twenty one pilots: Heavydirtysoul (TOPxMM)


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  • The Fun In Dysfunctional
    The Fun In Dysfunctional   2018-11-12T02:49:00.000Z

    2:41 his voice gets so soft and it makes me so happy

  • patricia
    patricia   2018-11-09T21:11:13.000Z

    Noviembre 2018?🙋

  • Jorge Morales
    Jorge Morales   2018-11-03T14:48:18.000Z

    Can You shave my healthy dinosaur

  • victória reinaldo
    victória reinaldo   2018-10-31T00:25:51.000Z

    q delícia de música

  • Jboy 4 Gaming
    Jboy 4 Gaming   2018-10-16T23:40:38.000Z

    Best song ever I fucking swear to everything!

  • Kenzie Ralston
    Kenzie Ralston   2018-10-15T22:54:57.000Z

    ||-// Tyler please live forever so I can hear your beautiful songs. ;c (and of course Josh)

  • Wreckless C
    Wreckless C   2018-10-06T21:47:54.000Z

    You know...this kind of sounds like the regular version of \"Heavydirtysoul\". Only MUTEMATH is making the sound.

  • -
    -   2018-10-03T15:36:55.000Z


  • SWAT
    SWAT   2018-10-02T16:05:49.000Z

    The guy who was drumming with Josh is now touring with my next favorite band!

  • Gerard Your Friendly Neighborhood Emo
    Gerard Your Friendly Neighborhood Emo   2018-09-11T16:01:58.000Z

    Omg what if they did this with Levitate

  • Khalid Belfakih
    Khalid Belfakih   2018-09-08T21:49:59.000Z

    I like this version better

  • 1mmortal
    1mmortal   2018-08-26T22:24:11.000Z

    summer 2018?

  • charlie l
    charlie l   2018-08-26T02:40:35.000Z

    Its ASMR the voice of Tyler

  • Brielle Airey
    Brielle Airey   2018-08-25T02:54:10.000Z

    2 0 1 8 ? ||-//

  • paradox
    paradox   2018-08-09T19:37:53.000Z


  • Lala Ramazanova
    Lala Ramazanova   2018-08-01T19:03:32.000Z

    the best of mutemath sessions

  • Rini Dolok
    Rini Dolok   2018-07-30T23:21:50.000Z


  • It's Sarah
    It's Sarah   2018-07-29T11:16:23.000Z

    I like how Josh bounces in his seat when he drums I\'m not weird

  • Roberto Estropajo :v
    Roberto Estropajo :v   2018-07-27T01:36:29.000Z


  • Yucky Fool2965
    Yucky Fool2965   2018-07-18T22:25:56.000Z


  • Yucky Fool2965
    Yucky Fool2965   2018-07-18T22:24:58.000Z


  • Yucky Fool2965
    Yucky Fool2965   2018-07-18T22:22:39.000Z

    I prefer this over the acutal version

  • Veah Taeger
    Veah Taeger   2018-07-14T21:00:59.000Z

    о да я умер, пересматривая это, спасибо

  • Min Min
    Min Min   2018-07-14T01:59:22.000Z


  • Janeisnotgettingyelledat
    Janeisnotgettingyelledat   2018-07-11T15:06:34.000Z

    Josh looks like my hamster

  • Inu cobain Jøseph I-/
    Inu cobain Jøseph I-/   2018-07-10T17:06:17.000Z


  • Eli :3
    Eli :3   2018-07-09T18:49:10.000Z


  • Ray Cyrus
    Ray Cyrus   2018-07-05T01:15:54.000Z


  • Catie Rice
    Catie Rice   2018-06-30T04:45:43.000Z

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ♥️♥️miss u still ♥️♥️ 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ♥️♥️another bop♥️♥️

  • Ari
    Ari   2018-06-27T23:48:05.000Z

    This is my way of coping with the hiatus

  • NaVaeVaesWorld
    NaVaeVaesWorld   2018-06-24T06:48:15.000Z

    When Tyler Joseph\'s voice cracks he makes it sound fkn HOTTTT!!!!♥♥♥

  • Venom
    Venom   2018-06-08T09:14:40.000Z

    i\'m smiling when he scream.

  • Abby the drummer
    Abby the drummer   2018-06-04T19:18:26.000Z

    Josh\'s legs must get an extreme workout after all that bouncing😮😂

  • Clare Nicke
    Clare Nicke   2018-05-30T02:29:37.000Z

    Tyler\'s voice sounds like it\'s straining and I could be totally wrong because I know next to nothing about voices He could be trying to sound like that but on the \"heavy\"s it just sounds like he can\'t reach it

  • Andrés Arenas
    Andrés Arenas   2018-05-19T19:17:28.000Z

    why this video has 300 dislikes ,?

  • Ezequiel Silva
    Ezequiel Silva   2018-05-15T21:59:39.000Z

    Muy bien tema

  • W2A Fed
    W2A Fed   2018-05-14T11:39:12.000Z

    Who is a Wwe fan here?

  • Polish Skeleton clicque
    Polish Skeleton clicque   2018-04-30T06:38:34.000Z

    Wow. Supeer remix |-/

  • Mapa Acosta
    Mapa Acosta   2018-04-26T17:03:00.000Z

    Can you save, can you save, can you save me from the Hiatus

  • It's shrimp in a bag!
    It's shrimp in a bag!   2018-04-26T16:10:33.000Z

    Okay so I know Tyler\'s voice is ALWAYS gorgeous, but is it just be or do you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllllly get to hear the full depth and richness of his voice in this?? In this it just sounds sooooooooo sonorous and . . . and GAH I don\'t know how else to describe it but it\'s just gorgeous and I feel like I could fall inside it. I want to get this whole thing acappella and turn the volume all the way up sometime when I\'m home alone.

  • Saimbaba
    Saimbaba   2018-04-10T13:33:08.000Z

    My hair stands up everytime to salute them.

  • Micah Tapia
    Micah Tapia   2018-04-07T22:36:00.000Z

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  • Marcos Vinícius
    Marcos Vinícius   2018-04-04T02:26:23.000Z

    Amo demais essa musica♥♥

  • suaryps
    suaryps   2018-03-22T16:51:54.000Z

    dat synthesizers

  • emily cline
    emily cline   2018-03-22T03:31:05.000Z

    Him and brendon oml pure af voices they need to make a song together

  • Daftpanther11
    Daftpanther11   2018-03-18T18:58:48.000Z

    Madden 16

  • Guidvnd
    Guidvnd   2018-03-13T20:05:20.000Z


  • Cloudia Tinley
    Cloudia Tinley   2018-03-10T09:02:43.000Z


  • Rodrigo villalobos
    Rodrigo villalobos   2018-03-07T20:57:42.000Z

    love you

  • Lesly Chaw
    Lesly Chaw   2018-03-03T17:23:24.000Z

    I need twenty one pilots...

  • Preity Bangz
    Preity Bangz   2018-02-27T18:37:32.000Z

    I love this

  • TrollMats GD
    TrollMats GD   2018-02-23T00:48:14.000Z

    Great song

  • yee
    yee   2018-02-20T06:21:31.000Z

    If there\'s one way to make heavydirtysoul better, it\'s this.

  • FeaR- IOS
    FeaR- IOS   2018-02-19T05:42:39.000Z

    Two drums at once?!? WHAAAAAAT!?!

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez   2018-02-19T00:28:53.000Z

    Me gustaria que hubieran dejado en la cancion final la parte 2:40

  • Westdog.
    Westdog.   2018-02-15T17:59:13.000Z

    All the comments here are about Twenty One Pilots, but has anyone appreciated Mutemath yet? They did an amazing job in this. Also Darren King and Josh Dun trying to outdrum eachother is just gold.

  • JoshuaCrakx 79
    JoshuaCrakx 79   2018-02-10T05:30:57.000Z


  • death rider
    death rider   2018-02-01T15:53:09.000Z

    Niceeee song, love the tune 10star rating

  • Erika DL
    Erika DL   2018-01-31T03:40:31.000Z

    god yes this i needed this

  • Søfia Søfia
    Søfia Søfia   2018-01-27T11:16:11.000Z

    1:46 - 1:50 😍😍😍 I love it

  • RR 5o1
    RR 5o1   2018-01-21T01:56:29.000Z

    Una de la mejores de I-/

  • Tayna Cechinel
    Tayna Cechinel   2018-01-19T23:01:51.000Z


  • Andrea Gomez
    Andrea Gomez   2018-01-19T03:21:30.000Z

    *this was a year ago I\'m-*

  • Nahuel Maldonado
    Nahuel Maldonado   2018-01-16T17:56:02.000Z

    Adoro esta versión.

  • charlene Padilla
    charlene Padilla   2018-01-10T00:37:04.000Z

    this is absolute art |-/

  • blurry fake
    blurry fake   2018-01-03T01:27:29.000Z

    -This is not Rap,is not hip hop-

  • Saimbaba
    Saimbaba   2018-01-02T20:33:54.000Z

    2018... For God sake just throw the new album in the air ❤

  • Nathaniel Villaflor
    Nathaniel Villaflor   2017-12-27T14:10:57.000Z

    That scream tho

  • charlyprogamer 888v:v
    charlyprogamer 888v:v   2017-12-20T00:16:58.000Z

    Like por el español

  • Felipe SAM BR BR
    Felipe SAM BR BR   2017-12-18T01:47:13.000Z

    Amo essa banda é a melhor q eu ja vi

  • Felipe SAM BR BR
    Felipe SAM BR BR   2017-12-18T01:46:24.000Z

    Banda foda

  • Isaiah Dunegan-lain
    Isaiah Dunegan-lain   2017-12-13T15:35:37.000Z

    CAN YOU SAVE save save

  • Angie
    Angie   2017-12-13T15:28:41.000Z

    I love second 3:35

  • Jillian Copeland
    Jillian Copeland   2017-12-11T02:26:28.000Z

    His screaming, omg

  • Кто- то
    Кто- то   2017-12-08T15:29:29.000Z


  • Deeva Thomas
    Deeva Thomas   2017-12-08T12:58:06.000Z

    Waiting for the new album ....

  • Blurry Face
    Blurry Face   2017-12-07T11:32:14.000Z

    For me-e-e-e-e-e!

  • los mejores dias
    los mejores dias   2017-12-06T02:18:45.000Z

    like para el q habla español😍

  • los mejores dias
    los mejores dias   2017-12-06T02:18:25.000Z

    i love tyler i love josh

  • _.rgp_.
    _.rgp_.   2017-12-04T20:31:44.000Z

    Crying from perfection

  • O_to _the_wen
    O_to _the_wen   2017-11-30T22:52:04.000Z

    5 mil

  • Isabel Ramos
    Isabel Ramos   2017-11-30T18:07:10.000Z

    My name is blurry face my last name is vessel

  • Im 11 pls Stay with me my bløød
    Im 11 pls Stay with me my bløød   2017-11-26T23:28:20.000Z


  • Doter Zadroter
    Doter Zadroter   2017-11-11T19:11:33.000Z

    I just need more..

  • artemis tweet
    artemis tweet   2017-11-07T14:30:31.000Z

    Hey clique its 7 november Hiatus yay *cry*

  • joker jajaja fútbol americano pa riba
    joker jajaja fútbol americano pa riba   2017-11-05T02:45:33.000Z


  • joker jajaja fútbol americano pa riba
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  • Yads Zednem
    Yads Zednem   2017-10-27T22:32:55.000Z

    Everyone\'s satisfied by music video and sounds that produce, there some hide meaning on every music of 21 pilots, Lyrics so deep, sounds so catchy nowadays

  • potato chip
    potato chip   2017-10-23T17:55:45.000Z

    3:35 who else thinks that Tyler should sing like that more often??

  • potato chip
    potato chip   2017-10-23T17:54:47.000Z

    3:35 when you have ALLLOT of homework

  • S E A N 2 5 4 1
    S E A N 2 5 4 1   2017-10-14T14:53:07.000Z

    I love TWenty ☢️NE PIL☢️TS. relaits 2 me

  • Estórias do Teatro
    Estórias do Teatro   2017-10-08T04:49:45.000Z

    0:00 - 4:03 - I thought Tyler was God

  • Layan Akram
    Layan Akram   2017-10-06T16:31:45.000Z

    Am i the only one that\'s obsessed with 1:47 when he says can you save 😍😍

  • Sofia Sanchez
    Sofia Sanchez   2017-10-06T02:54:37.000Z

    Se mamaron ❤

  • Gabriel Hambleton
    Gabriel Hambleton   2017-10-02T15:55:20.000Z


  • 1Kツ〩Ryann
    1Kツ〩Ryann   2017-09-30T20:38:31.000Z


  • Fel Fel921
    Fel Fel921   2017-09-30T10:26:29.000Z

    Тьфу блядь, клип где?

  • Emiliano :v
    Emiliano :v   2017-09-25T22:02:33.000Z

    Ceniusema :v

  • Con Guerzo
    Con Guerzo   2017-09-21T02:45:05.000Z