0_0   2018-11-08T01:10:01.000Z

    Very cute story 😍🐙

  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese   2018-11-07T23:32:18.000Z

    Person: octopi can\'t feel emotions Me: like, dis girl say what?

  • Ron Thunders
    Ron Thunders   2018-11-07T11:30:21.000Z

    the way it was tugging her arm to help him push over the log was jaw dropping. Those type of moments kinda make you question hat life is

  • crazy.funny,dumb, jerk
    crazy.funny,dumb, jerk   2018-11-07T08:59:24.000Z

    Wrong you put a microchip in it to control it

  • kiryu
    kiryu   2018-11-07T07:47:23.000Z


  • card cor
    card cor   2018-11-07T05:08:10.000Z

    amazing egbert..hoping to be save for last...

  • Preston Dailey
    Preston Dailey   2018-11-07T04:24:27.000Z

    *insert tentacle hentai joke here

  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger   2018-11-07T02:14:42.000Z

    Egbert ain\'t blind...u a hottie

  • Chrono Walker
    Chrono Walker   2018-11-07T00:12:51.000Z

    They\'re so friggin\' intelligent 🙊

  • SHOTKING6633
    SHOTKING6633   2018-11-06T23:22:28.000Z

    Well she is definitely from the Netherlands, I recognize that accent too quickly

  • wendy her
    wendy her   2018-11-06T21:36:10.000Z


  • Milkshake The Husky
    Milkshake The Husky   2018-11-06T20:16:26.000Z

    Wow! He\'s really smart! :o

  • Scott Leavitt
    Scott Leavitt   2018-11-06T17:45:27.000Z

    Ohh egbert...

  • Dolls make-up
    Dolls make-up   2018-11-06T16:21:23.000Z

    This girl is Dutch right?? ❤

  • Just Do krögel
    Just Do krögel   2018-11-06T11:37:55.000Z

    Best end ever🤣

  • ThazCatz
    ThazCatz   2018-11-06T10:38:34.000Z

    Personally I wouldn’t like the feeling of tentacles touching my hand. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps. 🤣

  • Tarvu
    Tarvu   2018-11-06T01:11:22.000Z

    Egbert :D

  • Bud Borne
    Bud Borne   2018-11-06T00:18:33.000Z

    I can see why theres the theory that octopi are smartrr than humans

  • dryboneskirby
    dryboneskirby   2018-11-05T17:37:42.000Z

    Please I must know what happened after this. I now have this urge to befriend an octopus

  • Dig into ASMR
    Dig into ASMR   2018-11-05T14:54:17.000Z

    That\'s a true pet

  • Petera Te kira
    Petera Te kira   2018-11-05T10:11:42.000Z