twenty one pilots: Cancer (Cover) [LYRIC VIDEO]


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  • Paper Plane
    Paper Plane   2018-09-21T13:09:26.000Z

    Guys,do not cry...

  • Josh Nelson
    Josh Nelson   2018-09-21T04:39:19.000Z

    This fucking suuuuuuuuuccccckkkksssss

  • Edilynn Mae
    Edilynn Mae   2018-09-21T01:34:27.000Z

    My mom passed of cancer is May... I always listened to MCR, but this releasing have it new meaning. I get chills listening to this. She had a short battle, but the things you witness will never leave your memories.

  • Big Jersey
    Big Jersey   2018-09-20T21:40:40.000Z

    What\'s with the books? Is it supposed to mean that each one of our stories are \"one-in-a-million?\"

  • Big Jersey
    Big Jersey   2018-09-20T16:53:38.000Z

    1:06 That beat drop tho

  • Sakura
    Sakura   2018-09-20T16:40:41.000Z

    Comparing MCR and TØP, I choose MCR anyway. Gerard voice\'s great, beautiful. Sorry, but I don\'t like top. No offend.

  • Triswan Harsana
    Triswan Harsana   2018-09-20T15:12:00.000Z

    Holy shiittt

  • Natalie
    Natalie   2018-09-20T12:50:52.000Z


  • POO TOILET 3000
    POO TOILET 3000   2018-09-20T09:27:27.000Z

    I wonder what the lyrics are 🤨

  • Juan Andres Burgos Diaz
    Juan Andres Burgos Diaz   2018-09-20T03:18:58.000Z

    this song made me cry ... gave me feelings about reality and it shows that they became sentimental in this piece of song. I give my love and have a good day I love twenty one pilots

  • Staniel Daniel
    Staniel Daniel   2018-09-19T19:20:59.000Z

    This cover is cancer. Get it? GET IT?!

  • Pixlrr [GD]
    Pixlrr [GD]   2018-09-19T15:20:36.000Z

    Rip Stefan Karl Steffanson.. FUCK CANCER!

  • F.B.I.
    F.B.I.   2018-09-19T09:54:57.000Z

    Its to sad, Mr. President.... Take it off the internet

  • Alice's Hazel Rose
    Alice's Hazel Rose   2018-09-19T02:40:50.000Z

    original is better, check it out please.

  • Becca and Fay
    Becca and Fay   2018-09-18T20:41:14.000Z

    I have a bad cancer.. It’s called Life...

  • Caleb Hart
    Caleb Hart   2018-09-18T19:32:01.000Z

    All that is manufactured will cause cancer.... humanity buckles under the weight of self mutilation... the pain is immense. Do you hear the sounds of those who have been reduced to dust in miserable slow death? I do. Therefore, I say in sorrow... please human, do not let them blind you. This society of “modern achievements” is your own destruction. Question all that is falsely presented as “normal”. I will hold your hand as we leave this dark system to seek the sun of that which is normal. Natural and beautiful life. Love to you. I will not kiss you, you vile excuse for “real life”. I see deep meaning.

  • yeezus tiff
    yeezus tiff   2018-09-18T18:48:54.000Z

    This video represents how I feel right now

  • yeezus tiff
    yeezus tiff   2018-09-18T18:48:40.000Z

    This video represents how I feel right now

  • yeezus tiff
    yeezus tiff   2018-09-18T18:48:28.000Z

    This video represents how I feel right now

  • pradumnya bhor
    pradumnya bhor   2018-09-18T13:55:16.000Z

    amazing song

  • bryan coggs
    bryan coggs   2018-09-18T11:57:40.000Z

    this is almost disrespectful, it\'s so bad

  • style depack
    style depack   2018-09-18T02:06:30.000Z

    Que paso con el español😭😭 like so hablas español

  • Leila Leilanie
    Leila Leilanie   2018-09-18T01:53:41.000Z


  • JBDaimond Miner
    JBDaimond Miner   2018-09-17T23:16:43.000Z

    I like to call this \"Our Theme Song.\" For multiple reasons. First, all you here. Second, more deeply.. I know someone who has cancer and... Long story. No time to write. But basically I see it as a conversation between us.

  • Windows
    Windows   2018-09-17T18:14:14.000Z


  • chris Richardson
    chris Richardson   2018-09-17T15:19:51.000Z

    Damn. I missed the 2 year anniversary of this song

  • IH Gamer
    IH Gamer   2018-09-17T14:51:43.000Z

    The fault in our Stars...

  • Ziga 00
    Ziga 00   2018-09-17T09:23:46.000Z

    Meh... the original was way better, IMO

  • Scarlett Slattery
    Scarlett Slattery   2018-09-17T06:17:35.000Z

    My babci(grandma) passed away from brain cancer and lung cancer so every time I hear this song I just thing of her and I cry..😢❤️and when she passed away there was a rainbow right away and her favorite song was somewhere over the rainbow😢❤️🌈

  • kiky ramdan
    kiky ramdan   2018-09-17T03:51:11.000Z

    Lagu ini bakal jd kenangan bgt yah. Setelah lama ga ktemu. Akhirnya kita ktemu dan dengerin lagu ini. Mungkin bagi seseorang yg kita sukai kita bukan apa apa. Tapi dengan berada didekatnya aja atau ngeliat dia menikmati dunia dengn langit yg sama pun cukup membuat bahagia

  • im quaking
    im quaking   2018-09-16T18:54:00.000Z

    If you are/have been a cancer sufferer or if someone you know has/has had cancer always know it gets easier. We are all praying for you to get better/ for the people you know to get well, and we all want you to stay strong and know that there is hope. My grandad passed away from cancer, but trust me it gets easier day by day, and there are people who care for you and will help you in the situation. Stay strong ❤️🙏🏻 ||-//

  • matt enme
    matt enme   2018-09-16T18:39:42.000Z

    la puta madre

  • Luna Gabriella
    Luna Gabriella   2018-09-16T14:32:54.000Z


  • Tristan concepcion
    Tristan concepcion   2018-09-16T09:32:11.000Z

    Instead of comparing the two bands can we just enjoy this music and cry together

  • Tristan concepcion
    Tristan concepcion   2018-09-16T09:31:18.000Z


  • August Broussard
    August Broussard   2018-09-16T04:30:35.000Z

    My boyfriend has been fighting cancer for a little over a year and he’s the strongest person I’ll ever know. This song makes me cry.

  • emo emu
    emo emu   2018-09-16T01:27:18.000Z

    This reminds me of death note. My favorite ever show

  • KingN.
    KingN.   2018-09-16T00:56:08.000Z

  • Slampion
    Slampion   2018-09-16T00:10:11.000Z

    This might be the worst cover of all time

  • kevin alvarado carranza xd
    kevin alvarado carranza xd   2018-09-15T20:14:02.000Z

    la pta madre que te parioooo TEMAZO

  • Alexander Rostoshinskiy
    Alexander Rostoshinskiy   2018-09-15T18:13:12.000Z


  • Raging Fire 21
    Raging Fire 21   2018-09-15T17:19:51.000Z

    At 1:24 did anyone else notice the book that said all my sons cause it\'s really cool how they added book that gave the inspiration for thair band name

  • akshay rk
    akshay rk   2018-09-15T15:48:07.000Z

    Drops 🔥

  • Adi
    Adi   2018-09-15T14:57:06.000Z

    Jahseh, I wish you feel what we feel We miss you so much, Legend never die.

  • Lilian Martínez
    Lilian Martínez   2018-09-15T04:13:26.000Z


  • Full Water Gaming
    Full Water Gaming   2018-09-15T03:54:07.000Z

    I just gotta say I like MCRS version for all the emotion but l like this version for Tyler\'s voice

  • jgsregrate
    jgsregrate   2018-09-15T03:21:08.000Z

    Yes... the same man who wrote tb saga is singing cancer

  • progamer36
    progamer36   2018-09-15T02:39:31.000Z

    I like this version better

  • Jaine Álvarez
    Jaine Álvarez   2018-09-14T21:42:25.000Z

    Esta canción me da tristeza por que un familiar sercano muro de cáncer hace poco

  • majo rc
    majo rc   2018-09-14T15:58:02.000Z

    I LIKE IT !!!

  • korizz lakrizz
    korizz lakrizz   2018-09-14T15:23:50.000Z

    Классная песня 😊😀😁 И грустная😢😟😭😰

  • Mike Forest
    Mike Forest   2018-09-14T14:58:34.000Z

    It’s cancer that this has more views than the original. You mainstreamers really miss out on a lot of things. You will die and unknowingly miss out on the most ascendent and beautiful depths of music. So sad you will rot only knowing what was spoon fed to you by pop culture. Good cover btw.

  • Bread Genie゚
    Bread Genie゚   2018-09-14T07:51:09.000Z


  • просто так
    просто так   2018-09-14T06:01:17.000Z

    Today is two years they did this cover... )....

  • abraham MX
    abraham MX   2018-09-14T05:21:09.000Z

    Me gusto mucho! Pero la verdad es mejor la de MCR...

  • Bread Genie゚
    Bread Genie゚   2018-09-14T04:41:46.000Z

    Two years... omfg im crying

  • ItsKiarahcheri
    ItsKiarahcheri   2018-09-14T03:31:56.000Z

    Exactly 2 years ago today this came out and I’m still pumping it and in my feelings😌💚

  • Drazolax
    Drazolax   2018-09-14T03:21:00.000Z

    I\'m listening to this while cutting myself... wtf is wrong with me?

  • Jeff Wagnon
    Jeff Wagnon   2018-09-14T02:39:51.000Z

    Now I wanna get into My Chemical Romance. Why haven\'t I already?

  • Dybious
    Dybious   2018-09-14T00:37:37.000Z

    happy second birthday, cancer cover 😔👊

  • James S
    James S   2018-09-13T22:26:40.000Z

    Happy 2nd birthday to this cover.

  • Gigis24 25
    Gigis24 25   2018-09-13T20:33:00.000Z


  • my pet rock kevin
    my pet rock kevin   2018-09-13T17:05:11.000Z

    they\'re both good. can we just stop comparing them? they\'re about a horrible illness it\'s not exactly a competition about who can make it good.

  • Isaac García
    Isaac García   2018-09-13T15:47:23.000Z

    Two years 🎇🎉🎆

  • aesthetic luna
    aesthetic luna   2018-09-13T15:39:38.000Z

    two years today...fuck I still remember waking up for school and seeing this

  • Jeniffer Caroline
    Jeniffer Caroline   2018-09-13T13:38:52.000Z

    ||-// 💛 2018?

  • I likee catss
    I likee catss   2018-09-13T10:00:45.000Z

    Turn away.. if you could get me a drink.. of water cause my lips are chapped and faded call my aunt Marie, help her gather all my things and bury me in all my favourite colours, my sisters and my brothers still... I will not kiss you cause the hardest of this Is leaving you... i will not kiss you... lips are chapped and faded call my... turn away... lips are chapped and faded, faded Thank you tøp for everything 💞🥀

  • electrotracks official
    electrotracks official   2018-09-13T07:18:44.000Z

    2 year anniversary

  • ДакВил
    ДакВил   2018-09-13T04:59:26.000Z

    Don\'t dead. Please😭

  • sebastian aponte
    sebastian aponte   2018-09-13T02:47:10.000Z


  • Ace Bass35
    Ace Bass35   2018-09-13T02:15:03.000Z

    Rip pai de todos

  • Moon Gaming
    Moon Gaming   2018-09-13T01:34:51.000Z

    I\'m looking at when this was video was made....The same day I was diagnosed with cancer...Ive been strong ever since thanks to this song ;)

  • Pierina Espinoza
    Pierina Espinoza   2018-09-13T01:04:46.000Z

    The first time I heard this cover I was upset, I felt that the cover was lazy, boring. For me, it didn\'t capture the original song. I wasn\'t much into TOP\'s music, but I\'ve been MCR fan since 2010. In 2017, I started to listen more frecuently Twenty one Pilots and I understood their style, their music: TOP is the voice a new generation, and they are trying to mix the new stuffs with the classic. They represent today what MCR represented when I was growing up. Two years later, here I\'m, listening again the cover. Now I see the song in a whole different way. I think it\'s beautiful, deep and a great tribute for my favorite band.

  • Cerlebrity tea Spillers
    Cerlebrity tea Spillers   2018-09-12T22:08:58.000Z

    I have so much on my mind.. I’m crying. My mom just Carmin my room and.. we’re gonna get hit by Hurricane Florence, I live in an island and I’m just so upset and now I’m crying. I’m gonna listen to this while we’re evacuating 😥💕

  • Blaine Lambert
    Blaine Lambert   2018-09-12T21:35:02.000Z

    Love it

  • Marla L
    Marla L   2018-09-12T06:53:09.000Z

    This song got me into mcr.

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia   2018-09-12T04:54:51.000Z


  • Evelyn Ponce
    Evelyn Ponce   2018-09-12T03:43:36.000Z

    This cover and the original one are my weakness without doubt, maybe this sounds stupid but for me I always associate this with my best friend and my father that unfortunately died in the same way and yes they died of cancer :,) I know that no one cares about my history life but now I feel relieve.

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson   2018-09-11T22:06:52.000Z

    I can relate to this song.. I have extremely chapped lips.

  • Śĥėŗ
    Śĥėŗ   2018-09-11T18:58:09.000Z

    :\') its beautiful

  • Ian Farris
    Ian Farris   2018-09-11T17:53:23.000Z


  • T S
    T S   2018-09-11T08:33:04.000Z

    Who still listening in September?

  • Harrison Menjivar
    Harrison Menjivar   2018-09-11T04:47:42.000Z

    Me parece una falta de respeto que tenga más visitas el cover que la de mcr >:v

  • smol squids
    smol squids   2018-09-11T02:23:18.000Z

    Guys I actually cried when I heard this because I know the legacy isn\'t dead yet and because it gave me hope just like the original song did.

  • Timothy Edgley
    Timothy Edgley   2018-09-11T01:36:53.000Z

    Sounds like a dying cat 😂😂

  • Sid Dee
    Sid Dee   2018-09-10T22:15:40.000Z

    I remembered today lyrics from this song and I couldn\'t believe I had actually forgotten this song :3 so I searched it again and fell in love again ❤️

  • TylerTheSmolBean
    TylerTheSmolBean   2018-09-10T21:05:39.000Z

    Just found out my cousin died of cancer today...

  • Danica Xoxo
    Danica Xoxo   2018-09-10T16:36:51.000Z

    Lol I just got a bunch of suggestions from My Chemical Romance music videos after this video like Blood, Helena and welcome to the black parade 😂❤ Dear YouTube u know me to well

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez   2018-09-10T09:33:02.000Z

    yo con mi madre en la endodoncia

  • nadav hayut
    nadav hayut   2018-09-10T08:42:29.000Z

    i cant ear this song every rime i sound it i cry

  • The_Silent_Society 2006
    The_Silent_Society 2006   2018-09-10T00:31:27.000Z

    Dear nan, I hope you survive...although none of us know how long you have, you have been the best I could wish for. thank you so much for what you\'ve done for me -Your first grandkid Dear Analease, I really hope you over come this. I have met you few times but you are the coolest one around. xx

  • TheGreatBlizzard
    TheGreatBlizzard   2018-09-09T23:02:59.000Z

    I mean I love tøp, but how did this get more mcr\'s song. Mcr\'s one is better in my opinion.

  • andrea
    andrea   2018-09-09T21:43:36.000Z

    OMGGGG, The song was publicated in my birthday thats beutiful, LOVE TWENTY ONE PILOTS

  • aldahir zavala
    aldahir zavala   2018-09-09T18:25:03.000Z

    Es muy bueno, pero nunca igualara el como se expresa gerard

  • Red Lion
    Red Lion   2018-09-09T18:07:54.000Z

    I think MCR did it better

  • Sagiri Izumi
    Sagiri Izumi   2018-09-09T17:35:01.000Z


  • roo1ke so1r
    roo1ke so1r   2018-09-09T17:04:27.000Z

    My grandma passed to stomach cancer when I was 9, it certainly broke her down but her spirt lives for eternity...

  • Potato Juice
    Potato Juice   2018-09-09T16:11:13.000Z

    i remember this song came out the day i needed it😪||-//

  • K.Nicole
    K.Nicole   2018-09-09T15:58:12.000Z

    This still gives me CHILLS

  • Dias Tokabai
    Dias Tokabai   2018-09-09T14:27:03.000Z

    Привет из 2022