25 Strangest Last Meal Requests On Death Row


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  • J D NEO
    J D NEO   2018-11-19T15:28:35.000Z

    WHY WOULD U SHOW THAT!it’s scary...3:34

  • Rian Power
    Rian Power   2018-11-19T13:07:30.000Z

    This video makes me so fucking hungry...

  • Jakob fry
    Jakob fry   2018-11-19T13:01:04.000Z

    Are you allowed to show the actual dead body? 2:08.

  • Lord Tony
    Lord Tony   2018-11-19T12:40:16.000Z

    uhhhhhh this has to be clickbait because most of this seems normal. Now if you told me an inmate wanted to eat fish eyes or human brains then yeah that\'s strange but otherwise this is clickbait

  • J G
    J G   2018-11-19T11:20:46.000Z

    2 be honest i would ask 2 eat pussy i dont want no dam food if im bout 2 die

  • Tristen Baird
    Tristen Baird   2018-11-19T09:33:04.000Z

    Yes were is the guy that orderd the apple

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson   2018-11-19T09:28:33.000Z

    Honestly dont think id be all that hungry

  • _ deeiva _
    _ deeiva _   2018-11-19T09:08:40.000Z

    My last meal request would be *Tequila* and maybe some *bud*

  • xoxo harmony
    xoxo harmony   2018-11-19T09:05:07.000Z

    *sees the word Ohio* AHHhhHhhh IM GOING TO DIE wait they\'re probably already dead

  • Roses, Mist, and Ink
    Roses, Mist, and Ink   2018-11-19T08:05:58.000Z

    I saw the title and Heathers started immediately playing in my head

  • Stanislav Donev
    Stanislav Donev   2018-11-19T07:20:54.000Z

    Were they all high at the time?

  • Trampy dog
    Trampy dog   2018-11-19T07:07:48.000Z

    I would ask only for some apple pie the way my mum made it

  • MacN Cheese
    MacN Cheese   2018-11-19T07:00:10.000Z

    The thumbnail was funny

  • Cat Master
    Cat Master   2018-11-19T06:28:21.000Z

    And he did not get it

  • Cat Master
    Cat Master   2018-11-19T06:27:58.000Z

    Is so sad all he wanted was dirt

  • jaxin keith
    jaxin keith   2018-11-19T06:09:54.000Z

    someone asked for a child for their last meal.

  • Conner Vatter
    Conner Vatter   2018-11-19T06:06:28.000Z

    These people getting diabetes before dying😂

  • Cayden Miller
    Cayden Miller   2018-11-19T05:33:38.000Z

    2:59 I went there 2 months ago I recognized the guy right away

  • Austin Birch
    Austin Birch   2018-11-19T05:28:25.000Z

    So we’re just not gonna mention the guy that requested a bible as his last meal?

  • KittyCat Tüt
    KittyCat Tüt   2018-11-19T05:24:13.000Z

    I would want the cell key to eat...

  • The Nutcracker
    The Nutcracker   2018-11-19T05:03:36.000Z


    DIY MLG   2018-11-19T04:59:57.000Z

    sushi, bill miller chop beef, bill miller taco with bacon 20 bill miller salsa California roll sushi, 2 crab cakes ,sea weed,peppermints,and unsweetened tea. fill youself with randomness before u die

  • Crafty Tafty
    Crafty Tafty   2018-11-19T04:59:52.000Z

    this video is making me hungry

  • Stephen Mccullough
    Stephen Mccullough   2018-11-19T04:25:31.000Z

    couldn\'t you order something you\'re severely allergic to as a final f you?\"

  • honeydew62 whas up!!! XD
    honeydew62 whas up!!! XD   2018-11-19T04:22:42.000Z

    \"I didn\'t get my spaghetti-O\'s\" Me: thinking back in today....NEITHER DID I!?!

  • Snek UwU Animates
    Snek UwU Animates   2018-11-19T04:20:37.000Z

    Yo can I have some chicken nuggets? Why? Cuz I want em.

  • TSA Master
    TSA Master   2018-11-19T04:11:38.000Z

    time to kill someone so i can get a free meal...... see yall in hell.

  • Fair Is Fair
    Fair Is Fair   2018-11-19T03:52:20.000Z

    My husband last meal was my cock

  • Avely Dang
    Avely Dang   2018-11-19T03:06:55.000Z


  • Kevin Tong
    Kevin Tong   2018-11-19T02:18:02.000Z

    I would ask for a Wendy\'s portabella mushroom melt combo with a vanilla frothy.

  • Sierra Romero
    Sierra Romero   2018-11-19T02:16:22.000Z

    I would say : olive garden pasta and salad with bread sticks, 3 cokes, 4 donuts, 1 bowl mint chocolate chip ice cream, fried oreo\'s, chocolate covered strawberries, starbucks frappe, hot fries, and 1 rasberry

  • Benjamin Davis
    Benjamin Davis   2018-11-19T02:14:20.000Z

    3:54 Oh no! I said

  • Monochromatic
    Monochromatic   2018-11-19T02:01:27.000Z

    There’s a guy, who has massive amount of tattoos (especially satanic ones), wanted to eat the whole bible as his last meal.

  • Reed Branscome
    Reed Branscome   2018-11-19T01:27:26.000Z

    Hey.i live in alabama

  • Jessica Sommer
    Jessica Sommer   2018-11-19T01:04:20.000Z

    i WaNt My SpAgHeTtIoS >:00000

  • Mauri Claps
    Mauri Claps   2018-11-19T01:02:53.000Z

    I would request a jug of prune juice, taco Bell bean burritos, family sized bag of Takis, 5 bowls of Mac n cheese, and laxatives

  • Domozilla 4572
    Domozilla 4572   2018-11-19T00:54:40.000Z

    16, of course he\'s from Georgia

  • Tracy Hill
    Tracy Hill   2018-11-19T00:36:45.000Z

    3:01 THATS MY BOI (my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and I am the only one that eats it in my house)

  • FoxNStuff
    FoxNStuff   2018-11-19T00:30:28.000Z

    Just order a 1 up and youre good to love for another day xD

  • theultraman20
    theultraman20   2018-11-19T00:14:22.000Z

    “Instead he told the prison he was quote \'saving it for later\' “

  • theultraman20
    theultraman20   2018-11-19T00:12:08.000Z

    Man I’d kill for that food... oh wait those guys really did

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus   2018-11-19T00:11:45.000Z

    I A M H U N G R Y N O W

  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max   2018-11-19T00:07:54.000Z

    I pity the guy who has to clean up after the execution.

  • Hayley Jade
    Hayley Jade   2018-11-19T00:07:25.000Z

    “ this next one might be relatable to some of us..... cereal killer”😂😂😂😂

  • Madysen Gavilanes
    Madysen Gavilanes   2018-11-19T00:05:42.000Z

    Who paid for all this💀

  • Jahmeik Brown
    Jahmeik Brown   2018-11-18T23:53:29.000Z

    I would ask for a mc Chicken with medium fries and a dollar soda

  • Sam Good
    Sam Good   2018-11-18T23:31:01.000Z

    Didn’t someone ask for the whole series of shrek

  • Èire
    Èire   2018-11-18T23:24:44.000Z

    When it said Èire that\'s my name u pronounce it like air r er 2:10

  • cloudy paws
    cloudy paws   2018-11-18T23:07:34.000Z

    Did we forget about the one dude who ordered a bible.....and then ate it

  • fantactic gamer
    fantactic gamer   2018-11-18T22:32:22.000Z

    Subscribe to my channel if this is wicked crazy

  • Flaming Flamingo
    Flaming Flamingo   2018-11-18T22:06:20.000Z

    Dirt tho 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Brian Sexton
    Brian Sexton   2018-11-18T21:44:38.000Z

    Im with the guy that wanted to go drunk.

  • Carrie Teller
    Carrie Teller   2018-11-18T21:31:06.000Z

    Wait who wanted the apple

  • Angel Xox
    Angel Xox   2018-11-18T21:22:31.000Z

    Pineapple pizza, pepperoni pizza, garlic bread,macaroni cheese,cola, a Big Mac, fries, chicken nuggets, Oreos, birthday cake Oreos, Colly flower cheese, reeses minis, cranberry juice, fried chicken strips,2 tacos with every topping, 2 burritos and that’s about it ooo and a pop tart

  • Jayden Rivers
    Jayden Rivers   2018-11-18T21:18:29.000Z

    10 mc chickens and a large rootbeer and 3 large ice cream Sunday\'s

  • Ocean Wave
    Ocean Wave   2018-11-18T21:14:46.000Z

    Is this making anyone else hungry?

  • KohlTheNintendo Fanboy
    KohlTheNintendo Fanboy   2018-11-18T21:09:02.000Z

    Nigga since I would be upstetti about my fucking DEATH I would order 30 POUNDS OF SPAGHETTI WITH EXTRA SAUCE AND MEATBALLS

  • lil mee
    lil mee   2018-11-18T20:56:17.000Z

    I would like .... Tacos asada Frijoles Aroz Tamales Tortillas Huevos revueltos Fajitas Migas Sopa maruchan Taco bell burrito Flautas Gorditas Flan Bolis Elote And a cup of mexican soda That will be it

  • Peyton Taylor
    Peyton Taylor   2018-11-18T20:35:21.000Z

    I’d eat something that would stink after it digesting and it would give me gas (even tho I’m not looking forward to doing this ever in my life)

  • broxville1
    broxville1   2018-11-18T20:19:13.000Z

    Yogurt is not saying like dat

  • CrazyChick 69
    CrazyChick 69   2018-11-18T20:09:07.000Z

    And then there was that lesbian that wanted to eat out her girlfriend for her last meal

  • Bärtiger
    Bärtiger   2018-11-18T19:22:49.000Z

    you`re saying \"a pound\" like 500 g is much..

  • The squad 2448 Hertzler
    The squad 2448 Hertzler   2018-11-18T19:13:09.000Z

    What me would say \"GET ME ALL THE BIG MACS IN THE WORLD!\"

  • Dayla izzi da
    Dayla izzi da   2018-11-18T18:57:42.000Z

    Can someone tell me what this is..like fr i don\'t get it After you say your last meal request and you get it and eat it..do they kill you then or what

  • Zoe Tsao
    Zoe Tsao   2018-11-18T18:36:50.000Z

    I would get 2 pinks hotdogs and Eucharist plus some steak

  • Alex Lautzenheiser
    Alex Lautzenheiser   2018-11-18T18:15:26.000Z

    What\'s messed up, Philip Ray Workman was actually innocent. Why would they execute an innocent man?

  • Jennifer Cargill
    Jennifer Cargill   2018-11-18T18:00:16.000Z

    I was pouring a can of spahgettios when u said he ordered spaghetios

  • Sienna Stein
    Sienna Stein   2018-11-18T17:53:34.000Z

    Ok I’m related to Aileen so this is odd

  • Emperor zurg
    Emperor zurg   2018-11-18T16:41:24.000Z

    \"I thought you said we were having steamed clams\" \"no I said steamed hams\"😉

  • Mr pumpkin head 101
    Mr pumpkin head 101   2018-11-18T16:39:17.000Z

    Say icup

  • sir diego
    sir diego   2018-11-18T16:16:53.000Z

    Israel isnt beside ireland

  • atianna.
    atianna.   2018-11-18T16:13:22.000Z

    I would’ve asked for two George Webb cheeseburgers with cheese and meat only, 1 large fry from McDonalds, 4 sweet and sour sauce, and 1 large milshake from McDonalds. that’s what I usually get when I eat out 🤣

  • APK05
    APK05   2018-11-18T16:02:22.000Z

    On number 20 they put ireland beside israel... twatts

  • Kuality Kontent
    Kuality Kontent   2018-11-18T15:42:01.000Z

    great; now it is out of my recomended

  • Chara Riddle
    Chara Riddle   2018-11-18T15:30:28.000Z

    I’m definitely the only one who would order tuna mayonnaise onigiri from a Japanese seven eleven, a tube of chip star, some meji ice cream, seven eleven gyoza, Japanese fried chicken, and sushi.

  • Caydin Feniello
    Caydin Feniello   2018-11-18T15:12:00.000Z

    Actually the reason they stopped doing the last meal is because someone requested a live African child

  • Charlie Griffey
    Charlie Griffey   2018-11-18T14:54:40.000Z

    If for whatever reason I am having a last meal I would ask for cedar planked salmon. I can\'t eat it anymore because I have developed a severe allergy, so I couldn\'t be executed by the prison. I would be dead.

  • Abeid Said
    Abeid Said   2018-11-18T13:35:49.000Z

    Nothing will ever make me more hungry than this video 😢

  • Leslie Kurczek
    Leslie Kurczek   2018-11-18T13:06:37.000Z

    3:10 He had a good meal request.

  • Amelia Ranauro
    Amelia Ranauro   2018-11-18T12:05:59.000Z

    Mmmm tasteh

  • NoTiCeMeH
    NoTiCeMeH   2018-11-18T11:18:46.000Z

    Damn Only one woman

  • Omar Abdi
    Omar Abdi   2018-11-18T10:27:33.000Z

    I\'ll order two large steam rice plate. Eat them rice one at time

  • Alny Hayat
    Alny Hayat   2018-11-18T10:18:03.000Z


  • TurkeyBoy55
    TurkeyBoy55   2018-11-18T09:03:53.000Z

    if i had a last meal it would be my moms spaghetti and meatballs this makes me sound like a pussy put i almost cried during this i know, yes, tit-licker fat-ass pussy

  • Akshun Virk
    Akshun Virk   2018-11-18T08:29:19.000Z

    He used the same image for the chicken fried steaks, and fried shrimp tf?

  • vickikendricks
    vickikendricks   2018-11-18T08:03:16.000Z

    The only thing I can relate to is the red wine to get drunk before exacution.

  • Feed Me More
    Feed Me More   2018-11-18T07:50:21.000Z

    Adolf Eichmann!

  • Warrior and Harper
    Warrior and Harper   2018-11-18T07:34:00.000Z

    I wold eat chocolate sushi and a billion peases of pie and 15000 strawberry smothie😋yum yum

  • Captain BluKat BlueZard
    Captain BluKat BlueZard   2018-11-18T06:23:16.000Z


  • Lulu Velazquez
    Lulu Velazquez   2018-11-18T06:05:48.000Z

    I heard me brother watching a video like this but one of the last food request was a child 🧒

  • Supreme JaeDon
    Supreme JaeDon   2018-11-18T05:29:23.000Z

    I wish people watched my videos 😞love this channel keep it up fam🔥

  • Whoa don’t Zucc me dude
    Whoa don’t Zucc me dude   2018-11-18T05:28:20.000Z

    Wait why would the prison give food to killers?

  • phantommangagirl
    phantommangagirl   2018-11-18T05:11:00.000Z

    I read somewhere that the dirt was for a voodoo ritual

  • David Hayward
    David Hayward   2018-11-18T05:05:21.000Z

    Never commit a crime in Texas

  • Hehernesee [GD]
    Hehernesee [GD]   2018-11-18T04:59:08.000Z

    Even though I won\'t actually commit a crime, my last meal request would be: 10 Cheesy Gorditas and Quesaritos from Taco Bell A vanilla milkshake 3 bags of Takis 2 large Ultimate Cheese Pizzas from Pizza Hut A molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream on top, with chocolate syrup Chips with Spinach Cheese dip and guacamole and a large Cookie pizza

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side   2018-11-18T04:37:44.000Z

    Prisoner No i don’t want food I have to pay Police but it is free Prisoner no Police here tomatoes Prisoner nnnooooo Police no eat it now you will die from starvation Prisoner I am going to die anyway

  • Michelle Clardy
    Michelle Clardy   2018-11-18T04:19:46.000Z

    My last meal would be a kkk member and a black dude sitting beside each other sharing a bucket or kfc while im sitting beside a mexican sharing tamlies

  • Sammy_Wammy _Llammy
    Sammy_Wammy _Llammy   2018-11-18T04:11:58.000Z


  • Sammy_Wammy _Llammy
    Sammy_Wammy _Llammy   2018-11-18T04:11:56.000Z


  • Brenda Marcial
    Brenda Marcial   2018-11-18T04:00:38.000Z

    I honestly would have eaten until i died